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Fri Mar 21 17:02:22 2014 UTClccn-n896364140.12Dinosaur0.190.90War games (1983) shooting script /102648478Walon_Greenn 896364142550560Green, Walen, 1936-Green, WallenGreen Wallen 1936-....Green, WalsonGreen Walson 1936-....lccn-n79026876Peckinpah, Sam1925-1984othprfscedrtausflmlccn-n82090865Holden, William1918-1981prfactlccn-n85138180Warner Bros.-Seven Artsprolccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n85199132Ryan, Robert1909-1973prfactlccn-n86138336Oates, Warren1928-1982prfactlccn-no2003041740Zondag, Ralphflmdrtlccn-n85085825Borgnine, Ernest1917-2012prfactlccn-no92020092Sweeney, D. B.(Daniel Bernard)1961-actlccn-no2004079655Panettiere, HaydenactGreen, WalonDramaJuvenile worksHistoryBiographyFilm adaptationsFictionMotion picture playsAnimated filmsDinosaursOutlawsUnited States, WestUnited StatesTrain robberiesBoundariesNorth America--Mexican-American Border RegionMexicoGangsBetrayalPeckinpah, Sam,Revolution (Mexico : 1910-1920)Animals, FossilWitnesses--ProtectionBank robberiesAmphibiansReptilesMarshalsUnited States marshalsPoliceInsects--BehaviorPredatory insectsInsectsDrug trafficBorder patrolsTexasCyborgsBounty huntersComputersNew MexicoDetectivesMurder--InvestigationCalifornia--San DiegoDetective and mystery playsFire extinctionArnaud, Georges,BorderlandsIguanodonMichigan--DetroitRanchesRanchersAdulteryLemursPolice murdersPrivatizationCorporations--Corrupt practicesRevengeEvictionRoboticsAndroids193619671968196919701971197519771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220137090129346791.4372PN1997ocn040896651ocn032993880ocn035046536ocn228026269ocn022474436ocn034608541ocn037998545ocn052523068ocn759166379ocn780530354ocn762865911ocn691895731ocn800011405ocn780893023ocn676523260ocn780911048ocn781077604ocn780941830ocn691819085ocn407019180ocn691441053ocn691547775ocn766976063ocn673916550ocn694025747ocn847568885ocn692004751ocn858202106ocn691955184ocn691928416ocn797382290ocn462376752ocn463924391ocn762644705ocn221875630ocn839316678312974ocn062386408visu19680.22Peckinpah, SamThe wild bunchHistoryBiographyFictionDramaThe brutal story of violent men who lived during the Mexican revolution in the year 1913. It portrays a band of magnificent losers in a dying lawless West+-+5790725425324194011ocn045809521visu20000.12Sweeney, D. BDinosaurJuvenile worksFictionDramaAnimated filmsWhen a meteor destroys their island home, Aladar, an iguanodon, and the family of lemurs that raised him, join a group of dinosaurs on a treacherous journey in search for safety and a new home+-+53667333252968ocn038472579visu19970.16Russell, ChuckEraserDramaJohn Kruger is a U.S. Marshall who 'erases' the lives and identities of people entering into the Witness Protection Program. His newest charge is an executive who has stumbled upon a deal to put a new superweapon into the wrong hands. It's a do-or-die assignment. Kruger plungs from an airplane after his parachute; turns ravenous alligators into instant luggage; outbrains ultratech security; and knocks out killers with hyper-velocity weapons2835ocn762865911visu19710.17The Hellstrom chronicleA tongue-in-cheek look at the insect world, ultimately portraying the insect as an indomitable menace and potential threat to nature and the human race2056ocn055232631visu19810.25Richardson, TonyThe borderDramaA border guard faces corruption in his department when the infant of a poor Mexican girl is kidnapped+-+92555526963242032ocn041963294visu19900.20SorcererDramaFilm adaptationsFour men must transport a dangerous cargo of nitroglycerine over treacherous terrain in order to stop an oil fire16918ocn056397549visu19910.17Kershner, IrvinRoboCop 2DramaRobocop, the half man/half machine cop, is back, and his mission is to rid the streets of Detroit of a new and deadly drug, "Nuke." To complicate matters, the evil corporation that created him wants to take over the city and develop RoboCop 2, a newer and more powerful version to replace the original16714ocn021467480visu19680.13Landsburg, AlanReptiles and amphibiansJuvenile worksMore than 350 million years ago a new creature emerged from the water -- the first amphibian. Today, the awesome traces of their progeny exist on virtually every continent. Join National Geographic in the search for exotic reptiles such as the Komodo dragon, giant tortoise, and viperous sea snake. Encounter the crocodile which has remained relatively unchanged since the era of the dinosaur. "Reptiles and Amphibians" tracks the evolutionary link to our past and examines the creatures that have long inspired fear and fascination in man1112ocn055952608visu20040.18Verhoeven, PaulRobocop trilogyDramaRobocop: "Set in Detroit sometime in the near-future, the film is about a policeman killed in the line of duty, who the department decides to resurrect as a half-human, half-robot supercop. The robocop is indestructible, and within a matter of weeks he has removed crime from the streets of Detroit. However, his human side is tortured by his past, and he wants revenge on the thugs who killed him."--Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Movie Guide1052ocn045844872visu20010.12DinosaurioDramaSituada hace 65 milliones de años, Dinosaurio cuenta la apremiante historia de un iguanodonte llamado Aladar, que es separado de su propia especie y criado por un clan de lemúridos, incluyendo al gracioso Zini y Clio que se compadece de todo. Cuando una devastadora lluvia de meteoros arroja a su mundo en el caos, Aladar y su familia siguen a una manada de dinosaurios que van rumbo a la seguridad de la "tierra de nidos." En el camino, Aladar se hace amigo de Baylene, el digno braquiósaurio de avanzada edad que se juega todo por el todo; Eema, la estiracásaurio que no para ante nada; y Neera, una compañera iguanodonte con mucho bríos. Juntos se mantienen fuertes en medio de la escasez de comida y agua, de la amenaza de ataques de los carnotaurios, y los pleitos de Aladar con el testarudo lider de la manada, Kron506ocn034978228book19960.20Tine, RobertEraserFictionLa société Cyrex a une pistolet secret. Cette arme est très dangereuse. Seul Lee Cullen connaît ce pistolet, et elle seule peut arrêter Cyrex de le vendre. Mais la société Cyrex a des projets pour Lee : le meurtre+-+7566466095489ocn052523068visu19780.20Friedkin, WilliamThe Brink's jobDramaFilm adaptationsSet in Boston in 1938, a comedy robbery film422ocn156279052com20030.90Lasker, LawrenceWar games (1983) shooting scriptMotion picture plays3617ocn014029251book19670.86Green, WalonThe wild bunch : [screenplay]HistoryDramaThe year is 1913. Whilst disguised as U.S. soldiers a gang robs the railroad office of a Texas border town. The company's hired gunmen open fire and the gang escape only to find later that their loot is worthless. With the railroad men after them, the gang, lead by Pike (William Holden) head for the apparent safety of the Mexican revolutionaries and ruling Government. A series of meetings ensues that forces Pike and his gang to re-examine their principles2411ocn824619460visu19980.19Frears, StephenThe Hi-Lo countryDramaTwo friends returning from World War II team up with an old rancher to raise cattle the cowboy way, in conflict with a corporate cattle rancher who employs half the town of Hi-Lo, New Mexico. When one of his friends has an affair with the wife of the corporate rancher's foreman, the conflict increases201ocn319441795visu20090.15Greatest classic films collectionDramaThe wild bunch: After a botched robbery attempt in Texas, Pike Bishop and his gang head across the Rio Grande and into Mexico. They are being pursued by Deke Thornton and his men bounty hunters. They had been hired by the railroad to stop Bishop and his gang from robbing the rail depot. Bishop and his men plan to spend only a short time in Mexico, but their stay is lengthened when they meet a Mexican general who wants them to rob a U.S. train carrying arms. McCabe & Mr. Miller: Charismatic but dumb John McCabe arrives in a young Pacific Northwest town to set up a whorehouse/tavern. Mrs. Miller, a professional madam, arrives soon after construction begins. She offers to use her experience to help McCabe run his business, while sharing in the profits. The whorehouse thrives and McCabe and Mrs. Miller draw closer. Soon, however, the mining deposits in the town attract the attention of a major corporation, which wants to buy out McCabe. He refuses, and his decision has major repercussions for him, Mrs. Miller, and the town+-+2774234696182ocn493609653visu20060.47Peckinpah, SamThe wild bunch La horde sauvage161ocn015985268visu19870.16SolarbabiesDramaWhen a mystical force arrives on earth to bring wisdom, it is up to the solarbabies, a futuristic group of roller-skating rowdies, to save the visitor from the evil rulers121ocn751995929visu20100.20CrusoeDrama"An exciting and insightful retelling of the classic legend. This historically faithful drama challenges the morals of the time as Crusoe, now an American slave trader, confronts a 'Friday' who is his equal"--Container124ocn223230803book19900.19Naha, EdRoboCop 2 : novelThe death drug NUKE has sparked a full-scale war in the streets of Old Detroit. The man behind the mayhem is named Cain - a cold and ruthless drug dealer who'll stop at nothing to satisfy his hunger for power and wealth. For Cain, money is the only thing that matters. Human life is cheap. But Cain has a problem: RoboCop+-+5366733325+-+5366733325Fri Mar 21 15:22:34 EDT 2014batch22631