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Fri Mar 21 17:10:49 2014 UTClccn-n906510560.10Perry, Thomas Sergeant0.661.00Papers of Henry James,42227209n 906510562752086Perry, Thomas S.lccn-nr98029790Imbert de Saint-Amand1834-1900lccn-n50038062JosephineEmpress, consort of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French1763-1814lccn-n50043678Marie LouiseEmpress, consort of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French1791-1847lccn-n79054933NapoleonIEmperor of the French1769-1821lccn-no2012047514Harlow, Virginia1890-lccn-n80008798Robinson, Edwin Arlington1869-1935edtlccn-n80038420Marie AntoinetteQueen, consort of Louis XVI, King of France1755-1793lccn-n50050452Lieber, Francis1800-1872lccn-n50004369Fiske, John1842-1901lccn-n81103469La FayetteMadame de(Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne)1634-1693Perry, Thomas Sergeant1845-1928HistoryFictionPsychological fictionRecords and correspondenceCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyHistorical fictionFranceJosephine,--Empress, consort of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French,Marie Louise,--Empress, consort of Napoleon I, Emperor of the French,Married womenNobilityRussiaPerry, Thomas Sergeant,Napoleon--I,--Emperor of the French,MarriageCountry homesRevolutionariesAfrican American soldiersWomen--PsychologyMarie Antoinette,--Queen, consort of Louis XVI, King of France,Princesse de Clèves (La Fayette, Madame de)Man-woman relationshipsAuthors, AmericanManners and customsFrench fictionUnited StatesMilitary participation--African AmericanInvasion of France (1814)United States.--ArmyPolitical scienceEnglish literatureFrench literaturePrincessesPrincesses in literatureFiske, John,WomenSoldiersSocial historyLa Fayette,--Madame de--(Marie-Madeleine Pioche de La Vergne),Greek literatureGerman literatureEnglishSoviet fictionSoviet literatureWorld War (1939-1945)Cazes, Albert,ClassicismArmed Forces--African AmericansSoviet UnionAdventure and adventurersRussian fictionCaldwell, Erskine,PropagandaAfrican AmericansLieber, Francis,Love stories184519281874187718801882188318851886188718881889189018911892189318941896189718981899190019011902190319051906190919111912191419291939194619491950196519681971197219751989199119921993200520062007201020112013469971270843.4PQ1805.L5ocn000418964ocn000418953ocn000413182ocn000418944ocn000418961ocn000418951ocn008429572ocn008429568ocn004813036ocn004260421ocn008122172ocn223313812ocn45742783345413ocn000418964book18900.63Imbert de Saint-AmandCitizeness BonaparteBiography45313ocn000418953book18900.70Imbert de Saint-AmandThe happy days of the Empress Marie LouiseBiography38511ocn000413182book18900.70Imbert de Saint-AmandThe wife of the first consulHistoryBiography36614ocn000418951book18900.59Imbert de Saint-AmandMarie Louise and the decadence of the EmpireHistory36422ocn000418944book18900.63Imbert de Saint-AmandThe court of the Empress JosephineBiography33014ocn000418961book18900.70Imbert de Saint-AmandMarie Antoinette and the end of the old régimeHistoryBiography32211ocn000418949book18910.56Imbert de Saint-AmandMarie Louise and the invasion of 1814History29614ocn000367864book18830.73Perry, Thomas SergeantEnglish literature in the eighteenth centuryCriticism, interpretation, etc19118ocn002800875book18820.79Lieber, FrancisThe life and letters of Francis LieberHistoryRecords and correspondence+-+K73122930618510ocn000587111book19050.33Perry, Thomas SergeantJohn FiskeThis 1905 publication is an informative biography of American philosopher and historian John Fiske. Perry, who was a contemporary of Fiske's at Harvard, gives an insider's view of life at the institution during the Civil War. Perry opens his narrative, The life of a man of letters is like a voyage: that is the most successful in which the least happens." The author asserts that the life of John Fiske has its own place within history, and is a story from which lessons can be learned10010ocn003768266book18850.84Perry, Thomas SergeantFrom Optiz to Lessing: a study of pseudo-classicism in literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+81246326753249712ocn002560432book18910.59La FayetteThe Princess of ClevesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyFictionPsychological fictionHistorical fiction"Poised between the fading world of chivalric romance and a new psychological realism, Madame de Lafayette's novel of passion and self-deception marks a turning-point in the history of the novel. When it first appeared--anonymously--in 1678 in the heyday of French classicism, it aroused fierce controversy among critics and readers, in particular for the extraordinary confession which forms the climax of the story. Having long been considered a classic, it is now regarded as a landmark in the history of women's writing." "In this new translation, The Princesse de Cleves is accompanied by two shorter works also attributed to Madame de Lafayette, The Princesse de Montpensier and The Comtesse de Tende. Book jacket."