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Snow, Robert L.

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Most widely held works by Robert L Snow
Child abduction : prevention, investigation, and recovery by Robert L Snow( )

4 editions published in 2008 in English and held by 1,638 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The abduction of children occurs much more often in our country than most people would suspect, but because of a fault in our country's national crime reporting procedures, no one knows the true number. This book details the scope of the child abduction problem in the United States, and its very real danger. It covers the different types of abductions and discusses the psychological changes that can occur in long-term abducted children. The author devotes several chapters to what both parents and the government can do to stop many of the child abductions that now occur, and, for those not stopped, steps parents can take that will greatly assist the authorities in quickly locating and safely rescuing an abducted child. He concludes with a chapter on the psychological and emotional concerns of recovered abducted children, and how families can help them re-integrate themselves into a normal life. Featuring such prominent cases as the abductions of the Groene children in Idaho in 2005, Christopher Michael Barrios in Georgia in 2007, Zina Linnick in Washington in 2007, Mychael Darthard-Dawodu in Texas in 2007, Crystal Chavez in Texas in 2002, Elizabeth Smart in Utah in 2002, the Montano children in Florida in 2003, the Walker children in Indiana in 2007, the Nunez children in California in 2002, Emily Johnson in Indiana in 2007, Ludwig Koons in New York in 1993, the Beveridge children to the United States from Australia in 2000, Erica Pratt in Pennsylvania in 2002, Clay Moore in Florida in 2007, the Hari children in Illinois in 2005, Samantha Runnion in California in 2002, Ben Ownby in Missouri in 2007, Shawn Hornbeck in Missouri in 2002, Steven Stayner in California in 1972, Natascha Kampusch in Austria in 1998, Jessica Lunsford in Florida in 2005, Carlie Brucia in Florida in 2004, Amber Hagerman in Texas in 1996, the Nguyen children in Canada in 2006, and Cecilie Finkelstein from Sweden to the United States in 1975
Deadly cults : the crimes of true believers by Robert L Snow( Book )

10 editions published in 2003 in English and held by 1,623 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

How do seemingly "normal" or "ordinary" citizens suddenly find themselves committed to a group whose leader promotes criminal activities and isolation from families and friends? What should you do if a loved one becomes indoctrinated by a potentially dangerous cult? By providing specific accounts of dangerous cults and their destructive acts, Snow illustrates how seemingly innocent groups can turn pernicious when under the sway of a charismatic leader with an agenda, or when members take things too far. He offers advice on how to identify cults, how to protect yourself and your family, and what to do if a loved one is ensnared by such a group. Annotation. Snow, a veteran Indianapolis police officer in the homicide branch, does not bother with groups that are demonized as cults merely because they diverge from someone else's idea of truth or proper deportment, but focuses on those that are responsible for major crimes such as murder and torture. They include religious, occult, millennial, new-age, UFO, doomsday, and suicide cults. He also discusses their danger, appeal, recruitment, and indoctrination and how to combat them
Policewomen who made history : breaking through the ranks by Robert L Snow( )

6 editions published in 2010 in English and held by 1,335 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The author covers the entire history of policewomen in America since their initial promotion from desk jobs to patrol positions, and through the ranks from there. In only 40 years, women in police departments across the country have advanced with amazing speed to positions traditionally reserved for men. Many have gone on to become police chiefs, SWAT team commanders, homicide detectives, training instructors, and patrol officers. Having witnessed first-hand the transition from women as meter-maids to full-fledged officers, the author offers first-hand accounts from women and others engaged in this important and transformative change in the world of American policing
Technology and law enforcement : from gumshoe to gamma rays by Robert L Snow( )

5 editions published in 2007 in English and held by 1,226 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

