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Fri Mar 21 17:13:35 2014 UTClccn-n970978910.06I didn't know that some cars can swim0.180.92Women's attire : a catalogue featuring selected women's wearing apparel from the collec[t]ions of the New Brunswick Museum /64847151Don_Simpsonn 970978914087154454521Simpson, Donald Howard, 1943-1996lccn-no95054819Bruckheimer, Jerryproctblccn-n93106893Scott, Tony1944-2012prfdrtlccn-n79055404Paramount Pictures Corporationlccn-n87880878Cruise, Tom1962-actlccn-n92096686Kilmer, Val1959-actlccn-n86006049Epps, Jackausccplccn-no94040843Hollywood Pictureslccn-n90704959Paramount Pictures Corporationlccn-no98101147Ashton, John1948-actlccn-no96018305Beals, JenniferactSimpson, Don1945-1996DramaFilm adaptationsAction and adventure filmsExhibition catalogsJuvenile worksHistoryMiscellaneaFictionFilm and video adaptationsMan-woman relationshipsUnited StatesNavy Fighter Weapons School (U.S.)California--Beverly HillsSubmarines (Ships)CompetitionAir pilots, MilitaryMichigan--DetroitMurder--InvestigationDetectivesFoley, Axel (Fictitious character)Police, BlackDancersHigh school teachersHostagesDancePoliceAutomobile racingFlorida--MiamiFighter plane combatTeacher-student relationshipsUrban schoolsJohnson, LouAnneMilitary missionsCalifornia--San FranciscoGases, Asphyxiating and poisonousDysfunctional familiesUnited States Penitentiary, Alcatraz Island, CaliforniaMotion picture producers and directorsIllegal arms transfersSimpson, Don,TerroristsPennsylvania--PittsburghStripteasersUnited States.--Navy.--SEALsWomen iron and steel workersWomen weldersNuclear weaponsWitnessesMurderFriendshipClosed captioningCalifornia--Alcatraz IslandChemical weaponsFighter pilotsDrug enforcement agentsBiological warfareEcstasy (Drug)New BrunswickAutomobiles194319961954195719581959196019711972197519761977197819791982198319841985198619871988198919901991199219931994199519961997199819992000200120022003200420052006200720082009201020112012201311406116334791.4372PN1997ocn043329541ocn042414496ocn051907157ocn046833004ocn033448891ocn828144785ocn144989449ocn829760439ocn843203156ocn610211086ocn444389656ocn468845642ocn468340622ocn723580073ocn723473385ocn723473416ocn723580060ocn868548716ocn839373626ocn740279085ocn743125743213752ocn057182622visu19860.17Scott, TonyTop gunHistoryFictionDramaAction and adventure filmsMaverick Mitchell is a daring young flyer in the U.S. Navy who is out to become the best of the best at the Navy's prestigious fighter weapons school+-+9545467425133734ocn050764078visu19830.18Lyne, AdrianFlashdanceFictionDramaAlex Owens is a fiercely determined and beautiful 18 year old woman who works as a welder by day and as a dancer at a local bar at night. Alex gains independence, finds love, and realizes her dream--to dance at the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance130617ocn048885432visu19840.18Brest, MartinBeverly Hills copFictionDramaAxel Foley is a brash, street smart Detroit detective who follows the trail of a friend's murderer to the posh surroundings of Beverly Hills. And before Axel gets his man, he gets up to his neck in an international network of smugglers and drug peddlers123218ocn033489589visu19950.18Washington, DenzelCrimson tideDramaIn the midst of a global crisis, the USS Alabama receives an unconfirmed order to launch its nuclear missiles. The tension quickly rises as the sub's respected commander and his brilliant executive officer clash over the validity of their orders, battling each other for control of the sub+-+893254300632411919ocn043329541visu19950.22Hollywood PicturesDangerous mindsDramaFilm and video adaptationsFilm adaptationsWhen an ex-Marine becomes a high school teacher, she is assigned to a class of inner-city teenagers81915ocn045090765visu19950.17Bay, MichaelBad boysDramaTwo tough cops in Miami protect a murder witness while investigating a case of stolen heroin+-+192474959632478616ocn049013130visu19870.17Scott, TonyBeverly Hills cop IIFictionDramaThis sequel presents further adventures of Axel Foley, a brash, street smart Detroit detective, as he comes up against a gang of munitions smugglers in Southern California61917ocn042414496visu19900.16Scott, TonyDays of thunderFictionDramaA hot-shot driver with a compulsion for winning is hired to drive a car in the Daytona 