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Thu Oct 16 17:51:11 2014 UTClccn-n881568560.10Iron Will0.201.00Promotional photographs for The matchmaker117626247John_Michael_Hayesn 881568562592493Hayes, John M. 1919-2008جون ميشيل هايس، 1919-2008.lccn-n79027022Hitchcock, Alfred1899-1980prfsceprodrtflmctblccn-n79055404Paramount Pictures Corporationprodstlccn-n84018652Stewart, James1908-1997cstprfctbactlccn-no92015365Burks, Robertcngillphtlccn-n79103668GracePrincess of Monaco1929-1982cstprfctbactlccn-n85067140Corey, Wendell1914-1968cstprfctbactlccn-n81050692Burr, Raymond1917-1993prfactlccn-no97023390Ritter, Thelmacstprfactlccn-n79038547Woolrich, Cornell1903-1968antlccn-n83005621Head, EdithcstHayes, John Michael1919-2008DramaFilm adaptationsFictionHistoryTelevision adaptationsFilm and video adaptationsDetective and mystery filmsTelevision playsVoyeurismNew York (State)--New York--Greenwich VillageMan-woman relationshipsWoolrich, Cornell,Jewel thievesConspiraciesUnited StatesAttempted assassinationEspionage, BritishSled dog racingLoveImpersonationMurderSpiesDodge, David,France--RivieraFathers and daughtersDeathEspionageMoroccoWomen spiesGermanyBrazil--Rio de JaneiroFamilies--Economic aspectsTeachersGossipHellman, Lillian,New York (State)--New YorkProstitutesEnglandNew HampshireCity and town lifeEngland--LondonAdulteryNew EnglandPrivate schoolsLesbiansChildrenTruthfulness and falsehoodKidnappingPeople with disabilitiesNeighborsFilm adaptationsRevengeSuspense in motion pictures, television, etcMotion picturesHitchcock, Alfred,Hayes, John Michael,SwitzerlandLove in motion pictures191920081934195319541955195619571958195919601961196219631964196519661976198019811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201313711200743791.4372PN1997ocn054476316ocn062893243ocn124049651ocn045055462ocn070171340ocn022927799ocn062252809ocn062252812ocn062252731ocn228476266ocn799892595ocn799994428ocn676649655ocn781094203ocn781094163ocn781094126ocn781357635ocn799186517ocn781104326ocn781111779ocn221800855ocn220976248ocn222026079ocn822823724ocn762441275ocn864367341344685ocn046397587visu19540.22Hitchcock, AlfredAlfred Hitchcock's Rear windowFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsDetective and mystery filmsFilm adaptationsAs a photographer with a broken leg, Stewart takes up the fine art of spying on his Greenwich Village neighbors during a summer heat wave. Things really begin to get hot when he suspects a salesman may have murdered his nagging wife and buried the body in a flower garden. He actively enlists the help of his girlfriend to investigate the highly suspicious chain of events. Events that ultimately lead to one of the most memorable and gripping endings in film history+-+9164052696324159237ocn070171340visu19540.21Hitchcock, AlfredAlfred Hitchcock's The trouble with HarryDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsHarry's corpse is found in the autumnal New England woods. While no one mourns his death, several people feel responsible for it. The body is unearthed several times, humorous situations occur, and love affairs develop before the real cause of Harry's death is revealed+-+704305269632411779ocn050910755visu19540.20Alfred Hitchcock's To catch a thiefDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsTelevision playsA retired American jewel thief living on the French Riviera seeks to prove his innocence by exposing the burglar who has been imitating his technique99036ocn062893243visu19340.21Hitchcock, AlfredThe man who knew too muchHistoryFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsDetective and mystery filmsFilm adaptationsStory of a doctor touring Morocco with his wife and child who accidentally becomes involved in an anarchist plot to assassinate a foreign diplomat in London+-+513305269632485636ocn124049651visu19540.20Hitchcock, AlfredAlfred Hitchcock's To catch a thiefDramaFilm adaptationsRobie is suspected of a new rash of gem thefts in the luxury hotels of the French Riviera, and he must set out to clear himself. Meeting pampered heiress Frances, he sees a chance to bait the mysterious thief with her mother's fabulous jewels. His plan backfires, however, but Frances, who believes him guilty, proves her love by helping him escape. In a spine-tingling climax, the real criminal is exposed+-+549362069632481311ocn054476316visu19910.19Metalious, GracePeyton PlaceDramaFilm adaptationsAllison MacKenzie looks back on life in the New England town where she grew up around the time of Pearl Harbor. Beneath the town's placid god-fearing exterior lay any number of dark secrets79110ocn051254583visu19610.14Wyler, WilliamThe children's hourDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA child's lie has shattering consequences, when the headmistresses of an exclusive girl's school discipline a student, who in turn makes a slanderous accuasation against one of her teachers+-+180953742532464511ocn045055462visu19600.19Mann, DanielButterfield 8DramaFilm adaptationsA high-class call girl in New York and a socially prominant man fall in love. However, he can't forget her past and she resents his distrust, so they battle their emotions and each other, leading to a powerful and explosive