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Fri Mar 21 17:10:12 2014 UTClccn-n960965490.00I musei di Roma e la Cappella Sistina /0.301.00Pontificatvs innocentii Pape XIII. Anno secvndo268642532n 960965494175757252552Capella pontificiaCapella sistinaCappella pontificia (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Cappella sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Papal Chapel (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Rome (Italy). Capella pontificiaRome (Italy). Capella sistinaRome (Italy). Papal ChapelRome (Italy). Sistine ChapelSistine ChapelSistine Chapel (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Sixtinische Kapelle (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Vatican. Capella pontificiaVatican. Capella sistinaVatican. Papal Chapellccn-n80152368Michelangelo Buonarroti1475-1564illlccn-n96039801King, Ross1962-lccn-n90631205Colalucci, Gianluigilccn-n79032128Pietrangeli, Carlolccn-n78062769Mancinelli, Fabriziolccn-n79041756Raphael1483-1520lccn-n78064442Partridge, Loren W.lccn-n50036666De Vecchi, Pierluigiedtlccn-n50002510Seymour, Charles1912-1977comlccn-n80032146Doliner, RoyCappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Criticism, interpretation, etcManuscriptsHistoryArtPrayersGuidebooksCappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Michelangelo Buonarroti,Vatican CityMural painting and decoration, ItalianMural painting and decoration, RenaissanceMural painting and decoration, Italian--Conservation and restorationMural painting and decoration, Renaissance--Conservation and restorationItalyArt appreciationContemporariesBibleLast Judgment (Michelangelo Buonarroti)Mural painting and decorationJudgment Day in artGenealogy in the BibleSymbolism in artBible.--Old TestamentConservation and restorationCeilingsBible.--MatthewGenealogyJulius--II,--Pope,Raphael,Windsor, House ofMural painting and decoration, Italian--Themes, motivesLiturgics--TextsWhitman CollegeFriendshipItaly--RomeGregorian chantsAntiphonariesManners and customsHymns, LatinHoly Week musicChoruses, Sacred (Mixed voices, 4 parts), UnaccompaniedLamentations of Jeremiah (Music)Responses (Music)Choruses, Sacred (Mixed voices), UnaccompaniedPintoricchio,Painting, ItalianMusic--Instruction and studyCatholic ChurchPerugino,Mural painting and decoration--Conservation and restorationPainting, RenaissanceCappella Paolina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Botticelli, Sandro,MassesMusic--ManuscriptsLiturgics150715081545156915801582171117221724177317801801180218081818182518331834184018451857188018901900190119051906190719081909191019131915192119251926192919301931193219341935193619391940194119421943194519461948194919501951195219531954195519561957195819591960196119621963196419651966196719681969197019711972197319741975197619771978197919801981198219831984198519861987198819891990199119921993199419951996199719981999200020012002200320042005200620072008200920102011201220132014334075971001759.5ND623.B9902ocn811453853com20110.81Ensemble OfficiumLa Cappella Sistina312ocn043424899book19990.93Zuffi, StefanoMichelangelo : la Cappella Sistina131ocn022376308book19880.95Perugino e Pinturicchio in Vaticano : anno accademico 1987-88History122ocn021691813book19620.76Francia, EnnioMichelangelo in Vaticano61ocn221481868book19650.50Salvini, RobertoThe Sistine Chapel42ocn223206800score17220.97Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Pontificatus innocentii papa XIII anno secundoManuscripts43ocn025995349score15450.86Catholic ChurchAntiphonale sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesiae pro diurnis horis; SS. D.N. Pii X. pontificis maximi jussu restitutum et editumCriticism, interpretation, etcPrayersManuscripts15th-century Spanish antiphonary. Five-line staves; square or diamond notation. Latin text in rounded hand with initials in red, blue and/or black, some highlighted with contrasting penwork details31ocn063102683book0.27Michelangelo Buonarroti[The last judgement21ocn031228257score17221.00Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Pontificatus Innocentii Papae XIII. Anno secvndoManuscripts21ocn031228261score17221.00Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Pontificatvs innocentii Pape XIII. Anno secvndoManuscripts21ocn031260376score15071.00Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Pontificatus Innocentii Papae XIII, anno secundoManuscripts11ocn640834910book19910.28Mancinelli, FabrizioThe Sistine ChapelCriticism, interpretation, etcGuidebooksThe composition, in monotype Bembo, was by Michael and Winifred Bixler of Skaneateles, New York11ocn063013864book18020.10Michelangelo BuonarrotiA portfolio of engravings of Michelangelo's paintings of the prophets and sibyls in the Sistine ChapelArt11ocn605963816book19780.31Michelangelo BuonarrotiLarge size views of the Sistine and Pauline Chapels in the Vatican11ocn078233841book19621.00Francia, EnnioAldo Martello11ocn005978434score1.00Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)[Collection of 16th cent. polyphonic masses]11ocn270128324visu0.10Pierpont Morgan Library[Four Evangelists single leaf montage]11ocn041461863score17240.47[Psalmi, antiphonae, motecta et sequentiae codex 46]Includes works by E. Genet (Carpentras), J. Mouton, A. Brumel, Willaert, Josquin, Dufay, C. Festa, Richafort, A. de Silva, J. Brunet, A. Févin, A. Compère, H. Isaac, Okeghem, J. Escribano, E. de