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Confederate States of America Collectionlccn-n80001144Confederate States of AmericaArmylccn-n88602168Confederate States of AmericaCongressHouse of Representativeslccn-n86837630Confederate States of AmericaWar Departmentlccn-n89103949Confederate States of AmericaDepartment of the Treasurylccn-n79063906Confederate States of Americalccn-n91075487Joseph Meredith Toner Collection (Library of Congress)lccn-n50057060Confederate States of AmericaNavylccn-n50021434Pollard, Edward Alfred1831-1872lccn-n79145409Confederate States of AmericaPresidentlccn-n93009354John Davis Batchelder Collection (Library of Congress)Confederate States of America Collection (Library of Congress)HistoryMilitary historyRulesPersonal narrativesConstitutionFictionTextbooksHandbooks, manuals, etcBibliographyJuvenile worksUnited StatesAmerican Civil War (1861-1865)United States--Confederate States of AmericaPolitical scienceConfederate States of America.--ArmySouthern StatesMilitary campaignsBotany, EconomicSecessionSouth CarolinaBotanyBotany, MedicalMedicinal plantsPrisoners of warAlabamaSlaveryMateria medica, VegetableCropsPlants, CultivatedLouisianaSouth Carolina--Charleston--Fort SumterPrisonersConvention of the people of the state of AlabamaWar--CausesSlavery--JustificationConstitutional lawGeographySouth Carolina--CharlestonPollard, Edward Alfred,VirginiaBull Run, 1st Battle of (Virginia : 1861)Diplomatic relationsInternational relationsConstitutional conventionsConstitutionsFugitive slavesExpenditures, PublicConfiscationsConfederate States of America.--War DepartmentMilitary lawTextbooksTennesseeShiloh, Battle of (Tennessee : 1862)Johnston, Albert Sidney,Courts-martial and courts of inquiryPeaceDraftMedical careChildrenEducation185118601861186218631864186518711879188218861895191719871990199119951674910641179973.7E4872075ocn009148842book18620.88Confederate States of AmericaOfficial reports of battlesHistoryMilitary historyThe reports cover Confederate military operations Jan.-Aug. 18621684ocn003701444book18620.79Pollard, Edward AlfredThe first year of the warHistoryMilitary history15910ocn010102855book18610.95Confederate States of AmericaMessage of the PresidentHistoryRulesClaims14011ocn008850324book18630.90Confederate States of AmericaCommunication from the Secretary of War [relative to the steps taken to carry out the provisions of the act of Congress "in relation to the arrest and disposition of slaves who have been recaptured from the enemy"]HistoryTrials, litigation, etcRulesRegistersClaims1262ocn003426719book18600.90South CarolinaDeclaration of the immediate causes which induce and justify the secession of South Carolina from the federal union, and the ordinance of secessionHistoryConference proceedings1131ocn001498361book18650.88Pollard, Edward AlfredObservations in the North : eight months in prison and on paroleHistoryPersonal narrativesPersonal narratives Confederate1137ocn006786297book18610.94Confederate States of AmericaPresident's messageHistory913ocn657102236file18650.93Herrington, William DThe deserter's daughterHistoryFiction911ocn053953674book18640.86Handlin, W. 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WCause and contrast an essay on the American crisisHistoryControversial literature813ocn013628904book18620.94Confederate States of AmericaRegulations for the Army of the Confederate States, 1862Rules791ocn003037644book18640.95LouisianaDebates in the Convention for the revision and amendment of the Constitution of the state of Louisiana assembled at Liberty Hall, New Orleans, April 6, 1864ConstitutionSources792ocn006802807book18630.86Porcher, Francis PeyreResources of the southern fields and forestsHistoryBibliography771ocn003508581book18640.86Confederate States of AmericaReports of the operations of the Army of Northern Virginia : from June 1862, to and including the battle at Fredericksburg, Dec. 13, 1862HistoryMilitary history761ocn003118286book18610.79Smith, William RussellThe history and debates of the Convention of the people of Alabama : begun and held in the city of Montgomery, on the seventh day of January, 1861 : in which is preserved the speeches of the secret sessions, and many valuable state papersHistory763ocn742484471file18610.90South CarolinaThe correspondence between the commissioners of the state of So. Ca. to the government at Washington and the President of the United States, together with the statement of Messrs. Miles and KeittHistory751ocn003424334book18640.21Stewart, K. JA geography for beginnersJuvenile worksTextbooks741ocn053824327book18610.79Gilham, WilliamManual for instruction for the volunteers and militia of the Confederate StatesHandbooks, manuals, etcThu Oct 16 15:39:30 EDT 2014batch27677