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Fri Mar 21 17:14:43 2014 UTClccn-n960369530.10Sturges, John: Director0.201.00East meets West : comparative analysis of Seven Samurai (1954) and the Magnificent Seven (1960) /85938207John_Sturgesn 960369534058519Sturges, Capt John.Sturges, John Eliot, 1911-1992Sturges, John Elliottlccn-n80024575Bronson, Charles1920-2003prfactlccn-no96014360Mirisch Companylccn-n50007866McQueen, Steve1930-1980othprfactlccn-n86025301Coburn, Jamesprfactlccn-n88100581Pleasence, Donaldactlccn-n80015727Metro-Goldwyn-Mayerlccn-no98037755MGM Home Entertainment Incnp-brynner, yulBrynner, Yulprfactlccn-no95005960Warner Home Video (Firm)lccn-n50014652Tracy, Spencer1900-1967prfactSturges, John1910-1992DramaFilm adaptationsHistoryFilm and video adaptationsBiographyWestern filmsPersonal narratives‡vBritishPersonal narratives‡vEnglishWar filmsFictionWorld War (1939-1945)OutlawsMexicoFriendshipVigilantesPeasantsEscapesCubaFishersOlder menStalag Luft IIIUnited StatesPoland--ŻagańFilm remakesHemingway, Ernest,GermanyViolenceVeteransMotion picture producers and directorsSturges, John,Earp, Wyatt,Holliday, John Henry,Marlin fishingFilm adaptationsArizona--TombstoneSecret servicePrisoners of warNuclear submarinesArctic RegionsLand tenureNew MexicoMotion picture actors and actressesTracy, Spencer,GunfightsMilitary campaignsUnited States.--Office of Strategic ServicesCombatSoldiersKachin (Asian people)Jungle warfareBurmaActorsChamales, Tom T.,RevengeAir pilotsBombardiersTemperanceColorado--DenverJusticePrisoners19101992194519461947194819491950195119521953195419551956195719581959196019611962196319641965196719681969197219731974197519761977197819801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014168952981012791.4372PN1997ocn060552986ocn046725501ocn176636602ocn053898882ocn035240278ocn036811234ocn029349366ocn054898490ocn071230835ocn027359069ocn056822598ocn046725501ocn768496656ocn070252392ocn047093786ocn045312436ocn780990092ocn781120423ocn746356116ocn781372399ocn828186956ocn834648290ocn753798540ocn834646560ocn753132077ocn753143872ocn553956226ocn836637170ocn838975140ocn836532384ocn754040140ocn743144449ocn742822391ocn801695280ocn742838288ocn419550421ocn742805005ocn421744215ocn743043702ocn225637545ocn419297915312695ocn046889080visu19600.19Jagiełło, MichałThe magnificent sevenHistoryFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe citizens of a small Mexican farming village hire seven gun fighters to defend them from a ruthless and exploitative group of bandits led by Calvera. As Calvera's next raid approaches, the peasants and the gun fighters work together to prepare to defend the village246585ocn039457373visu19630.18Brickhill, PaulThe great escapeDramaPersonal narratives BritishPersonal narratives EnglishFilm adaptationsA fictionalized version of the unprecedented escape from Stalag Luft III. A high-security German prisoner-of-war camp in 1942 holds only known troublemakers and risk-takers, all of whom are determined to pull off the war's most daring escape+-+1995137425116823ocn059760824visu19510.22Sturges, JohnBad day at Black RockDramaFilm and video adaptationsA one-armed stranger arrives in a tiny desert town, the locals possessing a dark past they want to keep secret, by any means necessary+-+0457425425109048ocn049552745visu19760.17Sturges, JohnThe eagle has landedFictionDramaWar filmsFilm adaptationsSixteen German paratroopers are dropped on the coast of England with orders to bring Churchill back to Hitler+-+9544301006324101832ocn046812914visu19580.18Taylor, JudThe old man and the seaFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsAn old man catches a magnificent marlin and must battle the elements, the sea and sharks to get his catch home93649ocn052095266visu19560.19Sturges, JohnGunfight at the O.K. CorralHistoryDramaWyatt Earp and John "Doc" Holliday team up to rid Tombstone, Arizona of the murderous Clanton gang5283ocn034975483visu19960.19Ernest Hemingway's the old man and the seaFictionDramaAn aging Cuban fisherman, alone in a small skiff, catches a magnificent marlin and must defy the sea, marauding sharks, and his own flagging strength to bring his great catch home52834ocn047093786visu19720.16Sturges, JohnJoe KiddHistoryDramaJoe Kidd, which concerns a land war in New Mexico at the turn of the century, marks Clint Eastwood at the top of his form as a western hero. Like a very classic western, it has gunfights, conflicts, and a slambang finale which has a locomotive being driven through a saloon where the bad guys are hiding51019ocn057455169visu19670.17Sturges, JohnIce Station ZebraFictionDramaFilm adaptationsIce Station Zebra, treacherously perched at the top of the world, silently guards a secret that will change the balance of world power forever. America's only hope rests with the speed and courage of the fighting men in the nuclear sub Tigerfish. Pray they get there before the Russians+-+872292542537713ocn046725501visu19650.17John Sturges' The Hallelujah TrailDramaWestern comedy about a hard-nosed cavalryman with orders to escort a precious cargo of 40 wagonloads of whiskey bound for Denver+-+57018374253243698ocn060552986visu19590.18Sturges, JohnNever so fewDramaWar filmsFilm adaptationsAn O.S.S. commander and his