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Fri Mar 21 17:13:52 2014 UTClccn-n880592910.00The installation of John Huston Finley, LL.D., as president of the College of the City of New York : September 29th, 1903, Carnegie Hall0.741.00John H. Finley letters65067509John_Huston_Finleyn 880592912335586Agricola, JohnF., J. 1863-1940Finley, JohnFinley, John, 1863-1940Finley, John H.Finley, John H., 1863-1940Finley, John H. (John Huston)Finley, John H. (John Huston), 1863-1940Finley, John Huston, 1863-1940Huston Finley, John 1863-1940J. F. 1863-1940lccn-n50043336Ely, Richard T.(Richard Theodore)1854-1943lccn-n85351954Kent, Charles Foster1867-1925lccn-n50004626More, Paul Elmer1864-1937viaf-197225103Taylor, Robert Brucelccn-nr89011035Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple1856-1929lccn-n79018459Gettleman, Marvin E.lccn-no89015690Sanderson, John Franklin1853-lccn-n50032600Butler, Nicholas Murray1862-1947lccn-n80126351University of the State of New Yorklccn-n78093823American Academy of Arts and LettersFinley, John H.(John Huston)1863-1940HistoryPoetryConference proceedingsPortraitsUnited StatesTaxationMunicipal financeFinley, John H.--(John Huston),Mississippi River ValleyFrenchNorth AmericaCanadaWorld War (1914-1918)Middle East--PalestineTravelPolitical scienceMore, Paul Elmer,Jenks, Jeremiah Whipple,Kent, Charles Foster,College presidentsIntellectual lifeIntellectualsEducationExecutive powerTaxation, StateScotsAmericaScottish AmericansLocal taxationLiteratureNew York (State)--New YorkBiographyFranceDemocracyAlderman, Edwin Anderson,Hadley, Arthur Twining,Woodberry, George Edward,Chadwick, G. W.--(George Whitefield),Van der Stucken, Frank V.,Channing, Edward,Cole, Timothy,Matthews, Brander,ChildrenCollege presidents--InaugurationUniversities and collegesNew York (State)Encyclopedias and dictionariesLie, Jonas,Markham, Edwin,Garland, Hamlin,Gillette, William,Howard, Sidney Coe,MarylandPoor186319401887188818911892189418971899190319041905190819091910191119121913191419151916191719181919192019211922192319241925192619271928192919301931193219341935193619371938193919401941194219451951195719601964196619671969197419791981198319911998199920042005201020113877222402336.2F351ocn001750079ocn002577874ocn001593343ocn001343506ocn008425392ocn276292564ocn011427456ocn017554743ocn011423256ocn016522825ocn042476161ocn025987570ocn025665318ocn459585579ocn060704201ocn08356130759617ocn000823498book18880.79Ely, Richard TTaxation in American states and cities51928ocn000551563book19150.56Finley, John HThe French in the heart of AmericaHistory+-+K39990010632416ocn000484587book19190.70Finley, John HA pilgrim in Palestine; being an account of journeys on foot by the first American pilgrim after General Allenby's recovery of the Holy Land+-+358965409623313ocn000697118book19080.81Finley, John HThe American executive and executive methods1946ocn000249260book19400.59Finley, John HThe coming of the ScotHistory1805ocn002396422book19360.76Finley, John HThe mystery of the mind's desire986ocn001750079book19260.73The University Library922ocn000918719book19380.92Finley, John HBiographical notes, mostly in versePoetry842ocn000997197book19410.70Finley, John HPoems7310ocn002577874book19190.66Finley, John HAmerican democracy from Washington to Wilson; addresses and state papers6710ocn004092646book19160.90Finley, John HLes Français au cœur de l'AmeriqueHistory633ocn001867606book19320.94American Academy of Arts and LettersCommemorative tributes to Van der Stucken and Chadwick595ocn027982129book19170.94University of the State of New YorkReport of a visit to schools of France in war time583ocn003464715book19230.81Finley, John HThe debt eternal573ocn008101695book19140.93University of the State of New YorkProceedings of the inauguration of John Huston Finley as president of the University of the State of New York : and Commissioner of Education ; State Education Building, January 2, 1914447ocn016135822book19150.95Finley, John HShould our educational system include activities whose special purpose is preparation for war?388ocn008600207book18990.79Finley, John HTrading companies387ocn008425392book19090.81Finley, John HNelson's perpetual loose-leaf