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Fri Mar 21 17:15:51 2014 UTClccn-n920609500.00Showgirls (Motion picture : 1995) [clippings]0.211.00Showgirls (Motion picture : 1995) [clippings]85874744Paul_Verhoevenn 9206095031859365976810Jansen, Jan 1938-Verohoeven, Paul.バーホーベン, ポールlccn-n95111574Stone, Sharon1958-prfactlccn-n91015148Carolco Pictures Inclccn-no00004892Ironside, Michael1950-prfactlccn-n79085101Schwarzenegger, Arnoldprfactlccn-no97023389Marshall, Alan1938-prolccn-n88222003Cox, Ronnyprfactlccn-n95092031Neumeier, Edwardsceausdrtedtlccn-n79074155Shusett, Ronaldsceantausproadplccn-n85376869Douglas, Michael1944-prfactlccn-n85315106Soeteman, GerardsceantausccpadpVerhoeven, Paul1938-DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryBiographyScience fiction filmsAction and adventure filmsWar filmsMotion picturesFictionInterviewsUnited StatesCyborgsMan-woman relationshipsNetherlandsMars (Planet)PoliceMotion picture producers and directorsWorld War (1939-1945)Human-alien encountersUnderground movements, WarCollaborationistsMotion pictures--Production and directionBetrayalMemoryJewish womenHeinlein, Robert A.--(Robert Anson),DictatorsGerman Occupation of Netherlands (1940-1945)SpiesDick, Philip KSurvivalTime travelAmnesiacsSex addictionWomen novelistsMichigan--DetroitSpace warfareInterplanetary voyagesLife on other planetsInsectsExtraterrestrial beingsVirtual realityScientistsPolice--MortalityGangsCalifornia--San FranciscoInvisibilityMurder--InvestigationWomen murderersPolice murdersDetectivesMurderCriminal behaviorSoldiersVerhoeven, Paul,SeductionAndroidsChristologyStripteasersWomen entertainers19381949195419661970197119731975197719781979198019831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014128252391016791.4372PN1997ocn150881663ocn039183348ocn064566893ocn026787036ocn047354648ocn038058290ocn794941116ocn044804629ocn027924042ocn042740094ocn150881663ocn047354648ocn046896276ocn018885247ocn731331814ocn061722828ocn778862487ocn795341213ocn743120078ocn416754023ocn822839805ocn742732805ocn407332545ocn743122155ocn743120615ocn422125507ocn743010460ocn742734067ocn753743305ocn753823994ocn753092014ocn754041248ocn837858674ocn754077815ocn753708001ocn552294267ocn835422344ocn767358537ocn691612963ocn762176894ocn691984648ocn767358532ocn779721758ocn691267936ocn742734067ocn693953264ocn691850063ocn462675374ocn798748075ocn7987487152573117ocn050903896visu19900.19Verhoeven, PaulTotal recallFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIn the year 2084 a worker leaves Earth for the mind-bending nightmarish reality of a Martian mining colony ruled over by a dictator who can alter reality to suit his whims+-+04483010063241767127ocn064566893visu19910.20Verhoeven, PaulBasic instinctDramaA tough but vulnerable detective investigates a murder identical to one described in the latest novel of a cold, calculating and beautiful novelist with an insatiable sexual appetite+-+8132301006324154291ocn048617396visu19870.20Verhoeven, PaulRobocopFictionDramaRoboCop is designed to stop a crimewave which is spreading all across America. The cyborg, created from the body of a slain Detroit police officer, is programmed to serve the public trust, uphold the law and protect the innocent. All goes well at first and Robocop stops every sleaze ball he encounters, but there are forces which will stop at nothing to see him eliminated+-+0855007106324124073ocn039183348visu19970.19Verhoeven, PaulStarship troopersHumorDramaScience fiction filmsFilm adaptationsAction and adventure filmsCourageous soldiers travel to the distant and desolate Klendathu system for the ultimate showdown between the species+-+4017532125324116929ocn150881663visu20060.19Verhoeven, PaulZwartboek Black bookHistoryDramaWar filmsA young Jewish girl hides out from the Naziś during World War II in The Netherlands. After her hiding place is literally blown, she escapes with her rescuer, a young sailer. That same night, as she is hiding with the sailer, she is warned by the Dutch resistance that their hiding place has been located by the Germans. The next day they take off toward the liberated areas. That night the boat sails into a trap set by the Germans. Rachel escapes and joins the resistance. Under the false name Ellis de Vries she meets SS-hauptsturmführer Ludwig Muntze on a train smuggling weapons. She goes to his head quarters to meet him again and gain his trust. He soons falls for her and joins his office as a spy. But when