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Fri Mar 21 17:04:43 2014 UTClccn-n882221750.00Sanders family0.831.00An address to Judge Innes : sole and absolute judge, in all cases to the amount of two thousand dollars, and to the citizens of the United States of America11408896n 882221752515354Innis, Harry, 1752-1816np-napier, thomasNapier, Thomaslccn-n2001058766Few, Benjaminlccn-nr2003031843Dickinson, Richardlccn-n79109294KentuckyGeneral Assemblylccn-n96086939United StatesDistrict Court (Kentucky)lccn-nr2002043742Barbee, Joshua1761-1839lccn-no94038609Sebastian, Benjaminlccn-nr94008036Rowan, John1773-1843lccn-n88274116Brown, John1757-1837nc-kentucky$general assembly$house of representatives$select committee on charges against benjamin sebastianKentuckyGeneral AssemblyHouse of RepresentativesSelect Committee on Charges against Benjamin SebastianInnes, Harry1752-1816Trials, litigation, etcHistoryRecords and correspondenceSourcesMapsSurveysArchivesKentuckyUnited States--Southwest, OldWilkinson, James,Judicial ethicsLand titles--Registration and transferDickinson, RichardInnes, Harry,Sebastian, Benjamin,Judges--DisciplineUnited States.--District Court (Kentucky)United StatesVirginiaBrown, John,Clay, Henry,Political scienceClark, George Rogers,Marshall, Humphrey,SlaveryAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Jackson, Andrew,Durrett, Reuben T.--(Reuben Thomas),Southern StatesIndians of North AmericaTravelWallace, Caleb,Frontier and pioneer lifeKentucky.--MilitiaBoone, Daniel,Land grantsBanks and bankingMadison, James,DuelingIndians of North America--WarsInnes familyInternational relationsMexican War (1846-1848)Burr Conspiracy (1805-1807)Taylor, Zachary,EducationMississippiAdams, John Quincy,Burr, Aaron,Clay, Cassius Marcellus,African AmericansReconstruction (United States : 1865-1877)FloodsAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)LawyersJouett, Matthew Harris,Court records175218161782178617871791180318081811189119282175970AC11074ocn015575063book18030.94Dickinson, RichardAn address to Judge InnesTrials, litigation, etc21ocn086072194mix0.10Bodley familyBodley family papersHistoryMapsPapers pertaining to the Bodley and related families, primarily in Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and Virginia, include personal and business correspondence, business, legal, land, and military papers, and genealogical material. Personal correspondence, 1776-1920, revolves around Thomas Bodley, his son William Stewart Bodley, and his grandson Temple Bodley. Topics include Kentucky history and politics; prominent Kentucky families like the Breckinridges, Clays, Crittendens, and Wickliffes; presidential elections and candidates; African American colonization efforts; agriculture in Kentucky and the South; banking; California history and the gold rush; cholera and other diseases; churches; land speculation; North American Indians; lawyers in Kentucky and Mississippi; Louisville history and politics; the Mexican War; Mississippi history and politics; the Aaron Burr Conspiracy; railroad development; the Civil War; states' rights; Reconstruction; slavery; religion and religious thought; St. Louis history; United States history, politics, foreign relations, and military; Virginia history; the Whig Party; and World War I. Documents include three diaries (1770-1811, 1814-1815, 1863-1865); land papers, 1783-1912; business papers, 1781-1936; military papers, 1788-1852; and genealogy. The collection also contains a group of Clark-Hite-Shiell Papers11ocn702179923book18031.00Dickinson, RichardAn address to Judge Innes : sole and absolute judge, in all cases to the amount of two thousand dollars, and to the citizens of the United States of AmericaTrials, litigation, etc11ocn173275732book17861.00Virginia[Opinion]HistoryBenjamin Logan, local representative to the Virginia House of Delegates from the District of Kentucky and colonel of the Kentucky County Militia of Virginia, solicits an opinion from the Virginia judges and Attorney General. He asks whether the "power of the Executive" is vested in the field officers of Kentucky for disciplining the militia, guarding against invasions and insurrections, and impressing supplies for use of the militia. George Muter, Caleb Wallace and Harry Innes respond on behalf of the Virginia General Assembly in the affirmative11ocn070981879mix1.00Innes, HarryHarry Innes papersHistorySurveysRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents include John Aylett, John Brown, Wilson Miles Cary, Henry Clay, Joseph Hamilton Daveiss, William Davies, Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, Thomas Jefferson, Henry Knox, Henry Lee, James Madison, Humphrey Marshall, John May, George Nicholas, Edmund Pendleton, Elizabeth Pringle, Beverley Randolph, Benjamin Sebastian, Peyton Short, John Taylor, James Wilkinson, and Peachey Wills11ocn049243391mix1811Innes, HarryLetterHistoryInnes noted that he was trying to complete the testimony in the Innes vs. Street suit and that he applied to a Mr. Hunter for a file from the Western