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Fri Mar 21 17:10:16 2014 UTClccn-n940934290.06Inspector Gadget go go Gadget collection. /0.130.96Get Smart theme /32206423Don_Adamsn 9409342912247063689137Yarmy, Donald James, 1923-2005Yarmy, Donald James 1923-2005 Wirklicher Namelccn-n88295381Feldon, Barbaraactlccn-no2002079827Platt, Edwardactlccn-n87150389Henry, Buckccplccn-n79060094Brooks, Mel1926-ccplccn-no91013561HBO Video (Firm)lccn-n77005935Sandrich, Jaylccn-n81112494NBC Television Networklccn-n79049135Talent Associatesfast-936983Gadget, Inspector (Fictitious character)lccn-no2005060091Bilson, Bruce1928-Adams, Don1923-2005DramaJuvenile worksTelevision comediesParodies, imitations, etcTelevision programsFictionAnimated television programsSpy television programsEspionageSpiesDetectivesGood and evilProblem employeesUnited StatesGadget, Inspector (Fictitious character)Criminal investigationWomen spiesIntelligence serviceIntelligence officersMan-woman relationshipsAgents provocateursEnemiesCriminal behaviorWomen intelligence officersTelevision comediesTechnologyInventionsWeather controlZoosAnimalsPenguinsCrimeChristmasSanta ClausChildren's storiesWit and humorHeroesPoliceImplements, utensils, etcMotion picturesTelevision seriesTerrorismNudityBionicsMotion pictures, AmericanClosed captioningAdams, Don,Film sequelsPolice, PrivateTelevision musicComedyBerle, MiltonComediansPiano musicPopular musicSteve Allen Show (Television program)Belushi, JohnLobby cards192320051940195719591960196319651966196719701980198419851986198719881989199019911993199519961998200220042005200620072008200920102012201320143834147280791.4575PN1992.77ocn053337724ocn857377391ocn300276743ocn024333370ocn369168337ocn369172640ocn368255010ocn369168179ocn334747186ocn369168576ocn011390060ocn039370640ocn008737037ocn013956529ocn004790113ocn021131067ocn058836997ocn070185917ocn050537034ocn681974371ocn68197885157811ocn231636511visu20060.14Get SmartDramaTelevision comediesSpy television programsMaxwell Smart is bumbling Agent 86 of CONTROL, the secret agency created to fight the evil KAOS organization. Invariably, Smart's bumbling style lands him in hot water. Lucky for him, Agent 99 is there to bail him out+-+99572346963243989ocn294912023visu20060.14Get SmartDramaMax and 99 pursue their elusive KAOS adversaries around the world - going from Greenland to the scorching sands of the Sahara desert; come face-to-face with their dastardly foes; stay in a Bedoin tent; stay at the "Pussycat Club;" and deep beneath the eaves in a secret KOAS submarine. The madcap misadventures just get funnier+-+234423469635412ocn318547595visu20060.14Get SmartDramaJoin the agent of control in 26 classic episodes, including the Emmy Award-winning episode Maxwell Smart: Private Eye, and featuring guest appearances from Joey Bishop, Carol Burnett, Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, and many others+-+478633469631212ocn435676148visu20060.15Adams, DonGet smartDramaSpy television programsWedding bells finally ring for Max and 99 ... that is, if Max can escape from the clutches of KAOS and the evil Dr. Madre. Includes all 26 episodes and features the legendary special, The Not-So-Great-Escape+-+18863346963242883ocn228304465visu20080.14Get SmartDramaAgents Smart and 99 are back, this time with a little help from their son Max, who is the head of CONTROL, to stop the madmen of KAOS2739ocn461311415visu20060.15Get SmartDramaBumbling spy Maxwell Smart, Agent 86 for CONTROL, battles the forces of nemesis agency KAOS with a great deal of help from his partner Agent 99+-+89863346963241482ocn068191570visu20050.08Kellogg, DavidInspector GadgetJuvenile worksFictionDramaTelevision programsThe technologically advanced but blundering detective is featured in twenty-two animated episodes pitting him, his case-solving niece, Penny, their hyper-intelligent dog, Brain, against the diabolical plots of the evil Dr. Claw and the pervasive agents of MAD1228ocn057388072visu19890.13Get smart, again!FictionDramaAce super-spy Maxwell Smart and his beautiful sidekick Agent 99 are recalled to action to save the world from the sinister agents