someone within the resistance betrays her, she is now seen as an enemy betraying both sides. All thatś left to do is run with the man she learned to love and find a way to prove her innocence by finding the real betrayer+-+7206039796105249ocn045657660visu20000.17Verhoeven, PaulHollow manDramaAfter years of experimentation, Dr. Sebastian Caine, a brilliant but arrogant scientist working for the Defense Department, has successfully transformed mammals to an invisible state and brought them back to their original physical form. Determined to achieve the ultimate breakthrough, Caine instructs his team to move on to phase III: human experimentation. Dr. Caine uses himself as the first subject+-+00650321253243615ocn235991540visu20080.15Neumeier, EdwardStarship troopers 3DramaFilm adaptationsColonel Johnny Rico is back to rescue Sky Marshal Anaoke after his Federation Starship lands on a planet that is overrun by bugs. Bonus features include featurettes and commentaries. Includes a digital copy of the film+-+526554089626139ocn044488250visu19950.25Verhoeven, PaulShowgirlsDrama"Nomi Malone has what it takes to make it as a Las Vegas showgirl-- what she doesn't have is a way in. To survive, she accepts the only job available: lap dancing at a seedy club. And when she meets Cristal, Vegas' reigning showgirl, Nomi wants everything she has-- including her boyfriend. And as Nomi dives deeper into the world she so desperately desires, a rivalry between the two women heats up. The battle for the spotlight becomes so fiercely competitive that it drives Nomi to deperate lengths-- and devious heights-- for fame in Sin City."--Container17610ocn047354648visu19850.27Verhoeven, PaulSoldaat van Oranje Soldier of OrangeHistoryDramaPersonal narratives DutchFilm adaptationsSoldier of Orange offers a movie-view of World War II as seen in the Netherlands by civilians and members of the underground during the Nazi occupation. In 1939 six college students, fraternity brothers, pose for a photograph--dashing Erik, mischievous Guus, 'Mr. Particular' Nico, athletic Jan, carefree Alex, and aspiring professor Jack. Then WWII begins and their placid lives, full of wealth and comfort, change irrevocably. Helpless, Erik can only try to survive himself, as some of his best friends die, some turn traitor, and others cover themselves with glory1598ocn047103001visu19830.28Verhoeven, PaulDe vierde manDramaFilm adaptationsAn alcoholic novelist meets a widowed hairdresser. He begins to wonder if she murdered her former husbands and if he'll be next1409ocn054402414visu19850.20Verhoeven, PaulFlesh + bloodHistoryDramaSet in Western Europe, 1510, this epic of romance and of passion for wealth and power tells the story of Martin, the chief of a band of mercenaries who win a battle for Arnolfini, their leader, but then are betrayed. Seeking revenge they abduct Arnolfini's daughter-in-law to-be, Agnes, from a convent, but she in turn manipulates Martin13216ocn051158289visu19800.32SpettersDramaSet in the world of motorcross sports, a champion faces three young challengers who are also his rivals for a young woman. "Hard-edged violence and intense sexuality."--Jacket1186ocn456179010book20100.27Verhoeven, PaulJesus of NazarethBuilding on the work of the great Biblical scholars of the twentieth centuryRudolf Bultman, Raymond Brown, Jane Schabert and Robert Funk, founder of the Jesus Seminars, among othersfilmmaker Paul Verhoeven disrobes the mythical Jesus to reveal a man who is, after all, startlingly familiar to us, a man who has much in common with other great political leaders throughout history, human beings who believed that change was coming in their lifetimes+-+60547783061169ocn066444845visu19730.33Hauer, RutgerTurks fruitDramaFilm adaptations"Erik Vonk is a carefree artist and ladies man until he meets Olga, a beautiful young woman with an equal passion for sexual adventure. They marry in a frenzy of erotic ecstasy, only to find that real life has other plans. When Olga is struck by a tragic illness, Erik must make a searing choice between a lust that cannot be tamed and a love that refuses to die."--Container1155ocn055952608visu20020.18Verhoeven, PaulRobocop trilogyDramaRobocop: "Set in Detroit sometime in the near-future, the film is about a policeman killed in the line of duty, who the department decides to resurrect as a half-human, half-robot supercop. The robocop is indestructible, and within a matter of weeks he has removed crime from the streets of Detroit. However, his human side is tortured by his past, and he wants revenge on the thugs who killed him."--Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Movie Guide1081ocn053965802visu20040.16The hitchhikerDramaThe Hitchhiker walks a lonely road where terror awaits around every curve. Walk with him, and you'll find yourself in some very dark places. He won't hold your hand, but he'll make sure the only ones who get hurt are the ones who deserve to10611ocn020498579visu19750.33Verhoeven, PaulKeetje TippelHistoryDramaFilm adaptationsMotion pictures"Neel Doff was born in 1858, married a wealthy student (who taught her French), became a widow, started travelling around Europe (and met Toulouse-Lautrec), and remarried a lawyer from Antwerp. In 1911 she published her first book, for which Octave Mirbeau tried to get her the Prix Goncourt, and at the beginning of the '20s she was even put up for the Nobel Prize. Her book was translated into English and Russian. ... A chic and detached look at poverty and prostitution in the 1880's. Against the background of the struggle of the poor family, Keetje's fight to keep her virginity (the fight is lost) and honesty is put. In the beginning she is just taken advantage of, but later she has to walk the street, chaperoned by Mom. She meets a bank clerk and has an affair with him, but finds happiness at last with a rich notary's son"--Variety review by "Saal.", May 14, 19751016ocn250399022book20080.23Verhoeven, PaulJezus van NazaretBiographySpeculatieve levensbeschrijving van Jezus van Nazareth, door de Nederlandse filmregisseur862ocn150412755book20060.18Soeteman, GerardZwartboek : romanFictionEen jonge joodse vrouw raakt aan het eind van de Tweede Wereldoorlog betrokken bij het Nederlandse verzet; als ze de opdracht krijgt een Duitse officier te verleiden, ontdekt ze dat goed en fout in de oorlog dicht bij elkaar liggen8310ocn018294464visu19830.31De vierde man The fourth manDramaFilm adaptationsAn unstable author has an affair with a rich widow and tries to seduce her lover1731ocn037875883book19970.59Scheers, Rob vanPaul VerhoevenHistoryBiography+-+04292662051093ocn061264956book20050.35Keesey, DouglasPaul VerhoevenCriticism, interpretation, etcRetrace la carrière du cinéaste néerlandais Paul Verhoeven, réalisateur de Basic instinct et Starship troopers notamment+-+3656837738221ocn035235581book19960.28Scheers, Rob vanPaul Verhoeven : de geautoriseerde biografieBiographyBiografie van de Nederlandse filmregisseur (1938)91ocn555638322book20100.84Réra, NathanAu jardin des délices : entretiens avec Paul VerhoevenInterviewsEntretiens avec le réalisateur de Basic Instinct, Robocop ou encore Total Recall dans lesquels il revient sur ses débuts et sur des épisodes importants de son enfance. Il apporte des éclairages sur ses films hollandais, sur ses projets à venir, sur la polémique liée à Starship Troopers, ou encore sur sa relation au sacré, au sexe et à la violence82ocn310979829book20080.24Scheers, Rob vanPaul Verhoeven : de biografieBiographyBiografie van de Nederlandse filmregisseur (1938)51ocn793494372book20120.24Verhoeven, PaulVolgens Verhoeven : op stap door de filmgeschiedenis met Paul VerhoevenHistoryInterviews"Behalve een groot filmregisseur is Paul Verhoeven een fervent filmfan. Met zijn eigenzinnige blik vallen hem details op die doorgaans ontsnappen aan het oog van anderen. In samenspraak met zijn biograaf Rob van Scheers analyseert hij in dit boek op aanstekelijke wijze tal van gekende ('Lawrence of Arabia') én vermeende ('Casablanca') filmklassiekers, en leert zo de lezer anders kijken. Ondertussen werken de verhalen ook op het niveau van een zelfportret: vele persoonlijke herinneringen van Paul Verhoeven zijn erin verwerkt"--Provided by publisher52ocn858660685book20140.81Nayman, AdamIt doesn't suck : ShowgirlsCriticism, interpretation, etc51ocn050396889book20010.81Bouineau, Jean-MarcPaul Verhoeven : beyond flesh and bloodBiography31ocn493943739book20040.47Film voices interviews from Post ScriptInterviews+-+910619642511ocn041121519book1.00Showgirls (Motion picture : 1995) [clippings]11ocn144659565book1.00Showgirls (Motion picture : 1995) [clippings]11ocn721962570book20100.47Ruzicka, Thaddeus GlenHollywood bête noir : the cinema of Paul VerhoevenCriticism, interpretation, etc01ocn081503458bookShowgirls (Motion picture : 1995) [clippings]+-+7206039796+-+7206039796Fri Mar 21 15:53:46 EDT 2014batch38708