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Thu Oct 16 17:56:23 2014 UTClccn-n930154070.10Black and white0.130.14Black and white /26269423n 930154073319751fast-1013077McKenna, Brian (Fictitious character)lccn-n79078131New York (N.Y.).Police Departmentviaf-204198225Morgan, Adamsnrtlccn-no2014034658Lane, Christophernrtlccn-no2008178930Blackstone Audio, Inclccn-n80090319ETA (Organization)lccn-no2010085903Ingram Digital (Firm)Mahoney, DanFictionDetective and mystery storiesNew York (State)--New YorkPoliceMcKenna, Brian (Fictitious character)VigilantesDrug trafficNew York (N.Y.).--Police DepartmentSpain--País VascoTerrorism--PreventionSpainOntario--TorontoHomeless personsGangsNew York (State)--New York--ChinatownChinese AmericansChineseOntarioTerroristsTerrorismIrelandIcelandMurderPornographyDetectivesKidnappingDetective and mystery storiesETA (Organization)Organized crimeAmerican fiction199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200920102011201360821277813.54PS3563.A3649557ocn051559228book20030.12Mahoney, DanJusticeFictionDetective and mystery storiesDetectives Brian McKenna and Cisco Sanchez find themselves involved in the ethically challenging case of a "Robin Hood" vigilante killer who is targeting drug dealers and giving stolen drug money to the poor+-+52045876857995ocn049679806book20020.12Mahoney, DanThe protectorsFictionThe kidnapping of a Spanish ambassador by Basque separatists leaves several people dead and Detective Brian McKenna and the NYPD's Joint Terrorist Task Force hot on the trail of the culprits+-+550937768573112ocn045951581book20010.13Mahoney, DanThe two ChinatownsFictionCisco Sanchez is the self proclaimed "best detective in New York" - better even than Brian McKenna, whom Cisco considers the luckiest detective+-+49861776857273ocn040996079book19990.14Mahoney, DanBlack and whiteFictionDetective Brian McKenna of New York investigates the murder of a married woman whipped to death and of her lover. The case takes him into the world of pornography+-+93275776857135ocn037615350book19980.14Mahoney, DanOnce in, never outFictionA New York policeman turns IRA bomber after being dismissed for extorting money from prostitutes. He kills several people in Europe, including the British foreign secretary, then prepares to bomb New York during the St. Patrick's Day parade. Detective Brian McKenna flies to Ireland to capture him+-+23773676856745ocn027728715book19930.13Mahoney, DanDetective first gradeFictionA five-day secret war between the NYPD and a group of desperate terrorists+-+08680476856533ocn035638776book19970.13Mahoney, DanHydeFictionA serial killer in New York is murdering homeless men who are HIV-positive by offering them poisoned wine. The case is given to Captain Brian McKenna of the NYPD who discovers the killer is a doctor. By the author of The Edge of the City+-+71960676855927ocn032349139book19950.13Mahoney, DanEdge of the cityFictionFormer NYPD detective Brian McKenna is called out of retirement in Florida to battle Peru's guerrillas, the Sendero Luminoso. They are plotting to hold New York hostage with terrorist acts+-+73320476851057ocn053966325rcrd20030.14Mahoney, DanJusticeFictionDetective First Grade Brian McKenna and his partner Cisco Sanchez are chasing a killer that all of New York City is rooting for, a vigilante of supreme technical skill, physical power, and intelligence who signs himself "Justice." Justice is executing drug dealers, helping the police close unsolved cases, and providing those in need with stolen drug money--creating a nightmare for the police commissioner, the mayor, and the two detectives. McKenna and Sanchez must work to outsmart the killer, discover his next victim, and find out who is helping Justice in his quest for revenge+-+K595461325488ocn045124689rcrd19990.10Mahoney, DanBlack and whiteFictionDetective and mystery storiesWhen a gruesome double-murder leaves the NYPD brass perplexed, former detective Brian McKenna is called out of retirement and partnered with legendary homicide detective Tom McKenna. One of the victims was the daughter of an unpopular New York City councilman; the other was the daughter of a prominent Virginia attorney. The stakes couldn't be higher for the two McKenna's, who quickly deduce that the killer, or killers, have been on the prowl for nearly two decades+-+4153661325324437ocn041414829rcrd19980.12Mahoney, DanOnce in, never outFictionDetective and mystery storiesDetective Brian McKenna tracks a missing person to Iceland, but soon is chasing a man with ties to Ireland, the NYPD, and a series of unsolved murders linked to bombings+-+7450661325428ocn044503583rcrd19970.13Mahoney, DanHydeFictionDetective and mystery storiesA serial killer in New York is murdering homeless men who have aids by offering them poisoned wine. The case is given to Captain Brian McKenna of the NYPD who discovers the killer is a doctor. By the author of The Edge of the City+-+4002661325+-+5204587685+-+5204587685Thu Oct 16 15:50:31 EDT 2014batch10651