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Fri Mar 21 17:09:15 2014 UTClccn-n886709220.00Roméo Brown0.251.00Jim Holdaway biographical file28655510Jim_Holdawayn 886709222392199lccn-n50029654O'Donnell, Peter1920-2010auifast-834103Blaise, Modesty (Fictitious character)lccn-n79021807Losey, Josephlccn-n81048003Dankworth, Johnlccn-n79139685Bogarde, Dirk1921-1999lccn-n84216048Andrews, Harrylccn-n94090564Jones, Evanlccn-no96013286Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Inclccn-n2002041317Romero, Enrique1930-lccn-n88075453Stamp, TerenceHoldaway, JimFictionComic books, strips, etcDetective and mystery comic books, strips, etcDetective and mystery storiesDramaBlaise, Modesty (Fictitious character)Women detectivesDetective and mystery storiesGraphic novelsDetective and mystery comic books, strips, etcGreat BritainWomen spiesIntelligence serviceChina--Tibet Autonomous RegionMotion pictures, BritishSpy comic books, strips, etcComic books, strips, etcGemsOrganized crimeCartoonists192719701965196619721974197519761979198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199220012002200320042005200620072009201077386128741.5973PR6029.D55ocn186789871ocn419765958ocn461516260ocn185247793ocn078804954ocn743106502ocn743107499ocn419765935ocn081264129ocn084566284ocn186789871ocn185167805ocn185247793ocn781196329ocn78119631324922ocn059192299book19650.22O'Donnell, PeterModesty BlaiseComic books, strips, etcFictionDetective and mystery comic books, strips, etcDetective and mystery storiesIn the wilds of Tibet, Modesty Blaise battles to repay the debt she owes to an ancient mystic who once saved her life by seeking the mysterious Black Pearl. Before her stand marauding bandits, the might of the Himalayas and the power of Red China!+-+4793875936963ocn050585772visu20020.27Modesty BlaiseDramaA comedy which lampoons the sex, sadism, luxury, and latest spying techniques in secret-agent thrillers as exemplified in an account of the efforts of a female spy to prevent a priceless gem collection from falling into the hands of an international crime ring884ocn063377361book20030.19O'Donnell, PeterThe Gabriel set-up ; also featuring La Machine, The long lever and In the beginningWith her trusted right-hand man Willie Garvin and the underworld resources of the 'The Network' on tap, Modesty takes on the skilled killers of La Machine and battles to destroy a coven of blackmailers, proving once and for all that the female species is deadlier than the male+-+7301875936493ocn056195984book20040.20O'Donnell, PeterModesty Blaise : Mister sunDetective and mystery comic books, strips, etcThrown into a searing hotbed of danger and conspiracy, Modesty will need all her skills and instincts when she incurs the wrath of a Honk Kong master criminal. Trapped between saving a friend and sacrificing her own beliefs, she is caught in the bloody tempest of the Vietnam War and must battle to survive the vengeance of Mister Sun!+-+K672875936391ocn060740485book20050.19O'Donnell, PeterThe hell-makers : also featuring "Take-over" and "the War-lords of Phoenix"+-+3013875936361ocn056648764book20040.17O'Donnell, PeterTop traitor ; The Vikings ; The head girlsDetective and mystery stories+-+6931875936323ocn060667333book20050.19O'Donnell, PeterModesty Blaise : the hell-makersComic books, strips, etcSort/hvid agenttegneserie med kvindelig detektiv som hovedpersonen+-+3013875936321ocn056802290book20040.19O'Donnell, PeterModesty Blaise : Top traitorFictionDetective and mystery comic books, strips, etcIn three thrilling, nerve-shredding stories--Top Traitor, The Vikings and The Head Girls--Modesty must rip deeply through her own organisation to uncover a spy, do battle with homicidal Noresemen and cross claws with a pride of she-kittens led by an old adversary! All this action jammed into one volcanic volume!+-+6931875936131ocn023550731book19900.66O'Donnell, PeterModesty BlaiseComic books, strips, etc113ocn012139476book19850.95O'Donnell, PeterModesty BlaiseComic books, strips, etcSort/hvid agenttegneserie med kvindelig detektiv som hovedpersonen+-+730187593681ocn013410859book19850.96O'Donnell, PeterModesty Blaise71ocn018107818book19870.81O'Donnell, PeterModesty BlaiseComic books, strips, etc42ocn465033552book0.47O'Donnell, PeterModesty Blaise : den komplette samling41ocn063429763book0.24Holdaway, JimMiranda Blaise31ocn064129712book19840.08Holdaway, JimDe krijgsheren van Phoenix32ocn417013168book1983Holdaway, JimRoméo Brown31ocn061054543book19760.47O'Donnell, PeterDen forstørrede mand : Forbryderstaten31ocn063686293book19830.08Holdaway, JimDe hel-makers31ocn063686294book19840.08Holdaway, JimTake-over31ocn472741458book19750.47O'Donnell, PeterPsyko-spionen ; Onkel Happy / tegninger : Jim Holdaway11ocn556271445mix1.00Jim Holdaway biographical fileBiographyBiographical file may contain one or more of the following: "Biographical Registry" form filled out by the cartoonist including information about education, career history, awards, signature example, and family information; biographical essays or sketches of the cartoonist; articles by or about the cartoonist; examples of the cartoonist's work in the form of clippings or photocopies+-+4793875936+-+4793875936Fri Mar 21 16:12:37 EDT 2014batch12857