From the Publisher: Although for much of the mid-20th century police departments across the U.S. had been reluctant to embrace new technology, depending instead on traditional police techniques, detectives in Los Angeles finally departed from this practice when they found themselves stymied in their attempts to solve the infamous Night Stalker serial murder case. This murderer and rapist had gone on a deadly rampage during the spring and summer of 1985, and though the police used every traditional police technique, they could not solve the crime. Finally, in desperation, they decided to do something different: use what was then the latest, cutting edge-technology. This new technology, the laser print finder, worked perfectly and the police arrested the Night Stalker the next day. Following this astonishing success, police departments across the nation suddenly began clamoring to obtain all kinds of new technology to assist them in solving crimes. This rush to embrace the latest technology hasn't slowed in the intervening 21 years. This book takes readers through every major branch of law enforcement and shows how technology has radically changed police department operations during the last two decades. It also shows how these changes continue today as technology advances and refines techniques already in practice. Beginning with the Night Stalker case, the author illustrates how the use and reliance on new technologies in solving crimes has made policing and detective work more accurate and efficient in capturing and convicting criminals (and courts more recently in releasing innocents convicted of crimes). Capitalizing on the interest in all things forensic, this book illuminates the behind the scenes technologies that go into solving crimes and keeping dangerous criminals off the street. Snow covers DNA and fingerprint technologies, vehicle technologies, undercover work, bomb detection, and other methods. Using many real life examples and first hand anecdotes, he shows how technology has become part and parcel of criminal justice efforts to solve crimes
Sex crimes investigation : catching and prosecuting the perpetrators by Robert L Snow( )

3 editions published in 2006 in English and held by 1,052 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Snow takes the reader on a tour of murder, its investigation, and its prosecution from the perspective of a seasoned homicide detective
Stopping a stalker : a cop's guide to making the system work for you by Robert L Snow( Book )

4 editions published in 1998 in English and held by 727 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Finding runaways and missing adults : when no one else is looking by Robert L Snow( )

5 editions published in 2012 in English and held by 723 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Every year in the United States, almost two million children run away from home. In addition, on the average, the police in our country have at any one time over 100,000 active missing-adult cases. This book will show readers how, with just a little advance preparation and insight, they can greatly increase their chances of finding a missing loved one, even after police have stopped actively looking. With sensationalized child disappearances, teenagers vanishing, and adults faking their own deaths, the challenge of finding missing persons often falls most directly on those who love them. And though in past years this involved a considerable amount of footwork, that is no longer the case. With the advent of the Internet and the many new search engines available, much of the searching and canvassing can now be done from computers. Family members and friends looking for missing loved ones need to know what programs and databases to access, though, to get the search under way. Snow reveals to readers the process the police use when trying to locate missing people of interest, information that readers can then use to locate their own missing loved ones. Using real stories and first hand accounts, the author offers hope and guidance to those who may have given up the search for a child, a spouse, a parent, or a friend
Family abuse : tough solutions to stop the violence by Robert L Snow( Book )

7 editions published in 1997 in English and held by 641 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Abusers, we discover, come from every walk of life, and no one is untouched by the powerful consequences of violence, neglect, and emotional and sexual abuse in this country. Snow goes on to reveal the tactics of violence and terror these abusers all wield - whether against a parent, wife, or child. More importantly, he shows that this hateful legacy of abuse need not continue
The militia threat : terrorists among us by Robert L Snow( Book )

5 editions published in 1999 in English and held by 520 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Most shocking is when Snow exposes the truth behind who belongs to these militias and serves as their leaders - including high-ranking police officials and representatives from Congress! Finding camaraderie in numbers, militia members form tight-knit groups to thwart infiltrators and informants. We discover their adamant belief in conspiracy theories, their ill-conceived motives, and their paranoia. We investigate their extreme training tactics, use of illegal weapons, and survivalist credo
Swat teams : explosive face-offs with America's deadliest criminals by Robert L Snow( Book )

9 editions published between 1996 and 1999 in English and held by 454 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

"When Charles Whitman sprayed bullets in a brutal killing spree from the heights of the University of Texas clock tower in 1966, he single-handedly made history by dashing the security of millions and changing law enforcement forever. In the wake of this horrifying event, SWAT - Special Weapons and Tactics - teams were born. Since that time, such desperate, bloody face-offs with police have steadily increased, making SWAT an invaluable and necessary part of law enforcement." "Captain Snow, author of the acclaimed Protecting Your Life, Home, and Property, and a police officer with over 25 years experience, delivers to the reader the immediacy of actual SWAT events - including both the notorious and the bizarre. We get a chilling glimpse into the desperate, twisted mind of the hostage taker - often hovering precariously between violence and suicide - and witness the brilliant, life-saving strategies SWAT commanders put into action to stop them. As Captain Snow demonstrates, whether intervening during a tension-filled hostage showdown or serving an arrest warrant to a heavily armed drug lord, SWAT teams are, in general, uniquely prepared to handle the most volatile and life-threatening police situations with poise, speed, and - when necessary - deadly force." "From the unnerving events in Waco to the thousands of successes every year, Snow analyzes what works and doesn't work in a SWAT team." "When the smoke clears, we find at the heart of this book the inspiring story of professionals who have dedicated their lives to saving others. Captain Snow gives us the real story behind the Hollywood image - at once exciting and sobering - of this relatively new and increasingly vital branch of law enforcement."--Jacket
Murder 101 : homicide and its investigation by Robert L Snow( Book )

