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Fri Mar 21 17:03:53 2014 UTClccn-n970773820.06Alienated /0.201.00The directors10048961David_O._Russelln 970773824398918O'Russell, David 1958-Russell, DavidRussell, David 1958-Russell, David OwenRussell, David Owen, 1958-lccn-n92055233Wahlberg, Mark1971-iveproprfactlccn-no99076012Bale, Christian1974-prfactlccn-n85231405De Niro, Robertprfactlccn-no2004009011Mandeville Filmslccn-no99069006Leo, Melissaactlccn-no2011067101Dorrington, Keithantccplccn-n79055404Paramount Pictures Corporationviaf-220546250Johnson, Ericsceantausccpcmpnp-aufiero, dorothyAufiero, Dorothyprolccn-no2007002471Relativity MediaRussell, David O.1958-DramaFilm adaptationsFictionJuvenile worksHumorMotion picture playsComedy filmsThrillers (Motion pictures)Action and adventure filmsPeriodicalsMan-woman relationshipsHalloween Nor'easter (1991)Andrea Gail (Boat)North Atlantic OceanShipwrecksNew EnglandBrothersWidowsDivorced menBoxingDepression, MentalBoxers (Sports)Ward, MickyDenial (Psychology)Eklund, DickyMassachusetts--LowellFamiliesInterpersonal relationsMothers and sonsUnited StatesPersian Gulf War (1991)Ballroom dancing--CompetitionsTelevision journalistsMass media--Ratings and rankingsWomen television journalistsCalifornia--San DiegoSwordfish fisheriesIraqPrivate investigatorsPolitical activistsTreasure trovesNatural disastersFishing boatsMassachusetts--GloucesterManners and customsFisheriesRescuesJunger, SebastianAmericansRevolutionsSoldiers--Conduct of lifeAuthors, FrenchAuthorsTabloid newspapersJunior high schoolsBest friendsConduct of lifeSchoolsExtraterrestrial beingsFriendship19581987199419951996199719981999200020012003200420052006200720082009201020112012201320141122281309791.4372PN1997.2ocn698398800ocn055669416ocn699832610ocn465474997ocn042422394ocn070133032ocn849887055ocn846806242ocn063203861ocn728860188ocn055669416ocn042422394ocn070133032ocn852988248ocn862053768ocn848003839ocn070133032ocn416285280ocn858202873ocn858737301ocn780945122ocn781361350ocn780821702ocn780992295ocn673756425ocn691993511ocn762749780ocn692038180ocn416285280ocn852988248ocn862053768ocn753716508ocn123421251ocn801777189241833ocn830881770visu20120.20Russell, David OSilver linings playbookFictionDramaFilm adaptationsThe story of a man who has lost everything, his house, his job, his wife, and how he creates his own silver linings from the bonds he forms with his family and friends241339ocn698398800visu20100.19Wahlberg, MarkThe fighterDramaOnce upon a time, Dicky Eklund was known as the pride of Lowell, Massachusetts. There isn't a person in Lowell who doesn't know about the time that Dicky knocked down the great Sugar Ray Leonard. By the early 1990s, Dicky's crack addiction has soured everything, although he dreams of making a comeback. The real contender is his half-brother Micky Ward. 31-year-old Micky is an unassuming nice guy, long regarded as little more than a stepping-stone for rising fighters, but with undeniable potential. Between his controlling mom Alice, who manages his career, his crack head trainer brother, and a Greek chorus of seven sisters, Micky doesn't have a chance. Until his tough-chick bartender girlfriend Charlene gives him the confidence and support to consider a different course. But his success comes at a cost--as he must leave his family behind in the process198647ocn043802169visu19990.20Russell, David OThree kingsDramaAbsurdly comic tale set after the end of the Gulf War, when three American soldiers looking to plunder stolen gold become involved in an uprising+-+0692925425324137119ocn057138606visu20040.20I [heart] HuckabeesDramaKindhearted, but confused activist Andrew Markovski hires a pair of eccentric 'existential detectives' to help him find the meaning of life. All the while, a sexy, French author is trying to throw a wrench in their plan by seducing Andrew's mind and body8282ocn056556527visu20040.17Ferrell, WillAnchorman the legend of Ron BurgundyFictionDramaComedy filmsIt's the 70's and Ron Burgundy is the king of San Diego. He's the most popular news anchor in town. He and his all male news team rule the city with their sauve looks, minimal IQ's and unbelievably bad hair. In Ron's world, women don't belong in the newsroom. So when rising star reporter Veronica Corningstone fills in for Ron one night and the ratings soar, it becomes more than a battle ... it becomes war+-+902885269666527ocn055669416visu19960.19Russell, David OFlirting with disasterHumorFictionDramaIn a quest to find his biological parents, Mel Coplin--joined by his wife and a sexy adoption counselor--embarks on a cross-country search for his "roots." Yet as he careens from one outrageous situation to another, Mel finds himself tempted by the seductive counselor--even as his wife starts a flirtation of her own! By the time they meet up with his free-spirited birth parents, the whole situation is spinning out of control5196ocn310397041book20090.06Russell, David OAlienatedJuvenile worksFictionSanta Rosa, California, junior high school students Gene and Vince try to become famous and popular by publishing a free tabloid about real aliens, but a clash over whether to print a certain story not only damages their friendship, it lands them in the middle of an intergalactic conflict, as well+-+634734169619611ocn034591323visu19940.28Russell, David OSpanking the monkeyDramaLooking forward to a prestigious summer internship in Washington, D.C., pre-med college student Raymond has his dreams put on hold when he's forced to stay at home caring for his invalid mother. Constantly harassed by his domineering, travelling salesman father, Raymond struggles to deal with