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Fri Mar 21 17:11:34 2014 UTClccn-n906888230.00Nykvist, Sven (Vilhem)0.261.00Bergman /37136158Sven_Nykvistn 906888232809411Njukvist, Sven, 1922-2006Nykvist.Nykvist, Sven V. 1922-2006Nykvist, Sven Vilhelm 1922-2006lccn-n79054388Bergman, Ingmar1918-2007iveprfsceprodrtauslccn-no98092622Criterion Collection (Firm)lccn-n50046931Ullmann, Livcmmprfactlccn-no94035638Svensk filmindustrilccn-n86041234Sydow, Max von1929-cstprfactlccn-n91128041Josephson, Erland1923-2012nrtprfdrtactlccn-n94067801Björnstrand, Gunnar1909-1986prfactlccn-no2007155899Cinematograph (Firm)lccn-no98037755MGM Home Entertainment Inclccn-n86041233Lindblom, Gunnel1931-prfactNykvist, SvenDramaTelevision programsFilm adaptationsBiographyHistoryFictionJuvenile worksPopular worksNonfiction television programsDocumentary television programsSwedenMurderFamiliesSistersHuman reproductionFetus--GrowthMotion picture producers and directorsBrothers and sistersMental illnessChaplin, Charlie,RemarriageCinematographyAdulteryNew York (State)--New YorkToland, GreggStoraro, Vittorio,Fraker, William A.,SpiritualityWomen--PsychologyActressesMarriageOphthalmologistsNurse and patientCancerMothers and daughtersRevengeRape victimsPianistsDivorceHusband and wifeFaithCircus performersMan-woman relationshipsWillis, Gordon,United StatesCinematographersMotion picture actors and actressesFearPregnancyWillis, GordonLouisiana--New OrleansCinematography--LightingApartmentsParanoiaWidowsInterpersonal relationsBergman, Ingmar,LonelinessGriefApartment houses192220061953195519591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197119721973197419751976197719781980198119821983198419851986198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820092010201120122013201415769397902791.4372PN1997ocn047205670ocn057179611ocn054523336ocn054523367ocn053295709ocn028774924ocn051445306ocn730283098ocn730530610ocn055676831ocn185750230ocn781094497ocn781380396ocn780732090ocn781090773ocn852668417ocn781405980ocn780666141ocn781186569ocn781381722ocn310858241ocn799659757ocn797813861ocn797810978ocn799690458ocn797811021ocn797759146ocn797810684ocn797638848ocn797812230ocn036985549ocn691568808ocn036985549ocn045747243ocn185571981ocn797812068ocn185912730ocn852532173ocn551871534109926ocn047205670visu19890.25Allen, WoodyCrimes and misdemeanorsDramaJudah y Clifford son dos hombres enfrentados a sendos dilemas morales de diferente gravedad. Judah, reputado oftalmólogo, pretende terminar su relación con su amante, Dolores, que amenaza con contarlo todo y destruir su vida si la abandona. Su hermano Jack le ofrece la posibilidad de asesinarla. Por su parte, Clifford es un director de documentales que se ve obligado a rodar una película sobre su cuñado, al que desprecia104125ocn054412123visu19660.29Bergman, IngmarPersonaFictionDramaA famous actress is stricken with psychosomatic dumbness and is placed under a nurse's care in an isolated house, where the two gradually assume each other's personalities+-+140403742510036ocn047205668visu19930.25Bergman, IngmarViskningar och rop Cries and whispersDramaThis film is about the elemental things: death and dying, sex, injury, repression, and the body as a fount of sustenance. No wonder Bergman chooses to focus on female characters, in this case three sisters--one of whom is dying of tuberculosis--and a maid who is the only one capable of caring for the ill woman+-+18597553257681ocn062214868visu20060.25Bergman, IngmarJungfrukällanDramaFilm adaptationsA peasant girl is raped and murdered in 14th century Sweden. When her killers seek shelter in her father's house, he kills them to avenge her death. Soon a spring appears from where the girl was killed and her father sees this as a sign from above7604ocn043444702visu19810.25Autumn sonataDramaAn international concert pianist visits her grown daughter, Eva, after a seven-year absence. Aching with the memory of her mother's neglect, the introverted daughter explodes into a rage and the reunion turns into a