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Thu Oct 16 18:03:27 2014 UTClccn-n911250660.17Hyper-grace /0.360.77"I am the Lord your healer" : a philological study of the root "rapa" in the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East /85314081Michael_L._Brownn 911250663074415lccn-n79084784Jesus Christlccn-n91120089Ferris, Paul Waynelccn-n79150615Garland, David E.lccn-n86078354Longman, Tremperlccn-no2005120558Alexander, Ralph H.lccn-n85134449Theological Research Exchange Networklccn-n79082235Ravenhill, Leonardlccn-n91035857Boteach, Shmuelnc-he had a hat productionsHe Had a Hat Productionsnc-chosen people productionsChosen People ProductionsBrown, Michael L.1955-HistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcCommentariesChurch historyJesus ChristUnited StatesHealing in the BibleHomosexualityMessiahship of Jesus ChristApologeticsJews--Conversion to ChristianityBible.--Old TestamentJudaismRevivalsJudaism (Christian theology)Judaism--Customs and practicesMessianic JudaismJewish interpretations of Jesus ChristChristianityGay rightsChristianity and antisemitismInterfaith relationsJudaism--Relations--ChristianityWar--CausesHolocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)Christianity and other religions--JudaismChristian lifeChurch renewalMoral conditionsBibleHolinessIsrael (Christian theology)--Biblical teachingBrown, Michael L.,SalvationPropheciesMessiah--JudaismRepentanceJewishness of Jesus ChristChristologyEvangelistic workRevolutions--Religious aspects--ChristianityBible.--JeremiahBible.--LamentationsBible.--EzekielPentecostalismHomosexuality--Biblical teachingEvangelicalismChurch and social problemsHomosexuality--Religious aspects--ChristianityGrace (Theology)Hebrew language--RootsBible.--New TestamentHealing--Biblical teachingHealing--Religious aspects19551985198619871988198919901992199319941995199619971999200020012002200320042006200720082009201020112012201414096199239BV49222363ocn042296399book20000.35Brown, Michael LAnswering Jewish objections to JesusRespectful, thoroughly documented answers to twenty-eight of the weightiest theological objections progressively reveal how belief in Jesus is deeply rooted in Jewish concepts and teaching+-+51791565352106ocn031937706book19940.56Brown, Michael LIsrael's divine healerCriticism, interpretation, etcNear Eastern religions, the roles of medicine, magic, and the physician-priest together with their possible influences upon Israel's beliefs and practices regarding healing. Against this background, the remaining chapters examine, from the Torah to the Gospels, how Yahweh progressively revealed himself as Divine Healer to Israel and ultimately, through Jesus, to the whole of humanity+-+14755756851521ocn670480610book20110.19Brown, Michael LA queer thing happened to America : and what a long, strange trip it's beenHistory"A Queer Thing Happened to America chronicles the dramatic cultural changes that have taken place in our country in relation to homosexuality and pointedly asks the question: Are we heading in the right direction? Written in a lively and compelling style and at the same time backed with massive research, this forthright and yet compassionate study evaluates the extraordinary impact gay activism has had on our society, from elementary schools to college campuses, from the press to the courts, and from the world of business to the world of religion. Forty years ago, most Americans said they didn't know anyone who was gay or lesbian and claimed to know little or nothing about homosexuality. Today, there's hardly a sitcom without a prominent gay character, gay-themed movies have won Oscars, the media celebrates the marriages of same-sex celebrities, elementary school textbooks indoctrinate children with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender ideology, many churches and synagogues now ordain gay clergy - and one of our elected officials is a man with cleavage who often wears a dress and high heels to work. In the courts, religious rights are consistently losing the battle to gay rights, while university students have been expelled from their programs for refusing to endorse homosexual practice. We have come to a point in our history in which it is common for the mainstream media to portray someone as intolerant and bigoted if they fail to affirm (or even celebrate) homosexuality and transgenderism, and we now find ourselves with little opportunity for constructive, honest dialogue or even the right to put forth a differing opinion. That's why the publishing world was afraid to touch this book, and that's why A Queer Thing Happened to America could be the most controversial book of the decade" -- BOOK JACKET+-+7451590615844ocn028479525book19920.31Brown, Michael LOur hands are stained with blood : the tragic story of the "Church" and the Jewish people+-+5315895106822ocn154685851book20070.26Brown, Michael LWhat do Jewish people think about Jesus? : and other questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs, practices, and historyHistoryA Jewish believer himself, Dr. Michael L. Brown provides clear answers to questions about modern and historical Jewish practices. He also addresses questions Christians have about their own relationship to the Old Testament Law, such as "Should Christians observe the Sabbath on Saturday?" and "Are Gentile Christians spiritual Jews?"+-+0179425535523ocn026654932book19920.50Brown, Michael LThe whole man wholly healed Israel's divine healer in the prophetic books482ocn779873401book20120.20Brown, Michael LThe real kosher Jesus451ocn044019549book20000.24Brown, Michael LRevolution! : the call to holy war+-+8591725835392ocn040543015book19970.35Brown, Michael LLet no one deceive you : confronting the critics of revivalHistory+-+K841895106381ocn430840027book20100.35Jeremiah-EzekielCommentaries+-+4449875685343ocn704383791book20110.19Brown, Michael L60 questions Christians ask about Jewish beliefs and practicesHistoryRespected scholar and Messianic Jew answers sixty common questions Christians have about Jewish people, culture, practices, and the Jewish background to the New Testament+-+5950425535312ocn038249901book19960.50Brown, Michael LFrom holy laughter to holy fire : America on the edge of revivalChurch history+-+9636895106302ocn030593031book19890.50Brown, Michael LThe end of the American Gospel enterprise+-+3755895106304ocn879876957book20140.20Brown, Michael LCan you be gay and Christian?How do we respond to gay people who tell us how much they love the Lord and experience God's power? What do we do with the argument that the Old Testament laws no longer apply? Brown provides solid biblical answers, clearly written and based on sound scholarship, in a compassionate way that causes the reader to wrestle with the issues and discover the biblical truth. He also provides practical guidelines for ministry, and shows readers how they can resist the gay agenda while reaching out to their gay friends and family291ocn049553518book20020.30Brown, Michael LRevolution in the church : challenging the religious system with a call for radical change+-+7568425535291ocn025131860book19900.37Brown, Michael LHow saved are we? : the rude awakening+-+4005895106261ocn030439181book19930.50Brown, Michael LIt's time to rock the boat : a call to God's people to rise up and preach a confrontational gospel242ocn862148934book20140.17Brown, Michael LHyper-grace231ocn045861884book20010.50Brown, Michael LThe revival answer book+-+66917258351910ocn021012286book19850.77Brown, Michael L"I am the Lord your healer" : a philological study of the root "rapa" in the Hebrew Bible and the ancient Near East512ocn040354727book19990.23Brown, Michael LGo and sin no more : a call to holiness+-+6048725835+-+K815156535+-+K815156535Thu Oct 16 15:33:03 EDT 2014batch15792