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Read a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a framer of the Constitution of the United States /13896917George_Read_(U.S._statesman)n 891036432673353Reed, George, 1733-1798np-read, william t$william thompsonRead, William T.(William Thompson)lccn-n85128763DelawareConstitutional Convention(1776)lccn-n85351573Tilton, James1745-1822lccn-n50013520McKean, Thomas1734-1817lccn-nr92044867Read, William Thompson1792-1873lccn-n82058907DelawareGeneral AssemblyHouse of Representativeslccn-n83158237Munroe, John A.(John Andrew)1914-2006lccn-n85141058Rodney, Caesar1728-1784lccn-n90627270Conrad, Henry C.(Henry Clay)1852-lccn-n89603676Sons of Delaware (Philadelphia, Pa.)Read, George1733-1798HistoryBiographySourcesRecords and correspondenceMilitary historyPeriodicalsRead, George,DelawareUnited StatesAmerican Revolution (1775-1783)Political scienceDeclaration of Independence (United States)McKean, Thomas,Rodney, Caesar,PoliticiansLawyersMorris, Robert,Clymer, George,ConveyancingChicanery (Law)Great BritainLewis, Francis,United States.--Continental CongressLawChase, Samuel,Hancock, John,Ross, George,Morton, John,Heyward, Thomas,Rutledge, Edward,Adams, Samuel,Walton, George,Hopkinson, Francis,Lee, Richard Henry,LegislatorsPennsylvaniaFranklin, Benjamin,Bartlett, Josiah,Jefferson, Thomas,Harrison, Benjamin,Hart, John,Ellery, William,Stockton, Richard,Gwinnett, Button,Taylor, George,Rush, Benjamin,Middleton, Arthur,Stone, Thomas,Floyd, William,Hooper, William,Hopkins, Stephen,Nelson, Thomas,Adams, John,Witherspoon, John,Williams, William,Gerry, Elbridge,1733179817361764176617701776177717791781178217881814187018761888189318971958196519681970197719841988199920089405588328.751E302.6.R271037ocn062808955com17700.82DelawareVotes and proceedings of the House of Representatives of the government of the counties of New-Castle, Kent and Sussex, upon Delaware, at a session of Assembly held at New-Castle the twenty-first day of October (the twentieth being Sunday) 176561ocn047989575book17360.97Law quibbles, or, A treatise of the evasions, tricks, turns and quibbles, commonly used in the profession of the law, to the prejudice of clients, and others : necessary to be perused by all attornies, and those who are or may be concern'd in law-suits, trials, &c., to avoid the many abuses, delays, and expences, introduc'd into practice : with abstracts of all the late statutes for amending the law, relating to attornies, arrest and bail, bribery, forgery and perjury, juries, justices of peace, prisoners in execution, law process, rents of tenants, &c., under the proper heads : and an Essay on the amendment and reduction of the laws of England, and a new proposed act of Parliament, for a thorough regulation of the practice of law31ocn500587001book18700.74Read, William ThompsonLife and correspondence of George Read a signer of the Declaration of Independence ; with notices of some of his contemporariesHistoryBiography21ocn810318818book20080.86Read, George[George Read, Jr correspondence]HistoryRecords and correspondence11ocn320955482book17810.47Read, George[Document] 1781 Jan. 5The document begins: "Henry Ward Pearce presiding in Cecil County, State of Maryland, John Little in the State of Pennsylvania having real property ..." This is a court case about property tax11ocn022672469book1.00Read, GeorgeCommon-place book or Law-digest11ocn122610541mixRosenbach, A. S. WSigners of the Declaration of IndependencePersonal and official correspondence and legal documents written or signed by all 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence, most from the Revolutionary period. The papers relate chiefly to state and national political, financial, and military affairs. Correspondents include George Clinton, John Dickinson, William Lee, and George Washington11ocn122585630mix1766Read, Georgeto John Dickinson, Philadelphia, PaConcerns a lawsuit in the Delaware courts11ocn155866487mix17811.00Read, GeorgeThis document describes the debt David Brinton owes to John Hill, both of Newcastle County, Delaware. It was written by George Read during his May term in 1781. Brinton and Hill's names are written on the outside of the accompanying envelope, but the letter is not addressed to them11ocn122442624mix1777DelawareNew