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Fri Mar 21 17:15:09 2014 UTClccn-n880307680.14Essential Scotland /0.240.39The last storytellers tales from the heart of Morocco /71728686n 880307682311333Rogerston, Barnaby.Rogerston, Barnaby, 1960-lccn-n84022227ʻĀʼishahapproximately 614-678lccn-n50039100ʻAlī ibn Abī ṬālibCaliphapproximately 600-661lccn-nb2012000472Hamilton, Richard(Radio journalist)edtlccn-n79130881MuḥammadProphet-632lccn-n91024553Baring, Rosenp-baring, roseBaring, Roselccn-n80002498Cavendish, Richardviaf-7507159Locke, Timlccn-n80030599McCullin, Don1935-lccn-n82035466Ellingham, MarkedtRogerson, BarnabyHistoryGuidebooksMilitary historyBiographyAnecdotesPictorial worksIslamʻĀʼishah,ʻAlī ibn Abī Ṭālib,--Caliph,Morocco--MarrakechTurkey--IstanbulCrusadesAfrica, NorthMuslimsStorytellersStorytellingOral traditionTalesChristianity and other religions--IslamBalance of powerMiddle EastSpainTurkeyEast and WestEuropeTravelMilitary relationsMoroccoMuḥammad,--Prophet,Saudi ArabiaGreat BritainIslamic countriesManners and customsArabian PeninsulaTravel writersVoyages and travelsRoman provincesMorocco--FèsMcCullin, Don,Morocco--RabatRome (Empire)ScotlandTunisiaIslamic sectsAbū Bakr,--Caliph,ʻUthmān ibn ʻAffān,--Caliph,CyprusIntercultural communicationCivilization19601989199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014704978197297.09021BP55ocn706030136ocn823378576ocn781188322ocn328862573ocn075253686ocn075402712ocn85266865812625ocn072355017book20060.24Rogerson, BarnabyThe heirs of Muhammad : Islam's first century and the origins of the Sunni-Shia splitHistory[In this book, the author] recounts the lives of the handful of individuals - the first four Caliphs, the Prophet's widows and the conquering generals - who led and influenced Islam after the death of Muhammad. Within this fifty-year span of conquest and empire-building, [the author] identifies the seeds of discord and civil war that destroyed the unity of Islam and traces the roots of the schism between Sunni and Shia Muslims to the rivalry of the two people who best knew and loved the Prophet: his cousin and son-in-law Ali and his wife Aisha--Dust jacket+-+61432103068216ocn039339509book19980.19Rogerson, BarnabyA traveller's history of North AfricaHistoryEssays on the history of Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, and Algeria offer a concise chronicle of the region's politics and life through current times+-+K7071011067928ocn426803494book20090.24Rogerson, BarnabyThe last crusaders : the hundred-year battle for the centre of the worldHistoryMilitary historyThe Crusades were the bridge between medieval and modern history, between feudalism and colonialism. In many ways, the little explored later Crusades were the most significant of them all, for they made the crisis truly global. "The Last Crusaders" is about the period's last great conflict between East and West, and the titanic contest between Habsburg-led Christendom and the Ottoman Empire in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.It focuses not on the more famous Crusades from 1095 and 1291 but on a later series of clashes between various Christian and Muslim forces in and around the Mediterranean, beginning with Portugal's capture of the city of Ceuta in 1415 and ending with the battles at Lepanto in 1571 and Alccer Quibir in 1578. From the great naval campaigns and the ferocious struggle to dominate the North African shore, the conflict spread out along trade routes, consuming nations and cultures, destroying dynasties, and spawning the first colonial empires in South America and the Indian Ocean. The author presents not only the exploits of both Christians and Muslims on the battlefield but also their shifting alliances and internal struggles. He also explores how military technologies and the expansion of trade and exploration helped shape the conflicts. This book provides a vibrant and well-organized account of this tumultuous, lesser-known period of history+-+91375754067034ocn756484708file20110.39Hamilton, RichardThe last storytellers tales from the heart of MoroccoHistoryMarrakech is the heart and lifeblood of Moroccoʹs ancient storytelling tradition. For nearly a thousand years, storytellers have gathered in Jemaa el Fna, the legendary square of the city, to recount ancient folktales and fables to rapt audiences. But this unique chain of oral tradition that has passed seamlessly from generation to generation is teetering on the brink of extinction. The competing distractions of