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Thu Oct 16 17:51:03 2014 UTClccn-n910187040.00Civilian Public Service, photos0.480.97Puerto Rico en fotos : la colección menonita, 1940-1950 /131483352n 910187042900637C.P.S.CPSlccn-n82132887Taylor, Steven J.1949-lccn-n2005008988Dietrich, Frank1914-2009lccn-n2003112007Bennett, Scott H.lccn-n2005008991Dietrich, Albert1914-2002lccn-n2005009936Dietrich, Christinelccn-n80131062O'Sullivan, John1939-lccn-n95054830Frazer, Heather T.lccn-n2005086457Matthews, Mark1951-lccn-n85334692Sareyan, Alex1913-lccn-n87941287Keim, Albert N.Civilian Public ServicePeriodicalsPictorial worksHistoryUnited StatesConscientious objectorsWorld War (1939-1945)Civilian Public ServicePsychiatric hospitalsPeople with mental disabilities--EducationDietrich, ChristineDietrich, Albert,Dietrich, Frank,TwinsSoldiersService, Compulsory non-militaryOral historySmokejumpingSmokejumpersUnited States, WestPoets, AmericanStafford, William,Psychiatric hospital carePeople with mental disabilities--Institutional carePsychiatric hospital patients--Abuse ofHistoric peace churchesFranceAmerican Friends Service CommitteeCivilian war reliefCivilian reliefVolunteer workers in social serviceStephenson, Madeleine YaudeStephenson, EdwinMennonites--MissionsPuerto RicoWar--Moral and ethical aspectsWar--Religious aspects--Society of FriendsReligious lifeMennonite Central CommitteeChristian life--Mennonite authorsChristian stewardshipPennsylvania--PhiladelphiaIndustrial safetyAccidents--PreventionPacifistsReligionMental health servicesWarAmishDraft--Law and legislationConscientious objectors--Legal status, laws, etc19341940194119421943194419451946194719481950195619731974197519761977197819811982198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620092011201320144822451536289.772950222D810.C823838ocn870954936bookCivilian Public ServiceCivilian Public Service, photos251ocn002907573serial0.96The CompassPeriodicals231ocn463594640book20090.97Puerto Rico en fotos : la colección menonita, 1940-1950HistoryPictorial works92ocn027352743serial0.88The AttendantPeriodicals61ocn173257550serial0.92CalumetPeriodicals61ocn054685088book0.17SafetyPeriodicals51ocn027455302serial0.86The IrrigatorPeriodicals52ocn027208217serial0.95Raising KanePeriodicals52ocn027253953serial0.86BuildersPeriodicals41ocn027153880serial0.92Pike view peace newsPeriodicals41ocn027253433serial0.74Poudre Cañon newsPeriodicals41ocn027253426serial0.74Rising tidePeriodicals41ocn027398885serial0.92TidePeriodicals41ocn027253454serial0.92High Sierra vistasPeriodicals41ocn027208300serial0.74Deep river echoPeriodicals41ocn047197726book0.96Special projectsDescribes the work of "about 7000 men" in Civilian Public Service41ocn027163655serial0.92New rootsPeriodicals41ocn027208201serial0.97Kane PennPeriodicals41ocn027253515serial0.92ManañaPeriodicals41ocn009928810serial0.97Cheltenham news letterPeriodicals7144ocn297811109book20090.56Taylor, Steven JActs of conscience : World War II, mental institutions, and religious objectorsHistoryIn the mid- to late 1940s, a group of young men rattled the psychiatric establishment by beaming a public spotlight on the squalid conditions and brutality in our nation's mental hospitals and training schools for people with psychiatric and intellectual disabilities. Bringing the abuses to the attention of newspapers and magazines across the country, they led a reform effort to change public attitudes and to improve the training and status of institutional staff. These young men were among the 12,000 World War II conscientious objectors who chose to perform civilian public service as an alternative to fighting. Acting on conscience a second time, they challenged America's treatment of its citizens with severe disabilities. Acts of Conscience brings to light the extraordinary efforts of these courageous men, drawing upon extensive archival research, interviews, and personal correspondence. --from publisher description+-+40645106356945ocn213306144file20050.56Dietrich, FrankArmy GI, pacifist CO the World War II letters of Frank and Albert DietrichRecords and correspondenceAlbert provides an intimate view of the pacifist CO experience, especially the protracted efforts that pacifists often had to wage to obtain CO status. This volume also includes letters exchanged between Frank and Christine (who married in 1943); these letters capture the challenges of GI wartime marriages and parenthood." "Scott Bennett, in an exceptionally valuable introduction, provides a capsule biography of the Dietrichs, discusses the role that noncombatant GIs played in the U.S. military effort, and offers a neglected perspective on conscription, pacifism, conscientious objection, and dissent during the "good war.""