Castle, Del., on the General Loan-Office for the County of KentOrders the Trustee of the General Loan-Office to pay Thomas Collins £24/7/11 from the public funds. Written and signed by George Read, as speaker of the Council, and Thomas McKean, as speaker of the Assembly; with Collins's receipt on the verso11ocn845355776mixHistorical Society of DelawareHistorical Society of Delaware CollectionHistoryMilitary historySourcesRecords and correspondenceThe collection contains photostat reproductions of original letters and documents in the Historical Society of Delaware, including state and county records, military documents, and about 350 letters, mostly from the time of the American Revolution. The inclusive dates are 1660 to 1929, with an emphasis on the 18th century. Notable authors represented by 4 or more pieces are: James Asheton Bayard, Benjamin Chew, Joshua Clayton, John Dagworthy, John Dickinson, David Hall, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas McKean, John McKinly, Allan McLane, Samuel Osgood, Samuel Patterson, Timothy Pickering, Edmund Randolph, George Read, Caesar Rodney, and Thomas Rodney11ocn122575981mix1.00Clymer-Meredith-Read family papersHistoryPapers reflect the economic, professional and personal histories of the Clymer-Meredith-Read families12ocn235097677book1.00DelawareNotes of proceedings and cases determined in the high court of errors and appeals, the court of chancery, and the orphans court of the state of DelawareContains summaries of cases heard by the Delaware Supreme Court and the Delaware Appeals Court in the counties of Sussex, Kent, and Newcastle covering a variety of legal topics. Supposedly based on Wilson's Red Book11ocn078759931book1.00Miller, JosephLawyer's case book containing notes of cases adjudged and determined in the courts of DelawareLawyer's case book containing notes on cases before the Delaware Supreme Court and Delaware Court of Common Pleas. Contains information on the cases and judgements11ocn078809963mix1.00Read, GeorgeRead's Delaware casesContains legal cases transcribed by George Read containing accounts of cases before the Delaware Supreme Court11ocn886987620book17700.90Counties of New-Castle, Kent, and Sussex upon DelawareVotes and proceedings of the House of Representatives of the government of the counties of New Castle, Kent and Sussex, upon Delaware, at a session of Assembly held at New Castle the twentieth-first day of October (the twentieth being Sunday) 1765HistoryPeriodicalsSources01ocn013867117book1776Read, GeorgeAMS, Congressional minutes extractHistoryExtracts from minutes of Congress. October 7 lists "Pay of Regimental Officers to be enlisted during ye War." October 8 lists the clothing supplied to soldiers valued at twenty dollars. October 10 ranks 24 captains in the Navy01ocn013867135book1779Read, GeorgeALS, Newcastle, to Caesar Rodney, DoverHistoryA short note written to accompany a cannister of tea being sent to the president of Delaware43211ocn011911234book18700.74Read, William ThompsonLife and correspondence of George Read a signer of the Declaration of Independence ; with notices of some of his contemporariesHistoryBiography1835ocn062808953file17760.77DelawareIn convention, at New-Castle, for the Delaware state, begun the 27th day of August, 1776 and continued by adjournment to the 21st day of September following1078ocn062837788file17880.86Tilton, JamesThe biographical history of Dionysius, tyrant of Delaware addressed to the people of the United States of America281ocn002218854book19580.66Tilton, JamesTimoleon's Biographical history of Dionysius, tyrant of DelawareHistory171ocn002490968book18970.70Conrad, Henry C"The three signers."124ocn007345480mix19680.70Boughner, Daniel TerryGeorge Read and the founding of the Delaware state, 1781-1798History32ocn017684711book18760.82Read, John MeredithA centennial sketch : Chief Justice George Read, 1733-1798, one of the six signers of the Declaration of Independence who were also framers and signers of the Constitution of the United States21ocn817560199visu18881.00Rosenthal, Albert[George Read]Portraits21ocn837154572visu1.00Sartain, SamuelGeo. Read a signer of the Declaration of Independence and a framer of the Constitution of the United StatesPortraits21ocn028424268mix1.00Hook, James LewisAutograph