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Thu Oct 16 18:01:44 2014 UTClccn-n930900800.35Yes Yoko Ono /0.491.00Books55342277n 930900803454320lccn-n80005836Noguchi, Isamu1904-1988lccn-n88072135Phaidon Presspbledtlccn-n79090784Cort, Louise Allison1944-viaf-72621280新見, 隆(1958- )np-niimi, ryuNiimi, Ryūctblccn-nr89004767Munroe, Alexandraedtnp-hendricks, jonHendricks, Jonlccn-n50001903Ono, Yōkoilllccn-n80020337Walker Art Centerlccn-n82110897Apostolos-Cappadona, DianeAltshuler, BruceExhibition catalogsHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsArt, ModernNoguchi, Isamu,United StatesAvant-garde (Aesthetics)ArtConceptual artCeramic sculpture, JapaneseOno, YōkoArt museums--Collection managementArt, Modern--Collectors and collectingSculptureAr'teJapanese American sculptorsArt museums--ManagementArt museumsMuseum techniquesArt museums--ExhibitionsMiró, Joan,Art--ExhibitionsArt museums--Educational aspectsWhitechapel Art GalleryMargulies, Martin ZHare, David,Ferber, Herbert,SurrealismBourgeois, Louise,Ernst, Max,Art, Modern--ExhibitionsPondick, Rona,Bills, Tom,Martin, Carol JDance marathonsApostolos-Cappadona, DianeAltshuler, Bruce19491987198819941995199719982000200320052007200820092010201120122013579544148709.04N6490ocn828078252ocn266080688ocn470931832ocn611997802ocn803093556ocn474669999ocn443071405ocn883951982ocn755130780ocn263650764ocn828078252ocn470111450ocn883951982ocn755130780ocn84007520899418ocn028844337book19940.50Altshuler, BruceThe avant-garde in exhibition : new art in the 20th centuryHistoryExhibition catalogsThe avant-garde is a twentieth-century phenomenon. By the turn of the nineteenth century, artists were beginning to address a far larger audience than ever before, and it was one on whose understanding they could no longer depend. Aesthetic concerns, too, had shifted from representing visual phenomena to reconfiguring the visible world in new and complicated ways. The public was rarely amused. Indeed, as these newer forms of art were presented in now famous exhibitions, derision and anger were the customary responses of the public and the critics. Artists formed more or less cohesive groups of like-thinking individuals who styled themselves the "avant-garde," really a military term for those pathfinders who first venture into unknown or enemy territory. Through photographs of personalities, installations, and works of art, and in a lively text that recounts the artistic thinking and the gossip that surrounded each new movement, The Avant-Garde in Exhibition: New Art in the 20th Century traces this phenomenon from its beginnings in the Fauvist Salon d'Automne in Paris in 1905 through such notorious events as the exhibitions of the Section d'Or (Paris) and the Blue Rider (Munich), the Armory Show (New York), the Futurist 0-10 exhibition (Petrograd), the Dada Fair (Berlin), the Nazi's Degenerate Art Exhibition (Munich), the First Papers of Surrealism (New York), Peggy Guggenheim's Art of This Century (New York), the Ninth Street Show (New York), the Gutai Art Association (Japan), Le Vide (Paris), Full-Up (Paris), the New Realists (New York), Primary Structures (New York), and When Attitudes Become Form (Bern)+-+72818456357755ocn028963539book19940.37Altshuler, BruceIsamu NoguchiCriticism, interpretation, etcA man of inexhaustible energy and invention, the sculptor Isamu Noguchi was always in motion. Ranging across the century and filled with engaging persons and places, Noguchi's story is a compelling one. This book includes little-known documentary photographs from the artist's own archives and striking full-color images from every aspect of his multifaceted career.--[book cover]+-+20024030066996ocn050684180book20030.39Cort, Louise AllisonIsamu Noguchi and modern Japanese ceramics : a close embrace of the earthExhibition catalogs"In Isamu Noguchi and Modern Japanese Ceramics scholars illuminate the overlooked zone of interaction between conceptions of art and craft by focusing on the work of ceramic artists who believed themselves centrally engaged with modernism, surrealism, and other issues of concern to an international art world. Bert Winther-Tamaki considers issues of identity that shaped Noguchi's "embrace" of the Japanese earth as a medium of modern sculpture and design. An essay by Niimi Ryu examines the broader discursive milieu of Japanese ceramics in the early postwar years. Louise Allison Cort focuses on postwar Japanese ceramic artists ranging from traditionalists such as Kitaoji Rosanjin and the "Living National Treasure" designates, to primitivists exemplified by Okamoto Taro and Tsuji Shindo, to avant-garde experimentalists led by the Sodeisha group. Bruce Altshuler's essay reviews the ways in which the American reception of Noguchi's ceramic work displayed particular attitudes toward art-making and national identity. Isamu Noguchi and Modern Japanese Ceramics will appeal to scholars, contemporary sculpture enthusiasts, and all those interested in Japanese ceramics and sculpture."