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Fri Mar 21 17:04:09 2014 UTClccn-n921146690.00Tactics of remembrance: Proust, surrealism, and the origin of the Passagenwerk /0.550.76Globalizing critical theory /113243046n 921146693278813lccn-n78093535Habermas, Jürgenivelccn-n80036695Benjamin, Walter1892-1940lccn-n82086226Haller, Michael1945-othivrlccn-n95043432Torpey, John1959-edtlccn-no2002110905Levy, Daniel1962-edtlccn-n80002956Adorno, Theodor W.1903-1969lccn-n98036777Cronin, Ciaran(Ciaran P.)trledtnp-li wei$levy daniel 1962李維(Levy, Daniel, 1962-)np-tuo er pei$torpey john c托爾佩(Torpey, John C.)np-deng, bo chen$xi yang wen xue鄧伯宸(西洋文學)Pensky, Max1961-HistoryPhilosophyDemocracyWorld politicsNation-stateBenjamin, Walter,Melancholy individuals as literary charactersGrief in literaturePolitical ethicsPolitical science--PhilosophySolidarityPolitical scienceNational characteristics, GermanGermanyPersian Gulf War (1991)Political cultureMelancholyGriefLiteratureNational characteristics, EuropeanRelationsUnited StatesGlobalizationCritical theoryFrankfurt school of sociologyEuropeEurope--European Union countriesSocial historyEssaysSocial history--PhilosophyPhilosophy, ModernWorld politics--PhilosophyAdorno, Theodor W.,1961198919911993199419961997200020012003200520062007200820102012201356441991320.101JC311ocn468188336ocn495258076ocn443654818ocn470913027ocn807377605ocn862264390ocn439978499ocn441328686ocn742382152ocn440656138ocn742442370ocn441328686ocn437988668ocn439978499ocn185811106147816ocn049851658file20000.39Habermas, JürgenThe postnational constellation political essays"Does a global economy render the traditional nation-state obsolete? Does globalization threaten democratic life, or offer it new forms of expression? What are the implications of globalization for our understanding of politics and of national and cultural identities?" "In the Postnational Constellation, the leading German philosopher and social theorist Jurgen Habermas addresses these and other questions. He explores topics such as the historical and political origins of national identity, the catastrophes and achievement of 'the long twentieth century', the future of democracy in the wake of the era of the nation-state, the moral and political challenges facing the European Union, and the status of global human rights in the ongoing debate on the sources of cultural identity. In their scope, critical insight, and argumentative clarity, the essays in The Postnational Constellation present a powerful vision of the contemporary political scene and of the challenges and opportunities we face in the new millennium."--BOOK JACKET+-+894748030532414329ocn044954701file19930.50Pensky, MaxMelancholy dialectics Walter Benjamin and the play of mourningThrough close readings of the Origin of the German Play of Mourning, the essays on surrealism and Baudelaire, and the unfinished Arcades Project, Pensky demonstrates that Benjamin's attempt to work through this "melancholy dialectics" lies at the core of his mature thought+-+16527703053249149ocn220142844file20080.56Pensky, MaxThe ends of solidarity discourse theory in ethics and politics+-+08182964254053ocn028966232book19940.73Habermas, JürgenThe past as future : Vergangenheit als ZukunftHistoryThis volume contains interviews that focus on matters of decisive importance to Germany and the rest of the world in the 1990s : German unification; explosive debates about interpretations of German history, Germany's asylum policies, and the Nazi era; efforts to create a cooperative, peaceful Europe; and the significance of the Persian Gulf War. A final interview focuses on the relation between theory and practice--between philosophy and the so-called real world+-+41172785353518ocn055671461book20050.76Pensky, MaxGlobalizing critical theoryAcross a spectrum of academic disciplines, the topic of globalization is at the forefront of contemporary efforts to understand a dynamically changing world society. How might critical social theory respond creatively to the challenge of thinking and theorizing globalization in its full complexity?+-+44998079253108ocn034824209book19970.76The actuality of Adorno : critical essays on Adorno and the postmodern+-+06888964253029ocn057722598book20050.70Levy, DanielOld Europe, new Europe, core Europe : transatlantic relations after the Iraq war+-+85702199362977ocn056468060book20010.76Habermas, JürgenTime of transitionsWe live in an era of turbulent change when many of the framework that have characterized our societies over the last few centuries, such as the international order of sovereign nation-states are being called into question. In this new volume of essays and interview, Jürgen Habermas focuses his attention on these processes of change and provides some of the resources needed to understand them+-+666581092511012ocn031358378book19910.39Habermas, JürgenThe past as futureHistory+-+4117278535271ocn424212591book20070.37Jiu Ou zhou xin Ou zhou he xin Ou zhou : Ou zhou de gong min shi dai lai lin le ma ?Zuo zhe zhu zhang wei you Ou zhou yong you gong tong de wai jiao yu guo fang zheng ce, cai neng zhi heng Mei guo yi mian dao de guo ji ying xiang li, bing cu cheng Ou zhou jin yi bu de tong he. Ci xuan yan yin fa ou mei duo wei zhi ming de xue zhe yu zuo jia dui Ou zhou ren tong yi ji ou mei guan xi de bian lun, ben shu ze shi zhe xie bian lun de xuan ji41ocn219308952book20070.47Levy, DanielJiu Ouzhou xin Ouzhou he xin Ouzhou : Ouzhou gong min de shi dai lai lin le ma?41ocn858481335book20070.06Li weiJiu ou zhou xin ou zhou he xin ou zhou : ou zhou gong min de shi dai lai lin le ma?Zuo zhe zhu zhang wei you ou zhou yong you gong tong de wai jiao yu guo fang zheng ce,cai neng zhi heng mei guo yi mian dao de guo ji ying xiang li,bing cu cheng ou zhou jin yi bu de tong he ,ci xuan yan yin fa ou mei duo wei zhi ming de xue zhe yu zuo jia dui ou zhou ren tong yi ji ou mei guan xi de bian lun,ben shu ze shi zhe xie bian lun de xuan ji{212260}41ocn550867194book20100.27Levy, DanielJiu Ou'zhou xin Ou'zhou hen xin Ou'zhou11ocn775673798art20100.10Pensky, MaxEthics and Critical Theory11ocn812083008art20120.10Freeman, MarkThe Amnesty Controversy in International Law11ocn729073311book1996Pensky, MaxTactics of remembrance: Proust, surrealism, and the origin of the Passagenwerk11ocn729082720book1997Pensky, MaxEditor's introduction: Adorno's actuality11ocn633147230book19890.76Pensky, MaxThe politics of melancholia studies in the work of Walter Benjamin11ocn870304245art20130.10Pensky, Max"Jus post bellum" and Amnesties+-+1652770305324+-+1652770305324Fri Mar 21 15:26:05 EDT 2014batch13272