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Fri Mar 21 17:11:57 2014 UTClccn-n880027360.00Memorial sketch of the Hon. John Jay, first president of the Huguenot Society of America : delivered before the Huguenot Society in Assembly Hall, United Charities Building, New York City, January 29, 1895 /0.801.00The Union League Club dinner given to the Hon. John Jay by members of the Union League Club on the occasion of his seventieth birthday June 24, 188736907389John_Jay_(lawyer)n 880027362282647lccn-n86053308Dawson, Henry B.(Henry Barton)1821-1889forlccn-n50012647Tuckerman, Bayard1855-1923lccn-n50037850Jay, William1789-1858lccn-n88002735Hamilton, James A.(James Alexander)1788-1878lccn-n79017947New-York Historical Societylccn-n85286279Episcopal ChurchDiocese of New Yorklccn-n84054938Onderdonk, Benjamin T.(Benjamin Tredwell)1791-1861lccn-n86111411King, James G.(James Gore)1791-1853lccn-no89017922General Irish Relief Committee of the City of New Yorklccn-no89017925Brown, Stewartactive 19th centuryJay, John1817-1894SourcesHistoryControversial literatureTreatiesTrials, litigation, etcConstitutionRecords and correspondenceChurch historyCriticism, interpretation, etcUnited StatesConstitutional lawConstitutional historyPolitical scienceFederalistAntislavery movementsStates' rights (American politics)SlaveryJay, William,AgricultureInternational relationsSlaves--EmancipationWest Indies--British West IndiesNew York (State)--New YorkOnderdonk, Benjamin T.--(Benjamin Tredwell),PoorEpiscopal Church.--Diocese of New YorkInternational reliefCharitiesGeneral Irish Relief Committee of the City of New YorkIrelandEconomic historyAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)Dawson, Henry B.--(Henry Barton),Washington, George,FisheriesCanadaRace relations--Religious aspects--ChristianityFrance--ParisAmericansPeaceSpeeches, addresses, etc., AmericanThanksgiving Day addressesThanksgiving DayJay, John,LegislatorsSlavery--Controversial literatureConstitution (United States)Sexual misconduct by clergyNewfoundland and LabradorFranceUnited States--Confederate States of AmericaFish, Hamilton,Fourth of July orationsWinthrop, Robert C.--(Robert Charles),New York (State)--Bedford (Westchester County)New York (State)--Mount KiscoFourth of July celebrationsJay, WilliamLibel and slander1817189418391842184318441845184618471848185018511852185418561857185918601861186218631864186518661867186818691870187118761877187818791880188118821883188418851886188718881889189018911893189418951899190119101960196319641967197019711973197419751976197819801982198319861995199619992000200520082010201120125526220545342.73029KF4515ocn25540457850319ocn001373982book18930.70Tuckerman, BayardWilliam Jay and the constitutional movement for the abolition of slavery42019ocn060720757file18640.88Jay, JohnCorrespondence between John Jay and Henry B. Dawson and between James A. Hamilton and Henry B. Dawson concerning the FœderalistRecords and correspondence3127ocn060721089file18640.86Jay, JohnNew plottings in aid of the rebel doctrine of state soverignty Mr. Jay's second letter on Dawson's introduction to the Federalist29914ocn011861130book18590.76Jay, JohnA statistical view of American agriculture its home resources and foreign markets, with suggestions for the schedules of the federal census in 1860. An address delivered at New York, before the American Geographical and Statistical Society, on the organization of the Agricultural Section25714ocn065310735file18420.86Jay, JohnThe progress and results of emancipation in the English West Indies a lecture delivered before the Philomathian Society of the City of New-York2408ocn011861118book18840.63Jay, JohnThe peace negotiations of 1782 and 1783 an address delivered before the New York Historical Society on its seventy-ninth anniversary, Tuesday, November 27, 1883+-+64697639051743ocn065315851file18480.90General Irish Relief Committee of the City of New YorkAid to Ireland report of the General Relief Committee of the City of New York, organized February 10th, 1847 : with schedules of their receipts in money, provisions and clothing16816ocn367922977book18560.84Jay, JohnAmerica free, or, America slave an address on the state of the countryControversial literature+-+972351906632416310ocn124555953book18390.84Jay, JohnThoughts on the duty of the Episcopal church, in relation to slavery being a speech delivered in N.Y.A.S. convention, February 12, 1839Controversial literature1595ocn018943002book18880.56Jay, JohnThe peace negotiations of 1782-1783 with a critical essay on the sources of information, and editorial notes14811ocn005104580book18450.86Jay, JohnFacts connected with the presentment of Bishop Onderdonk : a reply to parts of the bishop's statementTrials, litigation, etc14519ocn003827770book18610.93Jay, JohnThe great conspiracy. An address delivered at Mt. Kisco ... New York, on the 4th of July, 1861, the 86th anniversary of American independenceHistory1434ocn795891985com18500.88Washington, GeorgeWashington's farewell address to the people