encyclopaedia; an international work of reference302ocn014947398book19280.24Finley, John HDictionary of American biography273ocn001343506book18940.93International Congress of Charities, Correction, and PhilanthropyThe public treatment of pauperism, being a report of the First section of the International congress of charities, correction and philanthropy, Chicago, June, 1893Conference proceedings2463ocn001377930book19220.79... Christianity and problems of today, lectures delivered before Lake Forest college on the foundation of the late William Bross2352ocn004804325book19790.70Gettleman, Marvin EAn elusive presence : the discovery of John H. Finley and his AmericaBiography342ocn001743546book19030.92City University of New YorkThe installation of John Huston Finley, LL.D., as president of the College of the City of New York at Carnegie hall and the laying of the corner stone of the new college buildings, September twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and three322ocn001414732book19400.96American Academy of Arts and LettersCommemorative tributes to Gillette and Howard22ocn155501097mix0.92City University of New YorkEvents and ceremonies collectionPrograms, announcements, circulars, and some correspondence and committee records for commencements, 1853-1985, including texts of orations, 1855-1891, inaugurations, 1903-1981, of John H. Finley, Frederick B. Robinson, Harry Noble Wright, Buell G. Gallagher, and Bernard W. Harleston; Charter Day, 1905-1974, including a film, 1925; dinners, 1882-1975; meetings of learned societies at City College, 1914-1966; the North Academic Complex dedication, 1984; and miscellaneous unveilings, commemorations, and other ceremonies, 1852-1980. Clippings, correspondence, schedules, reports, programs, invitations, speeches, releases, and other material on events relating to the college centennial, 1946-1947. Records of the Office of the Chief Marshall, 1953-1980, including circulars, memoranda, lists, invoices and purchase orders, sample invitations, and programs for inaugurations, commencements, building dedications, and other ceremonies21ocn154807451book19141.00New York (State)Proceedings of the inauguration of John Huston Finley as president of the University of the State of New York and Commissioner of Education ... January 2, 191422ocn155502008mix0.92City University of New YorkRecords consist of correspondence, departmental and faculty reports, memoranda, minutes, annual reports, and miscellaneous printed matter. Records represent the tenure of Presidents Horace Webster (1849-1869), Alexander Stewart Webb (1869-1902), John Huston Finley (1903-1913), Sidney Edward Mezes (1914-1923), Frederick Bertrand Robinson (1927-1939), Harry Noble Wright (1941-1952), Buell Gordon Gallagher (1952-1969), Robert E. Marshak (1970-1979), and Acting Presidents Adolph Werner, Carleton Brownson, Nelson Prentiss Mead, Harry N. Riulin, and Joseph J. Copeland. The subject and administrative files of these individuals document the development of City College, the relationship between the administration and the General Faculty, Faculty Councils, and the student body, and campus activities including the anti-fascist demonstrations in the 1940s, anti-McCarthy protests in the 1950s, anti-war demonstrations in the 1960s, and student reactions to "Open Admission" and the New York City debt crisis of the 1970s21ocn058779176book19031.00Dinner of the Associate Alumni of the College of the City of New York : in honor of President John Huston Finley at the Hotel Savoy, Tuesday, September 29th, 190321ocn029399935book19410.47Boyce, Mary BrownleeThe modern value of the Bible as reflected in the writings of an outstanding American journalist : a study of the writings of John Houston Finley11ocn058778996book1903College of the City of New York (1866-1926)The installation of John Huston Finley, LL.D., as president of the College of the City of New York : September 29th, 1903, Carnegie Hall11ocn648011669mix18921.00Finley, John HJohn H. Finley lettersPortraitsOn 1920 Jan 27 he writes to Byron J. Rees mentioning regret that he could not send the requested paragraph, and agreeing to a proposed word change, and