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Fri Mar 21 17:06:25 2014 UTClccn-n920940460.00A health care purchaser's guide to using the Dartmouth atlas /0.811.00The Trustess of Dartmouth College vs. the International Paper Company159589942n 920940463242023containsVIAFID/123343764Dartmouth University. Board of Trusteesnc-dartmouth collegeDartmouth Collegelccn-n85247795Woodward, William Henry1774-1818lccn-n88670646Smith, Isaac W.(Isaac William)1825-1898lccn-n91112389New HampshireSuperior Courtnp-thum, carlThum, Carlnp-zimmerman, gail mZimmerman, Gail M.lccn-no2003057097Films for the Humanities & Sciences (Firm)np-dooley, tomDooley, Tomnp-taylor, robinTaylor, Robinlccn-no2003045854Dartmouth CollegeOffice of Instructional ServicesDartmouth CollegeTrusteesTrials, litigation, etcHistoryChartersMapsSourcesDartmouth CollegeConstitutional lawUnited StatesDartmouth College.--TrusteesWoodward, William Henry,Stress managementStudy skillsNew HampshirePropertyFinanceMoor's Indian Charity SchoolReligionUniversities and colleges--Alumni and alumnaeScholarshipsManagementAwardsNew Hampshire--HanoverHitchcock, Hiram,Bartlett, Samuel Colcord,Crosby, Dixi,Fairbanks, Henry,Bisbee, Marvin Davis,German Occupation of France (1940-1945)Phelps, Edward E.--(Edward Elisha),Tucker, William Jewett,FranceSpalding, Charles Warren,Universities and colleges--FacultyGymnasiumsPews and pew rightsTucker FoundationPeabody, Nathaniel,EvictionPresidentsFrost, Edwin Brant,StudentsDartmouth College.--LibraryPeabody, David,New Hampshire--LandaffHistory--Study and teachingLegislationTrusts and trusteesParker, Joel,Vermont--WheelockHaddock, Charles B.--(Charles Bricket),Cummings and HilliardDartmouth College.--Comparative Studies Center17691786178917931795179818001806180818151816181718181820182118221823182418261829183518361837183818401841184318441845184618471848185018541856185718581860186318641865186618671868187218791881188218831885188618871888188918901891189218931894190319081912192119251950195719591970197219731975197619771978198019831984198719881997199819992000200120022003200720102011464333348378.17AC1611ocn506026497com18180.93New HampshireOpinion of the Superior Court of the state of New-Hampshire, in the case of the Trustees of Dartmouth College, versus William H. Woodward, esq. pronounced at Plymouth, in the county of Grafton, at the November term, 1817Trials, litigation, etcChartersDartmouth College Case; 1815 New Hampshire legislative enactments altered the charter of Dartmouth College and brought the institution under state control by enlarging the Board of Trustees and and creating a Board of Overseers appointed by the legislature with veto on trustee action; and changed the name to Dartmouth University; after a state court decision favorable to the University faction; case argued before the U.S. Supreme Court which held New Hampshire law invalid432ocn045704071visu20000.39Stress managementStress, when carefully managed, can actually facilitate academic achievement. Reinforced by on-screen lists and a review segment at the end, this program first defines stress and then promotes three core strategies for dealing with it: a positive attitude, a healthy lifestyle, and relaxation techniques51ocn031565308book18810.96Dartmouth CollegeReport of the committee of the Trustees of Dartmouth College, on the recent investigation in reference to that institution and also report of a committee of the Trustees in reference to the Chandler Scientific Department connected with the college, unanimously adopted by the Board51ocn031565413book18580.95Dartmouth CollegeA report on a memorial of the alumni of Dartmouth college, at Boston and the vicinity, to the trustees; on scholarships and prizes32ocn077960912book1.00Dartmouth CollegeThe Trustess of Dartmouth College vs. the International Paper Company22ocn003295738book18481.00Dartmouth