--BOOK JACKET+-+287487570563718ocn056198557book20050.63Altshuler, BruceCollecting the new : museums and contemporary art"Collecting the New is the first book on the questions and challenges that museums face in acquiring and preserving contemporary art. Because such art has not yet withstood the test of time, it defies the traditional understanding of the art museum as an institution that collects and displays works of long-established aesthetic and historical value. By acquiring such art, museums gamble on the future. In addition, new technologies and alternative conceptions of the artwork have created special problems of conservation, while social, political, and aesthetic changes have generated new categories of works to be collected. Following Bruce Altshuler's introduction on the European and American history of museum collecting of art by living artists, the book comprises newly commissioned essays by twelve distinguished curators representing a wide range of museums. First considered are general issues including the acquisition process, and collecting by universal survey museums and museums that focus on modern and contemporary art. Following are groups of essays that address collecting in particular media, including prints and drawings, new (digital) media, and film and video; and national- and ethnic-specific collecting (contemporary art from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, and African-American art). The closing essay examines the conservation problems created by contemporary works--for example, what is to be done when deterioration is the artist's intent?" -- Book jacket+-+08288664156179ocn044174136rcrd20000.35Munroe, AlexandraYes Yoko OnoCriticism, interpretation, etcExhibition catalogs"This illustrated book is the first full survey of the artist's career to include work in all media, including film and music. An introductory essay by Alexandra Munroe explores Ono's life, her relationship to international avant-garde movements in America and Japan, and the aspects of her art and thought that have guided her prolific production over four decades. Jon Hendrick's study of Ono and Fluxus offers new insights into her contributions to one of the most radical collectives in the history of modern art. Essays by Murray Sayle, David Ross, and Jann S. Wenner enrich our understanding of Ono's complex role as one of the most public icons of the late twentieth century"--Bk. jacket+-+32309456355696ocn029594477book19940.50Noguchi, IsamuIsamu Noguchi : essays and conversationsInterviews+-+92118456354734ocn276988753book0.56Exhibitions that made art historyHistoryExhibition catalogsThis is the most comprehensive reference book on contemporary art group exhibitions. Coverage includes the development of modern art, shown through all of the most influential group exhibitions in history. This is intended to be a two-volume set, with the second volume intended for publication in 2009. Volume 1 opens with the revolutionary first Salon des Refusés in Paris of 1863 and concludes with the multi-locational international exhibition 'The New American Painting', organized by the Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1958-59. This work includes a wealth of rare documentary material and ephemera, such as installation photographs, publications and reviews of the period. This is an exceptional sourcebook for anyone interested in the history of twentieth-century art, exhibition design or curatorial practice. - Publisher+-+00599396252739ocn822959239book20080.39Altshuler, BruceBiennials and beyond : exhibitions that made art history, 1962-2002HistoryA comprehensive reference book on the exhibitions that have changed contemporary art history. It assembles a wealth of rare documentary material and ephemera, including installation photographs, reviews and other contemporary publications2668ocn148703559book20080.47Altshuler, BruceSalon to biennial : exhibitions that made art historyExhibition catalogsThis title provides a look into the production and reception of exhibitions that made art history through documents and images. Volume one documents 24 of the most groundbreaking international exhibitions from 1863-1959+-+00599396251826ocn038982156book19970.79Do itHistoryExhibition catalogs"Do it" began in 1993 with a discussion among Christian Boltanski, Bertrand Lavier and Hans-Ulrich Obist in the Café Select in Paris. From this encounter arose the idea of an exhibition of do-it-yourself descriptions or procedural instructions for art. In 1993, in cooperation with the AFAA (Association Française d'Action Artistique) twelve original do it texts were translated into eight languages and sent as a diplomatic dispatch to each country with which France maintains diplomatic relations. The first do it took place in September 1994 at the Ritter Kunsthalle In Klagenfurt, Austria+-+96001816451185ocn312626944book20090.77A manual for the 21st century art institutionExhibition catalogs+-+5361510138332ocn828078252book20130.47Exhibitions that made art historyHistory295ocn030927807book19940.82Noguchi, IsamuIsamu NoguchiExhibition catalogs271ocn037400079book19950.88Miró & Noguchi : selections from the Martin Z. Margulies collection : [exhibition] September 8-October 11, 1995Exhibition catalogs2312ocn502318199book20070.56Altshuler, BruceSalon to biennial : exhibitions that made art historyExhibition catalogs+-+0059939625121ocn036563728book19870.63Sculpture from surrealism : Jean Arp, Louise Bourgeois, Max Ernst, Herbert Ferber, David Hare, Joan Miró, Isamu Noguchi ; September 22-October 31, 1987Exhibition catalogs91ocn032934005book19940.77Noguchi, IsamuIsamu Noguchi : early abstractionExhibition catalogs92ocn038501748book19940.92Noguchi, IsamuIsamu Noguchi, early abstraction : April 21-June 19, 1994Exhibition catalogs51ocn078295722book19880.97Pondick, RonaRona Pondick : beds : an installation : September 6-October 1, 1988Exhibition catalogs51ocn084212160book19870.47Bills, TomTom Bills : sculptureExhibition catalogs11ocn034400580art19951.00Books+-+7281845635+-+7281845635Thu Oct 16 15:32:29 EDT 2014batch19481