climax6374ocn049735167visu20020.10Iron WillFictionDramaBased on an incredible true-life story. A brave young man is thrust into adulthood as he and his courageous team of sled dogs embark on a grueling and treacherous cross-country marathon. Together they race through the frozen wilderness carrying hopes of capturing the $10,000 grand prize that will save his family from financial ruin. With dogged determination and sheer iron will, they face impossible odds and hardships along the dangerous trail to his dreams+-+408883332537830ocn052095033visu19650.17Hathaway, HenryNevada SmithDramaFilm adaptationsNevada Smith es un joven algo tosco e inocente nacido durante la fiebre del oro de California en 1890, de padre blanco y madre india. Cuando descubre que sus padres han sido asesinados por unos violentos criminales, sólo piensa en encontrarles+-+46263674251819ocn051882438visu19630.18Dmytryk, EdwardThe carpetbaggersDramaFilm adaptationsA depiction of the wild life in Tinseltown's early days. A story about the ruthless tycoon who built a multi-million dollar empire. Includes a striptease performance atop a glittering chandelier that helped to break the Production Code1365ocn660863749visu19920.19Where love has goneDramaDanny, a young woman, has murdered a man who was the latest lover of her mother. Danny's father, Luke Miller, describes the events that led to the tragedy, causing many family secrets to be revealed+-+77017674253241102ocn017456659visu19870.22The Chalk gardenFictionDramaFilm adaptationsA young woman with emotional problems is helped by the family butler and a strong-willed nanny1091ocn724758875visu20110.134 movie marathon classic western collection : Albuquerque ; Whispering Smith ; The duel at Silver Creek ; War arrowDramaWhispering Smith: A no-nonsense railroad detective must bring an old friend to justice when he begins helping an outlaw to wreck trains961ocn209834371visu20080.25Joan Crawford collectionDramaFilm adaptationsA woman's face: Anna Holm, a professional blackmailer, despises herself and the world because of a disfiguring facial scar927ocn262624362visu19800.23Alfred Hitchcock's rear windowDramaFilm adaptationsAs a photographer with a broken leg, Stewart takes up the fine art of spying on his Greenwich Village neighbors during a summer heat wave. Things really begin to get hot when he suspects a salesman may have murdered his nagging wife and buried the body in a flower garden. He actively enlists the help of his girlfriend to investigate the highly suspicious chain of events. Events that ultimately lead to one of the most memorable and gripping endings in film history863ocn662524410visu19860.19Douglas, GordonHarlowFictionDramaHollywood in 1928 is a land of milk and honey, magic and fantasy. Jean Harlow's spectacularly controversial and tragic career begins with bit parts in movies while she's living with her mother and opportunistic stepfather. When Hollywood agent Arthur Landau spots her on a film set, he gets her a series of comedy roles and soon realizes he has a gold mine. She becomes an overnight sensation and critics hail her as the next great sex symbol832ocn191736313visu19900.21Walters, CharlesTorch songDramaA hard as nails Broadway musical star who chews up people for lunch learns humility and finds love in the arms of a blind pianist721ocn056509109visu20040.17War arrowDramaArmy Major Brady (Chandler) is sent to end the Kiowa uprising in Texas. He must find a way to save the fort as well as the beautiful Elaine (O'Hara), wife of the missing cavalry officer681ocn741367237visu20110.14Turner Classic Movies greatest classic legends film collectionDramaThe sandpiper: A repressed minister with a devoted wife must come to terms with his adulterous feelings for a beautiful, free-spirited woman3833ocn044905071book20010.39DeRosa, StevenWriting with Hitchcock : the collaboration of Alfred Hitchcock and John Michael HayesCriticism, interpretation, etc"Screenwriter and film archivist Steven DeRosa follows Hitchcock and Hayes through each film from initial discussions to completed picture and also reveals the personal story - filled with inspiration and humor, jealousy and frustration - of the initial synergy between the two men before their relationship fell apart. Writing with Hitchcock not only provides new insight into four films from a master but also sheds light on the mysterious process through which classic motion pictures are created."--BOOK JACKET+-+454446620511ocn021048927rcrd1.00Hayes, John MichaelJohn Michael HayesInterviewsWriter John Michael Hayes, whose credits include Rear window, To catch a thief, and Peyton Place, talks about his sicknesses as a youth, his stint as a journalist, and his career in Hollywood11ocn854997186visu1.00Paramount Pictures CorporationPromotional photographs for The matchmakerPictorial worksFilm adaptationsPromotional photographs issued by Paramount Pictures and the National Screen Service Corporation for The Matchmaker, 1958. The images are chiefly of film stills that depict actors in the film. Actors depicted include Shirley Booth, Paul Ford, Shirley MacLaine, Robert Morse, and Anthony Perkins, as well as other cast members+-+5133052696324+-+5133052696324Thu Oct 16 14:59:32 EDT 2014batch30231