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Fri Mar 21 17:13:44 2014 UTClccn-n891037250.00Letter from Secretary of Interior, submitting to Congress, for consideration and ratification an agreement between commissioners of United States to negotiate with five civilized tribes and commission on part of Muscogee or Creek Nation concluded on the 27th day of September, 18970.811.00Statement70518320Cornelius_Newton_Blissn 891037252680953lccn-n50003293New York Chamber of Commercelccn-n79027239Roosevelt, Theodore1858-1919lccn-n80079701McKinley, William1843-1901lccn-n50019932Platt, Thomas Collier1833-1910lccn-no2006027989Woodruff, Timothy L.(Timothy Lester)1858-1913lccn-n97113918Odell, Benjamin B.(Benjamin Barker)1854-1926lccn-n50082280Hanna, Marcus Alonzo1837-1904lccn-n88244856Shaw, Leslie M.(Leslie Mortier)1848-1932lccn-n95000431Pughe, J. S.(John S.)1870-1909lccn-n81099052Alger, R. A.(Russell Alexander)1836-1907Bliss, Cornelius Newton1833-1911RulesIndians of North America--EducationBliss, Cornelius Newton,United StatesEducational law and legislationIndians of North America--Education--Law and legislationUnited States.--Office of Indian AffairsNew York (State)--New YorkRoosevelt, Theodore,Root, Elihu,New York (State)Lodge, Henry Cabot,McKinley, William,Political scienceCleveland, Grover,MerchantsHanna, Marcus Alonzo,Riis, Jacob A.--(Jacob August),Harrison, Benjamin,Woodruff, Timothy L.--(Timothy Lester),Stuyvesant, Peter Gerard,Gilder, Richard Watson,Butler, Nicholas Murray,GovernorsElkins, Stephen B.--(Stephen Benton),Platt, Thomas Collier,Brown, DavidBanks and bankingHale, Eugene,Cannon, Joseph Gurney,Hitchcock, Frank H.--(Frank Harris),Depew, Chauncey M.--(Chauncey Mitchell),Beveridge, Albert Jeremiah,Pinchot, Gifford,Baird, Absalom,Frewen, Moreton,De Peyster, J. Watts--(John Watts),Shaw, Leslie M.--(Leslie Mortier),Hay, John,EmployeesRepublican National Committee (U.S.)Alger, R. A.--(Russell Alexander),Manners and customsCanadaRedfield, William Cox,Abbott, Lyman,Butler, William Allen,MacCracken, Henry Mitchell,Sunday legislationWellman, Francis L.--(Francis Lewis),Garfield, James A.--(James Abram),18331911189018961897189818991900190419051909191019111922197919841999453436E97.511ocn270513666book18900.10Bliss, Cornelius Newton117 Duane St., to Mr. J.P. Morgan11ocn034510512book19111.00Bliss, Cornelius NewtonObituary notices clipped from various New York newspapers. Mounted and bound11ocn251866583book1898Union Pacific Railway CompanyReport of the government directors of the Union Pacific Railway to the Secretary of the Interior : for the fiscal year ended June 30, 189811ocn031831526book1897Bliss, Cornelius NewtonLetter from Secretary of Interior, submitting to Congress, for consideration and ratification an agreement between commissioners of United States to negotiate with five civilized tribes and commission on part of Muscogee or Creek Nation concluded on the 27th day of September, 189711ocn263921725com18980.95United StatesRules for the Indian School ServiceRules122ocn680505640com19110.96New York Chamber of CommerceTribute of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New York to the memory of Honorable Cornelius Newton Bliss proceedings of the regular meeting held November 2, 191121ocn475902270serial1.00Bowery Savings Bank of New YorkStatement11ocn849528012mix1.00Morton, Levi PLevi P. Morton CorrespondenceHistoryPapers of the Congressman from New York, United States minister to France, Vice-President of the United States, and Republican governor of New York State. Collection contains mostly incoming correspondence from clergymen, educators, financiers, journalists, and politicians. Some letters are addressed to Morton's executive secretary, Ashley W. Cole11ocn122422022mix1.00Community Service Society of New York11ocn432307108mix1.00Milliken, Seth MellenSeth Mellen Milliken collectionGenealogyPortraitsIncludes photographs, engravings and biographies of Seth Mellen Milliken, his wife Margaret (Hill) Milliken, and his infant daughter Margaret Leighton Milliken (Mrs. Harold Ames Hatch)12ocn155522277mix1.00Metropolitan Opera (New York, N.Y.)Correspondence files of company officersCorrespondence files of officers and members of the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Opera. Individuals include John Brown and Giulio Gatti-Casazza, 1909-1919; Edward Ziegler, 1916-1944; Giulio Gatti-Casazza, 1918-1935; Frank Garlichs, 1924-1941; Paul D. Cravath, 1928-1940; Cornelius Bliss, 1928-1945; Herbert Witherspoon, 1933-1935; Edward Johnson, 1936-1950; Max Rudolf, 1947-1958; Horace Armistead, 1947-1954; Frederick Keppel, 1940-1949; John Gutman, 1950-1967; George A. Sloan, 1940-1951; Charles Spofford, 1941-1951; Julius F. Seeback, 1947-1949; Frank St. Leger, 1940-1950; Schuyler Chapin, 1972-1975; and Anthony A. Bliss, 1975-198511ocn144685115art19090.