television, movies, and the Internet have drawn the crowds away from the storytellers and few have the desire to learn the stories and continue their legacy. Richard Hamilton has witnessed first-hand the death throes of this rich and captivating tradition and, in the labyrinth of the Marrakech medina, has tracked down the last few remaining storytellers, recording stories that are replete with the mysteries and beauty of the Maghreb. -- Book jacket+-+46490339365858ocn052423821book20030.27Rogerson, BarnabyThe Prophet Muhammad : a biographyBiography+-+247531230639314ocn018259606book19890.18Rogerson, BarnabyMoroccoGuidebooks+-+45946651362795ocn063790115book20060.29Rogerson, BarnabyThe heirs of the prophet Muhammad : and the roots of the Sunni-Shia schismHistory"The Heirs of the Prophet Muhammad is a saga of ambition, achievement, self-sacrificing nobility and blood rivalry, and it also sheds light on some of the complexities of our modern world. For within this fifty-year span of conquest and empire-building, Barnaby Rogerson identifies the seeds of discord that destroyed the unity of Islam, and traces the roots of the schism between Sunni and Shia Muslims to the rivalry of the two people who best knew and loved the Prophet: his cousin and son-in-law Ali, and his wife Aisha." "The Heirs of the Prophet Muhammad recounts the lives of the handful of individuals - the first four Caliphs, the Prophet's widows and the conquering generals - who led and influenced Islam after the death of Muhammad. Their achievements are chronicled, but so too are the conflicting ambitions that led to civil war. So that although an empire was forged, in the process Muhammad's own family would be disinherited, his grandson murdered, the revered temple of God at Mecca, the Kaaba, burned to the ground, and the first copy of the Koran stained with the blood of a Caliph."--BOOK JACKET+-+14727216852523ocn063388799book20050.24Meetings with remarkable Muslims : a collectionBiography"[This book] is a collection of personal reminiscences of friendships and chance encounters which have left an indelible mark on the author. Throwing a bridge across the divide, it shows how immeasurably richer our lives are for sharing and understanding different cultural traditions--what a source of inspiration they can be. This diverse collection of writers draws together a world which stretches from Morocco in the west to India in the east. What shines through is a common humanity--shared by both writers and subjects--a need to earn, to love, to protect, to enjoy and to make sense of life."--Back cover+-+K91623254521910ocn060802869book19940.15Locke, TimFodor's exploring BritainGuidebooksA region-by-region guide to Britain, with essays that discuss aspects of life in the country, past and present; an alphabetical listing of places to visit, including suggested itineraries, walks, and excursions; a travel fact directory, hotel and restaurant recommendations, and maps and illustrations+-+97806555961873ocn467749385book20100.33McCullin, DonSouthern frontiers : a journey across the Roman EmpireHistoryPictorial works+-+33523597751772ocn706030136book20110.20Palin, MichaelOxtravels : meetings with remarkable travel writersAnecdotes"OxTravels is an extraordinary collection. Thirty-six travel writers have contributed stories of remarkable meetings -- life-changing, affecting, amusing by turn. The book is published in support of Oxfam's work." -- Back cover+-+K1493119361609ocn635476541book20000.15Rogerson, BarnabyMarrakesh Fez & RabatGuidebooks+-+K5731011061233ocn053243182book20030.25Marrakech : the red cityGuidebooks+-+23645755461166ocn029982579book19940.14Rogerson, BarnabyEssential ScotlandGuidebooks+-+14539799351056ocn023382087book19910.20Rogerson, BarnabyTunisiaGuidebooks+-+7405665136807ocn812257365book19940.17Baring, RoseIstanbulGuidebooksA highly illustrated guide to Istanbul in the award-winning DK Eyewitness Travel series707ocn030088661book19930.18Rogerson, BarnabyEssential IstanbulGuidebooks+-+2164379935605ocn032203432book19940.20Rogerson, BarnabyCyprusGuidebooks+-+9226599106583ocn651073001book20090.20Rogerson, BarnabyThe last crusaders : East, West and the battle for the centre of the worldHistoryMilitary historyTimely history of the battle for the Mediterranean in the 15th and 16th centuries by the forces of Islam and Christendom, out now in paperback+-+0280664985324533ocn033198527book19920.18Rogerson, BarnabyEssential MoroccoGuidebooks+-+6143210306+-+6143210306Fri Mar 21 15:37:34 EDT 2014batch19223