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Fri Mar 21 17:04:26 2014 UTClccn-n882980390.00Retracing the past. readings in the history of the American people /0.651.00Ensinger Bilderbogen. Hrsg. zur 900-Jahrfeier11417348n 882980392577589lccn-n79059678Nash, Gary B.lccn-n50020707Steffy, Wilbertnp-nath, virendraNath, Virendralccn-n80138338University of MichiganInstitute of Science and TechnologyIndustrial Development Divisionviaf-34990441Heck, Eugenlccn-n96088533Smart Card Forumlccn-n88659743Cornelius, Charles, humbertoBriones, Humbertonp-switlik, stanley$b 1890Switlik, Stanleyb. 1890-np-osburn, f iOsburn, F. I.Schultz, Ronald1946-HistoryBiographyArtisansPennsylvania--PhiladelphiaWorking classUnited StatesSmart cardsSmart card industryIndustrial procurementPurchasingVeterinary immunologyFloridaTourismNew Jersey--TrentonParachutesIndustriesUtah--RoyUtah--OgdenPopular music1946195019541969197019711973197819791987199019931994199720002003200620117392440305.96HD8085.P534544ocn026132807book19930.70Schultz, RonaldThe republic of labor : Philadelphia artisans and the politics of class, 1720-1830HistoryThis innovative study of working-class formation in Philadelphia challenges a number of widely held views about the Origins and nature of the early American working class. In the prevailing interpretation, the birth of the American working class took place in the middle decades of the nineteenth century and traced its ideological roots to the republicanism of the Revolutionary and Jacksonian eras. In contrast to this view, Schultz argues that the origins of Philadelphia's working class lay in the dramatic social changes that transformed artisan life in eighteenth-century Philadelphia and argues as well that the city's working-class movement drew its ideological force from an indigenous small-producer tradition inherited from the artisans of early modern England. In addition, Schultz takes issue with the prevailing view that religion and party politics diminished working-class consciousness1857ocn020296223book19900.53Retracing the past : readings in the history of the American peopleHistory+-+5493956785593ocn005457298book19790.81Steffy, WilbertIndustrial purchasing controls for the small and medium-sized firm72ocn008256125mix19500.27Schultz, RonaldSwitlik : the history of a parachute manufacturerHistory62ocn080595165book19711.00Heck, EugenEnsinger Bilderbogen. Hrsg. zur 900-Jahrfeier51ocn806233398book20110.10Schultz, RonaldWhen freedom failsBiography"Blends personal experiences as a post-World War II 'Golden Era' baby boomer in America with a larger central theme of social and cultural change as it occurs over time."--Cover+-+162085109632431ocn036509900book19970.10Retracing the past : sources and interpretations in the history of the American peopleHistory32ocn051523334rcrd2003Retracing the past. readings in the history of the American peopleHistoryThis ... reader has been constructed as a supplement to the many American history survey textbooks currently in use in the United States and elsewhere. The essays have been selected with three goals in mind: first, to blend political and social history; second, to lead students to a consideration of the roles of women, ethnic groups, and laboring Americans in the weaving of the nation's social fabric; and third, to explore life at the individual and community levels. The material is also intended to introduce students to the individuals and groups that made a critical difference in the shaping of American history or whose experience reflected key changes in society ... Some of [the] essays take [you] inside American homes, farms, and factories, such as the essays on working women and their families in New York City before the Civil War and the people of Butte, Montana, who welcomed newly available radios into their homes during the 1920s and 1930s. Such essays ... convey an understanding of the daily lives of ordinary Americans, who collectively helped shape their society. Other essays deal with the vital social and political movements that transformed American society: the debate over the Constitution in the 1780s; reform in the antebellum period; populism and progressivism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries; and the rise of economic uncertainty and political conservatism in our own time.-Pref22ocn051523332rcrd2003Retracing the past. readings in the history of the American peopleHistory[This book] is a ... collection of primary and secondary sources that emphasizes social history and cultural diversity. By incorporating these themes into the intellectual and political history of the United States, this anthology encourages students to consider the role of women, ethnic/racial groups, and working Americans in weaving the nation's social fabric, and to explore life at the individual and community levels. Topics range from the daily lives of ordinary Americans to the social and political movements of the United States, making this anthology a ... reader for any American History survey course. -Back cover11ocn498147586book1973Schultz, RonaldHow animals breathe11ocn061830194book19930.47Carson, ClayborneTo 187711ocn802827403book19790.88Basic and clinical aspects of veterinary immunology11ocn013730889book19690.47Schultz, RonaldClosed-field behavior of the white crowned sparrow, Zonotrichia leucophrys nuttalli11ocn069693629art1987Suarez, MonicaSeguimiento de embarazadas de alto riesgo herpeticoSe investigo, en un grupo de 25 embarazadas con historia de herpes genital, la frecuencia de reactivaciones de la infeccion herpetica durante el embarazo y la presencia de virus en el canal genital, mediante aislamientos virales periodicos desde las 34 semanas, para decidir la conducta de parto. En 17 casos se originaron episodios genitales herpeticos (15 recurrencias y dos primeiros episodios). En siete embarazadas se aislo virus del canal genital despues de las 34 semanas: dos correspondieron a aislamientos en la ultima semana, y fueron indicacion de cesarea. Ochenta por ciento de las cepas aisladas de estas mujeres fueron tipificadas como HSV-2, utilizando anticuerpos monoclonales (AU)11ocn769885510book19940.47Retracing the past : readings in the history of the American people11ocn049667743book20000.08Retracing the past. readings in the history of the American peopleHistory11ocn500714342book19780.73Schultz, Ronald RThe social and economic effects of the Florida tourist industry11ocn502980433book19970.70Smart cards : seizing strategic business opportunitiesPrepare yourself and your company to make the critical strategic and investment decisions this revolutionary technology will demand. Smart Cards brings you the latest facts and opinions, in chapters written by leaders in this expanding field - 20 members of the cutting-edge Smart Card Forum - and gives you a head start in understanding and preparing for this new technology+-+335668132511ocn769886067book19940.47Retracing the past : readings in the history of the American people11ocn800536555book1971Heck, EugenEnsinger Bilderbogen herausgegeben zur 900-Jahrfeier11ocn805164443rcrd19700.47The Four R'sThe Four R's RecordsHistoryThis collection contains three records from The Four R's, a family singing group from Roy, Utah. The members of the Four R's are Roland Hadley, Richard Penrod, Roger Arnold, and Ronald Schultz. The albums were produced in the 1970s and 1980s+-+5493956785+-+5493956785Fri Mar 21 15:25:32 EDT 2014batch12589