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This edition also includes Serge's "Thirty Years after the Russian Revolution," his eloquent summary and analysis of the Stalinist counterrevolution that has never before been published in English. The introductory essay by Susan Weissman introduces the reader to Serge, evaluating his contribution to our current understanding of the former Soviet Union. She also updates Serge's accounts of the fate of various oppositionists with information from the newly opened Soviet archives2775ocn051839744book20030.76Shachtman, MaxRace and revolutionAstonishingly advance for its time, the document was originally drafted in 1933 as Communism and the Negro and was the most comprehensive statement on race produced by the Left Opposition, the dissenting Communist tendency led by Leon Trotsky. Race and Revolution places the black struggle for freedom and equality at the heart of American history. Racial oppression, Shachtman argues, can be comprehended only within the totality of social and class relations. The document culminates in a devastating polemic against the Communist Party's call for a Black Belt state in the American South. -- Jacket+-+17609340361957ocn002022728book19360.88Shachtman, MaxBehind the Moscow trial : [the greatest frame-up in history]HistoryG. Zinoviev, L. Kamenev, I.N. Smirnov, G. Yevdokimov and twelve others were arraigned on August 15, 1936, by the Russian state prosecutor, A.Y. Vishinsky, on charges of conspiring to assassinate the soviet leaders, Comrades Stalin, Voroshilov, Shdanov, Kaganovich, Kossior, Orjonikidze and Postyshev and of having murdered S.M. Kirov. On August 19 the trial opened before the Military collegium of the Supreme court of the U.S.S.R., Moscow and on August 24 the defendants were found guilty. The evening of August 24, the following official statement was issued and was printed in the soviet press the next day: "The Præsidium of the Central executive committee of the U.S.S.R. has rejected the appeal for mercy of those condemned by the Military collegium of the Supreme court of the U.S.S.R. on August 24 of this year in the trial of the united Trotskyist-Zinovievist terrorist center. The verdict has been executed." cf. p. 7, 9, 15-17 and 631652ocn000977199book19360.70Trotsky, LeonThe Third International after Lenin1194ocn000566566book19620.88Shachtman, MaxThe bureaucratic revolution; the rise of the Stalinist state10514ocn005994507book19320.66Trotsky, LeonProblems of the Chinese RevolutionHistory714ocn011649213book19370.86Serge, VictorDestiny of a revolution682ocn003346338book19310.88Trotsky, LeonThe permanent revolution646ocn004068323book19300.94Trotsky, LeonThe strategy of the world revolution628ocn002352179book19460.94Shachtman, MaxThe fight for socialism : the principles and program of the Workers PartyPolitical platforms553ocn050994312book20020.92Dog days : James P. Cannon vs. Max Shachtman in the Communist League of America 1931-1933HistorySourcesRecords and correspondence+-+3337388145532ocn000504653book19310.95Trotsky, LeonProblems of the development of the U.S.S.R.; draft of the thesis of the International left opposition on the Russian question495ocn007914981book19310.95Trotsky, LeonCommunism and syndicalism; on the trade-union question495ocn004697206book19270.95Shachtman, MaxSacco and Vanzetti, labor's martyrs436ocn001979406book19000.95Trotsky, LeonIn defense of the Soviet Union418ocn001531071book19330.93Shachtman, MaxGenesis of Trotskyism : the first ten years of the Left Opposition3810ocn012710282book19430.70Trotsky, LeonThe new courseHistory362ocn002173988book19740.93Shachtman, MaxThe history and principles of the Left Opposition324ocn008660962book19330.96Shachtman, MaxTen years : history and principles of the left oppositionHistory293ocn003151673book19250.97Shachtman, MaxLenin, Liebknecht, LuxemburgBiography2254ocn027810355book19890.81Drucker, PeterMax Shachtman and his left : a socialist's odyssey through the "American century"HistoryBiography"A key figure in the 1960s civil rights, labor, and peace movements, Max Shachtman was originally a Communist from Harlem, a leader in the fight to save Sacco and Vanzetti, Trotsky's "commissar for foreign affairs," an organizer of the 1934 Minneapolis general strike, and a principled opponent of World War II. He helped chart the strategy of the civil rights movement through associates like Bayard Rustin and Stokely Carmichael, and built a network of influence for the AFL-CIO within the Democratic Party. But, ultimately, Shachtman's support for the Vietnam War helped to break apart the progressive network he had so painstakingly pieced together and contributed to the decimation of the U.S. Left." "Drawing on previously untapped archives and recent interviews, this first full-length biography of Max Shachtman and comprehensive study of his thought adds a new dimension to the study of U.S. labor and socialism."