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Fri Mar 21 17:13:31 2014 UTClccn-n951145640.00Beyond fairness and deliberation: the epistemic dimension of democratic authority /0.501.00Democratic authority /61714506n 951145643965041Estlund, DavidEstlund, David 1958-lccn-n78028978Nussbaum, Martha Craven1947-edtviaf-90748130Meinard, Yvestrlnc-university of toronto$faculty of lawUniversity of TorontoFaculty of Lawlccn-no2007088509ebrary, Incnc-oxford university pressOxford University Presspbledtviaf-157977409Henle Conference in the History of Philosophy. <2, 1996, Saint Louis, Mo.>.Estlund, David M.Persons (Law)Domestic relationsNatural lawSex and lawDemocracy--PhilosophyDemocracyAuthorityPolitical science--PhilosophyDialogueCivil societyFreedom of speechPolitical participationConsent (Law)Sexual orientationUnited StatesSex195819921993199619971998200120022003200520062007200820092011201229681475342.615K625ocn468233628ocn316260482ocn842967366ocn804959307ocn760733574ocn452101767ocn455843057ocn803198277ocn657718752190122ocn045727444file19960.37Estlund, David MSex, preference, and family essays on law and natureThis is a paperback reprint of a book originally published in January 1997. It is a collection of essays that examines the relationship between nature and law, the "personal" and the "political". Some focus on the grey area where it is difficult to tell what, if anything, is "natural". Others focus on areas of human life that have frequently been thought to be natural rather than socially shaped, such as sexuality and the family. Each essay brings to the current debate the insights of a variety of disciplines - above all, philosophy, political science, and law. It should appeal to anyone interested in sexuality, gender, feminism, and the family+-+423776046553317ocn122291498book20070.73Estlund, David MDemocratic authority : a philosophical frameworkDemocracy, Estlund argues, is not naturally plausible. Why turn such important matters over to masses of people who have no expertise? Theories of democracy often try to answer this objection by appealing to the intrinsic value of democratic procedure. Estlund shows why this procedure doesn't work and offers an alternative+-+026976641523413ocn047126780book20010.66Democracy+-+895677681532421612ocn751250170book20110.84Estlund, David MThe Oxford handbook of political philosophyThis volume includes 22 new pieces by leading political philosophers, on traditional issues (such as authority and equality) and emerging issues (such as race, and money in politics). The pieces are clear and accessible and will interest both students and scholars working in philosophy, political science, and more321ocn058596800book20050.92Estlund, David MDeliberation down and dirty : must political expression be civil?+-+7741388235271ocn780286431book20110.47Estlund, David ML'autorité de la démocratie : une perspective philosophique71ocn055522937book20031.00Estlund, David MThe tyranny of non-consent71ocn179686748book20071.00Estlund, David MDemocratic authority42ocn824814916book20110.47Estlund, David MLa autoridad democrática : los fundamentos de las decisiones políticas legítimas21ocn848705700art1996Estlund, David MBeyond fairness and deliberation: the epistemic dimension of democratic authority21ocn312872839book19970.47Deliberative democracy : the Second Henle Conference in the History of Philosophy11ocn848652214art1992Estlund, David MThe persistent puzzle of the minority democrat11ocn848813287art1993Estlund, David MMaking truth safe for democracy11ocn052211616rcrd2003Democracy[This book contains] contemporary readings [which] are distinctively philosophical, but will appeal to students in historical, empirical, legal, or policy-oriented disciplines which deal with democratic theory. The volume covers a wide range of issues, from the significance of political equality and deliberation, to the value of diversity and reasons to vote. The essays are united by their emphasis on normative questions about justification, legitimacy, and obligation.-Back cover+-+4237760465+-+4237760465Fri Mar 21 15:20:36 EDT 2014batch8664