outnumbered Allied guerrilla force must overcome incredible odds as they train the Kachin natives in modern warfare. But jungle combat, particularly against a Japanese army as familiar with the terrain as the Kachin, is more grueling than they had reckoned3142ocn056822598visu20040.19The Spencer Tracy legacy a tribute by Katharine HepburnBiographyDramaTelevision programsHumphrey Bogart considered Spencer Tracy to be Hollywood's best actor. "He makes you believe he is what he is playing," Bogey once said. Katharine Hepburn, Tracy's beloved companion of 25 years, compares him to "a baked potato, It's pure. It's of the earth. And it's dependable. That was Spencer." Hepburn hosts this salute featuring clips from Captains courageous, Bad day at Black Rock, Adam's rib and other Tracy hits alongside reminiscences from Frank Sinatra, Sidney Poitier, Elizabeth Taylor and more stars. This program follows Tracy's stellar career from brash young man blazing with talent to old lion showing new stars how it's done27826ocn056822600visu19580.18Sturges, JohnLast train from Gun HillDramaWhen U.S. Marshal Matt Morgan's wife is raped and murdered, the killers leave behind a saddle that he recognizes as the property of his friend Craig Belden. Realizing that Belden's son Rick is one of the killers, Morgan travels to the nearby town of Gun Hill to arrest him. Belden refuses to turn over his son, so not only must Morgan locate and arrest Rick, but he has to do so before the last train leaves Gun Hill at 9 p.m. Although the whole town, which is virtually owned by Belden, seems to be against him, the marshal receives some much-needed help from Linda, the sharp local madam2729ocn060038556visu19740.17McQDramaA police lieutenant resigns from the force to track down some big dope dealers involved in killing a couple of police officers+-+41915346963242677ocn156887800visu19480.25Zinnemann, FredAct of violence Mystery streetDramaMystery street (1950): Vivian is being brushed off by her rich, married boyfriend. To confront him, she hijacks Henry Shanway and his car from Boston to Cape Cod. Once there, she strands Henry. Months later, a skeleton is found on a lonely Cape Cod beach. Using the macabre expertise of Harvard forensic specialist Dr. McAdoo, Lt. Pete Morales must work back from bones to find the victim's identity and killer23610ocn245533988visu19530.18Sturges, JohnEscape from Fort BravoHistoryDramaWestern filmsAny Johhny Reb who tries to escape the Union prison outpost at Fort Bravo faces the unforgiving Arizona Territory desert stretching out before him ... and the even more unforgiving pursuit of Bravo's resolute Captain Roper. Yet there's a common foe that may unite the Civil War rivals: the fierce Mescalero horsemen waging guerilla war against Blue and Gray alike2322ocn123362461visu20070.17Clint EastwoodDramaTwo mules for Sister Sara: A hard-hitting drifter and an unusual nun set off on an action-packed adventure when they join a band of freedom fighters in their mission to capture a well-protected enemy garrison1847ocn053898882visu19690.18Caidin, MartinMaroonedDramaFilm adaptationsAfter a problem with a retro-rocket, three astronauts become stranded in space while their ground crew frantically struggles to get them safely back to earth1789ocn244483038visu19570.19The law and Jake WadeHistoryDramaWestern filmsJake Wade is an ex-badman gone straight who repays an old debt by helping his former partner Clint break out of jail - an act of loyalty he soon regrets, as Clint has vengeance, not gratitude, on his mind16712ocn060578735visu19670.20Sturges, JohnHour of the gunHistoryDramaWhen the Clanton gang kills Wyatt Earp's brothers, he decides to go after them and enlists the help of his friend Doc Holliday9314ocn550365343file20080.39Lovell, GlennEscape artist the life and films of John SturgesBiographyA biography of John Sturges. It examines his childhood in California during the Great Depression; his apprenticeship in the editing department of RKO Pictures, where he worked on such films as "Gunga Din"; his service in the Army Air Corps in WWII; and his emergence as one of the first independent producer-directors in Hollywood+-+588377447532481ocn052518501book20030.92Laborie, EmmanuelJohn Sturges : histoire d'un filmakerBiographyEntretiens, analyses et présentation des films de J. Sturges. Il parle en toute franchise de son métier, de la production du cinema américain, de son avenir et de souvenirs61ocn159981533com19940.32The westernHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcInterviewsDramaDiscusses the uniquely American genre of Western films. Identifies the elements of westerns, including the portrayal of the open frontier, the lawless edge of civilization, legendary outlaws, reluctant heroes, and idealistic storylines. Traces the development of westerns and looks at the role of the western in the future. Features interviews with directors John Sturges, Clint Eastwood, and others11ocn081057032book19901.00Koh, Jeff Yam ChengEast meets West : comparative analysis of Seven Samurai (1954) and the Magnificent Seven (1960)Reviews11ocn560492568art19950.10Quigley, MartinSturges, John: DirectorBiography Dictionaries+-+0457425425+-+0457425425Fri Mar 21 15:19:28 EDT 2014batch35079