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Fri Mar 21 17:04:13 2014 UTClccn-n896360220.08Moon shot : the flight of Apollo XII /0.270.97Apollo mission 12 lunar photography indexes /129131683n 896360222549302Apollo Twelve (Spacecraft)Apollo XII (Spacecraft)lccn-n85308634Project Apollo (U.S.)lccn-n88245653Aldrin, Buzzivelccn-n79129542Apollo 11 (Spacecraft)lccn-n94065237Lovell, Jimivelccn-nr94035981Sington, Daviddrtlccn-no99069469Bunting, Clarkprolccn-no2002033539Battsek, Johnprolccn-no99058377Andreae, Simonprolccn-no2010057490Life, Richardpronp-fairhead, davidFairhead, DavidflmApollo 12 (Spacecraft)CatalogsPhotographs‡vfrom spaceProject Apollo (U.S.)Apollo 12 (Spacecraft)Space flight to the moonApollo 10 (Spacecraft)MoonLunar explorationApollo 11 (Spacecraft)Apollo 13 (Spacecraft)Apollo 17 (Spacecraft)Apollo 9 (Spacecraft)Apollo 14 (Spacecraft)Apollo 8 (Spacecraft)Apollo 15 (Spacecraft)Apollo 16 (Spacecraft)United StatesUnited States.--National Aeronautics and Space AdministrationAstronauticsSpace flightsOuter spaceExploration of outer spaceChaikin, Andrew,AstronautsManned space flightSpace vehicles--LandingSpace raceNonfiction television programsLunar photographyTelevision mini-seriesPhotographsTelevision adaptationsMade-for-TV moviesLovell, JimAldrin, BuzzCollins, Michael,AstronomyAstrophysicsYoung, John--(John Watts),Mitchell, Edgar DAeronautics--FlightsSpace flightSwigert, John L.--(John Leonard),Armstrong, Neil,AccidentsHaise, Fred,Space rescue operationsUnited States.--NavyMidway, Battle of (1942)Project Gemini (U.S.)World War (1939-1945)Aeronautics, American military1969197019721994199519961998199920032004200520072008200920112012201328353962QB595321ocn001394560book19700.97Aeronautical Chart and Information Center (U.S.)Apollo mission 12 lunar photography indexes322ocn001447493book19700.96National Space Science Data CenterApollo 12 lunar photographyPhotographs from space302ocn001447503book19700.95Mapping Sciences Laboratory (Manned Spacecraft Center)Apollo 12 photography, 70-mm, 16-mm and 35-mm frame index51ocn001447478book19700.97Apollo 12 (Spacecraft)70-mm photographic catalogCatalogs12799ocn175280361visu20070.18In the shadow of the MoonHistoryInterviewsNonfiction filmsDocumentary filmsPresents the story of NASA's Apollo program and the lunar landings by American astronauts made between 1968 and 1972. Features rare archival footage and interviews with surviving astronauts5415ocn061281773visu20050.19From the Earth to the MoonHistoryBiographyFictionDramaTelevision adaptationsFilm adaptationsTells the dramatic story of the Apollo missions and their heroic astronauts, from President John F. Kennedy's historic speech to the manned space missions and through to the defining moment of the space program--putting a man on the moon. These are the stories of the men, women and children who lived, breathed and manufactured from the power of human will, one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind3865ocn710113369file20110.63Harland, David MApollo 12-- On the ocean of stormsHistoryWith its two moonwalks, deployment of a geophysical station and geological sampling, Apollo 12 did what many had hoped would be achieved by the first man to land on the Moon. It demonstrated the precision landing capability required for the success of future lunar surface explorations. This is the first time in 40 years that the story of the Apollo 12 mission to the Moon has been told in its entirely, using official documents, flight transcripts, and post-mission debriefing to recreate the drama. --Book cover+-+K1512469961922ocn042857677book19990.23Godwin, RobertApollo 12 : the NASA mission reportsWhen the crew of Apollo 11 returned to Earth in July 1969, they brought with them a wealth of new information about the moon. Now astronauts Charles (Pete) Conrad, Alan Bean and Richard Gordon would return to the moon and build on that knowledge. The real test for the crew of Apollo 12 was not to see if they could get to the moon, but to see if they could get to an "exact" place on the moon. Their target was in an area known as the Ocean Of Storms. On November 14 1969 the crew of Apollo 12 blasted off to their place in history. Not only would Conrad and Bean become the third and fourth men to walk on the moon but they would land the lunar module "Intrepid" within 600 feet of their designated