--BOOK JACKET+-+23287787356722ocn032666666book19960.31Frazer, Heather TWe have just begun to not fight : an oral history of conscientious objectors in civilian public service during World war IIHistory+-+09864205354312ocn062593685book20060.27Matthews, MarkSmoke jumping on the Western fire line : conscientious objectors during World War IIHistoryBiography"This book tells the story of one important group of World War II conscientious objectors: the men who volunteered for Civilian Public Service as U.S. Forest Service smoke jumpers. Delving into the reasons, mainly religious, why these men chose not to engage in military conflict, Matthews proves that they were anything but cowards; instead, as they risked their lives by parachuting into America's western wildernesses to fight fires, they demonstrated true patriotism and courage."--BOOK JACKET+-+01128615353212ocn027384376book19940.77Sareyan, AlexThe turning point : how men of conscience brought about major change in the care of America's mentally illHistory+-+45103953353242652ocn022452302book19900.30Keim, Albert NThe CPS story : an illustrated history of civilian public serviceHistory+-+47553961061813ocn038120559book19460.53Stafford, WilliamDown in my heartBiographyPersonal narratives+-+45896252351452ocn706148686visu20000.18The good war and those who refused to fight it the story of World War II conscientious objectorsHistoryThis is a previously ignored chapter of WWII, the American conscientious objectors who refused to fight. These men loved their country but, based on both ethical and religious beliefs, could not bring themselves to kill another1201ocn070199847book20060.82Cottrell, Robert CSmokejumpers of the Civilian Public Service in World War II : conscientious objectors as firefighters for the National Forest ServiceHistoryBiography"This is the story of Civilian Public Service smokejumpers, who battled against dangerous winds, searing heat, and devastating fires from 1943 until 1945"--Provided by publisher+-+9880791325632ocn030702136book19940.37Sareyan, AlexThe turning point : how persons of conscience brought about major change in the care of America's mentally illHistory+-+7140861835352ocn005914032book19470.70National Service Board for Religious ObjectorsDirectory of Civilian Public Service : May, 1941 to March, 1947Directories302ocn733607056visu20000.50The good war and those who refused to fight itHistoryThis is a previously ignored chapter of WWII, the American conscientious objectors who refused to fight. These men loved their country but, based on both ethical and religious beliefs, could not bring themselves to kill another281ocn040228079book19990.35Stephenson, Madeleine YaudeJourney of the wild geese : a Quaker romance in war-torn EuropeBiographyPersonal narratives American+-+4879539145252ocn036308860book19960.35National Interreligious Service BoardDirectory of Civilian Public ServiceDirectories191ocn039395552book19980.66Friends in Civilian Public Service : Quaker conscientious objectors in World War II look back and ahead : a conference, November 4-7, 1996Conference proceedings194ocn008956743book19410.86National Service Board for Religious ObjectorsThe conscientious objector under the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940 : Work of national importance : Civilian Public Service172ocn011801882book19450.66Wagler, David LThe story of the Amish in Civilian Public Service : with directory containing names and essential information concerning all Amish men inducted into the Civilian Public Service program up to January 1, 1945Directories164ocn023723902mix19900.74Robinson, Mitchell LeeCivilian Public Service during World War II : the dilemmas of conscience and conscription in a free societyHistory152ocn014052212book19420.59Hiebert, Peter CLife and service in the kingdom of God151ocn005905848book19440.63Civilian Public Service Camp 103Smoke jumper+-+2328778735Thu Oct 16 15:33:03 EDT 2014batch25061