collectionHistoryAutographsAutographs of signers of Declaration of Independence, containing letters, accounts, legal papers, and other documents. Signers represented include Josiah Bartlett of New Hampshire; Samuel Chase of Maryland; George Clymer, Robert Morris, John Morton, and George Ross, of Pennsylvania; John Hancock of Massachusetts; Benjamin Harrison of Virginia; Francis Hopkinson of New Jersey; Thomas Heyward and Edward Rutledge, of South Carolina; Francis Lewis of New York; Thomas McKean and George Read, of Delaware; and George Walton of Georgia. Includes document (1764) by Rutledge's brother, John Rutledge of South Carolina11ocn070979694mix1.00Bedford, GunningGunning Bedford papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence (1795-1796) with William Hill Wells and George Read (1733-1798), letters testamentary for Bedford's estate (1797), and a financial document (1794)11ocn055230674mix17641.00Read, GeorgeIndictment against John FurbushHistoryRead, as Attorney General, presents a True Bill returned by Charles Hillyard, Grand Jury foreman, against John Furbush for assault against Philip Hilyard, constable of Duck Creek Hundred, Kent County, Del., on May 3rd, 177111ocn055225804mix17821.00Morris, LewisLetter to Nathanael Greene and portraitHistoryPortraitsPersonal narrativesMorris thanks Greene for sending the news of the marriage of his son, Lewis Morris, to [Anne B.] Elliott and sends news of his daughter Helena Magdalena's marriage to [John Rutherford.]11ocn049310920mix1.00Signers collectionCollection consists of holographic letters and documents of signers of the Declaration of Independence11ocn166569129art18930.10Read, George : signer of the declaration of independenceBiography11ocn082098781mix1.00Willard, Henry AHenry A. Willard II collectionHistorySeries 2 is the Henry A. Willard I autograph collection (1774-1888, chiefly 1820-1840) and contains ca. 200 letters and documents, including 21 letters of the Bradley-Willard family or from Willard Hotel records, Washington, D.C., and records from Gales & Seaton, publishers of the National Intelligencer. Prominent 18th and 19th century political figures represented in the collection include DeWitt Clinton, Nathan Hale, Isaac Hull, James Madison, Francis Mallory, James Monroe, Robert Hunter Morris, Samuel Allyne Otis, John Penn, F.W. Pickens, George Poindexter, David Rittenhouse Porter, and Benjamin Rush11ocn122616514mixLogan, Robert RestalrigCollectionHistoryThe collection includes Dickinson's land and business records, 1760-1808. Leases, agreements, memoranda, bills, receipts, etc., center around the management of his real estate holdings, primarily in Delaware: house construction, relations with tenants, property sales, production figures. There is material relating to Dickinson's law practice which include information on cases argued before the High Court of Errors in Pennsylvania. Drafts of Dickinson's will, with codicils, are also present11ocn081433195visu1.00Emmet, Thomas AddisThe republican court. V. 2Portraits of people and pictures of places and events associated with the first presidential administration of George Washington, including portraits of some prominent women. Also included are a picture of a snuff box with a miniature of Mrs. Ralph Izard on its cover, a drawing of the visiting card of John Hyde & a view of an early Charles River (Mass.) bridge. A number of men are shown wearing eyeglasses11ocn055225191mix17641.00Read, GeorgeConfession of judgment and portraitHistoryPortraitsRead, as "Attorney specially Constituted" summarizes a case against defendants John and William Murphy in the suit of Margaret Grantham vs. John Murphy & William Murphy for a debt of 120 pounds. There is no answer from the defendants or conclusion. Read notes on the verso that the defendants "Come & Confess Judgement to the Plaintiff ... with Cost of Suit &c." As the document was written two months before the debt was due if may have been written for the plaintiff (Grantham) to use in case the Murphys did not pay11ocn078944870visu1.00Emmet, Thomas AddisSigners of the Declaration of IndependencePortraits of signers of the Declaration of Independence by Henry Bryan Hall. Although most appear to be based on 18th-century sources, some may be imaginaryThu Oct 16 16:05:10 EDT 2014batch22679