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Fri Mar 21 17:05:25 2014 UTClccn-n910780090.00Elfman, Danny0.170.33Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in music /12496007Danny_Elfmann 910780092996139D. ElfmanDanny ElfmannElfman, D.Elfman, D. 1953-Elfman, D. (Danny)Elfman, DanElfman, Dan 1953-Elfman, Daniel.Elfman, Daniel, 1953-Elfman, Daniel Robert 1953-Elfman, Daniel Robert Danny 1953-Elfman, Danny, 1953-Elfman Dany 1953-....lccn-n91100415Burton, Tim1958-prdprftrlprocredrtccpantflmactlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-no98084452Buena Vista Home Entertainment (Firm)pbldstprolccn-nr2002000984Franco, James1978-prfactlccn-n92021949Depp, Johnnynrtproprfactlccn-n93039266Bonham Carter, Helena1966-nrtprfactlccn-nr95006343Raimi, Samsceausflmdrtccplccn-n85199191Harris, Rosemary1930-actlccn-no96025501Dunst, Kirsten1982-prfactlccn-n50062415Universal Pictures (Firm)proElfman, DannyDramaFilm adaptationsBiographical filmsHistorical filmsFilm and video adaptationsComedy filmsHaunted house filmsLegal dramaChristmas filmsAnimated filmsMen in black (UFO phenomenon)Spider-Man (Fictitious character)Human-alien encountersFathers and sonsIllinois--ChicagoLee, Stan,Alice (Fictitious character : Carroll)CriminalsWonka, Willy (Fictitious character)Chocolate factoriesBucket, Charlie (Fictitious character)Female offendersMan-woman relationshipsCollege students--Conduct of lifeWatkins, MaurineChocolate candyCrime prevention--Citizen participationGeniusGenius and mental illnessLife on other planetsImaginary placesFamiliesMilk, HarveyMoscone, George,Gay rightsDitko, SteveCalifornia--San FranciscoSan Francisco (Calif.).--Board of SupervisorsAssassinationTall talesWidowsDivorced menDepression, MentalSanta ClausGay politiciansDenial (Psychology)Election districtsPolitical campaignsWhite, Dan,Terminally ill parentsWallace, Daniel,DogsIncredible Hulk (Fictitious character)Ballroom dancing--CompetitionsScientistsGenetic engineeringUnited StatesWitchesOz (Imaginary place)Women murderers195319811982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320148329810062807791.4372PN1997.2ocn299803250ocn605136313ocn052089326ocn040778264ocn842042018ocn696828562ocn558876539ocn050488518ocn244394344ocn056082085ocn055751142ocn037325804ocn074663995ocn061658947ocn178697148ocn012709349ocn033186895ocn040673824ocn235993824ocn076811171ocn031183803ocn312182456ocn868548960ocn031183803ocn780717304ocn058968770ocn259815246ocn779744140ocn691911800ocn867583833ocn661463208ocn676375514ocn658538579ocn691588324ocn676516462ocn779744117ocn029303519ocn051676417ocn080159169ocn762706092ocn661463330ocn765376552ocn765376578ocn661463239ocn661463350ocn661463257ocn661463278ocn662012077ocn174593478ocn724166847ocn724044188ocn725566664ocn725577230ocn725509783ocn724014153ocn723880483ocn724133585ocn725076136ocn865126964ocn865122692ocn865122833ocn865099837ocn725382785ocn865125263ocn865113151ocn865090113ocn781312154ocn658947257ocn762878554ocn658947228ocn658507089ocn742840909ocn742935645418457ocn052089326visu20020.20Kander, JohnChicagoFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsLegal dramaAt a time when crimes of passion result in celebrity headlines, nightclub sensation Velma Kelley and spotlight-seeking Roxie Hart find themselves sharing space on Chicago's famed Murderess Row. They also share Billy Flynn, the town's slickest lawyer with a talent for turning notorious defendants into local legends. But in Chicago, there's only room for one legend!+-+1739233325324363841ocn050488536visu20020.17Raimi, SamSpider-ManDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsAfter being bitten by a radioactive spider on a school field trip, Peter Parker finds himself gaining spider-like qualities. Adopting the name Spider-Man, Peter first uses his new skills to make money, but when the Green Goblin, another altered super-human, kills Peter's uncle, he swears to use his "spider-skills" to fight evil. Along the way he has to juggle a new job as a local reporter, and a budding romance with a beautiful former-classmate, MJ+-+0028132125342020ocn061447163visu20050.16Burton, TimCharlie and the chocolate factoryJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsCharlie and the chocolate factory : Charlie and five others draw golden tickets from Wonka chocolate bars and win a guided tour of the legendary candy factory that no outsider has seen in 15 years. Dazzled by one amazing sight after another, Charlie is drawn into Wonka's fantastic world+-+0587534696322340ocn056082086visu20040.17Raimi, SamSpider-man 2DramaFilm adaptationsPeter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, is desperately trying to balance his dual identities. He can't keep up at college, pay