of the United States of AmericaHistory13623ocn027273913book18870.86Jay, JohnThe fisheries dispute; a suggestion for its adjustment by abrogating the Convention of 1818, and resting on the rights and liberties defined in the treaty of 1783; a letter to the Honourable William M. Evarts, of the United States SenateTreaties1257ocn044104856book18640.93Jay, JohnNew plottings in aid of the rebel doctrine of state sovereignty : Mr. Jay's second letter on Dawson's introduction to the Federalist1108ocn085889436com18630.84Jay, JohnThe church and rebellion Mr. Jay's letter to the rector and vestry of St. Matthew's church, Bedford, with a preface in reply to the rector's speech from the chancel on Sunday, June 21, 1863, touching the recent visit of a clergyman of doubtful loyaltyChurch historySources1087ocn262628252com18430.84Jay, JohnCaste and slavery in the American churchControversial literatureDiscusses the rejection of Alexander Crummel as a student by the General Theological Seminary995ocn005275947book19630.25Hamilton, AlexanderThe Federalist papers; Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John JayHistoryConstitutionSources"A collection of eighty-five letters to the public ... that appeared at short intervals in the newspapers of New York City beginning on October 27, 1787 ... and concluded August 16, 1788 ... to explain and support the proposed Constitution."912ocn317691215file18650.88The American Thanksgiving celebration in Paris Thursday evening, December 7, 1865History901ocn423585894com18460.88Jay, JohnThe proceedings of the late convention a review of a pamphlet by the Hon. John C. Spencer entitled Report to the vestry of St. Peter's Church, Albany, of the lay delegates appointed by them. who attended the diocesan convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church held at the city of New York on the 23d day of September, 1845, and continued to the 30th of the same month211ocn017787826art18950.92Wilson, James GrantTributes to Hon. Hamilton Fish, Hon. John Jay, Hon. Robert C. Winthrop, and others111ocn325696630com18640.88Jay, JohnCorrespondence between John Jay and Henry B. Dawson and between James A. Hamilton and Henry B. Dawson concerning the FœderalistRecords and correspondence112ocn681507066com18660.88Jay, JohnThe political situation in the United States: a letter to the Union League Club of New York93ocn013294055book18640.84Jay, JohnMr. Jay's second letter on Dawson's introduction to The FederalistCriticism, interpretation, etcRecords and correspondence82ocn671672094com18940.88Union League Club (New York, N.Y.)Memorial to John Jay adopted at the meeting of the Union league club held June 14, 189461ocn016279558book18620.79Jay, JohnCorrespondence between John Jay, esq., and the Vestry of St. Matthew's church, Bedford, N.YControversial literatureOn the slavery question42ocn054153397book18871.00Union League Club (New York, N.Y.)The Union League Club dinner given to the Hon. John Jay by members of the Union League Club on the occasion of his seventieth birthday June 24, 1887PortraitsProgram and menu for the event with a portrait print of John Jay41ocn023010195book18630.81Miller, Stephen HReply to an attack21ocn045955805book18630.92Jay, JohnTo the rector and vestry of St. Matthew's Church, Bedford. [Dated, May 29, 1863]21ocn243499296book1.00Claflin, WilliamGovernor William and Mary Claflin papersRecords and correspondencePapers and correspondence pertaining to William and Mary Claflin21ocn034576614mix1.00Evarts, William MaxwellRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence and other materials, relating to Evarts's practice of law in New York, impeachment of Andrew Johnson, the commission to study the voting situation in Louisiana during the Rutherford B. Hayes/Samuel J. Tilden 1876 presidential election, and the Evarts family. Correspondence include John J. Astor, Henry Ward Beecher, James G. Blaine, George W. Curtis, Cyrus W. Field, Rutherford B. Hayes, Collis Huntington, John Jay, James Russell Lowell, Thomas A. Scott, Morrison R. Waite, and Samuel Ward11ocn058660736mixBurt, S. WLetters received by Burt, 1870-1910, mostly pertaining to civil service reform. Includes 200 letters from George W. Curtis as well as smaller batches of letters from Richard Henry Dana, Dorman Bridgman Eaton, Edwin Lawrence Godkin, Edward Cary, Sen. James B. Beck, Abram S. Hewitt, John Jay, Daniel Scott Lamont, Augustus Schoonmaker, Carl Schurz, Gen. Isaac Jones Wistar, and others11ocn060951323book1863ArgusA dreamHumor11ocn849528209mix1.00Sedgwick, C. BCharles Baldwin Sedgwick PapersHistoryPapers of the New York State lawyer, U.S. Congressman (1859-1863), abolitionist, born near Pompey, N.Y. Correspondence (1847-1891); genealogical material; legal and financial records (1814-1879); writings (1837-1884), including essays, speeches, and published letters; and memorabilia. Largely family correspondence with additional letters of Louis Agassiz, Samuel Bowles, Salmon P. Chase, F.J. Child, James Freeman Clarke, Roscoe