of KAOS, who plan to subject the Earth to their own diabolical version of planetary climate control1101ocn437008971visu20090.06Inspector Gadget go go Gadget collection.Juvenile worksThe technologically advanced but blundering Inspector Gadget is pitted against the diabolical plots of the evil Dr. Claw and the pervasive agents of MAD. The inspector's niece Penny and her hyper-intelligent dog Brain help him solve the cases964ocn232114280visu19910.15The nude bombFictionDrama"Join Don Adams as Maxwell Smart (aka Agent 86) of the original Get Smart TV series ... [as] Agent 86 is assigned to battle an evil villain who is threatening to drop a "nude bomb" capable of destroying all the fabric in the world"--Container+-+2331533006324833ocn860717169visu20130.06Inspector GadgetJuvenile worksIn the first episode ever produced, Inspector gadget, the world's first bionic policeman equipped with an incredible array of gadgets to help him in his never ending battles against crime and corruption, his young niece Penny and their faithful dog Brain are headed for fun and relaxation in Winterland, the site of the Olympics. But Dr. Claw and his evil henchmen of M.A.D. have alternate plans. They want to sabotage the games and eliminate Gadget's interfering influence forever. And in the remaining episodes Inspector Gadget and company continue their crime fighting efforts in all sorts of unique places, a haunted castle, a movie set, an amusement park and a tropical island and leave the indelible mark of g wherever they go641ocn860714195visu20130.06Inspector GadgetJuvenile worksFully aware of Inspector Gadget's potential for unintentional destruction, criminals, thieves and bandits fear for their lives whenever he appears on the scene. Follow Inspector Gadget, his niece Penny and their faithful dog Brain as they travel the world to fight crime whherever it might be. In South America they investigate mysterious ghosts that are scaring off the miners. While on a trip in Africa, they try to figure out who's frightening the town villagers. In Holland, Inspector gadget is hot on the trail of a famous Dutch diamond, which has been stolen. And back home the trio is off to the Rocky Mountains to rescue a seismologist who has been captured. As usual, these evil deeds have the mark of Dr. Claw written all over them, but Gadget is bound to outdo Dr. Claw with gadgets, gags, gaffes and goofs!601ocn776231190visu20120.06Tennessee Tuxedo and his tales the complete collectionJuvenile worksTennessee, a wise-cracking penguin, and his dimwitted pal Chumley reside in the Megalopolis Zoo, where they are constantly scheming against zookeeper Stanley Livingston and his assistant Flunky in an attempt to raise the quality of zoo life. Their projects require the assistance of their educated friend, Phineas J. Whoopee, and his three-dimensional blackboard. Includes the complete series plus additional cartoons, The Hunter, The King and Odie, Tooter the Turtle and Klondike Kat581ocn860710185visu20130.06Inspector GadgetJuvenile worksDr. Claw and M.A.D. are at it again, this time bringing war and diabolical plans to inspector Gadget's day. But thanks to the intelligent help of his young niece, Penny, and his faithful, long-suffering dog, Brain our hero always manages to vanquish his enemies and emerge victorious! The final episodes of season see gadget investigates who triggered the war between two of the oldest tribes in the Balkan Mountains. Back in Metro City, something is causing dairy cows to stop giving milk, and Inspector Gadget must figure out who's behind the diabolical plan to monopolize the manufacture and sale of dairy product. And that's not all! Always one step ahead of their archnemesis, Gadget, Penny and Brian travel to Mexico, France, Greece and back home again, saving everyone from evil552ocn011390060rcrd19840.08Hass, E. AIncognito MosquitoJuvenile worksPresents a reading of a story about an insect mosquito given to nonstop puns, jokes, puzzles, pratfalls, and riddles552ocn860711782visu20130.10Inspector gadgetJuvenile worksDramaIn the second season M.A.D. is at it again and the sinister plans are