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Fri Mar 21 17:12:28 2014 UTClccn-n906015510.00Letters : of James Monroe while secretary of state,0.751.00Report on the commerce of the United States, and its most urgent necessities60232807James_Gallatinn 906015512665259lccn-n50015401Gallatin, Albert1761-1849np-gallatin, james francis$1853 1915Gallatin, James Francis1853-1915edtlccn-nr93011571Astor, William B.(William Backhouse)1792-1875lccn-n79005645Irving, Washington1783-1859lccn-n82027832Astor, John Jacob1763-1848lccn-nr92042006Ogden, Nicholas Gouverneur1776-1823lccn-n98007593Ogden, Samuel G.(Samuel Gouverneur)1779-1860lccn-n85166588New York (State)Superior Court (New York)lccn-n90632282Hooper, Samuel1808-1875lccn-n79056305United StatesPresident (1865-1869 : Johnson)Gallatin, James1796-1876HistoryHandbooks, manuals, etcBiographyDiariesManners and customsGallatin, Albert,FranceGreat BritainUnited StatesCurrency questionGallatin, James,FinanceCommerceNew York (State)Astor, William B.--(William Backhouse),Trials (Fraud)Banks and bankingOgden, Samuel G.--(Samuel Gouverneur),ChinaDecedents' estatesAstor, John Jacob,Irving, Washington,American Civil War (1861-1865)Finance, PublicPolitical scienceCampaign literatureMcClellan, George Brinton,Lincoln, Abraham,Democratic Party (U.S.)Speeches, addresses, etc., AmericanSlaveryDiplomatsEconomicsDebts, PublicHooper, Samuel,Paper moneyMoneyDoolittle, James R.--(James Rood),Presidents--ElectionWhiskey Rebellion (Pennsylvania : 1794)PennsylvaniaEconomic historyUnited States--Confederate States of AmericaLegal tenderGreenbacksOlcott, Thomas W.--(Thomas Worth),Chase, Salmon P.--(Salmon Portland),Adams, John CPrivateeringWar of 1812Perry, J. A.--(John A.)Fessenden, Francis,Willey, Benjamin G.--(Benjamin Glazier),Osgood, James R.--(James Ripley),17961876184918501851185818591861186218631864186518661868188119141915191619191920192419261930193619741978197920092012192462163944.06D360ocn21335144348911ocn000400201book19140.59Gallatin, JamesA great peace maker : the diary of James Gallatin, secretary to Albert Gallatin, 1813-1827BiographyDiaries37513ocn000423245book19160.66Gallatin, JamesThe diary of James Gallatin, secretary to Albert Gallatin, a great peace maker, 1813-1827BiographyDiaries1229ocn015583669book18640.93Gallatin, JamesThe national debt, taxation, currency and banking system of the United States : with some remarks on the report of the Secretary of the TreasuryHistory11110ocn367906337book18640.93Gallatin, JamesThe national finances, currency, banking, &cHistory984ocn778047673file18680.92Gallatin, JamesThe financial economy of the United States, with suggestions for restoring specie payments a letter to Andrew Johnson, president of the United StatesHistory768ocn000391514book19140.73Gallatin, JamesA great peace maker662ocn123406398file18640.81Hand-book of the democracy for 1863 & '64HistoryHandbooks, manuals, etc566ocn085800261file18620.94Gallatin, JamesGovernment finances and the currency letters to Hon. David Wilmot, United States senator from PennsylvaniaHistory394ocn016098680book18660.97Gallatin, JamesThe public debt, banking, currency, and finances of the United States letter to Hon. James R. Doolittle, United-States Senator294ocn004606144book18640.90Gallatin, JamesAddress by Hon. James Gallatin, before the Democratic union association, October 18, 1864. George B. McClellan as a patriot, a warrior, and a statesman. Course of the administration, state of the finances, etc., etc276ocn003861882book18620.94Gallatin, JamesNational finances and the currencyHistory235ocn015494384book18610.98Gallatin, JamesTwo letters to the Hon. S.P. Chase, Secretary of the Treasury, from James Gallatin, Esq., of New YorkHistory203ocn003898816book18630.98Gallatin, JamesLetter to Hon. Wm. P. Fessenden, Senator of the United States, from James Gallatin of New-York : the proposed United States banking system, and further issues of legal