Conkling, George W. Curtis, John A. Dahlgren, Richard H. Dana, H.L. Dawes, Daniel S. Dickinson, J.T. Fields, John M. Forbes, John C. Frémont, William Lloyd Garrison, George W. Geddes, George F. Hoar, John Jay, Thomas Starr King, Samuel J. May, Robert B. Minturn, Levi P. Morton, Charles Eliot Norton, Elizabeth P. Peabody, Wendell Phillips, William H. Seward, Gerrit Smith, Israel Washburn, R.S. Watson, Andrew D. White, and others11ocn475117551book1895Vermilye, A. GMemorial sketch of the Hon. John Jay, first president of the Huguenot Society of America : delivered before the Huguenot Society in Assembly Hall, United Charities Building, New York City, January 29, 1895Biography11ocn070981113file1.00Chase, Salmon PSalmon P. Chase papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, memoranda, diaries, speeches, writings, financial and legal papers, biographical material, and other material pertaining to Chase's service as a U.S. senator from Ohio, as a member of Abraham Lincoln's cabinet, as U.S. secretary of the treasury, and as chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Also includes material relating to his law practice in Cincinnati, Ohio, and to his activities as an abolitionist. Subjects include the Liberty Party, Ohio state and national politics, the Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854), the Civil War, national finance and the development of a national banking system, creation of a national currency, the trial and impeachment of Andrew Johnson, and Reconstruction11ocn079449198file1.00Fish, HamiltonHamilton Fish papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceClaimsCorrespondents include Charles Francis Adams, Amos Tappan Akerman, Henry B. Anthony, Chester Alan Arthur, J. Hubley Ashton, Orville Elias Babcock, Adam Badeau, George Bancroft, James M. Barrien, William W. Belknap, John Armor Bingham, James Gillespie Blaine, G.W. Blunt, George S. Boutwell, Benjamin Helm Bristow, Benjamin F. Butler, John L. Cadwalader, Simon Cameron, Zachariah Chandler, Salmon P. Chase, Robert S. Chew, George William Childs, Roscoe Conkling, John A.J. Creswell, Wm. Henry Crosby, Andrew Gregg Curtin, Caleb Cushing, J.C. Bancroft Davis, Columbus Delano, Thomas B. Dibblee, John A. Dix, George F. Edmunds, William Maxwell Evarts, Millard Fillmore, Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, Asa Bird Gardiner, James A. Garfield, Ulysses S. Grant, Horace Greeley, Moses Hicks Grinnell, Alexander Hamilton, Jr., Rutherford Birchard Hayes, E.R. Hoar, Washington Hunt, John Jay, Marshall Jewell, Francis Lieber, William L. Marcy, Matthew Fontaine Maury, Benjamin Moran, Edwin D. Morgan, Robert Hunter Morris, Oliver P. Morton, John Lothrop Motley, Edwards Pierrepont, John M. Read, William A. Richardson, George M. Robeson, Robert Cumming Schenck, John Schuyler, Winfield Scott, William Henry Seward, John Sherman, Daniel Edgar Sickles, Charles Sumner, Zachary Taylor, J.R. Van Rensselaer, E.B. Washburne, Thurlow Weed, George H. Williams, and Robert C. Winthrop11ocn024838890mix18520.47Reed, HenryLetter : Philadelphia, to The Reverend Dr. Kip, AlbanyALS11ocn496102640mix1.00Jay familyJay family papersHistoryPapers of the Jay family and of those families related to the Jay family, including Bruen, Butterworth, Chapman, Clarkson, Dawson, Du Bois, Field, Iselin, McVickar, Mortimer, O'Kill, Pellew, Pierrepont, Prime, Robinson, Schieffelin, Von Schweinitz, Sedgwick, and Wurts. In addition to family and personal matters, the correspondence deals with anti-slavery, New York State civil service, repeal of the Missouri Compromise, the Civil War, the Blair Bill, international affairs, and New York City and State politics and government. There are letters from numerous prominent persons including George Bancroft, F.A.P. Barnard, Bismarck, William Cullen Bryant, Aaron Burr, James Fenimore Cooper, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Hamilton Fish, Albert Gallatin, Horace Greeley, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Washington Irving, Frances Anne Kemble, Jenny Lind, Henry W. Longfellow, Seth Low, James Russell Lowell, John Stuart Mill, Alice Duer Miller, Clement Clarke Moore, J.P. Morgan, Thomas Nast, Commodore Matthew Perry, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, Carl Schurz, William H. Seward, William T. Sherman, Charles Sumner, and John Greenleaf Whittier11ocn081935836visu1.00Emmet, Thomas AddisBooth's history of New York. v. 7HistoryPortraits of people and pictures of places and events associated with New York City during the Civil War and immediately afterwards, compiled as extra-illustration for The history of New York, v. 7, by Mary Louise Booth. Includes scenes from the draft riots, the Metropolitan Sanitary Fair, the Brooklyn Sanitary Fair and the laying of the Atlantic Cable. Other subjects include blacks, fires, fire engines, fire fighters, fireworks, horse-drawn omnibuses, hospitals, lotteries, lynchings & orphanages+-+6469763905+-+6469763905Fri Mar 21 15:18:57 EDT 2014batch33109