his mother's bed-ridden anxieties, and with his first, stumbling attempts to romance the naive girl next door1831ocn057240216book20040.59Russell, David OI [heart] Huckabees : the shooting scriptAn existential comedy: A husband-and-wife team play detective, but not in the traditional sense. Instead, the happy duo helps others solve their existential issues, the kind that keep you up at night, wondering what it all, David OFlirting with disaster & Spanking the monkeyMotion picture plays+-+06254662051021ocn171189067visu20070.17Petersen, WolfgangThe Perfect stormFictionDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsAction and adventure filmsThrillers (Motion pictures)The perfect storm: In October 1991, a confluence of weather conditions combined to form a killer, perfect storm in the North Atlantic. Caught in the storm was the sword-fishing boat Andrea Gail963ocn063203861visu20050.28WholphinPeriodicalsShort filmsDocumentary filmsAnimated filmsA collection of live and animated short films and documentaries+-+7381697846771ocn058564310visu20050.23Soldiers pay"Focusing on the brave men and women in combat, the protesters, the politicians on both sides of the fence, and Iraqis who now live in America, Soldiers Pay is a powerful film that brings forth passionate, moving insights that can only come from the direct experience of war."--Container319ocn066416285visu20040.21Hoffman, DustinI heart HuckabeesDramaEen jongeman huurt een paar existentialistische detectives in om te ontdekken waarom hij op een dag een jonge neger in drie verschillende hoedanigheden tegenkomt. Het paar bespioneert hem in zijn dagelijks leven, terwijl zij hun visies op het leven, de natuur en het universum met hem delen275ocn707351569visu20110.17The fighter Le coup de grâceDramaMicky Ward is a struggling boxer long overshadowed by his older brother and trainer, Dicky, a local legend battling his own demons. Their explosive relationship threatens to take them both down. However, the bond of blood may be their only chance to redeem their pasts and, at last, give their hard-luck town what it's been waiting for: pride. Special features include commentary and a featurette232ocn858202873visu20130.47Happiness therapy149ocn051027170book19980.73Russell, David OThree kings : a screenplay123ocn851389718book20080.79Russell, David OThe silver linings playbookDramaThe story of a man who has lost everything, his house, his job, his wife, and how he creates his own silver linings from the bonds he forms with his family and friends112ocn222821263visu19980.27Three kings it's good to be kingMarch 1991, the Iraqi Desert. The Gulf War has ended and for most of the soldiers at the American base camp, it never started. With no chance of any action, they kill time instead of the enemy. Then a small group of soldiers discovers a map reputedly leading to a huge cache of gold stolen by Saddam Hussein from Kuwait and hidden somewhere near the desert base. The plan is simple: the group will secretly leave at dawn, retrieve the gold and be back by lunch. It was a good plan - in theory84ocn038210916book19940.76Russell, David OFlirting with disasterMotion picture plays61ocn651047709visu20080.63Raw footageInterviews"Alec Baldwin first interviews award-winning filmmaker Allison Anders (Mi Vida Loca, Gas, Food, Lodging, and Grace of My Heart). Anders discusses her inspiration and experience with all three of her films, the genesis of her career, and what she sees are the advantages and disadvantages of working in independent film. Alec Baldwin then interviews filmmaker David O. Russell (Three Kings, Spanking the Monkey, and Flirting with Disaster). Russell discusses the beginnings of his career, his political interests, and experiences. " - container11ocn852944077visu20121.00The directors11ocn463320136visu20050.10The directorsInterviewsProfile of David O. Russell, including clips from his movies and interviews11ocn052300948visu20010.47Raw footageInterviewsThe journey of the independent filmmaker is explored through interviews with two filmmakers, Allison Anders and David O. Russell. Anders discusses her inspiration and experience with all three of her films, the genesis of her career, and what she sees are the advantages and disadvantages of working in independent film. Russell discusses the beginnings of his career, his political interests, and experiences with independent film11ocn190823475visu20060.47Charlie Rose. an interview with Joseph Rotblat : an interview with David O. Russell : an interview with Jay McInern[e]y : an interview with Noah AdamsInterviews"First, physicist Joseph Rotblat was the only scientist to leave the Manhattan Project before the A-bomb was tested. Ten years later, he signed the historic Russell-Einstein Manifesto. It called for the end to all nuclear weapons and was the beginning of Rotblat's fifty year fight for total nuclear disarmament. He won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995 ... Then, filmmaker David O. Russell discusses his new film, Flirting with disaster. It is about a young father's search for his biological parents, which sends him on a cross-country trek. Also, author Jay McInern[e]y's 1984 debut, Bright lights, big city chronicled the excess of the 1980s and made him an overnight success. More than a decade later, he talks to Charlie Rose about the dawn of a new century and his book The last of the savages. Finally, Noah Adams, host of National Public Radio's All things considered, talks about his experience learning the piano at age 51 and the book it led to, Piano lesson."--Container+-+2969852696324+-+2969852696324Fri Mar 21 15:20:36 EDT 2014batch24146