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Fri Mar 21 17:14:35 2014 UTClccn-n930831790.00Dern, Laura0.161.00Intimate portrait85097067Laura_Dernn 930831793441990Dern, Laura Elizabeth.Dern, Laura Elizabeth 1967-lccn-n50062415Universal Pictures (Firm)lccn-no92019784Neill, Samprfactlccn-n50018616Crichton, Michael1942-2008sceantausadplccn-n79148103Spielberg, Steven1946-prfflmdrtlccn-no92022758Goldblum, Jeff1952-prfactlccn-n80036646Weston Woods Studioslccn-n92021345Lynch, David1946-prflyrsceprodrtcngausflmlccn-n92121843Koepp, Davidsceausadplccn-n87862404Rossellini, Isabellaprfactlccn-n85151547Kennedy, Kathleen1954-proDern, LauraDramaFilm adaptationsJuvenile worksBiographyFolkloreFilm and video adaptationsFictionHistoryBiographical filmsComedy filmsDinosaursUnited StatesHickam, Homer H.,Man-woman relationshipsAerospace engineersFamiliesCrichton, Michael,PaleontologyJurassic Geologic PeriodAmusement parksVeteransDriftersWorld War (1939-1945)CultsPost-traumatic stress disorderParents-in-lawInheritance and successionWest VirginiaRockets (Aeronautics)Criminal investigationDivorceIslandsParaphiliasHousewivesOhio--DefianceRyan, EvelynCarver, Raymond,ContestsGynecologistsTexas--DallasPresidents--ElectionContested electionsPolitical campaignsFloridaHuman-animal relationshipsPets--DeathDogsSecretariesAnimalsParent and childInfantsRocketryPondsColorsViolinAtomic bombManhattan Project (U.S.)Film adaptationsAdulteryNew Mexico--Los Alamos19671985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201334628251928791.4372PN1997ocn824600851ocn062709432ocn733273734ocn231636559ocn137341733ocn123981502ocn057180699ocn049835212ocn044043319ocn250618008ocn047296638ocn421651420ocn780803465ocn858737674ocn781116520ocn780831691ocn780849917ocn780861429ocn780787380ocn781148635ocn085827477ocn230177895ocn733547168ocn809068163ocn720022676ocn715407567ocn319939987ocn852424043ocn122929430ocn806316192ocn045117888ocn852944082ocn852472442ocn851652792ocn852944099ocn7431580843487125ocn045220356visu19920.18Spielberg, StevenJurassic ParkJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsA wealthy entrepreneur invites a top paleontologist, a paleobotanist, a mathematician/theorist, and his two eager grandchildren to visit his secret island theme park featuring living dinosaurs created from prehistoric DNA+-+3827778325324198964ocn050186541visu19850.25Lynch, DavidBlue velvetDramaA college student stumbles across a bizarre mystery and wants to know more, perhaps too much more. The strange world he's found lurking beneath his hometown's picture-postcard veneer is about to become much stranger+-+7429937425324194533ocn041964875visu19990.08Hickam, Homer HOctober skyFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsBiographical filmsFilm adaptationsThe true story of Homer Hickam, a coal miner's son who was inspired by the first Sputnik launch to take up rocketry against his father's wishes+-+304865269614257ocn824600851visu20120.19Anderson, Paul ThomasThe masterDramaIn post-World War II America, a naval veteran arrives home unsettled and uncertain of his future, until he is tantalized by The Cause and its charismatic leader13207ocn697664344visu20110.15Little FockersDramaComedy filmsFilm sequels"Greg Focker has finally begun to earn the respect of his ex-CIA father-in-law, Jack Byrnes but one important test still lies ahead: will Greg prove that he has what it takes to be the family's next 'Godfocker', or will the circle of trust be broken for good?"--Container12886ocn048518279visu20010.15Neill, SamJurassic Park IIIJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm adaptationsJurassic Park III: Eight years after the InGen incident, Dr. Grant is happy with his life far from any dinosaurs other than the fossilized ones. Unfortunately, he is extremely short in research money, and therefore accepts the offer from a wealthy businessman. Originally issued in 2001+-+258717832532411603ocn733273734visu20110.15Everything must goDramaFilm adaptations"Nick, a career salesman who loses his wife and his job in the worst day of his life. Faced with his life imploding, Nick puts it all on the line--or, rather, on the lawn--as he moves himself and all his possessions to his front yard"--Container11065ocn062709432visu20050.16The prize winner of Defiance, OhioFictionDramaFilm adaptationsBased on the true story of Evelyn Ryan. Offers a revealing study of the housewife's plight during the Eisenhower era, along with an inspiring tale of tenacity and survival against formidable odds. Evelyn is a cheerfully strong-willed mother of ten who compensates for the failings of her alcoholic husband by becoming the