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Fri Mar 21 17:10:46 2014 UTClccn-n910714080.27Zheng zhi xue fang fa lun yu tu jing /0.740.93Implementing Thatcherite policies : an annotated bibliography /39459285David_Marsh_(political_scientist)n 910714082985752Marsh, Dave, 1946-Marsh, DavidMarsh, David C.Marsh, David Wayneמארש, דייוויד, 1946-lccn-n88074600Stoker, Gerryedtcrelccn-n95075078Hay, Colin1968-edtlccn-n81117072Rhodes, R. A. W.edtlccn-n97017571Richards, David1968-lccn-n90633083Smith, Martin J.(Martin John)1961-lccn-n98095250Tant, Tonyothedtlccn-n81132242Gamble, Andrewothedtlccn-n2005069216Lister, Michael1976-edtlccn-n79017964Great BritainParliamentlccn-n2006053834Jones, SuMarsh, David1946-HistoryRulesBibliographyGreat BritainPolitical sciencePolitical science--MethodologyPolicy sciencesPolicy networksGlobalizationCivil serviceCabinet officersInternational relationsInternational cooperationCommunism and social sciencesState, TheLabor unions--Political activityLabor policyIndustrial relationsLobbyingPressure groupsCommitteesInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)World War (1939-1945)Economic policySocial policyYouth--Political activityPolitical participationAbortion--Political aspectsPower (Social sciences)Labor unionsSocial changeInternational economic relationsGreat Britain.--ParliamentThatcher, MargaretPrivatizationBills, LegislativeBills, PrivateEmployeesPolitical science--PhilosophyLogicNormative economicsQuantitative researchPolitics, Practical19461977198119831985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200820102013438048209320.01JA71ocn699779577ocn466689794ocn469340112ocn470524406ocn807381080ocn263645711ocn468460518ocn802568804ocn612490705ocn780816098ocn185723877ocn757726491103247ocn049991481book19950.63Marsh, DavidTheory and methods in political scienceHistoryNow with substantial extra coverage of methodological issues and an additional chapter on the philosophy of politics, this widely-used text introduces students to the approaches and methods of political science+-+910394888539920ocn041466476book19990.73Hay, ColinDemystifying globalizationThey expose, challenge and demystify many of our intuitive assumptions about this complex and contested process, developing a distinctive 'third wave' perspective on the phenomena variously referred to as economic, political, social and cultural globalization."--BOOK JACKET+-+604322888532439114ocn559515301file20010.73Marsh, DavidChanging patterns of governance in the United Kingdom reinventing Whitehall?Moreover, Marsh, Richards and Smith demonstrate that departments continue to be key institutions in the policy-making process."--BOOK JACKET+-+584554859636512ocn040179566book19990.73Marxism and social science"Has Marxism ceased to be part of our political present and future? Has its theory or doctrine anything to contribute to our understanding of the new millennium? In these original, commissioned essays, the contributors argue that Marxism continues as a living tradition. They show how it still engages with other theoretical positions, how it has evolved in response to both these engagements and contemporary world changes, and they assess its relevance and contribution to modern social science."--BOOK JACKET+-+165075707535813ocn024218815book19920.76Marsh, DavidThe new politics of British trade unionism : union power and the Thatcher legacyThis is an introduction to the politics of trade unionism in contemporary Britain, assessing the major changes in legislation, policing and attitudes since 1979 as well as the broader social and economic trends to which these have been a response31212ocn061724478book20050.76The state : theories and issuesHistory"Broad-ranging in its coverage, this major new text introduces all the main competing theoretical approaches to the study of the state as well as key contested issues in relation to globalization, new forms of governance, the changing public/private boundary, changes in the powers and capacities of states, and the differences between advanced liberal democratic and other states"--Provided by publisher+-+307984859628511ocn024795456book19920.84Marsh, DavidPolicy networks in British governmentPolicy is not made in the electoral arena or in the gladiatorial confrontations of Parliament, but in the netherworld of committees, civil servants, professions, and interest groups. This collection explores the private world of public policy. It provides a survey of the literature on the concept of policy networks and demonstrates its importance for understanding specific policy areas. The case studies cover policy-making in agriculture, civil nuclear power, youth employment, smoking, heart disease, sea defences, information technology, and exchange rate policy. Finally the editors attempt an overall assessment of the utility of the concept, focusing on such questions as why networks change, which interests dominate and benefit from networks, and the consequences of the present system for representative democracy. To describe policy networks is not to condone political oligopoly. Britain has witnessed the substitution of private government for public accountability. The analysis of policy networks draws attention to this erosion of representative democracy and exposes the private government of Britain to public gaze2616ocn040174727book19990.79Marsh, DavidPostwar British politics in perspectiveProviding an engagement with late-1990s perspectives on the development of the British State in the post-war period, this text challenges many of the well-established orthodoxies. It focuses on conceptions of consensus, evolution and transformation, continuity and discontinuity in presenting an account of social, political and economic change in the post-war years. The book offers a perspective on the development of the British state and of British Politics today. In doing so, it represents a contribution to existing debates, demonstrating to students the highly contested nature of political change in the post-war years. The book, to be published at a crucial moment in the evolution of the British state, will provide an autopsy of an era of Conservative dominance couched in the broader context of the post-war years+-+44757109251976ocn038016540book19980.81Marsh, DavidComparing policy networksDiscussions of policy networks are becoming increasingly common in the analysis of public policy in the Western world. This book addresses the key theoretical issues surrounding policy networks+-+719146088519213ocn070673320book20060.84Marsh, DavidYoung people and politics in the UK : apathy or alienation?The Government and public debates tend to see young people as politically apathetic free-riders, taking the benefits of citizenship without voting. In this context, apathy is seen as an outcome of low political literacy or as resolvable through technocratic reforms of voting procedures. Thus, the Government aims to encourage participation by introducing compulsory citizenship lessons in schools and making voting easier. This book critically engages with these views, asking how young people themselves understand and live politics. Using an innovative methodology, it argues that young people live age, class, gender and ethnicity in ways that are political. Based on this broader understanding of politics, it concludes that young people are not apathetic but feel their interests and concerns are not addressed by politicians. Indeed, they are highly sensitive towards the limited nature of their political citizenship and this plays a key role in their disinclination to participate in mainstream politics+-+46865558751835ocn025025631book19920.86Implementing Thatcherite policies : audit of an era1045ocn008115937book19810.73Marsh, DavidAbortion politics663ocn060079404book19850.86Marsh, DavidThe trade unions under ThatcherHistory422ocn184971823book19980.27Ma, XuZheng zhi xue fang fa lun yu tu jing201ocn014586882book19850.92Marsh, DavidBritish private members balloted bills : a lottery with few winners, small prizes, but high administrative costs191ocn020769083book19890.88Marsh, DavidImplementing "Thatcherism" : a policy perspective181ocn014949521book19860.88Marsh, DavidOn structural power : an empirical test of the structuralist thesis182ocn022518764book19900.92Marsh, DavidPrivatisation in Britain : an idea in search of a policy171ocn015597592book19870.93Marsh, DavidThe government and private members' bills : wolves in sheep's clothingRules171ocn026654799book19920.93Implementing Thatcherite policies : an annotated bibliographyBibliography+-+9103948885+-+9103948885Fri Mar 21 15:53:17 EDT 2014batch17695