Medical SchoolMinutes of Faculty meetings, 1848 October 27 and November 9 [Hanover, N.H.], to the Secretary of the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College [Hanover, N.H.]Dr. Crosby recommends Rufus Kittredge, Asa George and Benjamin Hunkins for honorary M.D. degrees. Edward Phelps should fill chair vacated by Dr. Roby and Albert Smith should replace Dr. Phelps21ocn050053410book1999Cooper, Megan McAndrewA health care purchaser's guide to using the Dartmouth atlasHistory21ocn013628938map19501.00Dartmouth CollegeA map of Dartmouth College, Hanover, New HampshireMaps11ocn002854092book18921.00Symonds, Snow & CookLetter, 1892 December 31, Portland, Maine, to the Secretary, Board of Trustees, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.HNeeds copy of Trustees vote authorizing Edward Spalding and Benjamin F. Prescott to execute the lease to George Van Dyke11ocn002784950book18241.00Kimball, James LawtonRequest for delay of payment, 1824 August 17 [Hanover, N.H.], to the Trustees of Dartmouth College [Hanover, N.H.]Payment of college bills will be made with first money received from More's School11ocn077596246book19031.00Plaintiff's brief on preliminary questions for hearing before the Circuit Court (Judge Lowell), Dec, 22, 190311ocn086148268book1.00Dartmouth CollegeCollection consists of the records of the Dartmouth College Alumni Fund11ocn002864605book18481.00Duncan, W. HLetter, 1848 July 25, Hanover [N.H.], to the Board of Trustees of Dartmouth College [Hanover, N.H.]As executor of the will of Olcott, writes that Olcott was only the surety of a note he signed with Prof. Haddock. Haddock should make payment11ocn002696975book1.00Dartmouth CollegeAccount with O.P. HubbardList of expenditures and credits against the account11ocn003110679book1.00Dartmouth CollegeVote on use of pews [n.d., Hanover, N.H.]The Treasurer is directed to pay for the use of the pews in the Meeting House occupied by the students11ocn122561662book17891.00Dartmouth Collegeto the Committee appointed to assertain the waiste land in the State of New HampshireHistorySourcesPetition for resolution of an overlapping grant of land in Landaff, requesting the eviction of grantees associated with Nathaniel Peabody11ocn002791171book18241.00Carlton, OliverRequest for delay of payment, 1824 August 17 [Hanover, N.H.], to the Trustees of Dartmouth College [Hanover, N.H.]Offers a signed bond for security if payment can be delayed for one year11ocn005368789book1843Lord, NathanLetter, 1843 November 29, Hanover, New Hampshire, to Joel Parker, Keene, New HampshireAnnounces Parker's election as a trustee of Dartmouth College11ocn237243260book18151.00Dartmouth CollegeResolved that Brown demand of Wheelock all titles and papers relating to Moor's Indian Charity School and to its property, and that tenants on land belonging to Moor's Indian Charity School in Wheelock, Vt., cease to pay rent to John Wheelock11ocn002860914book18241.00Beebe, RichardRequest for delay of payment, 1824 August 17, Hanover, [N.H.], to the Trustees of Dartmouth College [Hanover, N.H.]Heman Day advanced to Aaron Wright funds to pay Beebe's tuition, but it has not been done. Wishes to be allowed to receive degree282ocn367794910file18160.93New HampshireDocuments relative to Dartmouth College81ocn039536469book18350.92Hale, BenjaminValedictory letter to the trustees of Dartmouth college21ocn002764459book18921.00Chase, William MLetter, 1892 February 9, Exeter, N.H., to Bro. Smith [n.p.]CONTENTS--Bartlett's resignation prevented Richardson, Spalding, Frost, and Hitchcock from forcing him to do so. Fairbanks will report to the Board. Talk of buying Conant Hall and improving Bissell Hall21ocn002767788book18891.00Sherman, Frank AsburyLetter, 1889 June 29, Hanover, N.H., to Isaac W. Smith [n.p.]The faculty of the Chandler