shattering confrontation+-+782965532532475610ocn054032641visu20020.24Bergman, IngmarScener ur ett äktenskapInterviewsDramaTelevision programsMarianne and Johan always seemed to be the perfect couple. But when Johan suddenly leaves Marianne for another woman, they are forced to confront the disintegration of their marriage. Chronicles ten years of turmoil and love that bind the couple despite their divorce and subsequent marriages. Portrays the brutal pain and uplifting peace that accompany a lifetime of loving70314ocn056601447visu19820.23Bergman, IngmarFanny och Alexander Fanny and AlexanderHistoryDramaHistoria de una gran familia en una pequeña ciudad sueca a comienzos de siglo. Los personajes principales son dos niños, Fanny y Alexander, su madre y su abuela paterna+-+28947553255817ocn052924038visu20010.28Bergman, IngmarWinter lightFictionDrama"A susceptible and disillusioned fisherman is urged by his wife to seek spiritual guidance from his local priest" from container5709ocn052924328visu19630.29Bergman, IngmarThe silenceDrama"Traveling home by train through a country seemingly on the brink of war, two sisters--the sickly, intellectual Ester and the sensual, pragmatic Anna--along with Anna's young son, Johan, are forced to disembark in an unknown city in order for Ester to rest. Attempting to cope with their alien surroundings, the sisters resort to their personal vices while vying for Johan's affection, and in so doing sabotage what little remains of their ambiguous relationship."--Container5688ocn052923819visu19610.28Bergman, IngmarThrough a glass darklyFictionDrama"While vacationing on a remote island retreat, a family's already fragile ties are tested when Karin discovers her father has been using her schizophrenia for his own literary means. As she drifts in and out of lucidity, her father, husband, and younger brother are unable to prevent Karin's harrowing descent into the abyss of mental illness."--Container5433ocn057179611visu20040.22Life's greatest miracleJuvenile worksPopular worksNonfiction television programsDocumentary television programsScience television programsA 21st-century remake of Miracle of Life, one of the most popular NOVA episodes of all time, this program uses high-tech methods to tell the inside-the-womb story of human life, from conception to birth. As in the original film, the program features the extraordinary work of Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson--who improves on his earlier vision with sophisticated microscopy and high-tech medical imaging to reveal every hidden milestone in a baby's conception and arrival4644ocn055224012visu20000.27Bergman, IngmarSkammen ShameDrama"Shame probes the atrocities of war-both internal and external-as a young couple struggles to survive while the world around them crumbles into chaos"--Container3851ocn054523336visu20040.25Bergman, Ingmar[En passion] Passion of AnnaDramaIn this stark drama, Max Von Sydow plays Andreas, a loner who, despite himself, becomes involved with three of his island neighbors: a Machiavellian architect, his formless wife and the beautiful widow Anna (Liv Ullmann), a moralist who sustains herself with illusion. One of Bergman's first films to be photographed in color3807ocn052006027visu20020.27Polanski, RomanThe tenantDramaFilm adaptations"A displaced person becomes convinced that his fellow lodgers are out to murder him."--Halliwell's Film and video guide, 5th ed3593ocn173190479visu19530.25Bergman, IngmarGycklarnas aftonDramaA relationship between a turn-of-the-century traveling circus owner and his performer girlfriend suddenly changes, when they pull into the town where the owner's wife and children live, whom he hasn't seen in three years3454ocn054523367visu20010.28The serpent's eggHistoryDrama"El trapecista desempleado Abel Rosenberg (David Carradine) descubre que la única forma de navegar a través del circo del Berlín de 1923 es embriagándose. Pero a pesar del estupor, puede ver la amenaza de un misterio terrorífico - todos sus amigos, incluso sus conocidos má lejanos, comienzan a morir violentamente. ¿Podrá sobrevivir... o se revelarán su mente y su alma por completo?" -- Envase31410ocn051445306visu19720.25Rooks, ConradSiddharthaDramaFilm adaptationsA young man's spiritual odyssey, filmed on location in Rishikesh and Bharatpur, and based on Hesse's novella3128ocn053295709visu19780.28Malle, LouisPretty babyDramaViolet, una niña de 12 años, vive y crece en una casa de citas de New Orleans, donde para ella todo lo que sucede alrededor le parece de lo más normal31110ocn028774924visu19920.20Attenborough, RichardChaplinBiographyFictionDramaFilm adaptations"Portrays the amazing life and times of the "Little Tramp" from his poverty-stricken childhood in England, to his friendships, his many wives and scandalous affairs, his acting career, and his relentless pursuit by J. Edgar Hoover."--Container3109ocn056938696visu19920.28Bergman, IngmarFanny och Alexander Fanny and AlexanderDramaTelevision programsBergman's turn-of-the century family saga, in its original form as a five part mini-series, is two hours longer than the theatrical release version. Told through the eyes of a small boy, this most personal of Bergman's works is both autobiographical and an artistic reference point+-+2894755325825ocn053212325visu20000.27Ljuset håller mig sällskap Light keeps me companyHistoryBiographyDramaThrough film clips, home movies, behind the scenes footage and interviews with the directors and actors who worked with him, the documentary explores the life and work of Swedish cinematographer Sven Nykvist611ocn756768669visu20110.24The art of filmmakingA collection of five documentaries that share directors, producers, writers, actors, and other production crews' stories of filmmaking283ocn219594176visu19920.35Glassman, ArnoldVisions of light the art of cinematographyHistoryInterviewsDocuments the evolution of motion-picture photography. Describes the changes in technological and creative innovation in 25 interviews with cinematographers such as Storaro, Gordon Willis, Sven Nykvist, Haskell Wexler, and Laszlo Kovacs, who discuss their relationships with world renowned directors and famous stars181ocn054456106visu20040.31Special featuresA look at the life and work of Ingmar Bergman, organized into three main categories: featurettes, media archives, and photo galleries. Featurettes include TV interviews with Bergman from 1970 and 2002, a documentary about the setting for many of his films called Fårö Island mystique, and a documentary about cinematographer Sven Nykvist called With one eye he cries. The latter two works include commentary from Marc Gervais. The media archives section is a transcription of several articles from the April 1972 issue of American cinematographer, which was a special issue on film making in Sweden. The photo galleries section features still photos and posters from several Bergman films72ocn039625337book19970.76Nykvist, SvenVördnad för ljuset :Biography61ocn005611413visu19740.81Foto: Sven NykvistExplores the life and work of the cinematographer Sven Nykvist. Emphasizes his style of lighting and sense of humanity by showing film clips from key Bergman/Nykvist productions42ocn678870001visu20000.18Light keeps me company Sven NykvistBiographyLovingly directed by his son, this film offers an intimate and moving look at the life of legendary Swedish cinematographer Sven Nykvist, best-known for his work with Ingmar Bergman21ocn031253326book19931.00BergmanCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn048523291art1989Nykvist, Sven (Vilhem)01ocn052250028visu2002Ljuset haller mig sallskapInterviewsBiographical documentary on Swedish cinematographer Sven Nykvist, photographer of 22 Ingmar Bergman films, who worked with numerous directors. Features interviews with many collaborators including Ingmar Bergman, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bibi Andersson and Susan Sarandon+-+1404037425+-+1404037425Fri Mar 21 15:49:06 EDT 2014batch34748