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Thu Oct 16 17:53:17 2014 UTClccn-n950269160.00The world of Margaret Peterson Haddix : a guide to books by Margaret Peterson Haddix0.060.92Read Margaret Peterson Haddix250481644Margaret_Peterson_Haddixn 950269163797415Haddix, Margaret 1964-Haddix, Margaret PetersonPeterson Haddix, Margaret.Peterson Haddix Margaret 1954-....Peterson Haddix, Margaret 1964-Peterson Haddix, Margaret Petersonהדיקס, מרגרט פיטרסוןハディックス, マーガレット・ピーターソンlccn-n50035069EdwardVKing of England1470-1483lccn-n94053473RichardDuke of York1472-1483lccn-n80037043RichardIIIKing of England1452-1485lccn-n80070498Dare, Virginia1587-np-sorensen, chrisSorensen, Chrisnrtlccn-n80016971Hudson, Henry-1611lccn-no2009093208Recorded Books, LLClccn-no94018831Recorded Books, Inclccn-n83177167Triangle Shirtwaist Companylccn-n79022889Einstein, Albert1879-1955Haddix, Margaret PetersonFictionJuvenile worksTerms and phrasesHistorical fictionCode and cipher storiesYoung adult worksDetective and mystery storiesScience fictionSuspense fictionScience fictionConduct of lifeTime travelSpace and timeAdoptionEdward--V,--King of England,Richard,--Duke of York,Richard--III,--King of England,Great BritainAuntsCloningIdentity (Psychology)SecrecyGrandparentsHousesittingFloridaSocial isolationInterpersonal relationsFearBrothersIndianaDiphtheriaDetective and mystery storiesBirth controlParentingEnglish languageChildren--Conduct of lifePrincessesSex roleDare, Virginia,United States--Roanoke ColonyBetrayalHudson, Henry,Arctic Ocean--Northwest PassageAgingVoyages and travelsScience--ExperimentsFamiliesMemoryMothersComputersCold War (1945-1989)KidnappingEinstein-Marić, Mileva,Einstein, Albert,SerbiaSwitzerlandCode and cipher storiesBrothers and sistersFamily secrets1964198819951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014201591947206906[FIC]PZ7.H1164ocn723892620ocn723632650575819ocn156891904book20080.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonFoundJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksWhen thirteen-year-olds Jonah and Chip, who are both adopted, learn they were discovered on a plane that appeared out of nowhere, full of babies with no adults on board, they realize that they have uncovered a mystery involving time travel and two opposing forces, each trying to repair the fabric of time+-+K679041696472020ocn227569445book20090.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonSentJuvenile worksFictionSuspense fictionYoung adult worksJonah, Katherine, Chip, and Alex suddenly find themselves in 1483 at the Tower of London, where they discover that Chip and Alex are Prince Edward V and Richard of Shrewsbury, imprisoned by their uncle, King Richard III, but trying to repair history without knowing what is supposed to happen proves challenging. Author's note includes historical facts about the princes and king+-+1879041696464616ocn055672121book20050.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonDouble identityJuvenile worksFictionThirteen-year-old Bethany's parents have always been overprotective, but when they suddenly drop out of sight with no explanation, leaving her with an aunt she never knew existed, Bethany uncovers shocking secrets that make her question everything she thought she knew about herself and her family+-+8928234315426632ocn037588395book19980.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonAmong the hiddenJuvenile worksFictionIn a future where the Population Police enforce the law limiting a family to only two children, Luke has lived all his twelve years in isolation and fear on his family's farm, until another "third" convinces him that the government is wrong+-+5029734315348212ocn053355715book20040.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonThe house on the gulfJuvenile worksFictionDetective and mystery storiesA sixteen-year-old boy arranges a housesitting job for the summer, but he starts acting strangely after his family moves in, and his sister begins to suspect they are not supposed to be there+-+9779034315324344126ocn046872298book20020.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonAmong the betrayedJuvenile worksFictionScience fictionThirteen-year-old Nina is imprisoned by the Population Police, who give her the option of helping them identify illegal "third-born" children, or facing death+-+2054834315341024ocn045058628book20000.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonAmong the impostorsJuvenile worksFictionIn a future where the law limits a family to only two children, third-born Luke has been in hiding for the entire twelve years of his life, until he enters boarding school under an assumed name and is forced to face his fears+-+4954834315323128ocn032313823book19880.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonRunning out of timeJuvenile worksFictionDetective and mystery storiesYoung adult worksWhen a diphtheria epidemic hits her 1840 village, thirteen-year-old Jessie discovers it is actually a 1995 tourist site under unseen observation by heartless scientists, and it's up to Jessie to escape the village and save the lives of the dying children+-+6187634315315621ocn049681456book20030.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonAmong the BaronsJuvenile worksFictionIn a future world of false identities, government lies, and death threats, Luke feels drawn to the younger brother of the boy whose name Luke has taken+-+8564834315302021ocn052335122book20040.