School did not attend the Board meeting because Professor Bisbee did not notify them11ocn002701447book18891.00Bartlett, Samuel ColcordLetter, 1889 September 11, Hanover, N.H., to I.W. Smith [n.p.]The Trustees voted that E.B. Frost was to continue as an instructor in the Chandler School. Frost is unhappy with this agreement12ocn237629284book1.00Keyes, Homer EatonAlumni control of college financesCorrespondence between the counsel of the Trustees and the Secretary of the Alumni Council, January - April, 191711ocn237296664book1.00Dartmouth CollegeCollection consists of the records of the Dept. of History at Dartmouth College. Includes material regarding the history major, the requirements for the major and for honors work in the major, course descriptions, and proposals for new courses, as well as letters to graduates from the Dept. Includes applications for teaching positions in the Dept. Also includes class notes, attendance books, grade books, and other student records, schedules, bulletins, department budget material, and general correspondence11ocn237320593book18831.00Stanley, Clinton WarringtonManchester, Vt., to Hon. Charles H. BellMentions items to be discussed at the April (18th) 1883 meeting of the Dartmouth College Trustees, including disposition of a $50,000 legacy given by Judge Joel Parker for a law school, a matter concerning the President's house, and a discussion of the Wentworth estate11ocn002760496book18911.00Streeter, Frank SherwinLetter, 1891 July 10, Concord, N.H., to Brother Smith [n.p.]Judge Veazey wrote Bartlett offering to resign. Thinks Alumni will nominate him to serve on Board of Trustees and gives his feelings on the subject11ocn022414961visu19081.00Langill, Howard Henry HarrisonDartmouth College Board of Trustees, 1908Portraits11ocn002762603book18921.00Hill, Howard FremontLetter, 1892 April 7, Concord, N.H., to I.W. Smith [n.p.]CONTENTS: Heard of Mr. Hitchcock's resignation from the Board. Hopes a suitable successor can be found11ocn003100455book18221.00Farrar, TimothyCertificate of books ordered by the Trustees of Dartmouth College for the LibraryList of book titles and prices. Certificate returned by Cummings and Hilliard of Boston11ocn002688535book18921.00Frost, Carlton PenningtonLetter, 1892 October 13, Hanover, N.H., to Judge Smith [n.p.]There are several matters for the Board to act on. Dr. Tucker hopes the Curriculum Committee can meet. Would be economical to combine teaching in the College and Chandler School11ocn002870829book18911.00Colby, James FairbanksLetter, 1891 June 9, Hanover, N.H., to I.W. Smith [n.p.]Has spoken with Alumni about representation on the Board, the possibility of litigation, and its consequences. Richardson is uncompromising11ocn002698000book1.00Lord, NathanLetter [n.d., Hanover, N.H.], to Mr. Olcott [n.p.]Mr. Peabody will leave this morning. Requests copy of the Board's resolution regarding his appointment11ocn002762356book18921.00Smith, Isaac WLetter, 1892 April 9 [n.p.], to Charles F. Emerson [n.p.]Notification of vacancy on the Board due to Hiram Hitchcock's resignation11ocn002870296book18921.00Richardson, James BLetter, 1892 March 19, Boston, to Isaac W. Smith [n.p.]Dr. Tucker wanted the Trustees to know he declined the Presidency before it appeared in print. Tucker voted for a Mr. Walker for the position11ocn002693247book18911.00Pettee, Charles HolmesLetter, 1891 September 24, Hanover, N.H., to Judge Smith [n.p.]Details provisions made in legislation for the nomination of regular and Alumni Trustees11ocn002767853book18891.00Chase, FrederickLetter, 1889 April 17, Hanover, N.H., to Judge Smith [n.p.]Briefly explains the Board's policy about spending Dartmouth trust funds11ocn071849464book19871.00Dartmouth CollegeReport of the Ad Hoc Committee on Alumni Trustee ElectionsFri Mar 21 15:39:35 EDT 2014batch26303