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Fri Mar 21 17:06:23 2014 UTClccn-n930827130.00Gergen, David0.261.00Ronald L. Ziegler papers,17402478David_Gergenn 9308271338556533441414Gergen, David.Gergen, David Richmond.lccn-n88295415Manifold Productionslccn-n80149991South Carolina Educational Television Networklccn-n79104211Wattenberg, Ben J.lccn-no98073093White Star (Firm)lccn-n79059562Reagan, Ronaldviaf-124855799AIMS Medialccn-n85353925Lehrer, Jameshstlccn-n80067040Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )lccn-n79054058Democratic Party (U.S.)lccn-no98109352Great Projects Film CompanyGergen, David R.(David Richmond)1942-Case studiesHistoryInterviewsDocumentary television programsUnited StatesPresidentsExecutive powerOrganizational effectivenessLeadershipPolitical partiesPolitical scienceRepublican Party (U.S. : 1854- )Democratic Party (U.S.)Reagan, RonaldPolitical planningGlobalization--Economic aspectsClinton, Bill,Nixon, Richard M.--(Richard Milhous),Ford, Gerald R.,Political and social viewsFriedman, Thomas LSoto, Hernando de,Globalization--Social aspectsDeveloping countriesDorgan, Byron LGlobalization--Moral and ethical aspectsExploitationHuman rights and globalizationEnvironmental policy--International cooperationEnvironmental policyEnvironmental degradationBiodiversityGlobal warmingPopulation policyPresidents--ElectionBush, George W.--(George Walker),Gore, Albert,Foreign newsMass mediaAfricaEconomic policyTelevision journalistsCivil rights movementsLehrer, JamesUnited States.--Supreme CourtBlackmun, Harry A.--(Harry Andrew),Constitution (United States)Holmes, Hamilton,African Americans--Civil rightsParks, Rosa,Race relationsInternational relationsIntercultural communicationPropaganda, American1942198019821984198719881989199019911992199319941995199619971998199920002001200220032004200520062007200920102011201220133651107152973.92JK516ocn033825033ocn847872586ocn847871392ocn847871393ocn847871374ocn847872588ocn847871377ocn847872582ocn071818154ocn450623838ocn753097093244415ocn044509373book20000.21Gergen, David REyewitness to power : the essence of leadership : Nixon to ClintonHistoryCase studiesWhite House advisor to four presidents David Gergen chronicles the ups and downs of presidential leadership over the last thirty years of the twentieth century+-+68117393151591ocn317923420book20090.31President Ronald Reagan's initial actions project+-+95401648961533ocn035996515visu19930.19America's political parties the Democratic Party, 1960-1992HistoryTraces the history of the Democratic Party's domination of U.S. politics from the presidency of John F. Kennedy to its split in 1968 at the tumultuous Chicago convention. Since then, despite their best efforts, the Democrats have lost five out of the last seven elections. Ben Wattenberg explores the reasons for this1473ocn036216846visu19930.19America's political parties the Republican Party, 1960-1992HistoryDocuments the rise of the conservatives in the Republican party and the massive changes that have taken place in the U.S. as a result. Also discusses how the Republicans have been able to dominate recent presidential politics982ocn230938557visu20060.56The News hour with Jim Lehrer explaining globalizationInterviews"Everyone talks about globalization, but what does it really mean? And what are its implications for the average American? In this compilation of NewsHour segments, experts from the U.S. and abroad speak their minds on a shrinking world and an expanding global economy."--Container833ocn031125451visu19930.70Preserving our global environmentThis is a record of a conference entitled "Preserving the global environment" held in April 1990. It focuses on three urgent global environmental issues: population growth, biodiversity loss, and global atmospheric change. This program shows how they interrelate and suggests action to address the problems702ocn045131517rcrd19990.12Gergen, David REyewitness to power [the essence of leadership***Nixon to Clinton**]Case studies+-+8508084006532ocn048660478visu20010.39Election 2000 the Florida squeeze"The sensational 2000 presidential election that made "butterfly ballot" and "chad" household words caused an uproar over the malfunctioning mechanics and the validity of America's electoral process. What is being done to see that major voting irregularities cease to occur again? David Gergen, adviser to four former presidents; David Leahy, supervisor of elections for Miami-Dade County; and Mark Seibel, managing editor of The Miami Herald, suggest ways to reform America's voting system"--Container503ocn025699958book19910.94Ungar, Sanford JAfrica and the American media401ocn156876367visu20070.39Explaining globalizationContains four episodes from The news hour with Jim Lehrer which explore what globalization means for the world economy and Americans. In the first episode, Paul Solman and Harvard economics professor Robert Lawrence explore what globalization looks like at street level. The second episode contains a conversation between David Gergen and New York Times columnist Tom Friedman. In the third segment, Peruvian economist Hernando De Soto discusses his book "The mystery of capital: why capitalism triumphs in the West and fails everywhere else". The final episode is a discussion of the implications of globalization with Friedman and Moises Naim, editor of Foreign policy magazine363ocn316238020visu20050.56They were there remembering the civil rights movementHistoryDocumentary television programs"Although many of the movers and shakers of the Civil Rights era are gone now, their names will live forever through their achievements. This NewsHour program describes the courageous actions of Rosa Parks and Hamilton Holmes and picks the brain of John Lewis about what it was like to take part in the Freedom Ride and to lead the Selma march on Bloody Sunday."--FMG site365ocn024023067visu19900.28Fifteen years of MacNeil-Lehrer"Millions of people trust Robin MacNeil and Jim Lehrer, the most enduring news team on television. During 15 years of broadcasts, on the MacNeil/Lehrer Report and the NewsHour, these journalistic partners have witnessed history in the making. Now they've gathered highlights of their acclaimed career in the remarkable retrospective."