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B.(William Edward Burghardt)1868-1963nc-library of congressLibrary of Congresslccn-n83133968Willis, Deborah1948-lccn-n50049263Lewis, David L.1936-viaf-17533567Johnson, Georgia Douglas-1966lccn-n80020357United StatesBureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Landslccn-n80060458African Methodist Episcopal Churchnc-african methodist episcopal churchAfrican Methodist Episcopal Churchviaf-232049427Handy, James A.Bp1826-1911lccn-n50017339Turner, Henry McNeal1834-1915Daniel Murray Collection (Library of Congress)Pictorial worksPortraitsPoetryHistoryPeriodicalsBiographyFictionChurch historyCatechismsMiscellaneaAfrican AmericansAfrican Americans--Social conditionsGeorgiaExposition universelle internationale de 1900Du Bois, W. E. B.--(William Edward Burghardt),African Methodist Episcopal ChurchAfrican American womenWilberforce UniversitySmith, David,Political scienceAfricaCivilizationBlack raceUnited StatesAfrican American clergyFreedmenAfrican Americans--ReligionMethodismKentuckyAfrican Americans--EducationAfrican American MethodistsOhioClergySlavesMarylandCatechisms, EnglishSelf-determination, NationalIndiaAfrican Americans--Conduct of lifeConduct of lifeAfrican Americans--Legal status, laws, etcCharitiesAfrican Americans--CharitiesCalhoun Colored School (Calhoun, Ala.)Washington (D.C.)African Americans--Civil rightsAfrican American universities and collegesBlack theologyFreedmen--Legal status, laws, etcSlaves--Legal status, laws, etcEducation--Aims and objectivesSlavery--Law and legislationAmerican drama--African American authorsAfrican Americans as literary charactersMaryland--Sandy SpringAfrican Americans in literatureAfrican American poetsPoets, AmericanNational Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Women and Children (Washington, D.C.)Social work with African Americans186918811885189018911892189318951897189818991900190119021903190519061907190819091910191119121913191419151916191719191920192119221982200311776977305.896073009034022E185.867303ocn051855249book20030.26Library of CongressA small nation of people : W.E.B. Du Bois and African-American portraits of progressPortraitsPictorial worksAs the world prepared for the Exposition Universalle de 1900 in Paris, W. E. B. Du Bois was approached to help represent African American life. He came with a cache of stunning photographs to illustrate the progress of Negroes in America-thereby offering a photographic counterpoint to the prolific stereotyping of blacks that left viewers awestruck. With insights from Pulitzer Prize winner David Levering Lewis and Mac-Arthur Fellow photo historian Deborah Willis, A Small Nation of People presents more than one hundred and fifty of these important photographs together for the first time since their initial unveiling. Here is an incredible treasure trove of illustrations of African Americans in front of their new businesses, universities, and homes-sometimes modest, sometimes elegant. Here, too, are beautiful Victorian-era portraits of blacks whose varied hues show how diverse black Americans truly were. Viewed together, the collection reveals in glorious detail what Du Bois saw-a small nation of people prepared to make their mark on America+-+0798705155601ocn006107711book19220.77Johnson, Georgia Douglas CampBronze: a book of versePoetry432ocn011887484serial0.93United StatesSemi-annual report on schools for freedmenPeriodicals371ocn000715128book19020.84Handy, James AScraps of African Methodist Episcopal historyHistoryChurch historyBiographyDescribes the organization and formation of the church, the rise of Methodism, and the establishment of the A.M.E. Church in the Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York areas. Provides a history of the Church's annual conferences, loaded with names and administrative details that provide insight into the interesting historical preoccupations that dominated some of the conferences. Also a focus on the people responsible for the rise of the church, which includes several short biographies of prominent A.M.E. leaders. Also includes information on subjects ranging from church policy for pastors, member responsibilities, and a report of a conference in Haiti221ocn000724904book18850.77Turner, Henry McNealThe genius and theory of Methodist polity; or, The machinery of Methodism, practically illustrated through a series of questions and answersHistoryCatechismsMiscellaneaAn introduction to the African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church, directed towards "the neophyte ministry and laity of our church". Turner's book asks and then answers 1115 basic questions about church ideology, organization, administration, and history. He concludes the guide to the A.M.E. Church by providing the general rules and constitution of the church, as well as several blank versions of frequently used forms171ocn010510083serial0.93National Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Women and Children (Washington, D.C.)Annual report of the National Association for the Relief of Destitute Colored Women and Children161ocn000548911book18810.70Smith, DavidBiography of Rev. David Smith of the A.M.E. ChurchHistoryBiography161ocn018514924serial0.97Calhoun Colored School (Calhoun, Ala.)Annual report of the principals of the Calhoun Colored School ... with the reports of the heads of departmentsPeriodicals141ocn018396148mix19820.96GeorgiaThe black code of Georgia, U.S.AHistorySources141ocn000703607book18900.90Wayman, A. WThe life of Rev. James Alexander Shorter, one of the bishops of the African M.E. Church132ocn012667550book18970.86Johnson, W. DBiographical sketches of prominent Negro men and women of KentuckyBiography132ocn034943395book19160.90Griggs, Sutton ELife's demands, or, According to law91ocn018377377visu19000.84Charts and graphs showing the condition of Afro-Americans in 190092ocn017488472book18950.79Dunbar-Nelson, Alice MooreViolets and other talesFictionPoetry91ocn036929737serial0.94The African times and orient reviewPeriodicalsThis periodical covers politics, literature, art and commerce91ocn000874874book19061.00Roosevelt, TheodoreAddress of President Roosevelt at Hampton Institute81ocn000798113book19110.93Miller, KellyThe ministry; the field for the talented tenth71ocn000591692art19010.94Thom, William TaylorThe Negroes of Sandy Spring, Maryland : a social studyHistory71ocn001787434serial0.95Kelly Miller's monographic magazinePeriodicals71ocn013235552book19000.94[Charts and graphs showing the conditions of Afro-Americans in 1900]+-+0798705155+-+0798705155Thu Oct 16 15:49:20 EDT 2014batch14593