most successful "contester" in the country. Between the mid-1950s and the early '60s, Evelyn submitted cleverly worded poems, jingles, and slogans in corporate sponsored contests. Winning everything from palm trees and pogo-sticks to sports cars and cash, she somehow mangages to hold the financially desperate family together with happy smiles and a rock-solid defiance105331ocn057013463visu19930.18Eastwood, ClintA perfect worldDramaFilm adaptationsA prison escapee on the run with a young hostage is chased by a Texas Ranger+-+717672542532497413ocn045875000visu20000.16Altman, RobertDr. T & the womenDramaComedy filmsWhile a middle-aged Dallas gynecologist whose wife has become mentally ill falls for his sexy new golf pro, chaos surrounds the wedding of his daughter, and his alcoholic sister-in-law arrives with three nieces in tow9146ocn144590322visu20070.15White, MikeYear of the dogDramaPeggy is a happy-go-lucky secretary who is a great friend, employee, and sister. She lives alone with her beloved dog Pencil. But when Pencil unexpectedly dies, Peggy must find meaning in her life9144ocn231636559visu20080.19RecountDramaExplores one of the most dramatic and controversial events in recent U.S. election history, which shook a nation's faith in the ability to stage a fair and open election+-+31552346968145ocn055103044visu20030.01Is your mama a llama? --and more stories about growing upJuvenile worksFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsIs your mama a llama? Lloyd the llama asks all kinds of baby animals his question. Will he ever get the answer he longs to hear? Leo the late bloomer: What's the matter with Leo? He can't read, write or speak like the other baby animals can. Will Leo ever bloom? Elizabeti's doll: When her new baby brother arrives, Elizabeti wants a baby of her own. She finds a rock that will make a perfect baby! Is she ready to care for her own child? Goose: A baby goose grows up in a loving family of woodchucks, but she still feels lonely and different, until she finds her wings!80259ocn057180699visu19900.27Lynch, DavidWild at heartDramaFilm adaptationsTwo young lovers are on the run from her nasty mother7793ocn056082069visu20040.01How do dinosaurs say good night? --and more stories that rhymeJuvenile worksFictionDramaHow do dinosaurs say good night?: Even dinosaurs make a fuss before bedtime. Can parents ever get them into bed? In the small, small pond: Frogs leap, tadpoles wriggle, geese waddle and minnows scatter. You'll enjoy watching this pond come to life in the spring. Zin! Zin! Zin! A violin: A lone trombone playing solo is joined by a trumpet to make a duet, until a French horn make it a trio. One by one instruments gather together for a joyous musical performance. All the colors of the Earth: Celebrate the colors of children and the colors of love in this beautiful lyrical story7656ocn055704169visu19850.19Bogdanovich, PeterMaskDramaBiographical filmsThe true story of Rocky Dennis, a personable young man who has craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, a fatal disease which causes hideous facial disfigurement. Rocky is the son of biker Rusty and he is accepted without question by his mom's boyfriends and her cycle buddies, but treated with pity and disgust by much of the outside world. The local high school principal doesn't want to enroll Rocky, but Rusty fights for her son's rights. Rocky eventually falls in love with Diana, a blind girl who cannot see his deformity and is entranced by the boy's kindness and compassion73832ocn137341733visu20060.23Lynch, DavidInland EmpireDramaWhen an actress falls in love with her co-star, she finds her life is becoming much like the film she is starring in, which is based on a Polish film that was never finished due to horrible tragedies6485ocn054315353visu19890.20Newman, PaulFat Man and Little BoyHistoryDramaHistorical filmsFilm adaptationsA dramatization of the development of the atomic bomb by the Manhattan Project, during World War II, with emphasis on the relationship between General Leslie Groves, the project director, and scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer+-+759246742561520ocn025538894visu19910.21Coolidge, MarthaRambling RoseDramaFilm adaptationsRose, an alluring young woman, is hired by a Southern family to care for their children, and changes their lives forever. She is an innocent who relates to everyone she meets in the only way she knows how-- with sexuality she cannot restrain. The mother of the family takes Rose under her wing, offering love and protection, while the teenaged son finds Rose both his fantasy and a profound