--BOOK JACKET+-+6098748206213ocn003976808book19650.76Shachtman, MaxThe reminiscences of Max Shachtman41ocn003643001book19401.00League for a Revolutionary Workers PartyWhither Shachtman31ocn003620234book19401.00Spiro, GeorgeThe Cannonites "answer" the Shachtmanites32ocn682106696com19830.81Tamiment Institute/Ben Josephson Library[The Max Shachtman collection]21ocn054848146book19461.00Smash the profiteers : vote for security and a living wage21ocn045658557book19410.73Spiro, GeorgePages from Trotsky's political history21ocn054848136book19401.00Labor's voice against the war : election platform of the Workers PartyPolitical platforms21ocn054848125book19451.00Workers Party election platform, New York City, 1945Political platforms11ocn054976830book19421.00Shachtman, MaxDear comrades : We deem it necessary to make the following information available immediately to every member of the PartyAccount of interrogation of Mr. Shachtman by F.B.I. agent A.F. Spigner regarding the derailing of a freight train near Baden, Pa., on March 16, 194112ocn476398551mix1.00Cochran, BertHistoryThe collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, and minutes, reports, and other internal documents, principally from the Socialist Workers Party, and from the United Automobile Workers union. In addition to Cochran (often as E. R. Frank, or as "Burt" Cochran), notable correspondents and authors include George F. Addes, James Burnham, James Cannon, George Clarke, Farrell Dobbs, Vincent R. Dunne, Jules Geller, Rose Karsner, Homer Martin, Felix Morrow, A.J. Muste, Max Shachtman, Arne Swabeck, and Natalia Trotsky. There are also letters from SWP and UAW activists12ocn309724369book19631.00Shachtman, MaxReminiscences of Max Shachtman :Development of socialist and radical groups in the 1920s and 1930s, particularly Communist Workers Party, Workers' Council, and Trotskyites; factional struggles; trips to Moscow, 1925, 1927; International Labor Defense group; publications and editorial work; expulsion from Communist Party; effects of international political events; Socialist Party; split over Nazi-Soviet alliance; visits to Leon Trotsky in Turkey, Norway, Paris, Mexico; Trotsky's assassination; Independent Socialist League, 1948-58. Impressions of Joseph Stalin, Norman Thomas, Eugene V. Debs, A.J. Muste, and many others11ocn122527143mix19651.00Shachtman, MaxReminiscences of Max Shachtman :11ocn466121526mixNovack, George EdwardGeorge Edward Novack and Evelyn Reed papersArchivesThe correspondence contains letters from Isaac Deutscher, Joseph Hansen, Ernest Mandel, C. Wright Mills, Harrison Salisbury, and Max Shachtman. Numerous exchanges with historian Alan Wald about New York intellectuals of the 1930's (especially James T. Farrell and Sherry Mangan) enclose copies of letters from Herbert Aptheker, James Burnham, Noam Chomsky, Pierre Frank, Albert Glotzer, Granville Hicks, Elinor Rice Hayes, Sidney Hook, Irving Howe, Quincy Howe, Sidney Kunitz, Mary McCarthy, Felix Morrow, B. F. Skinner, Herbert Solow, Arne Swabeck, and Lionel and Diana Trilling. Speeches and writings include notes, additional correspondence, and drafts on many topics in American history and Marxist philosophy, as well as some scattered documents and instructional courses prepared for the Socialist Workers Party11ocn045643342book1940Shachtman, MaxThe discussion in Minneapolis11ocn004661153book19720.10Columbia University[New York Times oral history program collection 211ocn122574807mix19721.00Shachtman, MaxThe reminiscences of Max ShachtmanA transcript of Max Shachtman's oral history interviews with Thomas F. Hogan. Shachtman discusses the development of radical groups and their later factional struggles from 1920 to 1940, the International Labor Defense group, his trial and expulsion from the Communist Party, the Independent Socialist League, the Socialist Party, the Nazi-Soviet alliance, the Trotskyite movement and his close association with Trotsky, and his impressions of numerous political figures and radical leaders. Forms part of Columbia University Oral History Collection (Part One)11ocn479594451mix1.00Independent Socialist LeagueIndependent Socialist League recordsHistoryPeriodicalsSourcesThe collection contains national committee and convention minutes for both the Workers Party and Independent Socialist League, correspondence, including subscription and editorial correspondence for Labor Action and The New International, reports, including several from local branches, study guides and other materials produced by the Education Department, resolutions, memorandums and position papers, and newsletters, including Labor Vets Bulletin, produced by Party members active in the American Veterans Committee. Much of the material reflects the lively internal debates and factional conflicts within both the Workers Party and the Independent Socialist League. Notable individuals represented, in addition to Max Shachtman, include Ernest Rice McKinney (WP National Secretary), Nathan Gould (Director of Organization), and Gordon Haskell (Labor Action). Also of note is the folder re the "Third Camp Contact Committee," an attempt to establish links between Western and developing countries' socialists, pacifists, and nationalists11ocn828039332book19551.00Shachtman, MaxReply brief of appellant in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia circuit : no. 12, 406 : appeal from the United States District Court for the District of ColumbiaTrials, litigation, etc12ocn477855158mix1.00Todes, CharlotteTrials, litigation, etcThe papers include minutes of the Joint Board, clippings, trial briefs and photographs and deal principally with the refusal of the board in 1945 to turn over to HUAC the records of the Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee. A small amount of material pertains to Stern's work as organizing secretary of Workers' Health Bureau, Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Union, Local 560, AFL and Hotel and Club Employees Union 6, AFL. Prominent correspondents include: James P. Cannon, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, Martin Abern, and Max Shachtman+-+1760934036+-+1760934036Fri Mar 21 15:26:05 EDT 2014batch26798