500. When an accident sidelines him, he learns there is more to life than competition+-+36700674253244951ocn051907157visu20030.16Demme, TedThe refDramaAn unfortunate cat burglar becomes trapped in a fate worse than jail when he takes a bickering couple and their annoying relatives hostage45212ocn046833004visu19960.18Bay, MichaelThe rockDramaA retired US Marine general (Ed Harris) seizes a stockpile of chemical weapons and takes over Alcatraz with 81 tourists as hostages. His demand: restitution to families of soldiers who died in covert operations. A Navy SEAL team with support from an FBI chemical warfare expert (Nicolas Cage) and a former Alcatraz escapee (Sean Connery) assemble to penetrate the terrorists' defenses on the island and neutralize the threat before time runs \out+-+56802333251752ocn164594992visu20070.16Footloose FlashdanceDramaFootloose. A fatherless teen-age boy from Chicago who likes to dance tries to shake up his new small midwestern hometown of Bomont, which doesn't allow public dancing. Bomont's Baptist minister is a staunch supporter of the ban on public dancing, but has a "loose" teenage daughter in high school who doesn't share his views on the ban. The two teenagers develop a mutual affection for each other and fight the ban in order to have a high school dance402ocn003175194book19750.59New Brunswick MuseumThe Loyalists : a catalogue featuring selected pieces of Loyalist history from the collections of the New Brunswick MuseumHistoryExhibition catalogs325ocn049236107visu19840.21Thief of heartsIf you met Ray and Mickey Davis, you'd swear they had a perfect marriage. But if you read Mickey's diary, you'd know that unrest is lurking just beneath the surface322ocn300102800visu20080.13The rock Crimson tideDramaCrimson tide: On board a nuclear submarine headed for Russia where radicals are threatening to start World War 3, Captain Ramsey and First officer Hunter clash over the validity of an unverified message to launch their missiles. With nuclear holocaust close at hand, mutiny erupts, pitting the entire crew against each other in a showdown that will decide the fate of the world301ocn238373938visu20080.19Bad boys Bad boys IIFictionDramaAn action comedy about two tough cops who heat up the streets of Miami261ocn005423416book19770.86New Brunswick MuseumTraditions décoratives Micmac & Maliseet = : Micmac & Maliseet decorative traditions : a catalogue featuring a selection of Maliseet and Micmac decorative arts from the collections of the New Brunswick MuseumExhibition catalogs231ocn726884350visu20080.18Beverly Hills cop trilogy Beverly Hills cop, Beverly Hills cop II, Beverly Hills cop IIIDramaA police detective from Detroit helps solve crimes in Beverly Hills212ocn034714839visu19900.22The big bangFilmmaker James Toback takes his camera into the lives of the acclaimed and the ordinary and records their answers to questions we continue to ask ourselves192ocn838793390book19990.06Petty, WilliamI didn't know that some cars can swimJuvenile worksMiscellaneaExplores the world of cars throughout history, examining the ways cars are built, how they work, and what kinds are available today+-+5879814925324141ocn012422641book19770.92New Brunswick MuseumWomen's attire : a catalogue featuring selected women's wearing apparel from the collec[t]ions of the New Brunswick MuseumHistoryExhibition catalogs4455ocn037721497book19980.23Fleming, CharlesHigh concept : Don Simpson and the Hollywood culture of excessBiographyBut at the same time that his vision was driving the Hollywood bottom line, Simpson's lifestyle epitomized the pervasive dark side of the industry's power base. His legendary consumption knew no bounds. And as long as he continued to crank out box-office gold, his every desire was conspicuously indulged - an unrestrained excess that killed him and sent a warning cry throughout the entire industry+-+994139038591ocn495084198book20090.23Fleming, CharlesBox-office : Don Simpson et la culture hollywoodienne de l'excèsUne excursion dans le cinéma américain des années 1980 à partir de nombreux entretiens avec les professionnels, Paul Schrader, Jay McInerney, Anthony Pellicano, Heidi Fleiss ou Rayce Newman. Le monde hollywoodien et ses protagonistes+-+9545467425+-+9545467425Fri Mar 21 15:39:35 EDT 2014batch21660