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Fri Mar 21 17:09:04 2014 UTClccn-n882108250.10Mu shi de hua yuan /0.770.84Elizabeth Taylor : a centenary celebration /29673072n 882108252563828Reeve, N. H. 1953-Reeve, Neil 1953-lccn-n79018450Lawrence, D. H.(David Herbert)1885-1930lccn-n79017484Worthen, Johnedtlccn-n82092347Mengham, Rod1953-edtlccn-n80034926Warner, Rex1905-1986lccn-n50009260Taylor, Elizabeth1912-1975fast-1085710Quetzalcoatl (Aztec deity)lccn-n96095236Kerridge, Richardlccn-n50020110Prynne, J. H.1936-lccn-no2010191429Palgrave Connect (Online service)lccn-n89644118Gwynn-Browne, Arthur1904-Reeve, N. H.1953-Criticism, interpretation, etcFictionReviewsPersonal narratives‡vBritishShort stories, EnglishShort storiesEnglandManners and customsEnglish fictionBooksLiteratureLawrence, D. H.--(David Herbert),World War (1939-1945)Short storyInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)War stories, EnglishPsychic trauma in literatureSurvival in literatureWar in literatureGreat BritainNostalgia in literatureWarner, Rex,Taylor, Elizabeth,Plumed serpent (Lawrence, D. H.)Serpent worshipMexicoCultsQuetzalcoatl (Aztec deity)BritishShort stories, EnglishPrynne, J. H.,Women authors, EnglishFranceJames, Henry,American literatureEnglish literatureShort storiesClassical fiction195319791989199019941995199619971998200120032004200520062008200920102011201223981978823.912PR6023.A93ocn495027084ocn613843251ocn469438744ocn779676039ocn468832999ocn833128628ocn469081003ocn799549766ocn81250486036513ocn054881757book20040.76Lawrence, D. HIntroductions and reviewsCriticism, interpretation, etcReviews"This volume collects together the introductions and reviews for which Lawrence was responsible over the whole duration of his writing career, from 1911 to 1930; it includes the book review which was the last thing he ever wrote, in the Ad Astra Sanatorium in Vence. The forty-nine separate items include some of his most compelling literary productions: for example, the fascinating Memoir of Maurice Magnus of 1921-1922, his only extended piece of biographical writing. All the texts, a number of them previously unpublished, have been freshly edited and are supplied with extensive Explanatory notes."--BOOK JACKET+-+99308367053286ocn051848483book20030.79Reeve, N. HReading late LawrenceCriticism, interpretation, etc"Reading Late Lawrence concentrates on Lawrence's revisions, and on tracing, through the changes he made to his texts, his confrontation with his original impulses, and his commitment to revitalising and re-imagining the apparently fixed and final. The study draws extensively upon manuscripts and variant material recently made available in the new scholarly editions of Lawrence's works."--BOOK JACKET+-+71406485962987ocn035084838book19970.79Henry James : the shorter fiction, reassessmentsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+92391676853242896ocn045620568book20010.76The fiction of the 1940s : stories of survivalCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+60336488852314ocn261177560book20090.76Lawrence, D. HThe vicar's garden and other storiesFiction"This volume collects together manuscript and other early versions of thirteen of D. H. Lawrence's short stories, including some of the best-known ('Odour of Chrysanthemums', 'The Blind Man'), as well as many which have never been published before. It includes the earliest stories Lawrence wrote, dating from the autumn of 1907, and stories written between 1911 and 1919. With this volume, all Lawrence's extant short fiction is now published in the Cambridge edition of his works. All the texts are newly edited, with detailed explanatory notes and a full textual apparatus showing the variants between the manuscripts and later versions, and the Introduction gives an account of their compositional history. This edition thus enables readers, scholars and students to trace Lawrence's rapid development as a writer and to compare the original forms of these stories with what he subsequently went on to make of them."--BOOK JACKET+-+K5621367052309ocn020169851book19890.81Reeve, N. HThe novels of Rex Warner : an introductionCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+68528576852074ocn690084147book20110.79Lawrence, D. HQuetzalcoatlFiction"Quetzalcoatl was written during Lawrence's first stay in Mexico, in May and June 1923, and registers his initial responses to those aspects of Mexican landscape, religion, politics and culture which would fascinate him over the following two years. On leaving Mexico in July 1923, he described Quetzalcoatl as 'nearly finished', intending to revise it later, but in the event actually rewrote it almost completely, and it was published as The Plumed Serpent in 1926. This is the first scholarly edition of the original manuscripts and typescripts of Quetzalcoatl, and includes a record of all revisions Lawrence made in the course of writing it, detailed explanatory notes and an introduction outlining its compositional history. With the publication of this volume, all Lawrence's novels, in their first, intermediate and final versions, are now available in the Cambridge edition"--+-+62595525661625ocn681148330file20060.70Reeve, N. HElizabeth TaylorCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+90066819253241505ocn035037035book19950.81Reeve, N. HNearly too much : the poetry of J.H. PrynneCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+4593878035324645ocn778617025book20120.84Reeve, N. HElizabeth Taylor : a centenary celebrationCriticism, interpretation, etcElizabeth Taylor (1912-75) is increasingly being recognised as one of the leading English novelists and short story writers of the middle of the twentieth century. Successive generations of readers have delighted in her subtle and penetrating exposures of the vanities and self-delusions of everyday life, her special sensitivity to frustration and disappointment, and the marvellous freshness of her wit and humour. Now, to mark the centenary of her birth, Elizabeth Taylor: A Centenary Celebrati272ocn057166402book20040.70Gwynn-Browne, ArthurF.S.P. : an N.C.O.'s description of his and others' first six months of war January 1st - June 1st 1940Personal narratives British+-+4828669036192ocn712611315book20110.27Lawrence, D. HMi aiFiction101ocn439270407book19790.56The Contemporary English novelCriticism, interpretation, etc41ocn488526137book20090.23The vicar's garden : and other storiesCriticism, interpretation, etcFiction+-+016500670544ocn476432340book19940.59Lawrence, D. HThe woman who rode away, and other storiesFictionShort storiesShort stories, EnglishThe thirteen stories collected here were written between 1924 and 1928 and reflect Lawrence's experiences in New Mexico, Mexico, Italy, Germany and England during the post-war period. In 'The Woman Who Rode Away', a wife and mother leaves the safety of her Mexican home and rides into the mountains in search of a remote tribe of Indians and enlightenment. Each story reveals different aspects of Lawrence's remarkable storytelling powers, from the sensuousness of 'Sun' and the sardonic comedy of 'Two Blue Birds' and 'In Love', to the bleakness of 'None of That!' and the supernatural elements of 'Glad Ghosts', 'The Last Laugh' and 'The Border-Line'. This Penguin edition reproduces the newly established Cambridge text, which is based on Lawrence's manuscripts, typescripts and corrected proofs+-+615336596531ocn223007273book19960.47Henry James : the shorter fiction, a reassessmentCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+923916768532431ocn730984272book20100.10Lawrence, D. HMu shi de hua yuan21ocn644582860book19970.47Henry James : the shorter fiction : rassessments+-+923916768532421ocn610330963book19970.47Herny James, the shorter fiction : reassessmentsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+9930836705+-+9930836705Fri Mar 21 16:07:21 EDT 2014batch15103