5 editions published in 2005 in English and held by 429 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Of all crimes, murder fascinates the public more than any other. While considered a detestable act, for which society reserves its severest punishments, homicide still captivates the American public. But the way homicide and its investigation are depicted in our media fail to capture just how murders get solved. Here, Snow takes us on a tour of murder, its investigation, and its prosecution from the perspective of a seasoned homicide detective. From the commission of the crime to the collection of evidence, examination of the crime scene, roundup of suspects, interrogation, and resolution, he leads readers from the scene to the courtroom, stopping along the way to consider all the elements that go into a murder investigation. He considers the culprits, the motives, the victims and their families, and offers readers a glimpse into the actual techniques and methods used to solve real crimes. This volume will fascinate and inform anyone interested in knowing the truth behind the scene of the crime of murder.''
Protecting your life, home, and property : a cop shows you how by Robert L Snow( Book )

4 editions published in 1995 in English and Undetermined and held by 348 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Killers in the family : inside a real family of criminals bound by blood by Robert L Snow( Book )

5 editions published in 2014 in English and held by 145 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Follows detective Roy West as he reopens the investigation into the brutal murder of thirteen-year-old Dawn Marie Stuard, who was known to be visiting the Reese family at the time--a family with a history of criminal behavior
Slaughter on North Lasalle by Robert L Snow( Book )

4 editions published between 2012 and 2014 in English and held by 110 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Follows detective Roy West as he reopened the investigation into the brutal murders of Robert Gierse, James Barker, and Robert Hinson--three men who were notorious womanizers and who had more enemies than friends
Terrorists among us : the militia threat by Robert L Snow( Book )

5 editions published between 1999 and 2002 in English and held by 52 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

With the events of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and Oklahoma City, the American militia movement emerged from the obscurity of secluded cabins and survivalist meetings into the national media spotlight. Yet how much do we really know about these radical groups determined to wage war against the American government? In this eye-opening look at the militia movement, the author provides a chilling portrayal of the explosive cauldron of hate brewing across our nation. He takes us behind the scenes to expose the militias' extreme military-style training tactics; their trade and sale of banned semi-automatic weapons and explosives; and the often-disturbing beliefs, from anti-government conspiracy theories to end-time prophecies, which motivate them. Filled with firsthand accounts of how the government has already stopped a dozen or more potential attacks, this book is an exposé of the danger that lurks within our borders
The complete guide to personal and home safety : what you need to know by Robert L Snow( Book )

1 edition published in 2002 in English and held by 42 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Love and greed in the Heartland : the Richmond Hill murders by Robert L Snow( Book )

2 editions published in 2017 in English and held by 15 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

Love and Greed in the Heartland is the story of an insurance fraud scheme gone fatally wrong. On one night in Richmond Hill, what was meant to be a small fire mushroomed into a major explosion and the largest homicide investigation in Indianas history
Review of Natural Phenomena Hazard (NPH) assessments for the Hanford 200 Areas (non-seismic)( )

1 edition published in 2010 in English and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

The purpose of this review is to assess the need for updating Natural Phenomena Hazard (NPH) assessments for the Hanford 200 Areas, as required by DOE Order 420.1B Chapter IV, Natural Phenomena Hazards Mitigation, based on significant changes in state-of-the-art NPH assessment methodology or site-specific information. The review includes all natural phenomena hazards with the exception of seismic/earthquake hazards, which are being addressed under a separate effort. It was determined that existing non-seismic NPH assessments are consistent with current design methodology and site specific data
Als ich Carroll Beckwith war Spurensuche einer Reinkarnation by Robert L Snow( Book )

1 edition published in 2000 in German and held by 3 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

À la recherche de Carroll Beckwith by Robert L Snow( Book )

1 edition published in 2000 in French and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide

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Sex crimes investigation : catching and prosecuting the perpetrators
Deadly cults : the crimes of true believersPolicewomen who made history : breaking through the ranksTechnology and law enforcement : from gumshoe to gamma raysSex crimes investigation : catching and prosecuting the perpetratorsStopping a stalker : a cop's guide to making the system work for youFamily abuse : tough solutions to stop the violenceThe militia threat : terrorists among usSwat teams : explosive face-offs with America's deadliest criminals
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