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Fri Mar 21 17:13:15 2014 UTClccn-n896641550.12The heart's citadel /0.150.18Avarice /57449067n 896641552635515np-bishop, dianaBishop, Dianalccn-no96022262Dover, Anneviaf-77473659Kuipers, Hugonp-bond, jillyBond, Jillynp-gelder, mariette vanGelder, Mariëtte vanviaf-284376340Eggermont, Moniquenp-dover, anne read byDOVER, Anne (read by)np-west, normaWest, Normanp-mckenzie, nicoletteMcKenzie, Nicolettenp-herron, jeanHerron, JeanBurgh, Anita1937-FictionDomestic fictionHistoryHistorical fictionGreat BritainEngland--DevonWomenManners and customsEnglandWorld War (1914-1918)FamiliesSocial aspectsFranceWomen authorsEnglish fictionWorld War (1939-1945)NursesHospitalsLife change eventsSeparated peopleFrance--AuvergneExiled women authorsBritishYoung womenBetrayalWar storiesPatients--CarePhysiciansFemale friendshipLottery winnersCultsSocial classesSouth AmericaEuropeWealthWomen--Social conditionsSpousesAdulteryUnited StatesDwellingsLove storiesEngland, NorthernWidowsEnglishNew York (State)--New YorkUnderground movements, WarSistersMiddle-aged menTreasure trovesHistorical fictionMan-woman relationshipsAristocracy (Social class)FictionRomance fiction193719871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009693988282823.914PR6052.U64244858ocn056650306book20040.14Burgh, AnitaThe broken gateHistoryFictionDomestic fictionIn the winter of 1901, the ancient facade of Cresswell Manor surveys a vast and rich estate - but the land has fallen into decay. Mortimer Cresswell is an old man now and on his deathbed, his family waits, patiently, to fight over his fortune. Only Hannah, Mortimer's daughter can see that the family has become consumed by private ambition, jealousy and greed. Another contender for the estate is a new comer Stanislas von Ehrlich who has had his eye on the estate. Bound by conflict, passion and betrayal, both families are set on a collision course so powerful, it will completely alter their world+-+65251370253244758ocn153562029book20060.13Burgh, AnitaThe breached wallHistoryFictionDomestic fictionThe third novel in a historical series set in Devon in the early 20th century, following the fortunes of a large aristocratic family before, during and after the First World War+-+49892370253839ocn045349986book20010.14Burgh, AnitaExilesFictionDomestic fictionKate is no longer a struggling author. Far from it, she leads a charmed life with her lover Stewart and her daughter Lucy in an old farmhouse in the beautiful wild Auvergne region of central France. Then comes a bolt from the blue, a phone call from Kate's literary agent in London that threatens her whole way of life+-+36107370253243669ocn059380971book20020.14Burgh, AnitaThe house at HarcourtFictionLife in 1859 for Eliza Forester left motherless+-+99729370253557ocn059331945book20030.13Burgh, AnitaThe visitorFictionThe addition of a runaway woman to a shopkeeper's household creates arguments and dissension+-+51729370253347ocn438288586book20000.13Burgh, AnitaClare's warFictionA young woman is caught in France when war breaks out but is happy to stay and find her missing French lover+-+651073702532432014ocn019740886book19890.17Burgh, AnitaThe azure bowlFictionDomestic fictionHigh above the sea, on the edge of the Cornish cliffs, stands Gwenfer, a magnificent granite house and home to Alice Tregowan+-+999283702532428714ocn025661711book19870.17Burgh, AnitaDistinctions of classFiction+-+74465858853242737ocn063399443book20050.12Burgh, AnitaThe heart's citadelHistoryFictionDomestic fictionHistorical fictionContinues the story of the Devonshire family during the summer of 1913+-+822970502532426410ocn033011632book19950.17Burgh, AnitaLotteryFiction+-+65916370253242627ocn060223681book19990.16Burgh, AnitaThe familyFictionDomestic fiction+-+27976370253242478ocn042421059book19980.14Burgh, AnitaOn callFictionNach dem Selbstmord ihres Mannes beginnt Chrissy wieder als Krankenschwester zu arbeiten. Doch im Krankenhaus wird sie in Intrigen verwickelt und schliesslich sogar des Mordes verdächtigt+-+56976370253242408ocn022629453book19880.17Burgh, AnitaLove the bright foreignerWhen her husband dies suddenly, Ann Grange's happiness is destroyed and her world seems to have turned on its head. She is rescued from the ruins of her own life by a chance meeting with an attractive, mysterious Greek. But a shattering truth threatens her idyllic new life, and before she can trust the happiness which is within her grasp, she must bury the past+-+83535858853242357ocn043235154book19970.15Burgh, AnitaThe cultFiction+-+03765370253242078ocn030156083book19940.18Burgh, AnitaAvariceFictionDonation+-+669163702520111ocn059549893book19910.16Burgh, AnitaThe stone mistressFictionPolly and Juniper are close friends, but sometimes find it hard to get along, particularly where men are concerned. Yet when the outbreak of war finds them stranded in France, with Hitler's armies at their heels, they find strength in each other, escaping by se thanks to Juniper's grand connections+-+64028370251968ocn029222140book19930.17Burgh, AnitaOverturesFictionDomestic fiction+-+09316370253241956ocn059995968book19900.18Burgh, AnitaThe golden butterflyFictionHistorical fiction+-+63028370253241911ocn061702537book20050.14Burgh, AnitaThe heart's citadelHistoryFictionDomestic fiction+-+32462370251858ocn027726101book19920.17Burgh, AnitaAdvances+-+8586785885324+-+4989237025+-+4989237025Fri Mar 21 15:55:04 EDT 2014batch16954