his rent or seem to make amends with his estranged best friend Harry. Mary Jane is more skeptical than ever of Peter. One day Peter's idol, the renowned scientist Otto Octavius, resurfaces after a failed science experiment. Peter begins to notice he's losing some of his powers and wonders at the stress in his personal life. He realizes he must decide between being who he once was or retaining his secret identity to stop "Doc Ock" and save New York City from destruction+-+3383049596324250936ocn811341926visu19970.14Sonnenfeld, BarryMen in black 3DramaFilm adaptationsAgent J must travel back in time to MIB's early years in the 1960s and save his partner, Agent K, from being assassinated by an alien. Along the way, Agent J teams up with young Agent K and learns that there are secrets to the universe that Agent K never told him+-+1876432125249311ocn605136313visu20100.08Depp, JohnnyAlice in WonderlandJuvenile worksDramaFantasy filmsFilm adaptationsAction and adventure filmsLive-action/animation filmsAlice Kingsleigh is a young woman at a crossroads. Not knowing what she wants from life, she is being pushed, pulled, strong-armed, and confused into doing what everyone expects of her. A marriage proposal in front of friends and family pushes Alice over the edge and down the rabbit hole into a place she hasn't visited since her father died 10 years before. Only problem is, she's now a very different person, has no memories of Underland, and is somehow still expected to be someone she's not. How can she argue with something that's mapped out in full visual splendor in the prophetic Oraculum? With the help of The Mad Hatter, The White Queen, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Absolom, The Cheshire Cat, and the Bandersnatch, can Alice unlock the mystery of her past and light a path to her future?245823ocn054347266visu20030.19Burton, TimBig fishFictionDramaFilm adaptationsWilliam Bloom, is a young man who never really knew his now dying father, Edward - outside of the tall tales his dad told him about growing up. During Edward's last days William and his wife Josephine hold a bedside vigil next to the old man as he recollects elaborate memories of his youth+-+338584959622778ocn299803250visu20090.21Van Sant, GusMilkBiographyFictionDramaBiographical filmsHistorical filmsPolitical filmsHarvey Milk is a middle-aged New Yorker who, after moving to San Francisco, becomes a Gay Rights activist and city politician. On his third attempt, he is elected to San Francisco's Board of Supervisors in 1977, the first openly-gay man to be elected to public office in the United States. The following year, both he and the city's mayor, George Moscone, are shot to death by former city supervisor, Dan White, who blames his former colleagues for denying White's attempt to rescind his resignation from the board. Based on the true story of Harvey Milk189036ocn052951628visu20010.16Lee, AngHulkDramaFilm and video adaptationsSuperhero filmsScience fiction comic books, strips, etcA scientist performs regeneration experiments on himself, and passes on the genes to his son, Bruce. Now Bruce is performing experiments that expose him to radiation and nanomeds, which combined with his unique genes, unleashes the Hulk+-+9900278325182112ocn234573212visu19880.17Beetle JuiceDramaComedy filmsFantasy comedies (Motion pictures)Ghost filmsHaunted house filmsWhat's a yuppie ghost couple to do when their quaint New England home is overrun by trendy New Yorkers? They hire a freelance "bio-exorcist" to spook the intruders. And everyone gets more than he, she, or it bargained for!+-+6383134696179218ocn819588191visu20130.14FrankenweenieJuvenile worksDramaYoung Victor conducts a science experiment that will bring his dog Sparky back to life, only to face unintended, sometimes monstrous consequences17497ocn830881770visu20130.20Russell, David OSilver linings playbookFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe story of a man who has lost everything, his house, his job, his wife, and how he creates his own silver linings from the bonds he forms with his family and friends173822ocn047110034visu20000.15Ratner, BrettThe family manFictionDramaComedy filmsFantasy filmsJack Campbell, a workaholic Wall Street exec, gets to see what his life might have been like if he'd stayed with his former sweetheart, Kate. Thirteen years after they split up, Jack falls asleep in his posh New York apartment, then awakens to find himself a family man, with his now-wife Kate, daughter Annie and new baby+-+8811978325172415ocn040778264visu19970.21Van Sant, GusGood Will HuntingFictionDramaWill Hunting is a headstrong, working-class genius who's failing the lessons of life. After one too