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Fri Mar 21 17:10:22 2014 UTClccn-n920967560.00Mapantsula /0.640.92Amapantsula277363574n 920967563246953lccn-n92096754Schmitz, Oliverausdrtnp-montocchio, maxMontocchio, Maxproprflccn-no2004121207Van Heerden, Marcelcstactnp-hannay, davidHannay, Davidlccn-no2001080779Haverbeamlccn-n80142225California Newsreel (Firm)lccn-n88043316Mtshali, Thembinc-one look productions pty ltdOne Look Productions (PTY), Ltdnp-mtshali jones, thembiMtshali-Jones, Thembiactlccn-no2001081490One Look ProductionsMogotlane, ThomasDramaFictionSouth AfricaAnti-apartheid movementsBlacks--Social conditionsSouth Africa--JohannesburgSocial historyMotion picturesMapantsula (Motion picture)Blacks in motion picturesApartheidGovernment, Resistance toPolitical prisonersSouth Africa--SowetoCriminalsCrimePolitical activistsSchmitz, Oliver1988199019911992200120082009497938791.4372PN1997ocn214064267ocn745471222ocn847196223ocn745471222ocn847196223ocn22583108142626ocn020614848visu19880.63Schmitz, OliverMapantsulaFictionDramaPanic is a petty crook who lives in Soweto. He is not interested in politics but one day he is arrested and imprisoned with anti-apartheid activists. He is transformed into a man willing to become involved in social change544ocn033817671book19910.73Schmitz, OliverMapantsula : the book101ocn023577177visu19880.92AmapantsulaDramaPanic is a petty criminal imprisoned with South African Anti-Apartheid activists sho feel contempt toward his lifestyle. While in jail, Panic is transformed into a man willing to become involved with social change22ocn500075424book1988Schmitz, OliverMapantsula11ocn634352539book19910.47Mapantsula - the book : Preface, foreword, introduction, the interview, the script11ocn082976476visu19880.10Mapantsula HustlerThe central character, Panic, is a mapantsula, a Zulu term for a petty crook. He is imprisoned with anti-apartheid activists, and is transformed into a man willing to become involved with social change11ocn225831081visu[Political cinema : realism and myth]Two films with differing strategies for dealing with political issues in feature film format 'without preaching' as the scriptwriter of Mapantsula (1988), Thomas Mogotlane puts it. He sees the film as 'a slice of life - a few weeks in the life of an irresponsible black man (a petty gangster) who becomes caught up in a political drama by accident'. Mapantsula deals with the everyday black experience of apartheid. Matewan (1987) in dealing with the exploitation of labour in West Virginian mines, is set relatively safely in the past (the twenties) and draws upon the mythos of the Western but maintains a focus on the political issue of the need for collective action against exploitation11ocn179748698file20010.47Mapantsula11ocn317345214visu19880.10MapantsulaAn anti-Apartheid film from South Africa whose central character, a petty crook from Soweto is drawn into the cause against racism. In English, Zulu, Sotho and Afrikaana with English sub-titlesFri Mar 21 15:29:12 EDT 2014batch6229