mystery+-+370230100632456211ocn028273819visu19920.01The song of SacajaweaJuvenile worksBiographyFolkloreFictionTells the true story of a young American Indian woman who courageously guides the Lewis and Clark expedition across the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean41ocn605165399visu20060.16The prize winner of Defiance, OhioFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIn order to support her ten children, Evelyn Ryan (Moore) enters a commercial jingle-writing contest. Based on a true story31ocn061763515visu0.81Dern, LauraConversations Laura DernInterviews11ocn423562875visu20001.00Intimate portraitBiography"Actress Laura Dern has made her mark in American film with authentic, compassionate portrayals of complex characters. With actors Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern as parents, Laura learned at an early age that acting is both a craft and a calling. As a child, Laura appeared as an extra with her mother in Alice doesn't live here anymore. She caught the eye of that film's director, Martin [Scorsese], who told Ladd that her daughter was meant to be an actress. [Scorsese's] words stayed in the young girl's mind, and despite her parents' protests, Laura announced her decision to follow in their footsteps. Ladd insisted that her daughter study acting seriously for two years before auditioning for roles. Laura rose to the challenge. During this period, Laura was sorting through a real-life drama with her father. Her parents had divorced when she was two years old, and Laura lived with her mother and grandmother. Not content to see her father only twice a month, 10-year-old Laura wrote a touching letter asking for his time and attention. The letter was pivotal in changing their relationship, and the two gradually developed an extremely close bond. At age 11, Laura landed her first professional acting role in the film Foxes, starring Jodie Foster. To garner the role, Laura lied about her age in order to play a girl who was three to four years older. Soon after, she landed a part in the cult classic Ladies and gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains. She impressed co-star Christine Lahti with her focus and dedication. Anxious to immerse herself in acting, Laura took extra courses to complete high school early. At age 16, Laura obtained the legal status of emancipated minor in order to free herself from the constraints of child labor laws; she did so just in time to play the role of a pregnant teen opposite Nick Nolte in the film Teachers. Laura then faced an important decision: take the lead role in a teen movie or accept a low-paying cameo in Peter Bogdanovich's film Mask. Laura chose the smaller role, opposite Eric Stoltz, and convincingly played a blind girl. The critical acclaim for her performance shaped Laura's career choices in favor of substance over celebrity. After Mask, Laura starred as a complicated 16-year-old on the verge of adulthood in Joyce Chopra's Smooth talk. In recognition of her work in both Mask and Smooth talk, Laura won the L.A. Film Critics 1985 New Generation Award. Without seeing any of Laura's previous work, director David Lynch chose Laura for the role of the ingenue in Blue velvet. The unusual film drew startled reactions, and Lynch called on laura to work with him again in Wild at heart. She played a sexually free woman opposite Nicholas Cage, while her real-life mom played her on-screen mother. Laura appeared with her mother again in Rambling Rose and received an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, while Ladd was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. Though neither won in her respective category, the 1991 mother-daughter nomination was the first of its kind in Oscar history. The Oscar nomination brought Laura a slew of Hollywood offers, but her next choice was a role in the play Brooklyn laundry, and then she took a part in the HBO production Afterburn, for which she won an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe. It wasn't until 1993 that Laura appeared in her first blockbuster, Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park. She fell in love with co-star Jeff Goldblum on the set. The couple lived together for several years before the relationship ended. In 1996, Dern starred as the drug-addicted, pregnant poster child of both the pro-life and pro-choice movements in the satire Citizen Ruth. Laura's heart now belongs to actor/director Billy Bob Thornton. The couple worked together for the first time in Daddy and them, which also features Ladd. At age 32, Laura was honored with the Sundance Film Festival's