Monte Regali, A. Michot?, and "Anonymous."11ocn082202018score17220.47Cappella Sistina (Vatican Palace, Vatican City)Pontificatus innocentii papa XIII anno secundoManuscripts11ocn041029878score17220.47[Liber missarum codex 41]Includes works by: C. Pintelli, Matthiae Pipelare, Josquin, Petri de La Rue, A. Brumel, Okeghem, Pasquin, Gasparis (Weerbecke), Alexandri Agricolae355418ocn050961024book20020.21King, RossMichelangelo & the Pope's ceilingHistoryCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrationsIn 1508, despite strong advice to the contrary ... Pope Julius II commissioned Michelangelo Buonarroti to paint the ceiling of the newly restored Sistine Chapel in Rome. [This book] recounts the ... story of the four ... years [Michelangelo] spent laboring over the twelve thousand square feet of the ... ceiling while the power politics and personal rivalries [of Rome battled around him]+-+004862753520538ocn029255028book19920.27Hirst, MichaelThe Sistine Chapel : a glorious restorationCriticism, interpretation, etcContains nearly three hundred photographs taken by Takashi Okamura showing the entire Ceiling, individual panels showing such scenes as the Creation of Adam and the Deluge, and details of prophets, sibyls, nudes, and other stunning figures+-+0593845635113610ocn000213494book19720.37Seymour, CharlesMichelangelo, the Sistine Chapel ceiling: illustrations, introductory essays, backgrounds and sources, critical essaysCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+205968848510334ocn036776461book19970.32Partridge, Loren WMichelangelo--the Last Judgment : a glorious restorationCriticism, interpretation, etcMichelangelo's The Last Judgment (1534), painted on the rear wall of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, is considered by many to be the artist's masterpiece and one of the most important works in the history of art. In this book, the newly cleaned and restored fresco is presented in all its powerful complexity. Richly illustrated with 150 magnificent full-color images - showing the painting both in its entirety and in many close-up details - the book offers an in-depth study of the work itself and of the restoration process+-+4490645635101523ocn036075416book19700.28Mancinelli, FabrizioThe Sistine ChapelCriticism, interpretation, etcGuidebooksThe composition, in monotype Bembo, was by Michael and Winifred Bixler of Skaneateles, New York+-+06567413333249942ocn013333648book19860.28The Sistine Chapel : the art, the history, and the restorationCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrations9459ocn236314480book20080.21Graham-Dixon, AndrewMichelangelo and the Sistine ChapelCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrationsIn his new study of Michelangelo's work in the Sistine Chapel, Andrew Graham-Dixon tells the fascinating human story behind its creation. He analyses its many layers of meaning and teases out the multitude of ambiguities that lurk within its imagery of timeless magnificence+-+53184875169182ocn035249504book19970.31De Vecchi, PierluigiMichelangelo : the Vatican frescoesCriticism, interpretation, etcThis complete handbook reveals the secrets of the hieroglyphic writing of the Nile Valley, which provides a still-vivid snapshot of the gods, the people, and the everyday life of the Ancient Egyptians. Both literal and highly lyrical, hieroglyphics bring alive a distant world, with descriptions of the natural environment, the art, the society, the religious beliefs, and even the philosophical basis of a culture that flourished 5,000 years ago. Presenting and explaining+-+37875743259156ocn192050120book20080.19Blech, BenjaminThe Sistine secrets : Michelangelo's forbidden messages in the heart of the VaticanCriticism, interpretation, etcFive hundred years ago Michelangelo began work on a painting that became one of the most famous pieces of art in the world-the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Every year millions of people come to see the largest fresco painting on earth in the holiest of Christianity's chapels; yet there is not one single Christian image in this vast, magnificent artwork. This book tells how Michelangelo embedded messages of brotherhood, tolerance, and freethinking in his painting to encourage "fellow travelers" to challenge the repressive Roman Catholic Church of his time. Authors Blech and Doliner reveal what Michelangelo meant in the angelic representations that brilliantly mocked his papal patron, how he managed to sneak unorthodox heresies into his ostensibly pious portrayals, and how he was able to fulfill his lifelong ambition to bridge the wisdom of science with the strictures of faith.--From publisher description+-+69541961556985ocn021331615book19900.27Januszczak, WaldemarSayonara, Michelangelo : the Sistine Chapel restored and repackagedCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+66545029253246814ocn016639247visu19860.31Return to glory Michelangelo revealed : the restoration of the Sistine ChapelCriticism, interpretation, etcIllustrationsIn 1980 work began on the restoration of Michelangelo's frescoes in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. This is the exclusive film record of the first phase of the 12 year endeavor6702ocn035043321book19960.28Partridge, Loren WMichelangelo : the Sistine Chapel ceiling, RomeCriticism, interpretation, etc+-+506861253562511ocn046678623book19920.28Richmond, RobinMichelangelo : the Sistine ChapelCriticism, interpretation, etcBiographyCatalogsIn this launch title of a new art series, Zuffi focuses on Michelangelo's work on the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican. The book features 16 fold-out pages that open into poster-sized reproductions of the artwork, allowing readers to feel as though they are there. 