getting more complex. Dr. Claw schemes with two magicians to steal gold bars from the bank vault. When that doesn't go as planned, Dr. Claw tries to invent a shrinking ray gun to shrink Inspector Gadget down to the size of a mouse. Luckily Inspector Gadget is equipped with an incredible array of gadgets to help him in his endless battle against crime. True he usually ends up accidentally using those gadgets against himself and his allies, but our hero, his young niece Penny and their dog Brain always manage to reign supreme over evil521ocn861014208visu20130.12Inspector Gadget saves ChristmasJuvenile worksIt's Christmas and Santa Claus is in trouble! Aided by his niece, Penny, and his faithful dog, Brain, Inspector Gadget, everyone's favorite clumsy bionic policeman, heads out to the North Pole to save Santa and Christmas from the evil clutches of Dr. Claw382ocn233600530visu20080.06Gadget Boy and HeatherJuvenile worksAnimated television programsTelevision programsSpydra is at it again. Will the bionic boy triumph against her evil ways once more? Watch as he goes head to head with Spydra four times over in these exciting adventures from the creators of "Inspector Gadget". First Spydra steals the Mona Lisa and kidnaps the famous painter! Gadget Boy, Agent Heather and G-9 combine efforts, gadgets and some invisibility powder to rescue the painting in time for it's unveiling. Then Spydra convinces Spider aliens that earthlings are evil so she can rule the world. Our heroes must find a way to make the aliens understand that it's the other way around! Next, that pesky Spydra devises a plan to turn celebrities and world experts into Super insects. Gadget Boy and friends must escape Spydra's Jurassic Insect amusement park and save Spydra's captives, the last straw is when Spydra has taken over the airwaves around the world. It's up to our heroes to cancel Spydravision for the good of humanity! Battling evil has never been so fun!358ocn300276743visu20040.28Get Smart the complete seriesParodies, imitations, etcDramaMaxwell Smart is bumbling Agent 86 of Control, the secret agency created to fight the evil KAOS organization. Invariably, Smart's bumbling style lands him in hot water. Luckily, Agent 99 is there to bail him out+-+1135234696341ocn056129570visu20040.15Inspector Gadget the Gadget filesJuvenile worksDramaThe technologically advanced but blundering detective is featured in five animated episodes pitting him, his niece, Penny, and his dog, Brain, against the diabolical plots of the evil Dr. Claw and the pervasive agents of M.A.D. Episodes aired in the program's first season, 198311ocn782063133score19660.96Szathmary, IrvingGet Smart themePortraits11ocn153181525mix0.47Dana, BillBill Dana papersOther content highlights include: official publicity photos and memorabilia from John F. Kennedy's inauguration in 1961 (box 10), script when the character Jose Jimenez was first introduced on television (box 2), framed photograph of notable comedians gathered for Bob Hope Special in 1966 including Milton Berle, Dick Martin, Jack Carter, Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope (box 6), letter from Robert F. Kennedy dated March 1968, signed (box 8), letter from Alan Shephard, the NASA astronaut, with photo of the 10th anniversary coin that he took to the moon and back for Bill, signed (box 10)11ocn709926011visu20100.10The classic Friar Club roastsHumorThe Classic Friars Club Roasts lost in the vaults. Not seen in 40 years. Roasts of Don Rickles, Jack Benny, Jerry Lewis, Don Adams, Johnny Carson, and Milton Berle11ocn153182744mix19400.47Debenham, WarrenThe Warren Debenham Comedy Novelty CollectionContent highlights include: Steve Martin arrow-through-the-head kit, Don Adams poker game and "Skittle Pool", Happy Days lunch pail, Pee Wee Herman ventriloquist doll, large selection of comedy fanzines and newsletters, such as Abbot and Costello fan club magazine, The Jack Benny Times magazine, The Eddie Cantor Appreciation Society magazine, The Firesign Theater magazine, Spike Jones Fanclub magazine+-+9957234696324+-+9957234696324Fri Mar 21 15:54:07 EDT 2014batch23888