Piper-Heidsieck Award for Independent Vision for her 'extremely risky and risk-taking roles.' Laura has taken this recognition as a vote of confidence to continue playing dynamic characters, sometimes outside the realm of commercial appeal. ... Features interviews with Bruce Dern, Jodie Foster, Billy Bob Thornton, Isabella Rossellini, Christine Lahti, Peter Bogdanovich and Ellen DeGeneres" web site, March 2, 200011ocn047139847art1992Dern, Laura11ocn423678500visu20071.00Coolidge, MarthaWomen in Film oral history interview, Martha CoolidgeInterviewsMartha Coolidge (1946-) begins the discussion by noting that she prefers to wear comfortable clothing and shoes when she directs, particularly blues jeans and t-shirts. She continues with her thoughts on what a women should wear to get a job as a director and suggests that it's very important to show confidence and the ability to take charge. She continues with her relocation from New York to Montréal, Canada in the late 1960s and early 1970s where she got a job in television as a production assistant and became active in the separatist movement in Québec. She continues with her move back to New York to attend New York University's film school. She then mentions her move to Los Angeles after being an independent filmmaker in New York making documentaries before returning to Canada and moving to Toronto where she directed a mini-series segment for the CBC that led to a job directing a feature film for Zoetrope before the production company went bankrupt. She continues with how she later met a guy who had taken her out to dinner who told her about a low budget picture he and his partner were interested in making called VALLEY GIRL. She continues with her reading the script, liking it, and agreeing to direct the film, which was released in 1983. She then discusses the success of VALLEY GIRL (1983) and her entry into directing teen exploitation films while under contract for Paramount. She continues with her directing NATIONAL LAMPOON'S THE JOY OF SEX (1984), REAL GENIUS (1985), and MGM buying out her contract with Paramount. She then discusses the casting session for VALLEY GIRL (1983), choosing Nicholas Cage (1964-) for the lead role, and her relationship with Zoetrope and Francis Coppola (1939-). She continues with casting and directing the motion picture, RAMBLING ROSE (1991), and working with Diane Ladd (1932-), Laura Dern (1967-), Robert Duvall (1931-), Renny Harlin (1959-), writer Calder Willingham (1922-1995) and composer Elmer Bernstein (1922-2004). She continues with the success of RAMBLING ROSE (1991) and how it pulled her out of directing teen comedies into more serious fare. She continues with her choice to direct Neil Simon's LOST IN YONKERS (1993), working with producer Ray Stark at Columbia, and noting that the film was the first to be cut on an Avid. She continues with her next project, ANGIE (1994), and working with Geena Davis (1956-). She continues with the challenges of balancing a directing career with motherhood, bringing her son and his nanny with her on the set, and her divorce from her first husband. She continues with meeting her second husband on location while directing OUT TO SEA (1997), working with Walter Matthau (1920-2000) and Jack Lemmon (1925-2001), and directing THE PRINCE AND ME (2004) and INTRODUCING DOROTHY DANDRIDGE (1999). She then discusses joining the Directors Guild of America (DGA) after directing NATIONAL LAMPOON'S THE JOY OF SEX (1984), becoming active in the guild, her election to the guild's board of directors, and representing the Creative Rights Committee, a committee she chaired for ten years. She continues with her election as the first female president of the DGA in 2002, the guild's more corporate culture, the challenges representing an organization, and her contribution applying more serious pressure on the networks and production companies to hire more women and minorities in television production. She continues with current projects directing some television episodes, especially episodes of CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (2002-), differences she perceives between film and television production in that a film takes a lot longer to get made, and that in television it is common for a producer to communicate the vision or "look" of the show to an incoming director. She continues with how she overcame the obstacle of becoming a woman director in a male-dominated profession, ageism in the motion picture industry, and her advice to young women pursuing careers as directors+-+3155234696+-+3155234696Fri Mar 21 15:10:40 EDT 2014batch40577