expressing thanks for a copy of "Nineteenth Century Letters."11ocn058462344mix0.47Letters and documentsPrimarily letters but also includes ephemeral materials such as broadsides, telegrams11ocn052915708art1999Finley, John Huston11ocn058759875mixLevy, Florence NLetterbook, 1899-1946, containing correspondence received by New York City editor and arts administrator Florence Nightingale Levy. Letters are principally written by artists and associates of Levy's and principally pertain to her activities as editor of the American Art Annual and her involvment in the fields of arts administration and education and concern such topics as invitations to public functions held in honor of Levy, museum openings, publications, and congratulations to Levy acknowledging her contribution to the art world. Individual correspondents include: Henry Turner Bailey, Charles C. Curran, Robert W. De Forest, John H. Finley, James P. Haney, and many others. Also present are three photographs showing Levy at her desk as manager of the Art Alliance of America, the entrance to the Arts Council gallery at the Hotel Barbizon, and a guidance clinic set up by the Art Education Council at an arts Convention. Includes index11ocn122615868mixJones, Stiles PStiles P. Jones and family papersPrimarily correspondence and miscellany of Jones as a Minneapolis and St. Paul (Minn.) journalist and as secretary (1903-1914) of the Voters' League, Minneapolis. They contain information on public utility regulation, the Minneapolis Gas Light Company, Minnesota politics and elections, and the work (1915-1917) of the Central Franchise Committee, a citizens' group formed to monitor franchise negotiations between the city of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis Street Railway Company. The committee's constitution and minutes are included11ocn820274493mix0.47City College Commencement Ephemera collectionPhotographsRecords and correspondenceCommencement invitations, tickets, marshalls' badges, newspaper clippers and publicity releases for miscellaneous years from 1857 to the present. There are photographs and publicity material about Bessie Minor (1950); also photographs for 1956, 1957 and 1983. A letter from Alexander Stuart Webb to President John Huston Finley (1908) and letters from Frederick Malling Pederson (Class of 1889) and Francis Gillett Mason (Class of 1884) to Donald Alfred Roberts (Class of 1919) concerning the 1939 commencement. Copy of Inaugural Response by President Robert Eugene Marshak and commencement address by Coretta Scott King (1971)11ocn820274494mix0.47City College ceremonies, exhibits and events collectionExhibition catalogsThe City College Ceremonial Events collection brings together materials which document special events and meetings celebrating or commemorating some notable event in the life of the College or honoring alumni, faculty or friends of the College. Most of these events involve public ceremonies, sometimes with academic processions. Many were held in the Great Hall of the College. Includes correspondence from Lewish Sayre Burchard (Class of 1877) for 192911ocn155502714mix19601.00Gettlemen, Marvin EManuscript draft of his study of John Huston Finley, entitled "The Making of an American Educator."11ocn780680814mix1.00Bardeen, C. WHistoryRecords and correspondenceThese papers consist chiefly of correspondence related to Bardeen's career as editor and publisher of the School Bulletin, a periodical that promoted his interest in improving the quality of education in the United States. His correspondents included teachers and administrators at all levels of education as well as education professionals in government. The collection also includes portraits of a number of prominent educators at the time12ocn155504204mix1.00Webb, Alexander SPapers consist of correspondence, addresses, clippings, and miscellaneous printed material. Correspondents include William Whitman Baley, Lewis Sayre Burchard, John Huston Finley, Isaac Pennypacher, Rev. Francis Vinton, and General George W. Mindil. Also included is a manuscript entitled "History of the Webb Family," undated+-+K399900106+-+K399900106Fri Mar 21 15:38:34 EDT 2014batch27851