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Fri Mar 21 17:13:23 2014 UTClccn-n896536660.00Witchcraft today, etc0.371.00Gerald Gardner, witchcraft revival : the significance of his life and works to the story of modern witchcraft /5165158Gerald_Gardner_(Wiccan)n 896536662605549Brosseau Gardner Gerald 1884-1964Gardner, G. B.Gardner, G. B. 1884-1964Gardner, G. B. (Gerald Brosseau), 1884-1964Gardner, Gerald.Gardner, Gerald, 1884-1964Gardner, Gerald B.Gardner, Gerald B. 1884-1964Gardner, Gerald Brosseau, 1884-Gardner, Gerald Brousseau 1884-1964Scire 1884-1964lccn-n87114870Kelly, Aidan A.edtlccn-n82161797Howard, Michael1948-lccn-no2003022657Milne, B. Lumsdenedtlccn-n50041015Buckland, Raymondlccn-n79044435Bourne, Loislccn-n91097409Heselton, Philip1946-lccn-nr2001046071Bracelin, J. L.(Jack L.)lccn-n80009717Murray, Margaretauinp-murray, mMurray, M.lccn-n81103024Mangoldt, Ursula vonGardner, Gerald Brosseau1884-1964FictionWitchcraftNeopaganismGardner, Gerald Brosseau,MagicWiccaWeaponsMalayaKnivesArmorBourne, LoisMalaysiaDaggers, MalayEnglandDaggersWitchesGreat Britain Miscellaneous Island Dependencies--Isle of ManPaganismAntiquitiesMuseumsGreat BritainCrowley, Aleister,Evola, Julius,Occultism18841964193619391940194919541955195619571958195919601964196519661968197019711973197419751982198819901991199219931996199819992000200120022003200420062007200820092010201120122013139239133133.43BF157156138ocn054857416book19540.28Gardner, Gerald BrosseauWitchcraft today"Witchcraft Today is Gerald B. Gardner's landmark exploration of Wicca. First published in 1954, the book inspired a passionate revival of interest in indigenous British religion and led to the rebirth of a way of life. Encompassing an explanation of Wiccan rituals and tenets, as well as a comprehensive study of occult practices worldwide and throughout the ages, Witchcraft Today is a book that belongs on the bookshelf of every Witch and every person interested in the whole vast field of the occult (Raymond Buckland, author of Wicca for Life)."+-+784070153521118ocn053903657book19590.25Gardner, Gerald BrosseauThe meaning of witchcraftGerald Gardner published The Meaning of Witchcraft in 1959, not long after laws punishing witches were repealed. It was the first sympathetic book written from the point of view of a practicing witch. The Meaning of Witchcraft is a is a record of witches' roots-and a tribute to a founding pioneer with the courage to set that record straight+-+045881320611821ocn002528664book19360.76Gardner, Gerald BrosseauKeris and other Malay weapons+-+4479583924348ocn006894675book19490.59Gardner, Gerald BrosseauHigh magic's aidFiction+-+032015814561ocn076631912book20040.47Gardner, Gerald BrosseauUrsprung und Wirklichkeit der Hexen = Witchcraft today43ocn752581642book1954Gardner, Gerald BrosseauWitchcraft today, etc41ocn796192615book20120.47Gardner, Gerald BrosseauDie Weisheit der Wicca : das legendäre Buch "Witchcraft today"41ocn705593359book20080.10Gardner, Gerald BrosseauThe Gardnerian book of shadows+-+991676400531ocn012964836book19570.81Gardner, Gerald BrosseauThe story of the famous Witches Mill at Castletown, Isle of Man33ocn559116152book1958Gardner, Gerald BrosseauThe Museum of Magic and Witchcraft. The story of the ... Witches Mill at Castletown, Isle of Man, etc. [With illustrations, including portraits.]22ocn774467275book19600.92Bracelin, J. LGerald Gardner: witch23ocn559116098book19390.97Gardner, Gerald BrosseauA goddess arrives21ocn030243755book19571.00Gardner, Gerald BrosseauThe Museum of Magic and Witchcraft : the story of the famous witches mill at Castletown, Isle of Man11ocn870109969book2013Gardner, Gerald BrosseauHistoria y herencia de la Wicca11ocn559116128book19360.95Gardner, Gerald BrosseauKeris and other Malay weapons (with 91 illustrations)11ocn505914493book2009Gardner, Gerald BrosseauModerní čarodějnictví11ocn829229273book1954Gardner, Gerald BrosseauWitchcraft today11ocn470558499book2007Gardner, Gerald BrosseauLe livre des ombres11ocn867962641book20100.47Gardner, Gerald BrosseauWspółczesne czarownictwo11ocn805048235book20100.10Gardner, Gerald BrosseauEl Significado de la brujería1544ocn401146977book20090.16Howard, MichaelModern Wicca : a history from Gerald Gardner to the presentHistoryJourneying to foreign lands -- Into the witch cult -- The Pickingill connection -- Gerald Gardner and the great beast -- A magical book of shadows -- The Museum of Witchcraft -- Witchcraft today -- Enemies within and without -- New witch blood -- Pretenders and rivals -- The king of the witches -- The politics of Wicca -- The Pagan Federation emerges -- Wicca international -- Witches in cyberspace -- Wiccans in the 21st century+-+83306238251271ocn020530418book19900.70Neo-Pagan witchcraft532ocn039117828book19980.21Bourne, LoisDancing with witches+-+8877154525324321ocn022891894book0.25Kelly, Aidan ACrafting the art of magicHistory192ocn002792799book19600.92Bracelin, J. LGerald Gardner: witch191ocn046955899book20000.53Heselton, PhilipWiccan roots : Gerald Gardner and the modern witchcraft revivalHistory+-+8566816136101ocn182799618book20030.59Heselton, PhilipGerald Gardner and the cauldron of inspiration : an investigation into the sources of Gardnerian witchcraftHistory41ocn805045998book20120.47Heselton, PhilipWitchfather : a Life of Gerald Gardner, from Witch Cult to WiccaBiography31ocn659966330book19900.47Neo-Pagan witchcraft II.21ocn747011264book20011.00Heselton, PhilipGerald Gardner, witchcraft revival : the significance of his life and works to the story of modern witchcraft+-+616436723632411ocn191992837book20031.00Les liaisons dangereuses de Julius Evola : Aleister Crowley, Gerald Brousseau Gardner et Maria de Naglovska11ocn437980990book20080.47Berry, James SWiccan tree, Christian roots : the Christian sources of early-modern WiccaHistory11ocn051946967book19740.47Steele, John HSouvenir booklet : Dr. Gardner's Museum of Witchcraft & MagicGuidebooks11ocn051546513book2002Davis, MorganTowards a history of modern neopagan witchcraft : Gerald Gardner 1946-1949History11ocn024221793book19910.10Kelly, Aidan AA history of modern witchcraft, 1939-1964History11ocn863549198book19990.47Bracelin, J. LGerald Gardner : witch+-+7840701535+-+7840701535Fri Mar 21 15:57:50 EDT 2014batch16292