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Fri Mar 21 17:13:06 2014 UTClccn-n940705480.00Snake eyes = Dangerous game0.230.81Energie primarie /51897133n 940705483648969George, NicholasJohn, NicholasNicodemo, OliverioOliverio, NicodemoOliverio, Nicodemo Wirklicher NameSaint John, NicholasSt. JohnSt. John, N.G.St. John, Nicholas GeorgeSt. John, Nicolaslccn-n98021618Ferrara, Abel1951-othprfflmdrtactlccn-nr2001024220Kane, Maryprolccn-n88100657Walken, Christopher1943-prfactlccn-no2002013419Scena International (Firm)lccn-nr98013361Reteitalia (Firm)lccn-no00015994Delia, Joecmpviaf-290385245Chin, Joeyactlccn-no2004042278Bazelli, Bojancngilllccn-no2002013417Julian, Janet1959-prfactlccn-no2011122800Caminito, Augusto1939-proSt. John, NicholasDramaFilm adaptationsGangster filmsNew York (State)--New YorkOrganized crimePhilanthropistsCriminal behaviorOperas--LibrettosEvgeniĭ Onegin (Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich)Human-alien encountersMilitary basesHuman cloningAlabamaZombiesGangsDrugs in motion picturesMotion picturesDrugsFinney, JackIdentity (Philosophical concept)RevengeMute personsMurderersYoung womenRape victimsSerial murderersUnited StatesDrug dealersMarriageArtistsSex crimesMentally illDrug trafficNew York (State)--New York--ManhattanStripteasersOperas--Instruction and studyGangstersComa--PatientsExtraterrestrial beingsWerewolvesVampiresFilm remakesCollege studentsItalyMafiaPolitical scienceItalian AmericansInvasion of the body snatchers (Motion picture : 1956)Man-woman relationshipsPsychosesCocaineHorrorDrama190019811984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014114156197791.4372PN1997ocn030758255ocn040921704ocn056467508ocn070273745ocn048395497ocn038591581ocn045117573ocn066456473ocn428486938ocn643590106ocn676628729ocn422124824ocn676493208ocn842458824ocn793472612ocn692006197ocn822874875ocn692006195ocn766967865ocn691931295ocn800955576ocn797421272ocn797419815ocn799275923ocn800129543ocn861326917ocn417259363ocn04333307449840ocn054347304visu19890.20Ferrara, AbelKing of New YorkDramaChronicles the downfall of New York drug kingpin Frank White. Frank is a criminal driven by personal demons and an idiosyncratic sense of social justice. Having grown rich via his illegal exploits, Frank decides to give back to the city by building a multi-million dollar hospital in an impoverished neighborhood. He attempts this by joining forces with a Chinatown gangster which, in turn, enrages the local - and very racist - Mafia. Meanwhile, Frank has a hotheaded cop on his back who will do anything to bring him down+-+201930100632420414ocn043118134visu19930.22Ferrara, AbelBody snatchersDramaFilm adaptationsThe Malone family moves to an army base, where the father, a chemist with the Environmental Protection Agency, is assigned to check on stored waste material. Invading cells from outer space take over the bodies of the people on the base. Malone's wife is taken over, but he escapes with the rest of his family with the help of a helicopter pilot12214ocn064182269visu19950.22Ferrara, AbelThe funeralDramaGangster filmsIn New York City in the 1930s, a powerful crime family is caught in a lethal crossfire between union organizers and brutal corporate bosses565ocn044512913visu19810.50Ms. 45DramaA young mute woman is raped by two thugs while walking home one evening. Afterwards, she embarks on a murder spree against all males335ocn084381234visu19930.24Ferrara, AbelDangerous gameDramaStars Sarah and Francis find the on-camera violence spilling over into their tangled private lives while Eddie finds his personal traumas intruding more and more into the fictional material3014ocn048395497visu19940.47Ferrara, AbelThe addictionDramaStudying for a degree in a city that doesn't sleep, a college student's lifestyle takes a turn for the worse when she is bitten by a vampire288ocn070273745visu19840.31Fear CityDramaAn ex-boxer and his partner hunt down a killer who is stalking strippers243ocn056467508visu20000.33The driller killerDramaAn artist (played by Ferrara) is driven mad and begins murdering derelicts with a power drill171ocn464618716visu20070.104 film favoritesDramaIn Wolfen, police track werewolves. In Body snatchers, aliens take over a military base. In Coma, a young doctor becomes suspicious when healthy young people undergoing routine operations are mysteriously slipping into irreversible comas. In Bad moon, a werewolf pays a visit to his sister1512ocn027356867visu19870.28Ferrara, AbelChina girlDramaLittle Italy e Chinatown sono in guerra: i capi non si risparmiano colpi, i giovani si odiano. Pizzaiolo italiano s'innamora, ricambiato, di una cinesina, scatenando le ire di tutti. (Morandini)1311ocn717779981visu1994Snake eyes = Dangerous game"Le réalisateur Eddie Israel commence le tournage de son nouveau film qui traite de la prochaine rupture d'un couple. Après une vie de débauche, d'alcool et de drogue, la femme a découvert la spiritualité et veut quitter son mari. Alors que la situation dégènère sur le plateau, le réalisateur poussant ses comédens dans leurs derniers retranchements, celui-ci prend conscience que sa propre vie et ses relations avec sa femme sont basées sur le mensonge.."87ocn401749385visu19960.47Ferrara, AbelNos funéraillesJohnny Tiempio, cadet d'une famille de mafioso de second plan, est abattu à la sortie d'un cinéma. En voulant découvrir la vérité, ses frères Ray et Chez se perdent dans l'histoire riche en drames de leur clan. Ils sont pris au piège des liens du sang qui font couler dans leurs veines le goût de la folie et de la violence73ocn491404175visu1996Ferrara, AbelThe funeral Nos funérailles62ocn224851076visu19950.27The funeral, and, the addictionThe funeral: In New York city in the 1930s, a powerful crime familh is caught in a lethal crossfire between union organizers and brutal corporate bosses. The addiction: Studying for a degree in a city that doesn't sleep, a college student's lifestyle takes a turn for the worse when she is bitten by a vampire63ocn676493208visu2003Ferrara, AbelNew York, 2 H du matin51ocn038358942book1994St. John, NicholasMorgana's law : a trilogy, Parchment, Rosewood and Mordantiem41ocn249772642book19880.59Tchaikovsky, Peter IlichEugene OneginEnglish National Opera Guides are ideal companions to the opera. They provide stimulating introductory articles together with the complete text of each opera in English and the original+-+K19690962541ocn800955576visu1996Fratelli The funeralAlla veglia funebre per il fratello Johnny, morto ammazzato all'uscita di un cinema, Ray e Chez Tempio meditano vendetta cercando un colpevole, un capro espiatorio, o, meglio, il modo per esorcizzare la violenza che è in loro. (Mereghetti)42ocn066373352book20050.81St. John, NicholasEnergie primarie33ocn822673390visu1985Ferrara, AbelL'ange de la vengeance+-+2019301006324+-+2019301006324Fri Mar 21 15:37:05 EDT 2014batch16782