--Jacket974ocn002943272book18900.76Perry, Thomas SergeantA history of Greek literatureCriticism, interpretation, etc798ocn004813036book18770.47Turgenev, Ivan SergeevichVirgin soilHistoryFictionTurgenev was the most liberal-spirited and unqualifiedly humane of all the great nineteenth-century Russian novelists, and in "Virgin Soil," his biggest and most ambitious work, he sought to balance his deep affection for his country and his people with his growing apprehensions about what their future held in store. At the heart of the book is the story of a young man and a young woman, torn between love and politics, who struggle to make headway against the complacency of the powerful, the inarticulate misery of the powerless, and the stifling conventions of provincial life. This rich and complex book, at once a love story, a devastating, and bitterly funny social satire, and, perhaps most movingly of all, a heartfelt celebration of the immense beauty of the Russian countryside, is a tragic masterpiece in which one of the world's finest novelists confronts the enduring question of the place of happiness in a political world608ocn002717568book18870.81Howells, William DeanLibrary of universal adventure by sea and land; including original narratives and authentic stories of personal prowess and peril in all the waters and regions of the globe from the year 79 A.D. to the year 1888 A.D223ocn006742613book18870.86Perry, Thomas SergeantThe evolution of the snob162ocn006437041book18850.79Perry, Thomas SergeantFranz Lieber aus den Denkwürdigsieten eines Deutsch-Amerikaners (1800-1872)102ocn028657101visu19890.31Capra, FrankThe Negro soldierHistoryTraces the role of the black soldier in American history from 1776 to 1944. Shows the accomplishments of black troops72ocn313971931book18850.47Lieber, FrancisAus den Denkwürdigkeiten eines Deutsch-Amerikaners : (1800-1872). Auf Grundlage d. engl. Textes53ocn490671111book18850.47Perry, Thomas SergeantLa littérature anglaise au dix-huitième siècle3673ocn008989578book19500.70Harlow, VirginiaThomas Sergeant Perry: a biography and letters to Perry from William, Henry and Garth Wilkinson JamesBiographyRecords and correspondence3306ocn000615062book19290.73Perry, Thomas SergeantSelections from the letters of Thomas Sergeant PerryRecords and correspondence773ocn003701477book19290.84Morse, John TThomas Sergeant Perry; a memoirRecords and correspondence31ocn013357333book19680.47Cary, RichardWilliam Dean Howells to Thomas Sergeant PerryRecords and correspondence21ocn017715736book19460.92Harlow, VirginiaThomas Sergeant Perry (1845-1928) : a biographical study11ocn012851011art19491.00Harlow, VirginiaWilliam Dean Howells & Thomas Sergeant Perry11ocn163810569art19140.10Herringshaw, Thomas WilliamPerry, Thomas Sergeant11ocn144528907art18990.10Chamberlain, Joshua LawrencePerry, Thomas Sergeant : Harvard A.B. 186611ocn029268358book19931.00Perry, Thomas SergeantThomas Sergeant Perry and Lilla Cabot Perry papersRecords and correspondence11ocn037020530art19491.00Harlow, VirginiaThomas Sergeant Perry and Henry JamesCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn647914888mix1.00James, HenryPapers of Henry JamesHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcPhotographsRecords and correspondencePersonal narratives AmericanTopics of interest include his relationship with Violet Hunt, the mistress of Ford Madox Ford; his friendship with sculptor Hendrick C. Anderson; the precarious mental health of his sister Alice; opinion of Daudet, and his admiration and criticism of the works of Mrs. Humphrey Ward and the outbreak of World War I11ocn122564012mix1.00Perry, Thomas Sergeantto Hercules Warren FayThis collection contains 304 letters from Perry to H. W. Fay, along with several letters written to Perry from various correspondents. The letters from Perry to Fay were written while Perry was living in Paris. These letters contain detailed descriptions of Perry's daily life in Paris, and also describe his travels in Europe. Perry also writes of the Episcopal society, and publications in Paris newspapers, which he frequently sent to Fay. Perry also suggests to Fay articles that could be published in the Nation. Perry writes often of his tennis games, stamp collecting, the local cuisine, and several times mentions visits he made to Monet. Letters written to Perry include comments on his book Evolution of the Snob+-+K731229306+-+K731229306Fri Mar 21 15:42:45 EDT 2014batch22664