--Container!302ocn301560448visu20060.56Judicial opinions the Supreme Court JusticesInterviewsSupreme Court justices talks on a number of topics, including their views on the Constitution and the interpretation of it in an ever-changing world, the different aspects of judicial decision-making, and the tension in America's history between liberty and national security271ocn029787003visu19930.25The Democratic Party, 1960-1992HistoryTraces the history of the Democratic Party's domination of U.S. politics from the presidency of John F. Kennedy to its split in 1968 at the tumultuous Chicago convention. Since then, despite their best efforts, the Democrats have lost five out of the last seven elections. Ben Wattenberg explores the reasons for this242ocn029787175visu19920.29The Republican Party, 1960-1992HistoryDocuments the rise of the conservatives in the Republican party and the massive changes that have taken place in the U.S. as a result. Also discusses how the Republicans have been able to dominate recent presidential politics163ocn035626497visu0.53Public diplomacyHistoryFilm examines how the U.S. has practiced public diplomacy in the twentieth century particularly through the U.S. Information Agency. Looks at how foreign public opinion increasingly impacts on a wide spectrum of our foreign agenda and how information and cultural programs have become integrated into the American diplomatic arsenal. Includes a history of the Voice of America, international educational and cultural exchanges (i.e. Fulbright) and the role of new technology in public diplomacy through teleconferencing networks, internet publishing and interactive DC roms123ocn062254939book20050.47Izurieta, RobertoCambiando la escucha comunicacioĢn presidencial para ciudadanos indiferentes121ocn051530364book20020.32Gergen, David RMei guo zong tong de qi men keCase studies113ocn027707542visu19880.27America's political parties the Republican partyHistoryExamines the recent dominance of the Republican Party in presidential politics. Charts the growth of the party's conservative ideology, from its beginnings in Barry Goldwater's presidential bid in 1964, through Ronald Reagan's two terms115ocn437176906com20070.28George, BillTrue north : discover your authentic leadershipTrue North shows how anyone who follows their internal compass can become an authentic leader. This leadership tour de force is based on research and first-person interviews with 125 of today's top leaders--with some surprising results+-+960234232511ocn709716596visu20110.47University of Texas-Pan AmericanDavid Gergen CNN political analyst and presidential adviser11ocn032363610book19940.47Gilmore, Kimberly DawnDavid Gergen : communication, protection and the presidency11ocn624173154mix1.00Ziegler, Ronald LRonald L. Ziegler papersRecords and correspondenceCorrespondence, memoranda, speeches, writings, political files, subject files, legal material, notes, briefing material, transcripts of press briefings and press conferences, press releases, calendars and schedules, telephone logs, biographical material, family papers, printed matter, clippings, photographs, and other papers pertaining chiefly to Ziegler's activities as White House press secretary, assistant to President Richard M. Nixon, and assistant to Nixon after his resignation from the presidency. Subjects include Republican Party activities in California during the 1960s, Nixon's 1968 presidential campaign, the press and press coverage, the Vietnam War, prisoners of war, Paris peace talks, Watergate Affair, Nixon's resignation and pardon, and foreign relations especially with China and the Soviet Union. Correspondents include Patrick J. Buchanan, Dwight L. Chapin, Ken W. Clawson, Julie Nixon Eisenhower, Franklin R. Gannon, David R. Gergen, Alexander Meigs Haig, H.R. Haldeman, Bruce A. Kehrli, Richard M. Nixon, David N. Parker, Diane Sawyer, Gerald Lee Warren, and J. Bruce Whelihan11ocn047105636art1994Gergen, David11ocn773383642book19931.00Knox, NealNeal Knox report : change at the White House11ocn046719278mix1.00Gergen, David RDavid R. Gergen PapersThis collection (74,159 items, dated 1964-1969) documents David Gergen's professional life as a speech writer, director of communications, and special counsel for U.S. Secretary of the Treasury William E. Simon and for Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan. The materials include presidential campaign materials for the 1972, 1976, 1980, and 1984 elections; subject files; office memos; chronological files and telephone logs; daily planners; and legal and financial papers; as well as drafts and transcripts of Gergen's and other's speeches. The collection includes 86 black-and-white and color photographs, 16 audio cassettes; and 106 video cassettes. (00-356)11ocn795278923file0.47Tom McCall ForumTom McCall Forum CollectionThe Tom McCall Forum Collection includes video recordings, promotional material and photographs documenting the series of debates on political topics that were sponsored by Pacific University between 1982-2007. The promotional material, comprising items such as posters and printed programs, often feature illustrated caricatures of the participants and notes about the debate facilitators. The photographs are mostly candid snapshots taken during the debates and related receptions, as well as portraits used for creating promotional material. The video recordings, which make up the bulk of the collection, cover about 80% of the debates, and are a mix of original broadcast tapes (most often in U-matic tape format) and informals tapings from broadcast programs (most in VHS tape format). A selection of the video recordings have been reformatted as DVDs, which serve as access copies. Finally, there is a file of research notes regarding the Forum, which includes a bibliography of known newspaper articles about the debates that were published while it was active+-+6811739315+-+6811739315Fri Mar 21 15:23:38 EDT 2014batch21403