target. Waiting for them was the unmanned space probe Surveyor 3 which had soft-landed in April 1967. The flight of Apollo 12, which began almost catastrophically when the huge Saturn V was struck by lightning just moments after lift off, went on to yield an enormous amount of valuable data collected during over seven and a half hours on the lunar surface. On their return home the crew of Apollo 12 became the first humans to witness an eclipse of the Sun by the Earth. In "Apollo 12 the NASA mission reports" some of the rare official documentation of the voyage of Apollo 12 is collected and made commercially available for the first time+-+39077014361291ocn426907161visu20090.17Journey to the moonHistoryA 45 minute documentary on the Apollo 11 moon landings which includes reflections by the crew of Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong, "Buzz" Aldrin and Michael Collins291ocn061895827visu20050.13From the Earth to the MoonDramaContains parts 1-3 from the series271ocn061895828visu20050.14From the Earth to the MoonDramaContains parts 4-6 from the series251ocn061895830visu20050.14From the Earth to the MoonDramaContains parts 7-9 from the series241ocn061895833visu20050.15From the Earth to the MoonHistoryFictionDramaContains bonus features from the series241ocn061895832visu20050.14From the Earth to the MoonDramaContains parts 10-12 from the series192ocn057637485book19990.28Godwin, RobertApollo 12. the NASA mission reportsHistoryBiography+-+2164049436101ocn005339306book19690.33Mission of Apollo 12, Nov. 13-25, 196971ocn426067602visu20080.21In the shadow of the Moon remember when the whold world looked upBetween 1968 and 1972, the world watched in awe each time an American spacecraft voyaged to the Moon. Only 12 American men have walked upon its surface and they remain the only human beings to have stood on another world. Now for the first time, a combination of archival material from the original NASA film footage, much of it never before seen and interviews with the surviving astronauts tells the story of the Apollo space program61ocn062080113visu20050.24Apollo 12 ocean of stormsCovers the second manned moon landing with material from preparation to recovery52ocn054312288visu19960.21Apollo 12, uncensored"Apollo 12 served as the second manned mission to the moon. The mission began with what almost became certain disaster. Lightening struck the rocket twice during liftoff, cutting all electrical power. Mission control thought the mission would have to abort but after major collaborations they were able to re-power all systems and the mission went as planned."--Container51ocn855115763visu20130.10Moon race : the history of ApolloHistory"Disc 2: We take up the history of Apollo with the voyage of Apollo 12, followed by the jinxed mission of Apollo 13. Also covered is the last lunar mission of Apollo 17, and the Apollo-Soyuz link-up." -- Container41ocn032926356book19940.08Agle, D. CMoon shot : the flight of Apollo XIIJuvenile worksComic books, strips, etc31ocn144526940visu20050.10U.S.S. Hornet a visual of CV-8 and CV-12This pictorial history of the U.S.S. Hornet (CV-8 and CV-12) contains new digital transfers of archival material. Much of the film was shot silent, while some has sound. Footage from the Doolittle raid on Tokyo utilizing B-25 bombers launched from the Hornet (CV-8), April 18, 1942. Footage surrounding the operations during the battle of Midway, including VF-8 just prior to the battle and VF-3 just after. Footage of the Hornet at the Battle of Santa Cruz, where she was sunk in October of 1942. Includes 'Life and Death of the U.S.S. Hornet' film on the short history and proud record of CV-8. Footage from the launch of the new Hornet (CV-12). Continues footage of WW II from 1945 to the Apollo11 and 12 splashdowns from 196931ocn152577829rcrd19690.47Anatomy of an astronautApollo 12's crew describe what it's like to be astronauts, concentrating mostly on how they work together22ocn844227270book20120.47Dark Horse presentsComic books, strips, etc"Comics superstar Paul Pope returns to the pages of DHP, an assassin stalks her prey aboard the world's largest pirate ship in Annala's Blade, and Mike Mignola's hard-boiled pulp hero Lobster Johnson blasts his way through more of the world's most sinister evils!"--from publisher's website+-+K151246996Fri Mar 21 15:35:42 EDT 2014batch16061