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Thu Oct 16 17:53:14 2014 UTClccn-n981032270.01The big box /0.060.20Who's got game? : three fables /14947052n 981032274865819lccn-n80131379Morrison, Tonilccn-n92092658Lemaître, Pascalilllccn-n94069458Cepeda, Joeilllccn-n96006796Potter, Giselleilllccn-n81066350Aesopnp-morrison, toniMorrison, Tonilccn-n2003041413Qualls, Seanilllccn-n2008003293Strickland, Shadrailllccn-no2001051230Kiéfé, Laurencetrlviaf-47048822Destephen, Catherine19..-....trlMorrison, SladeJuvenile worksFictionFolklorePictorial worksGraphic novelsFables, AmericanAesop's fablesStories in rhymeLibertyGrandmothersInterpersonal relationsConduct of lifeWindsIndividualityCloudsFolkloreFablesTurtlesHaresBooks and readingFearLibrariesComic books, strips, etcAnimalsChildren's storiesTalking books for childrenBullyingChildren and adultsChildren's stories, AmericanFriendshipGraphic novelsSnakesGrandfathersGrandparent and childRunning racesProofs (Printing)196619992000200220032004200520062007200820092010201120132014688035115[E]PS3563.O8749ocn466853022ocn470545765ocn469632923ocn47054569811647ocn040423333book19990.01Morrison, ToniThe big boxJuvenile worksFictionBecause they do not abide by the rules written by the adults around them, three children are judged unable to handle their freedom and forced to live in a box with three locks on the door+-+06476313258214ocn289008999book20090.01Morrison, ToniPeeny butter fudgeJuvenile worksFictionChildren spend the day with their grandmother, who ignores their mother's carefully planned schedule in favor of activities that are much more fun+-+07883416967617ocn050648777book20020.01Morrison, ToniThe book of mean peopleJuvenile worksFictionA young bunny finds a unique way to cope with the various mean people in his life+-+95905313257282ocn050425172book20030.19Morrison, ToniThe ant or the grasshopper?Juvenile worksFictionGraphic novelsWhen winter comes, the grasshopper, who sang away the summer, turns up at the door of the industrious ant+-+92977789256062ocn276228852book20100.01Morrison, ToniLittle Cloud and Lady WindJuvenile worksFictionLittle Cloud does not want to join the other clouds in terrorizing the earth with storms, but grows lonely and longs to look closer at mountains and seas, until Lady Wind makes her dream come true+-+48703416965294ocn464593253book20100.01Morrison, ToniThe tortoise or the hareJuvenile worksFolkloreFictionJamey Tortoise is smarter than anyone else and Jimi Hare is faster, but when a race is announced each consults a reporter about how to get what he really wants when and if he should win in this updated twist on the familiar fable+-+698834169648722ocn082154717rcrd20070.07Morrison, ToniWho's got game? : [three fables]Who's got more game? The hardworking ant who stores for winter or the musical grasshopper who just plays away? Kid A the ant and Foxy G the grasshopper love passing the summer days together in Central Park. They shoot hoops, splash in pools, and draw big crowds with their jamming music. But when winter approaches New York City, they say goodbye to each other. Kid A knows it's time to gather food and fix up his house, and he gets busy right away. Foxy G, meanwhile, stays true to his art and keeps on rubbing his musical wings-even when they start collecting ice. As the snow gets deeper and the winds blow colder, who will prove himself to have more game?+-+24691089254683ocn805892287book20130.01Morrison, ToniPlease, LouiseJuvenile worksFictionPictorial worksOn a gray, rainy day, everything seems particularly frightening and bad to Louise until she enters a library and finds books that help her to know and imagine the beauty and wonder that have been there all along4624ocn051810970book20030.18Morrison, ToniPoppy or the snake?A version of Aesop's fables finds that kind hearted Poppy is willing to help snake after he hurts him, but because he is aware and careful he is able to protect himself+-+54977789253865ocn050696494book20030.19Morrison, ToniThe lion or the mouse?Juvenile worksFictionA version of Aesop's Fables finds a lion with a thorn in his paw and the mouse who can help him+-+73977789251735ocn061362840book20050.20Morrison, ToniWho's got game? : three fablesGeneration after generation, classic fables, folklore, and myth remain popular because they quicken the imagination of readers and listeners of all ages. We, the creators of Who's Got Game? were inspired by the wonder of Aesop's fables--their vitality, their endless demand for new interpretations+-+56483789257110ocn056467372book20030.07Morrison, ToniWho's got game? : Poppy or the snake?Juvenile worksFiction+-+5497778925294ocn690684718book20040.06Morrison, ToniLe vieil homme ou le serpent ?Juvenile worksFolkloreAdaptation en bande dessinée de la fable "Le laboureur et le serpent" d'Esope264ocn058436028book20040.06Morrison, ToniLa cigale ou la fourmi?Juvenile worksFictionS'inspirant des célèbres fables du conteur antique Esope, T. Morrison leur donne un coup de jeune avec des situations réactualisées et invite à la réflexion. Foxy G, le musicien cigale et son copain Kid A, la fourmi, s'amusent comme des fous au parc. Mais un jour, Kid A décrète qu'il est temps de se mettre au travail tandis que Foxy G continue à composer de la musique224ocn466853022book20000.06Morrison, ToniMa liberté à moiFictionPatty, Mickey et Liza ont été enfermés dans un grand carton parce que, au dire des adultes, ils ne savent pas faire bon usage de leur liberté. Patty s'amuse trop à l'école, Mickey, dans la rue et Liza, dans les prés. Pourtant ils sont sympathiques et ne font rien de mal, bien au contraire. "... les marsouins crient et les lapins font des bonds... Mais Patty, Mickey et Liza Sue - qui peut dire qu'ils ne savent pas faire usage de leur liberté?" Cet ouvrage pour enfants que les adultes ont intérêt à lire s'est mérité le prix Nobel de littérature. [SDM]221ocn054374683book20040.19Morrison, ToniThe mirror or the glass?212ocn318448934rcrd20070.06Morrison, ToniWho's got game?Juvenile works+-+7397778925182ocn754482087rcrd20070.01Morrison, ToniThe ant or the grasshopper?Juvenile worksFictionThis is a hip and lively retelling of Aesop's 'The Ant and the Grasshopper' about a colony of industrial ants who work hard and prepare while a grasshopper apparently does nothing+-+9297778925131ocn470302602book20040.06Morrison, ToniLe lion ou la souris ?S'inspirant des célèbres fables du conteur antique Esope, T. Morrison leur donne un coup de jeune avec des situations réactualisées et invite à la réflexion. Le lion, roi incontesté, impressionnant et féroce... s'est mis une écharde dans la patte ! Hurlant de douleur, il demande au tigre, à la hyène, à l'éléphant et au singe de l'aider. Mais tous ont mieux à faire, sauf une petite souris131ocn421837253book20070.01Morrison, ToniTout ce qu'il faut savoir sur les méchants !"C'est pas toujours facile de reconnaître les méchants. La plupart du temps, ils sont grands, ils froncent les sourcils et ils hurlent. Mais attention : les vrais méchants peuvent être aussi tout petits, très souriants et parler tout doucement... voici le livre pour tout savoir sur les méchants !+-+0647631325+-+0647631325Thu Oct 16 15:55:24 EDT 2014batch15254