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Thu Oct 16 17:51:20 2014 UTClccn-n940703610.26The Zapatista reader /0.510.98La guerra por la palabra : a siete años de lucha zapatista122204186n 940703613648296Armée zapatiste de libération nationale.Armée zapatiste de libération nationale (Mexico)Armée zapatiste de libération nationale (Mexiko)Armée zapatiste de libération nationale MexiqueAZLNE.Z.L.N.Ejército Zapatista de Liberación NacionalEZLNOrganisation der Zapatistischen Bewegung in Chiapas, MexikoSapatas Nacionālā atbrīvošanas armija (Meksika)SapatistiSapatisuta Minzoku KaihogunZapatista Army of National Liberation (Meksika)Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Mexico)Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Mexiko)Zapatista army of national liberation MexiqueZapatista National Liberation Army (Meksika)Zapatista National Liberation Army (Mexico)Zapatista National Liberation Army (Mexiko)ZapatistasZapatistenZapatistische Nationale Befreiungsarmeeサパティスタ ミンゾク カイホウグンlccn-n94070644Marcossubcomandantelccn-n77014314Ronfeldt, David F.lccn-n94102853Ross, John1938-2011lccn-n93002955Arroyo Centerlccn-n90656840Stephen, Lynnlccn-n78028240Holloway, John1947-lccn-n98020106Peláez, Eloínaedtlccn-nb2008024485Khasnabish, Alex1976-lccn-n80061289Burbach, Rogerlccn-no2006067151Mentinis, MihalisEjército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)HistorySourcesConference proceedingsTreatiesEjército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)Mexico--ChiapasPeasant Uprising (Chiapas, Mexico :MexicoPolitical scienceSocial movementsMarcos,--subcomandanteIndians of Mexico--Government relationsIndians of Mexico--Social conditionsMayas--Government relationsInfluence (Literary, artistic, etc.)Public opinionInternet--Social aspectsNational securityInformation networks--Social aspectsPropagandaMilitary policyGovernment, Resistance toInsurgencyMayas--Politics and governmentAnti-globalization movementSendero Luminoso (Guerrilla group)GuerrillasSocial historyPostmodernism--Political aspectsPolitical developmentElite (Social sciences)GlobalizationLatin AmericaSocial justiceNorth AmericaPolitical activistsIndigenous peoples--Civil rightsSocial movements--Political aspectsPolitical participationEthnic relationsNSZZ "Solidarność" (Labor organization)Mayas--Civil rightsShort stories, MexicanHuman rightsEconomic historyMayas--WarsNon-governmental organizationsPublic relationsInternational reliefMass mediaOgoni (African people)--Government relationsMexican fictionSocialismTzotzil Indians--Government relations198619931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320142015322436901230972.0835F1256ocn4680623971672ocn064896608book20060.84MarcosThe other campaign = La otra campañaHistory"The Other Campaign is a collection of texts by Subcomandante Marcos and his Zapatista companeros that articulate a vision for "change from below," a call to create social change beyond the limits of electoral politics. As Mexico approaches the presidential elections, Marcos and supporters are touring the country in an effort to build a broad-based movement. The book includes a recent interview with Marcos and speeches made by Zapatista comandantes, as well as the Zapatistas' "Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, "B which places the indigenous struggle for democracy in its historical context and articulates an evolving vision for democracy, dignity, and justice. B Subcomandante Marcos is a spokesperson and strategist for the Zapatistas."--Jacket+-+92291372351584ocn038162805book19980.88Encuentro Intercontinental por la Humanidad y contra el NeoliberalismoZapatista Encuentro : documents from the 1996 Encounter for Humanity and against NeoliberalismHistoryConference proceedings+-+93081833361506ocn032431195book19940.86Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)EZLN : documentos y comunicadosHistorySources"Collection of numerous published documents from the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional provides primary research source on this organization. Includes an introduction and several brief editorial commentaries by intellectuals, but primary value is the republished documents themselves"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 57+-+7390669314841ocn234201801visu20080.30Nava, FrancescaThe other Mexico the sub-commander Marcos is backHistoryExplores the growing popularity of the Zapatista movement and its leader known as "Subcomandante Marcos", who has given a voice to the nation's poor and indigenous people during the controversial 2006 Presidential election. With gripping footage of police violence and in-depth interviews, this video explores the growing political and socioeconomic crisis which will have far reaching effects for both Latin America and beyond+-+0779728846324472ocn048237382book20010.97La Marcha del color de la tierra : comunicados, cartas y mensajes, Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, 2 de diciembre 2000 al 2 de abril de 2001HistorySources402ocn050583814book20020.59Encuentro Intercontinental por la Humanidad y contra el NeoliberalismoZapatista Encuentro : documents from the first intercontinental encounter for humanity and against neoliberalismHistoryConference proceedings+-+K390778306396ocn034663453book19950.93MarcosChiapas : del dolor a la esperanza383ocn033820600book19950.96Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)Chiapas : la palabra de los armados de verdad y fuegoHistory293ocn032317940book19940.30Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)EZLN documentos y comunicados : 1 ̊de enero-8 agosto de 1994HistorySources282ocn044118314book19990.97La revuelta de la memoria : textos del Subcomandante Marcos y del EZLN sobre la historiaHistory216ocn069224025book20030.96ChiapasLos Acuerdos de San AndrésTreaties182ocn047735068book20010.98La guerra por la palabra : a siete años de lucha zapatistaHistory173ocn035049742book19950.98La voz de los armados de verdad y fuego : documentos del EZLNHistory141ocn862977457book20130.98Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)La fuerza del silencio 21-12-12 : el EZLN anuncia pasos siguientes141ocn042370973book19940.86Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)EZLN : documentos y comunicados134ocn054447572book20030.56Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)EZLN : documentos y comunicados+-+7390669314131ocn042370974book19950.27Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional (Mexico)EZLN : documentos y comunicadosHistorySources125ocn042433080book19970.95Acuerdos sobre derechos y cultura indígenasHistoryConference proceedings122ocn053349264book20030.97Becerra, LucreciaA Itaca no se llega por mar123ocn042804390book19980.98Fuerte es su corazón : los municipios rebeldes zapatistasHistory18586ocn044963756file19980.37Ronfeldt, David FThe zapatista "social netwar" in MexicoHistoryThe information revolution is leading to the rise of network forms of organization in which small, previously isolated groups can communicate, link up, and conduct coordinated joint actions as never before. This in turn is leading to a new mode of conflict--netwar--in which the protagonists depend on using network forms of organization, doctrine, strategy, and technology. Many actors across the spectrum of conflict--from terrorists, guerrillas, and criminals who pose security threats, to social activists who may not--are developing netwar designs and capabilities. The Zapatista movement in Mex+-+578895883532417305ocn053002778file20020.47Stephen, LynnZapata lives! histories and cultural politics in southern MexicoHistoryThis study chronicles recent political events in southern Mexico, up to and including the July 2000 election of Vincente Fox. the book focuses on the meaning that Emiliano Zapata, a symbol of land reform and human rights, has had and now has for rural Mexicans+-+891274570532416373ocn045844435file19980.35Zapatista! reinventing revolution in MexicoHistoryThis is a study of the first 'postmodern revolution', where the Zapatistas in Mexico used the Internet to launch their programme & inform society. The book examines the global & domestic significance of the Zapatista movement & the Chiapas region+-+317188030532412084ocn050947147file20010.50Burbach, RogerGlobalization and postmodern politics from Zapatistas to high tech robber baronsWhilst the role of the nation state is degraded, political and economic power is trickling away into the clutches of a transnational elite. This study examines the phenomenon and what steps grass roots movements are taking to oppose it+-+150168092511025ocn656265204file20060.53Mentinis, MihalisZapatistas the Chiapas revolt and what it means for radical politicsHistoryA bold new account of the movement and its contribution to political theory+-+K1397809259703ocn608476078file20080.53Khasnabish, AlexZapatismo beyond borders new imaginations of political possibilityHistory+-+18814575358476ocn053939381book20040.59Higgins, Nicholas PUnderstanding the Chiapas rebellion : modernist visions and the invisible IndianHistoryNicholas Higgins offers a new way of understanding the Zapatista conflict as a counteraction to the forces of modernity and globalisation that have rendered indigenous peoples virtually invisible throughout the world+-+90105274757652ocn031240948book19950.39Ross, JohnRebellion from the roots : Indian uprising in ChiapasHistory"Helpful journalistic exploration of events leading up to and during the Zapatista uprising in Chiapas. Discusses domestic and international political contexts of the rebellion. Reports day-to-day activities of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional. Covers period through the 1994 elections"--Handbook of Latin American Studies, v. 5774913ocn043953940book20000.31MarcosOur word is our weapon : selected writingsHistoryRecords and correspondenceMarcos first captured world attention on New Year's Day, 1994 when he and an indigenous guerrilla group calling themselves 'Zapatistas' revolted against the Mexican government and seized key towns in the southernmost state of Chiapas. In the eight years that have passed since their uprising, Marcos has altered the course of Mexican politics and emerged as an international symbol of grassroots movement-building, rebellion and democracy. The prolific stream of poetic political writings, tales, and traditional myths which Marcos has written during this period are collected in this remarkable work. These words now form an incendiary volume of contemporary political history. An inspirational text in which we hear the voice of a people refusing to be forgotten or silenced--the voice of Mexico in transition, the voice of a people struggling for democracy by using their word as their only weapon.