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Thu Oct 16 17:57:24 2014 UTClccn-n921080600.08Youth in revolt the journals of Nick Twisp0.151.00Holubí mambo /28003300C._D._Paynen 921080603266862lccn-no00097774Arteta, Miguelflmdrtlccn-no2005117055Cera, Michaelprfactlccn-n2008057558Nash, Gustinsceausactlccn-n90700088Liotta, Rayactlccn-no2003071744Permut, Davidprolccn-no2005068937Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (Firm)lccn-no99003178Dimension Films (1990- )np-doubleday, portiaDoubleday, Portiaactlccn-no2005099351Galifianakis, Zachprfactlccn-no96025941Buscemi, Steve1958-actPayne, C. D.(C. Douglas)1949-FictionDramaFilm adaptationsDiary fictionHumorous storiesPolitical fictionYoung adult worksTeenage boysTeenagersUnited StatesMan-woman relationshipsMultiple personalityTwisp, Nick (Fictitious character)Birds as laboratory animalsPigeonsCalifornia--San FranciscoHigh school studentsCalifornia--OaklandTeenage boys--Sexual behaviorFranceVacationsEnvironmentalistsPolitical campaignsOhioTwinsNevadaUndertakers and undertakingDeathAmerican dramaAmerican drama (Comedy)American wit and humorIdentity (Psychology)Teenage girlsCaliforniaTeenage boys--Conduct of lifeBildungsromansDiary fictionFilm adaptationsAlgorithms--Data processingStatistics--Data processingStatistics--Computer programsAlgorithms--Computer programs194919691985198619871993199519961998199920002001200420052006200720082009201020122013306860120813.54PS3566.A9358ocn082976247ocn048311320ocn556995979ocn801726791ocn822854590ocn72263201773215ocn227929930book19930.16Payne, C. DYouth in revolt : the journals of Nick TwispFictionDiary fictionHumorous storiesCynical and sex-obsessed teen Nick Twisp documents in his journal his ongoing struggles to make sense out of high school, his divorced parents, and an enduring love for an intelligent girl before his frustrations escalate to an open revolt+-+414639038543112ocn173173738file20070.12Payne, C. DYouth in revolt the journals of Nick TwispFictionThe adventures of Nick Twisp of California, revolting against all the bugaboos of adolescence, from parents to "the gulag of public schools." The novel details the capers Twisp embarks on to impress a girl with whom he hopes to score+-+48783788963242327ocn044461774book20000.15Payne, C. DRevolting youth : the further journals of Nick TwispFictionDiary fictionHumorous storiesYoung adult worksChronicles the life of Nick Twisp as he lives as a girl to avoid the police and tries to find his lost love, Sheeni Saunders+-+20629173362231ocn044313253book20000.17Payne, C. DFrisco pigeon mamboFiction"Meet these hard-drinking laboratory refugees, who as the infamous 'Killer Pigeons' create havoc in San Francisco. ... Call them 'America's Most Wanted,' but don't call them pigeons. These swashbuckling outlaws think they're human."--Cover+-+1972917336853ocn495989304file20070.08Payne, C. DYouth in revolt the journals of Nick TwispFictionThe adventures of Nick Twisp of California, revolting against all the bugaboos of adolescence, from parents to "the gulag of public schools." The novel details the capers Twisp embarks on to impress a girl with whom he hopes to score+-+5846078896771ocn047830291book20010.16Payne, C. DCut to the Twisp : the lost parts of Youth in revolt and other storiesFiction+-+8852917336648ocn664554729visu20100.15Youth in revoltFictionDramaFilm adaptationsDe 16-jarige verlegen Nick verzint een alter ego om zich los te maken van zijn ouders en indruk te maken op zijn vriendinnetje623ocn472656378file20040.08Payne, C. DYouth in exileFictionYouth in Exile, the last of the three books of Nick Twisp's adventures, takes Nick back to Ukiah, disguised as a girl and re-enrolled at the local high school, where he fends off passes from undiscerning boys while plotting to get Sheeni back. The long-delayed resolution to his efforts fulfills every teen fantasy from great sex to independent wealth561ocn076788554book20060.13Payne, C. DYoung and revolting : the continental journals of Nick TwispFiction+-+7269896925542ocn472256409file20040.08Payne, C. DYouth in bondageFictionFollows fourteen year old, Nick Twisp, as he navigates the twisted waters of high school and girls462ocn041176660book19990.20Payne, C. DCivic beauties : a novel with songsFictionPolitical fiction+-+8572917336371ocn076788555book20060.15Payne, C. DRevoltingly young : the journals of Nick Twisp's younger brotherFiction+-+9169896925141ocn046666528book20010.19Payne, C. DQueen of America : a royal comedy in three acts+-+1562917336101ocn453941341file20090.08Payne, C. DYouth in bondage. the journals of Nick TwispFictionWelcome to the world of Nick Twisp, California's most precocious diarist, whose ongoing struggles to make sense out of high school, deal with his divorced parents, and lose his virginity result in his transformation from an unassuming fourteen-year-old to a modern youth in open revolt. In Youth in Revolt, the first volume of Nick's journals, we witnessed his transition from young literary hacker to rebel with a libidinous cause as he attempted to win teen goddess Sheeni Saunders. In Youth in Bondage, the second volume of Nick's journals, we find him stuck in Sheeni's hometown of Ukiah, living like an indentured servant with his penny-pinching father while his paramour and her boyfriend are away at school in Santa Cruz. But trouble finds Nick again when the F.B.I. picks up his trail and he must rely on the cahones of his tough alter ego, Francois Dillinger71ocn045613648book20000.10Payne, C. DYouth in disguise : the further journals of Nick TwispFiction+-+206291733651ocn796827353book20120.18Payne, C. DSon of youth in revolt : the journals of Scott TwispFictionWhen a move to California threatens to disrupt young Scott Twisp's life, he reacts in the true Twispian spirit, leaving his father Nick to face the trials of dealing with his own teenage son42ocn016520179book19860.97The GLIM system, release 3.77 : generalised linear interactive modelling : manual43ocn045025393book19991.00Payne, C. DHolubí mamboFiction41ocn605930999book0.10Payne, C. DRevolting youth : the further journals of Nick TwispFiction14 year-old-hero Nick Twisp (and his multiplying alter egos) comes back to battle blizzards, back-stabbing aliens, vengeful parents, and school officials determined to schedule him into girls' gym+-+206291733642ocn075769821book19960.22Payne, C. DDie Tagebücher des Nick Twisp8544ocn589355897visu20100.15Youth in revoltFictionDramaFilm adaptationsNick Twisp is a pleasant teen who has trailer trash parents but likes the finer things in life. While on a family vacation, Nick meets and falls desperately in love with the beautiful, free-spirited Sheeni Saunders. But when circumstances continue to force them apart, Nick develops a rebellious alter ego who will stop at nothing to be with Sheeni. Includes commentary, deleted scenes, audition footage, and more11ocn166227890art19690.10Payne, C. D+-+4146390385+-+4146390385Thu Oct 16 15:12:24 EDT 2014batch15484