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Fri Mar 21 17:14:25 2014 UTClccn-n882188500.00The Kennedy recession, etc0.681.00Which way out : inflation or taxes? /68030404Merryle_Rukeysern 882188502436553lccn-n50054057Andrew W. Mellon Foundationlccn-no2009045360Marr Sound Archiveslccn-n98106120Goldin, J. Daviddnrlccn-no2006124432Gardiner, Donspkhstlccn-n89658232Clark, Fred G.(Fred George)1890-1973modlccn-n86114201Celler, Emanuel1888-1981spklccn-n50045931Laidler, Harry W.(Harry Wellington)1884-1970spklccn-n80050398National Broadcasting Companylccn-n96085534Denny, George Vernon1899-1959lccn-nr94012431Haake, Alfred P.(Alfred Paul)1885-1961spkRukeyser, Merryle Stanley1897-1988United StatesCollective bargainingInvestmentsFinance, PersonalEconomic historyFinanceIndustrial policyGuaranteed annual wageSuccessBusinessPhysiciansSecuritiesSpeculationTaxationMoneySaving and investmentUnemployedUnemploymentLabor supplyEmployment stabilizationRukeyser, Merryle Stanley,Capital investmentsNavy League of the United StatesEconomicsWorld War (1939-1945)Chemical industrySinclair Oil CorporationWar workHospitalsCanadaE.I. du Pont de Nemours & CompanySmith, Rembert Gilman,Grove City CollegePetroleum industry and tradeAdvertisingExecutivesHadley, Arthur Twining,Annenberg, Walter H.,Environmental Assessment CouncilBanks and bankingDavid, Charles Wendell,Austin, Warren Robinson,Cabot, Philip,Industrial efficiencySimon, William E.,Baldwin SchoolAmerican Broadcasting CompanyCollege students--Political activityRoy F. Weston, incEconomic security18971988192419261927192919301931193319361937193819401941194219431944194519461958196319681969197019911999201210685689331.1160973HG4521ocn317630411ocn319440407ocn316861716ocn316992215ocn317163391ocn317054952ocn316867858ocn317522614ocn317629606ocn3165248234569ocn000224119book19680.63Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyCollective bargaining: the power to destroy; new and better ways to industrial peace2077ocn040799922book19240.50Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyThe common sense of money and investmentsAnd you will find as you read through this book that its common sense advice on everything from investor psychology to picking stocks rings as true today as it did three-quarters of a century ago."--BOOK JACKET+-+2767886295734ocn000770876book19630.86Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyThe Kennedy recession; a complete study of the causes of our stagnating economy and our loss of world-wide prestige722ocn002663732book19400.88Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyFinancial security in a changing world474ocn003141813book19630.81Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyThe attack on our free choice; a forthright appraisal of the state of our Nation:443ocn003126971book19370.84Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyThe diary of a prudent investor; a program for financial security283ocn003797041book19270.93Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyFinancial advice to a young man; a program for getting along in the world261ocn001648685book19450.96Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyThe quest for economic security through guaranteed employment201ocn003115927book19310.63Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyThe doctor and his investments; financial policy and technique for the physician202ocn002221659book19450.97Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyA postscript to The quest for economic security through guaranteed employment193ocn003797107book19300.92Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyInvestment and speculation41ocn039468166book19361.00Which way out : inflation or taxes?33ocn035064227book1.00Employment stabilization pamphlets32ocn058767001book19411.00Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyThe whole truth -- and the short form32ocn747293130com19460.92American Economic FoundationWhat are the rights of labor?32ocn504012543book1963Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyThe Kennedy recession, etc21ocn036669569book19311.00Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyFactors in long range success11ocn319535441rcrd19430.47Wake up America quiz debateA debate concerning whether private industry or government employment expansion will keep the peacetime economy strong and effective11ocn317163391rcrd19460.47Wake up, America!. Wake up, America!Program 303: A debate about the failure of collective bargaining. Program 304: A debate about what rights labor workers should have11ocn317054952rcrd19450.47Wake up, America!. Wake up, America!Program 249: A debate about the economic views of the United States and related issues. Program 250: A debate about the uses of social security funds and the need of its expansion to include more individuals11ocn122554962mixDunlop, Robert GThe small body of Sun Oil Company papers includes some materials on the American Petroleum Institute, of which Dunlop was elected chairman in 1965, and Dunlop's service on the board of directors and tax committee. There are also letters used to compile a tribute book to Dunlop and correspondence with Sun executives from Japan and Puerto Rico11ocn061764848art1999Rukeyser, Merryle Stanley11ocn024833083book19910.47Rukeyser, Merryle StanleyBusiness and financial editor to Hearst : an oral history interviewHistoryInterviewsTranscript of an interview conducted December 12, 1981 at Larchmont, New York11ocn123466446bookRaskob, John JJohn J. Raskob collection of printed materialHistoryPeriodicalsCatalogsCollection of pamphlets, catalogs, imprints, periodicals and other publications accumulated by John J. Raskob. More than 600 individual titles on diverse topics including labor relations; business leadership; the silver standard; taxation and trade issues; responses to the Depression and the New Deal; war work; aspects of prohibition; Du Pont Company and other corporate publications and reports; automobile catalogs and publications dealing with national and local transportation issues. The collection also includes more than 100 pamphlets published during the First World War, mostly propaganda concerning German war atrocities, and articles on British military strategy and relations with allies+-+2767886295+-+2767886295Fri Mar 21 15:53:17 EDT 2014batch13348