World; he requested that George Meriwether send him copies of the paper; and made reference to Kentucky's "Spanish association," [Willie] Blount's "conspiracy," and "Miranda's expedition."11ocn036923730mixLewis, JohnJohn Lewis papers :The collection consists of two items. The first item is a June 27, 1795, land indenture. In this indenture, John Lewis and his wife, Mary, of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, are selling land in Jefferson and Shelby County, Kentucky, to Thomas Posey. The land consisted of two tracts, totaling 8,000 acres. It was being sold for 1,445 pounds. This indenture was signed by Harry Innes. The second document is a tax assessment for Morgan Brown's property for the year 1806. It was signed by John Lewis for Thomas Lewis in 180711ocn041626010fileInnes, HarryHarry Innes papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceThis collection contains mostly notebooks or account books kept by Harry Innes from 1772-1814. The account books track his personal and legal accounts, and the notebooks include records of court cases and judgments. A few miscellaneous pieces of correspondence and receipts are also included in the collection, as well as some of the transcriptions created by George D. Todd, the grandson of Harry Innes11ocn037458621mix1787Innes, HarryHarry Innes letter :This single item collection consists of a letter written to John Brown by Harry Innes on December 7, 1787. The letter begins with Innes offering his congratulations to Brown on his recent appointment to the U.S. Senate. Innes offers his assistance with Brown's legal clients while Brown is away conducting congressional business. The letter then becomes dominated by a discussion of politics. Innes covers such topics as the U.S. constitutional convention, Kentucky's pre-statehood political situation including navigation rights on the Mississippi River, and the Indian raids in the Kentucky District of Virginia. There is great importance placed on the political situation in the District of Kentucky and the navigation issue. He lists ten reasons why navigation rights should be granted to the United States. Innes hopes Brown "will be able to refute Mr. Jay's suggestion that the Western people had nothing yet to export and therefore the cession of the Mississippi would be no injury to them". Other political problems facing Kentucky and mentioned in this letter were: Kentucky constitutional conventions and revenue taxation11ocn040406405book1791Kentucky Board of WarDanville, [Ky.], to the commanding officer of Mason County, [Ky.]HistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceJuly 5, 1791, letter to which the names of Charles Scott, John Brown, Harry Innes, and Benjamin Logan have been signed, informing the commanding militia officer of Mason County that Gen. Arthur St. Clair had authorized a second detachment of 500 mounted men led by James Wilkinson to attack the upper Wabash Indian towns11ocn049243389mixInnes, HarryHarry Innes :HistoryArchivesSourcesThe papers include a bound volume (182 p.) containing mounted personal, legal, and miscellaneous accounts, 1750-1810, during Innes' residence in Bedford County, Va., where he was a lawyer and commissioner of taxes prior to 1785 and following his removal to Ky. in that year. It contains miscellaneous accounts of Virginians from 1750 to 1785, including statements of account against Edmund Pendleton and Alexander Rose, executors of Robert Innes, father of Harry Innes; bills for books purchased by Innes for his library in 1785 and 1799; and letters from Samuel and George Trotter of Lexington, Ky11ocn036757049mixAutographs :This artificial collection consists of two kinds of documents. The first document types are those that were created by "famous" or significant Kentuckians during the course of their day-to-day lives. These documents include 1804 Register Office forms signed by John Adair, an 1806 land transfer document signed by Robert Breckinridge, and an 1801 land tax record signed by Marquis Calmes. Other like documents have the signatures of Lewis Collins, Joseph Crockett, Christopher Greenup, Harry Innes, C.S. Morehead, James Taylor, and multiple Todd's: H.L., Robert, and Thomas11ocn049243388mixInnes, HarryHarry Innes :Includes a 20 Mar. 1800 order to the Bank of the United States to pay John Mullanphy $250; a 3 Oct. 1809 letter to William T. Barry about taking John Bradford's deposition in suit against John M. Street; and a 19 Dec. 1809 demurrer by Innes' attorneys in a libel suit against Humphrey Marshall, who accused him of involvement with Auguste Lechaise, a French agent conspiring to invade Louisiana11ocn035904607bookVirginia land warrants :HistorySourcesThis one volume journal, listing land transactions from 1783 to 1785, may have belonged to Harry Innes11ocn023172517mix0.47Fleming, WilliamPapersHistoryContains miscellaneous papers, 23 documents, photocopies from microfilm, photocopy of a medical journal dated 1765, and an account book12ocn191917770mixInnes, HarryNotebooks and letters11ocn049243390mixInnes, HarryLegal