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonAmong the braveJuvenile worksFictionIn a society that allows families to have only two children, a group of third-borns tries to save itself and others like them+-+504203431529639ocn051293520book20040.01Haddix, Margaret PetersonSay what?Juvenile worksFictionTerms and phrasesWhen their parents begin saying the wrong thing every time six-year-old Sukie and her older brothers misbehave, the children discover that it is a plot and fight back with their own wrong phrases+-+0007134315290226ocn039335853book19990.07Haddix, Margaret PetersonJust EllaJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksIn this continuation of the Cinderella story, fifteen-year-old Ella finds that accepting Prince Charming's proposal ensnares her in a suffocating tangle of palace rules and royal etiquette, so she plots to escape+-+2136734315288119ocn055138543book20050.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonAmong the enemyJuvenile worksFictionScience fictionIn a society that allows families to have only two children, third child Matthias joins the Population Police to infiltrate their system+-+2242034315275718ocn060515368book20040.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonAmong the freeJuvenile worksFictionAlexandrea has just moved to Harlem and her mother is pushing her into ballet and she has stage fright+-+0342034315263615ocn391339459book20100.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonSabotagedJuvenile worksFictionHistorical fictionTime-travelers Jonah and Katherine are summoned to help another missing child from history, this time Virginia Dare from the Roanoke Colony, but their journey is sabotaged and goes dangerously awry, leaving them in the wrong time period. Includes author's note about the history of Roanoke Colony and Virginia Dare+-+9979041696245315ocn657648807book20100.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonInto the gauntletJuvenile worksFictionCode and cipher storiesThroughout the hunt for the 39 Clues, Amy and Dan Cahill have uncovered history's greatest mysteries and their family's deadliest secrets. But are they ready to face the truth about the Cahills and the key to their unmatched power? After a whirlwind race that's taken them across five continents, Amy and Dan face the most the difficult challenge yet -- a task no Cahill dared to imagine. When faced with a choice that could change the future of the world, can two kids succeed where 500 years worth of famous ancestors failed?+-+3505150905230512ocn645789560book20110.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonTornJuvenile worksFictionScience fictionTime travelers Jonah and Katherine arrive in 1611 to rescue missing child John Hudson, son of the explorer Henry Hudson, but just as the mutiny on the Discovery is supposed to start, Jonah and Katherine's knowledge of history is tested once again, and they fear that more is at stake than just one boy's life. Author's note includes facts about Henry Hudson's explorations+-+8534341696218120ocn045016314book20000.07Haddix, Margaret PetersonTurnaboutJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksAfter secretly receiving injections at the age of 100 that are meant to reverse the aging process, Melly and Anny Beth grow younger until, as teenagers, they try to find a guardian to take care of them as they return to infancy+-+8285934315188410ocn050002635book20030.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonEscape from memoryJuvenile worksFictionYoung adult worksAllowing herself to be hypnotized, fifteen-year-old Kira reveals memories of another time and place that may eventually cost her and her mother their lives+-+367903431518656ocn740250628book20120.06Haddix, Margaret PetersonCaughtJuvenile worksFictionScience fictionWhen Jonah and Katherine travel to early 1900s Switzerland and Serbia to return Albert Einstein's daughter, Lieserl, to history, her mother Mileva grasps entirely too much about time travel and has no intention of letting her daughter go651ocn507364100com20080.35Something about the authorBiographyBibliographySeries covers individuals ranging from established award winners to authors and illustrators who are just beginning their careers. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources, and photographs+-+2483899696341ocn842994117book20140.06Kamberg, Mary-LaneMargaret Peterson HaddixJuvenile worksBiographyExamines the life and accomplishments of the bestselling author of two young adult series, "The Missing" and "The Shadow Children." --Publisher's description51ocn503452955visu20090.92Read Margaret Peterson HaddixPosters11ocn153900011book20060.47Gismondi, TamaraHappily never after : a stylistic analysis of Cinderella rebornCriticism, interpretation, etc11ocn518081146visu2009Read Margaret Peterson HaddixPosters11ocn775460204book2011The world of Margaret Peterson Haddix : a guide to books by Margaret Peterson HaddixCriticism, interpretation, etc01ocn439694092com0.06A visit with Margaret Peterson HaddixJuvenile worksBiographyThis Web site is one of over 5,500 student-created entries in the ThinkQuest Library and specifically focuses on author Margaret Peterson Haddix. Visitors can find a brief biography, a list of her books, and some answers to an e-mail interview with Mrs. Haddix+-+K679041696+-+K679041696Thu Oct 16 15:14:40 EDT 2014batch32389