--Back cover+-+91857783067083ocn047696577book20010.26Hayden, Tom (Edt)The Zapatista readerHistory+-+00880751066548ocn045052622book20010.66Nash, June CMayan visions : the quest for autonomy in an age of globalizationHistoryA significant work by one of anthropology's most important scholars, this book provides an introduction to the Chiapas Mayan community of Mexico, better known for their role in the Zapatista Rebellion+-+86137406956348ocn056894455book20050.66Bob, CliffordThe marketing of rebellion : insurgents, media, and international activismCross-cultural studies"The Marketing of Rebellion rejects the common view that needy groups readily gain help from selfless nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Even in the Internet age, insurgents face a Darwinian struggle for scare international resources - and, to succeed, they must aggressively market themselves. Based on primary document analysis and more than 45 interviews with local activists and NGO leaders, the author shows that support goes to the savviest, not the neediest."--BOOK JACKET+-+31325167055255ocn480903152book20100.59Khasnabish, AlexZapatistas : rebellion from the grassroots to the globalHistory"In the early hours of January 1, 1994 a guerrilla army of indigenous Mayan peasants emerged from the highlands and jungle in the far southeast of Mexico and declared "¡Ya basta!"--"Enough!"--to 500 years of colonialism, racism, exploitation, oppression, and genocide. As elites in Canada, the United States, and Mexico celebrated the coming into force of the North American Free Trade Agreement the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacion Nacional, EZLN) declared war against this 500 year old trajectory toward oblivion, one that they said was most recently reincarnated in the form of neoliberal capitalist globalization that NAFTA represented. While the Zapatista uprising would have a profound impact upon the socio-political fabric of Chiapas its effects would be felt far beyond the borders of Mexico. At a moment when state-sponsored socialism had all but vanished from the global political landscape and other familiar elements of the left appeared utterly demoralized and defeated in the face of neoliberal capitalism's global ascendance, the Zapatista uprising would spark an unexpected and powerful new wave of radical socio-political action transnationally. Through an exploration of the Zapatista movement's origins, history, structure, aims, political philosophy and practice, and future directions this book provides a critical, comprehensive, and accessible overview of one of the most important rebel groups in recent history." -- Publisher description+-+745786393632448920ocn060459609visu19980.33A place called ChiapasHistoryDocumentary filmsIn 1994 the Zapatista National Liberation Army, made up of impoverished Maya Indians, took over five towns and 500 ranches in southern Mexico. Fighting for indigenous Mexicans to regain control over their lives and the land, the Zapatista Army, led by Subcommandante Marcos, started sending their message to the world via the Internet. The result was what the New York Times called "the world's first post-modern revolution." Here the filmmaker, who traveled to the jungle canyons of Southern Mexico to cover the uprising, effectively captures the human dimensions behind the war4752ocn044669780book20000.59Ross, JohnThe war against oblivion : Zapatista chronicles, 1994-2000History+-+59266021064725ocn052086128book20030.66Rus, JanMayan lives, Mayan utopias : the indigenous peoples of Chiapas and the Zapatista rebellionHistoryThe Maya Indian peoples of Chiapas had been mobilizing politically for years before the Zapatista rebellion that brought them to international attention. This authoritative volume explores the different ways that Indians across Chiapas have carved out autonomous cultural and political spaces in their diverse communities and regions. Offering a consistent and cohesive vision of the complex evolution of a region and its many cultures and histories, this work is a fundamental source for understanding key issues in nation building. In a unique collaboration, the book brings together recognized aut+-+22966079253244641ocn049959446book20030.70Rochlin, James FrancisVanguard revolutionaries in Latin America : Peru, Colombia, MexicoHistory+-+41561733064098ocn567962626file20060.63Zirakzadeh, Cyrus ErnestoSocial movements in politics : a comparative studyCase studiesWhen disillusioned with politics and political parties, it is often necessary for people to turn to social movements to promote political change. This book examines different types of social movements, from the Greens in Germany to the Shining Path in Peru+-+71281485964065ocn056068758book20050.70Earle, DuncanUprising of hope : sharing the Zapatista journey to alternative developmentHistoryThe Zapatista rebellion changed the way anthropologists practice their science in the jungles and highlands of Chiapas, where instead of being objects of traditional research, the rebel Zapatistas are now the subject of their own story. The authors, bothanthropologists for the Zapatists Age, cover the topic+-+05905640254051ocn053068275book20050.74Olesen, ThomasInternational Zapatismo : the construction of solidarity in the age of globalizationHistory+-+5138227936+-+9229137235+-+9229137235Thu Oct 16 16:04:00 EDT 2014batch43361