opinionsLegal opinions include cases, transcribed by clerks of Judge Harry Innes of the United States Court, District of Kentucky, dealing with land claims, debts, revenue collection and legal questions11ocn036908789mixInnes, HarryHarry Innes letters :Collection consists of two letters written by Harry Innes to William Taylor. The letters were dated, Dec. 17, 1809, and August 2, 1815, respectively. The two documents concern the land of Mildred Lightfoot. The first discusses her land survey, while the second is concerned with Philip Lightfoot's claim to the land. Philip came "to this country for the purpose of gaining information respecting the title", of the land. Innes requests Taylor to take Lightfoot to the claim and also forwards money for expenses Taylor might incur. The letters were mailed from Franklin County to Shelby County, Kentucky262ocn426107122book18080.95KentuckyIn General Assembly, February 17th, 1808. Resolution respecting the Honourable Harry Innes175ocn030645232book18080.94KentuckyMr. Rowan's motion for an inquiry into the conduct of Harry InnisHistoryIncludes a resolution introduced in Congress by Representative John Rowan, of Kentucky, for an inquiry into the relations of Judge Innes with the Spanish government; a resolution of the General Assembly of Kentucky, accompanying a report by a committee of the General Assembly on the conduct of Judge Benjamin Sebastian; and a letter from Joshua Barbee to Judge Innes41ocn057622004book18910.66Green, Thomas MarshallThe Spanish conspiracy; a review of early Spanish movements in the Southwest, containing proofs of the intrigues of James Wilkinson and John Brown; of the complicity therewith of Judges Sebastian, Wallace, and Innes; the early struggles of Kentucky for autonomy; the intrigues of Sebastian in 1795-7, and the legislative investigation of his corruptionHistory31ocn166612789book18081.00KentuckyMr. Rowan's motion, for an inquiry into the conduct of Harry Innis, district judge of the United States for the district of Kentucky. March 21, 1808. Ordered to lie on the tableHistory21ocn015374093book18031.00Dickinson, RichardAn address to Judge Innes : sole and absolute judge, in all cases to the amount of two thousand dollars, and to the citizens of the United States of AmericaTrials, litigation, etc22ocn052249583mix1.00Innes, HarryPapers concerning Judge Harry InnesHistoryTyped transcripts of letters from John Belli and George D. Dodd to Reuben T. Durrett relating to Judge Harry Innes. Also includes a typescript copy of a letter from Innes to George Washington (1788)21ocn028416571mix1.00Taylor familyCorrespondence, business papers, and will, of William Berry Taylor (1768-1836), surveyor, land agent and owner, and founder of La Grange, Ky., account books, survey books, bills, tax receipts, and other papers, chiefly relating to land transactions and surveys, of Taylor and Taylor family, of Oldham and Shelby counties, Ky.; together with papers of Alexander Scott Bullitt and James Madison. Other persons represented include Robert Breckinridge, Thomas T. Crittenden, Harry Innes, William Littell, and William Preston21ocn032135392mix1.00Adams, Gilmer SpeedPapers collected by Gilmer Speed AdamsGenealogyOther items included in the collection are wills, surveys, land grants, and business contracts11ocn013493537mix1.00Innes, HarryHarry Innes papersHistoryThis collection contains an account book and miscellaneous papers, including letters, which belonged to Harry Innes11ocn049251687mix1786Logan, BenjaminStatementHistorySourcesCopy of statement which asks, on behalf of the field officers of the Kentucky Militia, if the judge and attorney general of the Kentucky District will amend the laws on disciplining the militia. It also requests a ruling on field officers' right to impress supplies. In addition, it contains the opinions of George Muter, Caleb Wallace, and Harry Innes that field officers do have impressment rights11ocn046737642mixBrown, OrlandoOrlando Brown :HistoryGenealogySourcesRecords and correspondenceThe collection is composed of correspondence, articles, genealogical records, and other papers. Included are family correspondence of the Brown and Watt families; correspondence connected with the Commonwealth, a Frankfort, Ky., newspaper of which Brown was proprietor and editor; correspondence with Orlando Brown, Jr. at Yale and during his military service in the Civil War; records of the building of the Orlando Brown house in Frankfort in 1835; papers relating to Kentucky politics, including the presidential campaigns of William Henry Harrison and Zachary Taylor; papers, 1780-1837, of Brown's father, Senator John Brown, and of Orlando Brown, Jr.; and other papers11ocn052249084mix1.00Lyne, EdmundPapersHistoryConsists of business records from the latter part of Lyne's life and documents related to the execution of his will by Harry Innes. Contains account books (1786-1791), estate records (1774-1804), and papers related to the care of Lyne's slaves after his death in preparation for their manumission. Also