41 color reproductions+-+05687329355821ocn057775823visu20040.20Irving Stone's The agony and the ecstasyDramaWhen Pope Julius II (Harrison) commissions Michelangelo (Heston) to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the artist initially refuses. Virtually forced to do the job by Julius, he later destroys his own work and flees Rome. Eventually resumed, the project becomes a battle of wills fueled by the artistic and temperamental differences that form the core of this movie5722ocn000562848book19720.59Shearman, John K. GRaphael's cartoons in the collection of Her Majesty the Queen, and the tapestries for the Sistine Chapel5673ocn023584134book19920.66Lewine, Carol FThe Sistine Chapel walls and the Roman liturgyIllustrationsSome decades before Michelangelo began work on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, such masters as Botticelli, Ghirlandaio, Perugino, and Signorelli were called to Rome by Pope Sixtus IV to decorate the walls. By 1483, these painters had completed two monumental fresco cycles illustrating the lives of Moses and Christ - works of complex, and sometimes puzzling, iconography. Carol F. Lewine shows that many long-standing questions posed by these Renaissance masterpieces can be resolved by systematic investigation of their undoubted links with the Roman liturgy. Her reconstruction of the scheme by which liturgical themes of the weeks between Christmas and Ascension Thursday are mirrored in the subjects of these frescoes has revealed, unexpectedly, that within this program the primary emphasis is on the liturgy of Lent, often on the Lenten liturgy of the early church, and on such Lenten themes as baptism and penitence. The discovery that these frescoes also refer to the Babylonian Captivity of the Jews, another ancient Lenten theme, suggests that Sixtus IV created the papal chapel that bears his name in order to commemorate the return of the popes from their "Babylonian Captivity" at Avignon. This exile ended in 1377, approximately one hundred years before Sixtus began to plan the major artistic enterprise of his pontificate. Lewine's approach to the interpretation of visual images in terms of their liturgical significance is in itself important and her argument, grounded in close visual inspection of the paintings, is ingenious and provocative. Her analyses of the interactions among narrative and symbol, text and image, form and meaning, offer stimulating contributions to quattrocento studies and encourage further consideration of all the decoration of the Sistine Chapel, together, as parts of an evolving ensemble+-+87425562755433ocn050526413book20020.33Hall, Marcia BMichelangelo : the frescoes of the Sistine ChapelCriticism, interpretation, etc"Michelangelo's frescoes in the Sistine Chapel - the great glory of the Vatican, and one of the treasured masterpieces of Western painting - provide a visual feast for art lovers in this magnificent book." "Presenting a complete survey of the restored Sistine Chapel frescoes from Creation scenes to the Last Judgment, the book includes a new text by a highly regarded American scholar, Marcia B. Hall. The stunning photographs, taken just after the decade-long restoration, reveal Michelangelo's glowing colors and intricate designs in both large, overall views as well as a wealth of close-up details. No other one-volume work on the Sistine Chapel offers such a clear, accessible introduction to these beloved and important works."--BOOK JACKET+-+45808456355212ocn029256203book19940.39Gilbert, CreightonMichelangelo : on and off the Sistine ceilingCriticism, interpretation, etcCreighton Gilbert's writings on Michelangelo are fundamental documents for both the interpretation of a particular artist and a more general understanding of Renaissance art. Gilbert is one of the finest and most lucid interpreters of this immensely complex and intriguing artist and his time+-+K3886125354982ocn043641387book19980.13Giudici, VittorioThe Sistine Chapel : its history and masterpiecesThe Sistine Chapel is one of the most important places for the Christian faith and for the entire history of art. This beautiful book tells the complete story of the chapel through detailed text and gorgeous, full-color spreads. Reproductions of the chapel's artistic splendor are prominently featured, including paintings, sculptures, and even Michelangelo's blueprints. Lively illustrations and cutaways depict the construction of the chapel, the Florentine workshop, and Michelangelo's painstaking method for creating the glorious ceiling. The contributions of everyone involved in this monumental feat -- from Pope Sixtus IV and Julius II to Botticelli and Michelangelo -- are documented in this fascinating blend of art and history+-+43811772354785ocn001066053book19650.63Ettlinger, Leopold DThe Sistine Chapel before Michelangelo; religious imagery and papal primacy+-+0048627535Fri Mar 21 16:12:38 EDT 2014batch42283