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Fri Mar 21 17:13:47 2014 UTClccn-n906953340.28The road to Monticello : the life and mind of Thomas Jefferson /0.450.84A peep into Korea /59201198n 906953342819068Hayes, K. 1959-Hayes, K. J. 1959-Hayes, Kevin 1959-Hayes, Kevin J.lccn-n79029745Poe, Edgar Allan1809-1849lccn-n79089957Jefferson, Thomas1743-1826lccn-n79006936Melville, Herman1819-1891lccn-n79043402Franklin, Benjamin1706-1790lccn-n50059133Cambridge University Presspbllccn-no99079830Bour, Isabelleedtlccn-n81050379Scorsese, Martinnc-monticello vaMonticello (Va.)lccn-n81023065Crane, Stephen1871-1900lccn-n50036580Henry, Patrick1736-1799Hayes, Kevin J.Criticism, interpretation, etcHistoryBiographyNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcSourcesFolkloreInterviewsHandbooks, manuals, etcPsychological fictionFictionUnited StatesPoe, Edgar Allan,Authors, AmericanIntellectual lifeBooks and readingJefferson, Thomas,PresidentsVirginia--MonticelloInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Style, LiteraryFriendshipMaryland--BaltimoreFantasy literature, AmericanPublishers and publishingBook industries and tradeAuthorshipLiterature publishingAuthors and publishersMelville, Herman,InventorsStatesmenScientistsPrintersFranklin, Benjamin,Literature and folkloreScorsese, MartinRaging Bull (Motion picture)LiteratureAmerican literatureArtFolklore in literatureOral traditionFounding Fathers of the United StatesLibrariesPoor familiesSuicide victimsProstitutionNew York (State)--New YorkSlumsProstitutesPoor womenJames, Henry,Women--Books and readingMotion picture actors and actressesChaplin, Charlie,TalesBooksAmerican literature--Revolutionary period (United States)American literature--Colonial periodPopular literature195919841989199119931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201317523140389BPS2638ocn030941459ocn038900144ocn763136324ocn469277278ocn468595816ocn467973123ocn315524683ocn468519240ocn613761466ocn470087620ocn314590469ocn699615643ocn780221919ocn661632987ocn661454649ocn660862294ocn661575657ocn766449773ocn765274643ocn765274481ocn766449799ocn765274436ocn765274577258448ocn048100587com20020.35Hayes, Kevin JThe Cambridge companion to Edgar Allan PoeCriticism, interpretation, etcExplores key dimensions of Edgar Allan Poe's work and life. Contributions provide a series of new perspectives on one of the most enigmatic and controversial American writers. The essays, specially tailored to the needs of undergraduates, examine all of Poe's major writings, his poetry, short stories, and criticism, and place his work in a variety of literary, cultural, and political contexts. The volume features a detailed chronology and a comprehensive guide to further reading+-+7178426705184314ocn085622754book20070.28Hayes, Kevin JThe road to Monticello : the life and mind of Thomas JeffersonHistoryBiographyNotebooks, sketchbooks, etcProvides an invaluable look at Thomas Jefferson's intellectual and literary life, focusing on the books and ideas that exerted the most profound influence on him, including "Aesop's Fables," "Robinson Crusoe," and works by the great writers of classical antiquity+-+0302580465168213ocn051208890com20000.37Hayes, Kevin JPoe and the printed wordHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyKevin Hayes reappraises Edgar Allan Poe's work in the context of nineteenth-century print culture. Beginning with Poe's early exposure to the printed word, and ending with the ambitious magazine and book projects of his final years, this study is part biography, part literary history and part history of the book+-+612711670510299ocn727944924file20110.35Hayes, Kevin JFranklin in his own time a biographical chronicle of his life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associatesBiographyIn his time Benjamin Franklin (1706–1790) was the most famous American in the world. Even those personally unacquainted with the man knew him as the author of Poor Richard’s Almanack, as a pioneer in the study of electricity and a major figure in the American Enlightenment, as the creator of such life-changing innovations as the lightning rod and America’s first circulating library, and as a leader of the American Revolution. His friends also knew him as a brilliant conversationalist, a great wit, an intellectual filled with curiosity, and most of all a master anecdotist whos+-+541447230681716ocn059104872file20040.56Hayes, Kevin JMartin Scorsese's Raging bullCriticism, interpretation, etcAimed for use in undergraduate and graduate film courses, Martin Scorsese's "Raging Bull" will also enhance appreciation of this seminal film for general audiences."--Jacket+-+606473670572213ocn070831052book20070.50Hayes, Kevin JThe Cambridge introduction to Herman MelvilleHandbooks, manuals, etc"Despite its indifferent reception when it was first published in 1851, Moby-Dick is now a central work in the American literary canon. This introduction offers readings of Melville's masterpiece, but it also sets out the key themes, contexts, and critical reception of his entire oeuvre. Kevin J. Hayes provides comprehensive information about Melville's life and works in an accessible book that will be essential for students beginning to read this important author."--BOOK JACKET+-+15390367057207ocn811406150file20120.53Hayes, Kevin JJefferson in his own time a biographical chronicle of his life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associatesHistoryBiographySources"In this volume, Kevin J. Hayes collects thirty accounts of Thomas Jefferson written by his granddaughters, visiting dignitaries, fellow politicians, and others who knew him as a family man, public servant, intellectual, and institution builder. The letters and reminiscences of those who knew Jefferson personally reveal him to be a warm, funny man, quite unlike the solemn statesman so often limned in biographies. To friends and enemies alike he was the model of a republican gentleman, profoundly knowledgeable in philosophy and natural history, able to converse in several languages, and capable of great wit but contemptuous of ceremony and fancy dress. Through these excerpts, we can see the nation's third president as his family knew him - a loving husband, father, and grandfather - and as his peers did, as a tireless public servant with a fondness for tall tales."