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamBliss, Cornelius Newton11ocn071131199file1.00McCook family papersHistoryRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, journals, diaries, scrapbooks, printed matter, memorabilia, photographs, and other papers relating to the Ohio family of "Fighting McCooks" which became prominent through the service of fifteen of its sons in the Civil War. The McCooks were active in legal, military, and political affairs. The bulk of the collection concerns the military and political career of Anson G. McCook, U.S. representative from New York, secretary of the U.S. Senate, and Union Army officer. Among the correspondents are Cornelius Newton Bliss, Grover Cleveland, Robley D. Evans, Hamilton Fish, James A. Garfield, Ulysses S. Grant, Marcus Alonzo Hanna, Benjamin Harrison, Rutherford Birchard Hayes, William McKinley, Thomas Nelson Page, Theodore Roosevelt, Elihu Root, William T. Sherman, Edwin McMasters Stanton, and Mark Twain11ocn664800681visu19001.00Dalrymple, LouisMcKinley's Easter eggSpecial Easter edition centerfold shows William McKinley as a rooster standing next to a broken egg labeled "Vice-Presidential Aspirations" from which several chicks have emerged, identified as: "Lodge, Black, Bliss, Teddy, Root, Beveridge, [and] Timmy Woodruff."11ocn798773996visu18971.00Dalrymple, LouisTwo obstacles that must be removed before Uncle Sam can drive onPrint shows President McKinley standing on the roadside near a large rock labeled "Unsetteld Tariff Question", as Vice President Hobart and members of McKinley's cabinet attempt to clear the roadway by removing another large rock labeled "Unsound Financial System"; waiting further up the road "To Prosperity" is Uncle Sam sitting on a large wagon filled with "U.S. Commercial Interests"11ocn695028832art18990.10King, MosesCornelius Newton Bliss: Bliss, Fabyan & Co., Dry Goods Commission; Secretary of The Interior, U.S. (1897-)BiographyPortraits11ocn079449155mix1.00Cortelyou, George BGeorge B. Cortelyou papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondents include Alvey A. Adee, Robert Low Bacon, Albert Jeremiah Beveridge, Cornelius Newton Bliss, Edward William Bok, Charles J. Bonaparte, Nicholas Murray Butler, Joseph Gurney Cannon, Andrew Carnegie, James Sullivan Clarkson, Grover Cleveland, Charles Gates Dawes, William R. Day, Elmer Dover, Charles W. Fairbanks, John H. Finley, Moreton Frewen, Richard Watson Gilder, Marcus Alonzo Hanna, Benjamin Harrison, John Hay, Frank H. Hitchcock, Henry Cabot Lodge, William Loeb, Ida Saxton McKinley, William McKinley, James Clark McReynolds, Victor Howard Metcalf, William H. Moody, Harry S. New, Henry C. Payne, Thomas Collier Platt, Jacob A. Riis, Elihu Root, Theodore Roosevlet, Nathan Bay Scott, Leslie M. Shaw, John Sherman, Charles Emory Smith, Oscar S. Straus, and William H. Taft11ocn647833450mix1.00Muir, JohnPapers of John MuirThere are also four photographs which include John Burroughs, Charles Fletcher Lummis, John Muir, Alfred Harrold Sellers and Fay Hancock Sellers; and four newsclippings11ocn733431476visu19101.00Keppler, Udo JWhere will it strike next?Illustration shows a comet labeled "Allds Investigation" striking a planet labeled "Albany Legislature" causing it to explode among planets labeled "Aldrich, Penrose, Payne, Vreeland, Dalzell, Cannon, Hitchcock, Woodruff, Ballinger, Root, Platt, Depew, Parsons, Sherman, Bliss, Black, Cortelyou, Odell, Lodge, Hale, [and] Elkins". A lone planet showing the face of Theodore Roosevelt hovers on the far right11ocn060689841art19220.10Cornelius Newton Bliss, JrBiography11ocn051140636visu19001.00[Cornelius Newton Bliss, half-length portrait, facing left]11ocn057525970art19090.10Cornelius Newton BlissBiography11ocn084418118visu1.00Bliss, Cornelius Newton, 1833-1911 Merchant, Secretary of InteriorPortraits11ocn698327807visu19041.00Ehrhart, S. DUncle Sam's hallowe'enIllustration shows a vignette cartoon, with, at center, Uncle Sam looking into a mirror while descending a stairway in a hall, "Swallow" and "Watson" are standing in the hall, holding candles; in the vignette at lower left, the presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Roosevelt, Fairbanks, Parker, and Davis, arrive in costume, on the lower right they are unmasked and engaged in a game with Columbia. On the middle left is "Bryan" as "An Old Timer", and on the right "Taggart" and "Belmont" play a prank on an elderly woman with a dummy labeled "Militarism". At top left, bobbing for "Campaign Funds" are "Taggart, Bliss, Cortelyou, [and] Belmont" and on the right "Odell, Shaw, [and] Hill" are "Jumping the Issues"11ocn698327821visu19041.00Pughe, J. SThe last chargeIllustration shows a battle scene with Theodore Roosevelt about to make a final charge on "Fort Democracy" labeled "Peace, Constitution, [and] Prosperity". Performing various functions in Roosevelt's camp are "Foraker", "Morton" spying from a balloon, "Allison" raising a flag labeled "Up with the Trusts", "Woodruff" attending to wounded T.C. "Platt", "Higgins" and "Odell" with cans of money from a box labeled "Groceries N.Y. State", "Cortelyou" sharpening a sword, "Shaw" with binoculars, "Bliss" and "Fairbanks" loading a small cannon labeled "National Committee Gun", and "Rockefeller" with a hod full of money bags labeled "Standard Shot"Fri Mar 21 15:34:56 EDT 2014batch16552