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Fri Mar 21 17:11:17 2014 UTClccn-n910124480.00From 1800 to 1835 /0.551.00A Coleridge-Wordsworth manuscript and "Sarah Hutchinson's poets" /39611923n 910124482891198Hutchinson, AsraHutchinson, Asra, 1775-1835Hutchinson, SarahHutchinson, Sarah, 1775-1835lccn-n78095462Coleridge, Samuel Taylor1772-1834lccn-n79006595Wordsworth, William1770-1850lccn-n81046930Wordsworth, Mary1770-1859lccn-n80025953Wordsworth, Dorothy1771-1855lccn-sh85063229Hutchinson familylccn-n79017484Worthen, Johnlccn-n81058678Whalley, George1915-lccn-n79006728Coburn, Kathleenlccn-no2007068893Adam Matthew Digital (Firm)lccn-no2004070450Wordsworth TrustHutchinson, Sara1775-1835SourcesManuscriptsDiariesArtArchivesMapsPictorial worksHutchinson, Sara,Coleridge, Samuel Taylor,Wordsworth, William,FriendshipWordsworth, Dorothy,Wordsworth, Mary,Poets, EnglishHutchinson familyMarriageRomanticismAuthors, EnglishDe Quincey, Thomas,Wordsworth TrustArtistsGreat BritainEnglandEngland--Lake DistrictEnglish literatureLake poetsEnglish poetryTravelLandscape painting, EnglishManners and customsSouthey, Robert,Picturesque, TheWomen authors, EnglishBeaumont, George Howland,--Sir,Cultural landscapesRomanticism in artClarkson, Thomas,LandscapesEngland--CumbriaArnold, Matthew,Haydon, Benjamin Robert,Male authors, EnglishArnold, Thomas,Hutchinson, MaryWadsworth familyWomen authorsIntellectual lifeDomestic relations1775183518191834190219541955196619812001201121371540928.2PR588351116ocn000517718book19540.70Hutchinson, SaraLetters from 1800 to 183551ocn786270755file20110.47Romanticism life, literature & landscapeArchivesArtMapsPictorial worksSourcesManuscripts51ocn851874315book1954Hutchinson, SaraFrom 1800 to 183551ocn786270758file20110.73Dove Cottage manuscriptsDiariesSourcesManuscripts11ocn063938905mix1.00Wordsworth, WilliamWilliam Wordsworth collectionLetters, manuscripts, broadsides, pictures, documents, and objects by, to, belonging to, or about Wordsworth and his family. Includes first drafts of poems Wordsworth later published in Yarrow Revisited (1835); 51 of the sonnets published in Ecclesiastical Sketches, in an early fair copy before final revision for publication; manuscripts of 10 additional sonnets sent to Wordsworth's first American editor, Prof. Henry Reed; and a transcript made before publication of the poem "Composed Upon an Evening of Extraordinary Splendour and Beauty." Also included are manuscripts by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Sara Hutchinson, Dorothy Wordsworth, Mary Wordsworth, Thomas De Quincey, Robert Southey, Lord Byron, and John Keats. Byron manuscript is a draft of an unfinished short story; Keats manuscript is a fragment of his poem "Isabella." Coleridge manuscripts include a first version of "Dejection: An Ode," a draft of a variant of "The Eolian Harp," and other poems; fragments of essays; and notes on Schiller's plays The Piccolomini and The Death of Wallenstein. Autograph manuscript of Mary Monkhouse sonnet "Unquiet Childhood here by special grace", likely in the hand of Dora Wordsworth11ocn225758660book0.96Coleridge, Samuel TaylorChristabel: a poem11ocn270584172book18340.10Wordsworth, William[n.p.], to Joseph Henry GreenConcerning Coleridge's will, his letters and annotated books, and criticizing an article on Coleridge by De Quincey in Tait's Magazine11ocn263098991book1819Coleridge, Samuel TaylorAutograph letter signed from Samuel Taylor Coleridge to Sara [Hutchinson]01ocn213471543book1819Coleridge, Samuel TaylorAutograph letter signed from Samuel Coleridge Taylor to Sara [Hutchinson]9022ocn044868873book20010.37Worthen, JohnThe gang : Coleridge, the Hutchinsons & the Wordsworths in 1802BiographyPublisher's description: Over a dramatic six-month period in 1802, William Wordsworth, S.T. Coleridge, Wordsworth's sister Dorothy, and the two Hutchinson sisters Sara and Mary formed a close-knit group whose members saw or wrote to one another constantly. Coleridge, whose marriage was collapsing, was in love with Sara, and Wordsworth was about to be married to Mary, who would be moving in beside Dorothy in their Grasmere cottage. Throughout this extraordinary period both poets worked on some of their finest and most familiar poems, Coleridge's Dejection: An Ode and Wordsworth's Immortality Ode. In this fascinating book, John Worthen recreates the group's intertwined lives and the effect they had on one another. Drawing on the group's surviving letters, and poems, as well as Dorothy's diaries, Worthen throws new light on many old problems. He examines the prehistory of the events of 1802, the dynamics of the group between March and July, the summer of 1802, when Wordsworth and Dorothy visited Calais to see his ex-mistress and his daughter Caroline, and the wedding between Wordsworth and Mary in October of that year. In an epilogue he looks forward to the ways in which relationships changed during 1803, concentrating on a single day--11 January 1803--in the lives of the group+-+44633555853246115ocn000358201book19550.66Whalley, GeorgeColeridge and Sara Hutchinson, and the Asra poems634ocn040708269book19540.70Hutchinson, SaraLetters from 1800 to 1835231ocn770384491com0.95Romanticism life, literature & landscapeCatalogsArchivesRecords and correspondenceManuscriptsThis digital collection, which includes the manuscript collections of the Wordsworth Trust, offers students and researchers of the Romantic period unique access to the working notebooks, verse manuscripts and correspondence of William Wordsworth and his fellow writers, including Dorothy Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Thomas De Quincey and Robert Southey. Also contains a collection of fine art pieces by such artists as J.M.W. Turner, John Constable and Benjamin Robert Haydon. All of the documents are digitized in colour and include: verse manuscripts, printed manuscripts, prose manuscripts, printed verse, correspondence, diaries, travel journals, autograph albums, guide books, fine art and maps51ocn786270772file20110.73Wordsworth Library lettersSourcesRecords and correspondence22ocn040590410art19661.00Woof, RobertA Coleridge-Wordsworth manuscript and "Sarah Hutchinson's poets"Criticism, interpretation, etcManuscripts11ocn313793210book19021.00Watson, GeorgeThe Wordsworth-Hutchinsons, of Penrith : to which is added extracts from Wordsworth's poems referring to this family+-+4463355585324Fri Mar 21 16:11:03 EDT 2014batch11799