--Project Muse5926ocn040043612book19990.50Hayes, Kevin JMelville's folk rootsHistoryFolkloreMelville's Folk Roots brings to the forefront the depth of Melville's immersion with and borrowing from oral traditions, both musical and narrative; tall-tale humor; nautical folklore; superstition; and legend. Though intended as a survey of Melville's use of folklore, this book also is important as a general introduction to his work. Unencumbered by critical jargon and narrated in an engaging manner, this book will appeal to general readers as well as seasoned scholars of Melville+-+10713882355494ocn212375940book20080.39Hayes, Kevin JThe mind of a patriot : Patrick Henry and the world of ideasThis title presents an intellectual life of a major figure who has traditionally been seen as an anti-intellectual 'child of nature'. Individual chapters of this book examine Henry's education, his legal career, his use of books to improve his speaking style, his relationship to the antislavery movement, and much more+-+230274863551713ocn032168378book19950.66Henry James : the contemporary reviewsCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+51380967055079ocn732627297book20120.35Hayes, Kevin JA journey through American literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcA vivid snapshot of America's kaleidoscopic literary tradition, A Journey Through American Literature illuminates the authors, works, and events that have shaped our cultural heritage. Kevin J. Hayes charts this history through a series of approachable thematic chapters-Narrative Voice and the Short Story, the Drama of the Everyday, the Great American Novel-that reveal the richness of American literature while providing a compelling set of footholds with which to engage it. Among the topics covered are the role of travel and the symbolism of geography, characters and the importance of voice and dialect, self-definition and the American dream, new beginnings, and the role of memory. Hayes not only discusses the main canonical genres like poetry, drama, and the novel, but also looks at travel writing, autobiography, and frame tales. Key writers like Mark Twain, Ralph Ellison, Emily Dickinson, and Harriet Jacobs are central players in the drama while dozens more create a backdrop that gives this history depth. The book also features over 20 illustrations, a bibliography, and a chronology listing the key events and work in America's literary history4835ocn040763721book19990.47Crane, StephenMaggie, a girl of the streets : a story of New YorkHistoryFictionSourcesPsychological fiction+-+49736776854455ocn033667521book19960.66Hayes, Kevin JA colonial woman's bookshelfHistory4135ocn054844183book20050.47Chaplin, CharlieCharlie Chaplin : interviewsInterviews+-+775215320639712ocn318874057book20090.66Hayes, Kevin JEdgar Allan PoeBiography"The life of Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) is the quintessential writer's biography - great works arising from a life of despair, poverty and alcoholism, and a mysterious solitary death. It may seem like a cliche now, but it was Poe who helped shape this idea in the popular imagination. Despite of - or inspired by - his many hardships, Poe wrote some of the most well-known poems and intricately crafted stories in American literature. In Edgar Allan Poe, Kevin J. Hayes argues that Poe's work anticipated many of the directions Western thought would take in the century to come, and he identifies links between Poe and writers and artists such as Walter Benjamin, Salvador Dali, Sergei Eistenstein and Jean Cocteau." "Written in an approachable, jargon-free style, Edgar Allan Poe will appeal to all readers interested in biography, literary history, American culture and modern thought."--BOOK JACKET+-+60604361363965ocn057003965book20050.59Kerouac, JackConversations with Jack KerouacInterviews+-+80021532063929ocn132584511book20080.70The Oxford handbook of early American literatureCriticism, interpretation, etcOrganized primarily in terms of genre, this handbook includes original research on key concepts, as well as analysis of interesting texts from throughout colonial America. Separate chapters are devoted to literary genres of great importance at the time of their composition that have been neglected in recent decades+-+K2723604653903ocn035723642book19970.70Hayes, Kevin JFolklore and book cultureCriticism, interpretation, etcFolkloreTo many observers, folklore and book culture might appear to be opposites. Folklore, after all, involves orally circulated stories and traditions while book culture is concerned with the transmission of written texts. However, as Kevin J. Hayes points out, there are many instances where the two intersect, and exploring those intersections is the purpose of this fascinating and provocative study. Hayes shows that the acquisition of knowledge and the ownership of books have not displaced folklore but instead have given rise to new beliefs and superstitions. Some book have generated new proverbs; others have fostered their own legends. Occasionally the book has served as an important motif in folklore, and in one folk genre - the flyleaf rhyme - the book itself has become the place where folklore occurs, thus indicating a lively interaction between folk, print, and manuscript culture. Solidly researched and venturing into areas long neglected by scholars, Folklore and Book Culture is a work that will engage not only folklorists but historians and literary scholars as well+-+03244952353646ocn030624973book19940.66The critical response to Herman Melville's Moby-DickCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+972237868530712ocn793099547book20120.79Hayes, Kevin JEdgar Allan Poe in contextCriticism, interpretation, etcEdgar Allan Poe mastered a variety of literary forms over the course of his brief and turbulent career. As a storyteller, Poe defied convention by creating Gothic tales of mystery, horror, and suspense that remain widely popular today. This collection demonstrates how Poe's experience of early nineteenth-century American life fueled his iconoclasm and shaped his literary legacy. Rather than provide critical explications of his writings, each essay explores one aspect of Poe's immediate environment, using pertinent writings including verse, fiction, reviews, and essays to suit. Examining his geographical, social, and literary contexts, as well as those created by the publishing industry and advances in science and technology, the essays paint an unprecedented portrait of Poe's life and times. This collection offers new insight into Poe's rich and complex work172ocn156660684book20070.84Hayes, Kevin JA peep into Korea11ocn811626927mix0.47Hayes, Kevin JHayes, K+-+6127116705+-+6127116705Fri Mar 21 15:15:19 EDT 2014batch26540