includes a letter (1889) which mentions that the Lyne papers were found among Harry Innes' possessions11ocn145783102mixClark, WilliamDraper manuscripts: William Clark papersHistoryThe bulk of the papers in this series are those of the elder William11ocn060811962mixFilson ClubFilson Club lecturesHistoryBiographyMapsFictionPoetryPersonal narrativesAnecdotesOften referred to as "Talks Before the Filson," the collection contains numerous research papers and memorial speeches given before meetings of the Filson Club from 1887 to 1992. Topics cover many aspects of Kentucky history and culture. The bulk of the collection focuses on the period from the frontier era to the Civil War, but papers about later periods and non-historical topics are also included. Many prominent club members gave papers and had speeches given about them after their deaths. The collection also includes several poems and short stories11ocn015273915mix1.00Shelby, IsaacIsaac Shelby papersThese are some of the papers of Isaac Shelby, first governor of Kentucky, compiled by Judge Samuel M. Wilson11ocn049348326mixUnited StatesEastern District of the United States District Court of Kentucky :HistorySourcesRecords and correspondenceRecords include memorandum book and an order book. The memorandum book was kept by Thomas Tunstall, clerk of the U.S. District Court of Kentucky for the July 1799 term through the Mar. 1801 term, and contains a record of certain cases before the court with instructions from the attorneys in the cases. Included are instructions from William Clarke, U.S. attorney for the District of Kentucky; instructions from James Morrison, supervisor of revenues for the Ohio District, in cases brought by him against Ky. distillers for taxes to the U.S. government; and instructions from other attorneys who practiced before the court, including Joseph Hamilton Daveiss, Thomas Todd, James Hughes, Henry Clay, Isham Talbott, James Brown, John Allen, James Blair, and others. The following cases are among those recorded: Robert Morris v. George Rogers Clark and Mark Mitchell v. Daniel Boone et al. The order book, 1799-1801, contains orders for rules adopted by the judges of the sixth circuit in the U.S. to regulate proceedings of the Circuit Court within the District of Kentucky, and is signed by judges Harry Innes, John McNairy, and William McClung, 15 May 1801; additional orders adopted in the May and Nov. terms, 1801; and reports of cases before the court, 1795, 1798-180011ocn049324063mixTaylor familyTaylor family :HistorySourcesConsists of the business papers of the Taylor family of Oldham and Shelby counties. Included is correspondence, bills, tax receipts, surveys, and other papers concerning land transactions11ocn049317214mixSanders familySanders family :HistorySourcesPapers include correspondence, diaries, journals, business accounts, and ledgers, legal documents, farm journals, miscellaneous papers, genealogical data, and scrapbooks relating to Lewis Sanders and his family's farming endeavors in Fayette County, Ky., and at Grass Hills in Carroll County, Ky. Correspondence includes Lewis Sanders' and other family members letters discussing agricultural and financial issues; horse racing and breeding; breeding of shorthorn cattle and merino sheep; family matters; travel; national, state, and local politics; and the Civil War. Later correspondence, predominately Miss Ann V. Parker's, discusses Carroll County history, genealogy, and family history. Business papers include receipts and accounts detailing the management of the farm, sale and purchase of livestock, and the sale of their tobacco crop. Mary Sanders' and Anna J. Sanders' journals, 1857-1871, detail their daily activities, weather conditions, family activities, and farm work. Miscellaneous papers include broadsides from Lewis Sanders' candidacy to represent Carroll and Gallatin counties in the 1850 constitutional convention; an undated broadside for the Ku Klux Klan (1860s); and other documents relating to elections in Carroll County. Also included are genealogical papers compiled by Anna V. Parker on the Butler, Carter, Carey, Craig, Nicholas, Parker, Sanders, and other families. Lewis Sanders' scrapbooks contain a large amount ot 19th century newspaper clippings regarding national and state politics, agriculture, poetry, and humor11ocn049251663mixLogan, BenjaminBenjamin Logan :HistoryArchivesSourcesIncluded are a 15 May 1786 statement of Logan concerning field officer's impressment of supplies for the use of the militia in the District of Kentucky; a 15 Sept. 1789 deed by Logan to Jane Montgomery for two hundred acres in Lincoln County, Ky.; and a 4 Apr. 1795 letter to Harry Innes requesting him to be at the Shelby County, Ky. courthouse on 11 Apr. to take the deposition of Martin Daniel in the suit of Innes as guardian in behalf of Colonel Stephen Trigg's estate against George May, Levi Todd, and Logan11ocn191318624book1928Whitaker, Arthur PrestonDocuments : Henry Innes and the Spanish intrigue: 1794-1795Fri Mar 21 15:50:47 EDT 2014batch29399