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Thu Oct 16 18:00:53 2014 UTClccn-n911091360.00The hermaneutics of the original arguments : Demonstration, dialectic, rhetoric /0.590.79The hermeneutics of original argument : demonstration, dialectic, rhetoric /52575060n 911091363046556lccn-n50000244Gadamer, Hans-Georg1900-2002lccn-n79021767Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich1770-1831lccn-n79026812Heidegger, Martin1889-1976lccn-n79139459Platolccn-n79081898Buber, Martin1878-1965Smith, P. ChristopherHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcPlatoEthicsHermeneuticsAristotleGadamer, Hans-Georg,Ethics, AncientHegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich,DialecticHeidegger, Martin,RhetoricReasoningPhilosophy, AncientBuber, Martin,Philosophy, ModernAesthetics, Modern196619761980198319861991199419982059922170.42B395ocn0020423568905ocn044958072file19910.56Smith, P. ChristopherHermeneutics and human finitude toward a theory of ethical understanding8171ocn002042356book19760.56Gadamer, Hans-GeorgHegel's dialectic : five hermeneutical studiesTracing the development of the notion of the dialectic from the classical Greek thinkers to the modern thinkers, Gadamer demonstrates that Hegel 'worked out his own dialectical method by extending the dialectic of the Ancients.' Excellently translated, this book is a valuable if demanding addition to Gadamer's philosophical work now available in English. These five essays on Hegel give the English-speaking reader a long-awaited opportunity to read the work of one of Germany's most distinguished philosophers, Hans-Georg Gadamer. Gadamer's unique hermeneutic method will have a lasting effect on Hegel studies3005ocn038485800book19980.79Smith, P. ChristopherThe hermeneutics of original argument : demonstration, dialectic, rhetoricHistoryWhat, precisely, does the word hermeneutics mean? And in what sense can one speak of the hermeneutics of original argument? The author explores these questions in order to build upon Heidegger's hermeneutical thought+-+8251665635396ocn024559522book19800.56Gadamer, Hans-GeorgDialogue and dialectic : eight hermeneutical studies on PlatoCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+8834755585324101ocn020674910mix19660.66Smith, Paul ChristopherDas Sein des Du : Bubers Philosophie im Lichte des Heidegger'schen Denkens an das Sein21ocn060179725book1998Smith, P. ChristopherThe hermaneutics of the original arguments : Demonstration, dialectic, rhetoric+-+825166563511ocn803319750book19860.56Gadamer, Hans-GeorgThe idea of the good in Platonic-Aristotelian philosophy+-+996695558501ocn729480971art1991Smith, P. ChristopherPlato as impulse and obstacle in Gadamer's development of a hermeneutical theory01ocn729483797art1994Gadamer, Hans-GeorgMartin Heidegger's one path+-+8251665635+-+8251665635Thu Oct 16 15:51:02 EDT 2014batch5707