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Thu Oct 16 17:54:54 2014 UTClccn-n950151800.00Kristol, William0.381.00Does America need a new president? the Kristol-Danner debate /295716178William_Kristoln 950151803774149クリストル, ウィリアムlccn-n2003058353Kaplan, Lawrence(Lawrence F.)1969-lccn-n81024571Hussein, Saddam1937-2006lccn-n91013709Dionne, E. J.edtlccn-no95049848Bush, George W.(George Walker)1946-lccn-n86130265Gore, Albert1948-lccn-n2002021901Cohen, Eric1977-edtlccn-n50045985Kristol, Irvinglccn-n95107712Kagan, Robertedtlccn-n87891882DeMuth, Christopher C.lccn-n81031990Blitz, MarkothKristol, WilliamHistoryBibliographyTrials, litigation, etcUnited StatesDiplomatic relationsMilitary policyIraqHussein, Saddam,Presidents--ElectionBush, George W.--(George Walker),Contested electionsFloridaGore, Albert,TrialsInternational relationsConservatismMilitarismBioethicsStem cells--ResearchHuman cloningGenetics--Moral and ethical aspectsPolitical scienceMilitary policy--PhilosophyInternational relations--PhilosophyKristol, IrvingPopular cultureIntellectual lifePolitical ethicsLiberalismPress and politicsTelevision broadcasting of newsDemocracy--Moral and ethical aspectsSeptember 11 Terrorist Attacks (2001)Constitutional historyConstitutional lawConstitution (United States)Kristol, WilliamJackson, Jesse,Judicial powerLaffer, Arthur BDaschle, ThomasReed, Ralph,Ferraro, GeraldineGayler, Noel,Deaver, Michael KCarville, JamesBolton, John RMatalin, MaryBradley, Bill,Bork, Robert HBuchanan, Patrick J.--(Patrick Joseph),Hamilton, LeeYoung, Andrew,19521973197919831984199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011510370130327.730567E183.8.I57ocn491571591ocn063700149ocn474583773ocn799568918ocn803642520ocn803023114ocn185781684162510ocn051389105book20030.28Kaplan, LawrenceThe war over Iraq : Saddam's tyranny and America's missionAs the crisis with Iraq continues, Americans have questions. Is war really necessary? What can it accomplish? What broad vision of U.S. foreign policy underlies the determination to remove Saddam Hussein? What were the failures of the last couple of decades that brought us to a showdown with a dictator developing weapons of mass destruction? What is the relationship between war with Iraq and the events of 9-11? The answers to these questions are found in this timely book by two of America's leading foreign policy thinkers. Kristol and Kaplan lay out a detailed rationale for action against Iraq. But to understand why we must fight Saddam, the authors assert, it is necessary to go beyond the details of his weapons of mass destruction, his past genocidal actions against Iran and his own people, and the U.N. resolutions he has ignored. The explanation begins with how the dominant policy ideas of the last decade--Clintonian liberalism and Republican realpolitik--led American policymakers to turn a blind eye to the threat Iraq has posed for well over a decade+-+941900843613054ocn045918743book20010.35Bush v. Gore : the court cases and the commentaryTrials, litigation, etc"In the first half of this volume gathers what we and the editors at the Brookings Institution Press believe to be the most important legal documents in the Bush-Gore confrontation ... The book begins with the early advisory rulings on the recounts by Florida state officials. It moves on to the intermediate court rulings and ends with the critical decisions in early December by the Florida Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court. We have included the dissents in all the major cases ... The second half of the book consists of contemporaneous commentaries on the controversy. These include columns, magazine articles, editorials and also a few news stories that shed important light on the issues at stake"--P. 2+-+62565206355527ocn049700069book20020.28Cohen, EricThe future is now : America confronts the new geneticsThis book looks at both the past and the future of the debate over whether there are moral limits to scientific progress and what life will look like in the genetic age+-+11467079253916ocn044131681book20000.59Kagan, RobertPresent dangers : crisis and opportunity in American foreign and defense policyWith each passing day the world seems to become a more perilous place. Russia implodes and China expands; North Korea develops missiles capable of striking Hawaii and Alaska; and Iraq perfects weapons of mass destruction