many run-ins with the law, Will's last chance is a psychology professor, who might be the only man who can reach him+-+7913543006324162927ocn051727025visu20020.17Ratner, BrettRed dragonDramaFilm adaptationsWill Graham is an FBI agent who brought Hannibal Lecter to justice; however, his confrontation with Lecter proved to be a bloody, near-death experience. Retiring from the Bureau, he moves to Florida. However, a particularly grisly killer is on the loose, and Jack, Graham's one-time mentor at the Bureau, asks him to return to duty to find him. "The Tooth Fairy" is a vicious murderer who kills entire families at once, covering the eyes of his victims with bits of a shattered mirror+-+2533178325158860ocn031183803visu19920.18Selick, HenryTim Burton's The nightmare before ChristmasJuvenile worksDramaMusical filmsChristmas filmsFilm adaptationsAnimated filmsThe story of Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king, who decides to bring the magic of Christmas back to Halloween Town+-+6882543006324157314ocn767532776visu20120.15Levy, ShawnReal steelDramaFilm adaptationsIn a near future world where human boxing has been replaced by robot fighting, eleven-year-old Max tries to reestablish relations with his estranged father, a former boxer and conman desperately looking for a way to pay off his creditors151822ocn050551272visu20010.13Sonnenfeld, BarryMen in black IIFictionDramaComedy filmsScience fiction filmsFilm sequelsFilm adaptationsFour years after agents J and K averted an intergalactic disaster J is still working for the MIB while K has returned to the comforts of civilian life. While investigating a seemingly routine crime, J uncovers a diabolical plot masterminded by Serleena, an evil Kylothian monster who disguises herself as a sexy lingerie model. It's a race against the clock as J must find and convince K--who not only has no memory of his time spent with the agency, but is also the only person alive who has the expertise to save the galaxy--to reunite with the MIB before Earth is destroyed completely+-+0257332125145012ocn842042018visu20130.15Franco, JamesOz the great and powerfulDramaFilm adaptations"Disney's fantastical adventure Oz The Great And Powerful, from the director of the Spider-Man trilogy, follows Oscar Diggs (James Franco), a small-time circus magician with dubious ethics. When Diggs is hurled away to the vibrant Land of Oz, he thinks he's hit the jackpot--until he meets three witches (Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams), who aren't convinced he's the great wizard everyone's expecting. Reluctantly drawn into epic problems facing Oz and its inhabitants, Oscar must find out who is good and who is evil before it's too late. Putting his magical arts to use through illusion, ingenuity--and even some wizardry--Oscar transforms himself into the great Wizard and a better man as well"--Container142016ocn233541236visu19930.18Burton, TimTim Burton's The nightmare before ChristmasJuvenile worksDramaChristmas filmsComedy filmsFantasy filmsHorror filmsFilm adaptationsAnimated filmsJack Skellington is the King of Halloween. He becomes bored with the same routine every year. He decides to take a walk in the woods. There, he discovered a door leading to Christmastown and decides to spread Christmas joy to the world. When he is back in Halloweentown he shows his friends what Christmas is like, and he suggests doing Christmas this year instead. But things do not go as planned when Oogie Boogie, an evil gambling boogey man, plots to play a game with Santa Claus' life and creates a nightmare for all the good little boys and girls everywhere. Although Sally attempts to stop him, Jack embarks into the sky on a coffin-like sled pulled by skeletal reindeer91ocn527365954book19930.33Contemporary musicians. profiles of the people in musicBiographyProvides comprehensive information on musicians and groups from around the world. Entries include a detailed biographical essay, selected discographies, contact information, and a list of sources62ocn551347964book20070.10Wilderspin, MarkDanny Elfman's Batman in focusCriticism, interpretation, etc31ocn671683752book20100.21Zuckerman, AndrewMusicBiographyPortraitsPictorial worksAnecdotesPhotographer Zuckerman has recorded the images-- and the thoughts and ideas-- of fifty eminent musicians, composers, and producers+-+529171882532411ocn811643582book19990.10Contemporary authors. a bio-bibliographical guide to current writers in fiction, general nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, motion pictures, television, and other fieldsBio-bibliography11ocn227005400art2007Elfman, DannyBiography+-+3385849596+-+3385849596Fri Mar 21 15:39:35 EDT 2014batch63295