tenderHistory182ocn011365855com18620.79Gallatin, JamesGovernment finances and the currency. Letters of Hon. David Wilmont114ocn004696450book18580.95Ward, TownsendThe insurrection of the year 1794 : in the western counties of Pennsylvania.History112ocn056789294book19140.47Gallatin, JamesA great peace maker: the diary of James Gallatin, secretary to Albert Gallatin, U.S. envoy to France and England, 1813-1827, and negotiator of the treaty of Ghent72ocn437877528book18620.63Gallatin, JamesLetter from James Gallatin, Esq., on financial affairs. The proposed issue of legal tender notes--course of the money market--resumption of specie payments--trade with the Southern States, &c., &c. New York, June 14, 1862. Hon. William P. Fessenden, senator of the United States, Washington. Dear Sir: In the midst of our rejoicing over brilliant successes on land and water ... there has been a vague apprehension in the public mind of some formidable paper money schemeHistory62ocn004246013book18611.00Association for the Increase and Extension of American CommerceReport on the commerce of the United States, and its most urgent necessities52ocn220498256book19140.47Gallatin, JamesA great peacemaker : the diary of James Gallatin, secretary of Albert Gallatin41ocn004817327book19240.81Gallatin, JamesThe diary of James Gallatin : secretary to Albert Gallatin, a great peace maker, 1813-18171833ocn506032751com18500.92Ogden, Samuel GIn the Superior Court of the city of New York, transferred from the Supreme Court in equity, Samuel G. Ogden, administrator, &c., of Nicholas G. Ogden, deceased, vs. William B. Astor, and William B. Astor, John Jacob Astor, James Gallatin and Washington Irving, executors, &c., of John Jacob Astor, deceased pleadings and proofs on the part of the complainantTrials, litigation, etc413ocn004497380book19160.66Gallatin, JamesThe diary of James Gallatin, secretary to Albert Gallatin, a great peace maker, 1813-1827BiographyDiaries253ocn005377089book19140.59Gallatin, JamesA great peace maker : the diary of James Gallatin, secretary to Albert Gallatin, 1813-1827BiographyDiaries193ocn010683026book19160.73Gallatin, JamesThe diary of James Gallatin, secretary to Albert GallatinBiographyDiaries11ocn708221507bookFlagg, Azariah CAzariah C. Flagg lettersRecords and correspondenceThirty-one letters written to Azariah C. Flagg and two from him (to C.G. Eastman and Thomas W. Olcott). All but one were written during his second term as comptroller of New York11ocn709966527bookFessenden, William PittWilliam Pitt Fessenden correspondenceCorrespondence of William Pitt Fesssenden, and his sons Francis Fessenden and James Deering Fessenden. The majority of letters are addressed to William Pitt Fessenden on financial and political matters, but a few are private; several letters are addressed to Francis Fessenden, including one from William Pitt Fessenden. A handful are addressed to James Fessenden. Four letters (J.C. Ropes to P.W. Chandler,1868; Joshua C. Stone to A.J.C. Sowdon, 1868; Charles Allen to A.J.C. Sowdon, 1868; and William Paine to J.A. Deblars, undated) are not addressed to any member of the Fessenden family, but mention William Pitt Fessenden or one of his sons11ocn638841074book19160.47Gallatin, JamesThe Diary of James Gallatin, Secretary to Albert Gallatin, 1813-182711ocn021485666book18640.10James Gallatin11ocn030820593mixMonroe, JamesLetters : of James Monroe while secretary of stateHistorySylvanus Bourne writes to James Madison about reestablishing relations between the U.S. and the Netherlands. James Madison offers an appointment as Secretary of War to William Lowndes. Don Ignacio Alvarez writes to James Madison, in Spanish, presenting pistols, 181611ocn678878805book19140.47Gallatin, JamesA great peace maker: the diary of James Gallatin, secretary to Albert Gallatin, U.S. envoy to France and England, 1813-1827, and negotiator of the treaty of GhentFri Mar 21 15:40:05 EDT 2014batch17822