that could be smuggled into New York in a suitcase. Yet America, the most powerful country in the world, also at times seems the most uncertain when it comes to protecting itself from these threats. In Present Dangers, Robert Kagan and William Kristol have compiled twelve provocative and sobering essays, all original for this volume, from intellectuals, historians and policy-m+-+81690084362951ocn032093808book19950.79The neoconservative imagination : essays in honor of Irving KristolBibliography2274ocn061503319book20050.33The weekly standard : a reader, 1995-2005HistoryA collection of essays from a magazine with a right wing political perspective, covering some of the significant political, cultural, and social issues of the last ten years by such writers as P.J. O'Rourke, Stephen Hayes, and John Podhoretz+-+29270351552113ocn043791051book20000.84Educating the prince : essays in honor of Harvey MansfieldHistory+-+22735079251704ocn704519843file20110.30Kristol, IrvingThe neoconservative persuasion : selected essays, 1942-2009Irving Kristol, the "godfather" of neoconservatism and one of our most important public intellectuals, played an influential role in development of American intellectual and political culture over past half century. These essays, many hard to find and reprinted here for the first time since their initial appearance, are a survey of intellectual development of one of the progenitors of neoconservatism. Kristol wrote on a broad range of topics from W.H. Auden to Ronald Reagan, from neoconservative movement's roots in the 1940s at City College to American foreign policy, from religion to capitalism. Kristol's writings provide us a unique guide to development of neoconservatism as one of the leading strains of thought, one of leading "persuasions" in recent American political and intellectual history+-+08777501951387ocn078282789com20030.17Kaplan, LawrenceThe war over Iraq Saddam's tyranny and America's missionNew Republic senior editor Lawrence F. Kaplan and FOX News political analyst William Kristol look back at how a sadistic dictator was allowed to acquire so much power on the world stage, but they also offer a road map for a more hopeful future+-+1527861325324361ocn322666570book20020.47Dang qian wei xie : Mei guo wai jiao yu guo fang zheng ce de wei ji yu qi ji202ocn154655116book20030.74Kristol, WilliamNotre route commence à Bagdad : par les faucons de la Maison-Blanche182ocn060747117book20040.97The Theodore H. White lecture with William Kristol1111ocn426126947rcrd20000.47News RoundupDiane talks with a panel of news-watchers about current events in the U.S. and abroad81ocn039652614book19980.95Joyce, Michael SSelf-government72ocn057548471book20040.47Kristol, WilliamLa Guerra de Irak71ocn067226100rcrd20020.10Kristol, WilliamThe new political eraPolitical analyst William Kristol describes the changes taking place in the American political system as a result of the September 11th terrorist attacks74ocn057548681book20050.47Kristol, WilliamPeligros presentes42ocn056976120file20041.00Does America need a new president? the Kristol-Danner debateA debate between William Kristol (editor of The Weekly Standard) and Mark Danner (Professor, UCB Graduate School of Journalism) concerning President Bush's leadership and foreign policies and the coming 2004 election42ocn025243744book19790.92Kristol, WilliamThe American judicial power and the American regime41ocn697517577visu20100.22Constitution Day colloquium September 16-17, 2010"The Constitution, which provides the structure of our liberties, has been under assault by the Progressive movement for well over a century. Today it is customarily forgotten or ignored by policymakers in Washington, D.C. This Hillsdale College Colloquim helps us understand the importance of the Constitution, how it has been undermined, and what is needed to revive it."--Container11ocn045761739art1997Kristol, William11ocn795278923file0.47Tom McCall ForumTom McCall Forum CollectionThe Tom McCall Forum was an annual political debate series that Pacific University hosted from 1982-2007. The collection includes video recordings, promotional material and photographs documenting the debates11ocn031233469art19941.00Meacham, JonThe GOP's master strategist [William Kristol]01ocn181734896visu2007Life and career of William KristolBiography+-+6256520635+-+6256520635Thu Oct 16 15:45:49 EDT 2014batch17163