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Fri Mar 21 17:07:28 2014 UTClccn-n980374520.06Julian Assange : WikiLeaks founder /0.200.63Wikisecrets168093721Julian_Assangen 980374524713366アサンジ, ジュリアンアサンジュ, ジュリアンlccn-no2010121535WikiLeaks (Organization)lccn-no2010204115Domscheit-Berg, Danielivelccn-nb97070380Harding, Luke1968-lccn-n79126734Leigh, David1946-lccn-nr89009317Pilkington, Edwardlccn-no2011059594Klopp, Tina1976-lccn-n2011023206Manning, Bradley1987-lccn-n82062063Booth, Robertlccn-n96048766Arthur, Charles1960-lccn-n98100664Chase, Jefferson S.trlAssange, JulianInterviewsBiographyHistoryAssange, JulianWikiLeaks (Organization)Official secretsTransparency in governmentLeaks (Disclosure of information)EditorsFreedom of informationGovernment informationPublishers and publishingUnited StatesComputer hackersWhistle blowingCommunication in politicsAustraliaPolitical corruptionSecurity classification (Government documents)Government information--Access controlDefense information, ClassifiedDomscheit-Berg, DanielComputer securityComputer crimesRadicalsPolitical activistsInternational relationsAfghan War (2001-)JournalistsInternet--Social aspectsSecrecyInternet--Political aspectsInternet--CensorshipHacktivismWar--Press coverageWar correspondentsJournalistic ethicsSocial conflict--Press coverageConspiracyMass media and warJournalismComputer hackers--PsychologyComputer crimes--InvestigationIraq War (2003-2011)Disclosure of information--Law and legislationCorporate powerFreedom of the pressNational securityPolitical scienceChinaExtremist Web sitesPrivacy, Right ofWar in mass media1971199720012003201020112012201320147964144272353.46JF1525.S4ocn834574111ocn794865887ocn704554047ocn7240459645373ocn852253306visu20130.18We steal secrets the story of WikileaksInterviewsA gripping, edge-of-your-seat thriller, about Julian Assange and the creation of Wikileaks, the controversial website that facilitated the largest security breach in the U.S. history. Paralleling Assange's rise and fall with that of Pfc. Bradley Manning, the troubled young soldier who leaked hundreds of thousands of classified documents, and multi-layered expose about transparency in the information age and our ever-elusive search for the truth4401ocn731682389visu20110.21FrontlineInterviewsIt's the biggest intelligence breach in U.S. history: the leaking of more than half-a-million classified documents on the Wikileaks website in the spring of 2010. Behind it all stand two very different men: Julian Assange, the Internet activist and hacker who published the documents and an Army intelligence analyst named Bradley E. Manning, who's currently charged with handing them over. Assange's mission is to force the U.S. and other governments into transparency with his whistle-blowing website1484ocn812780303book20120.28Assange, JulianCypherpunks : freedom and the future of the internetCypherpunks are activists who advocate the widespread use of strong cryptography (writing in code) as a route to progressive change. Julian Assange, the editor-in-chief of and visionary behind WikiLeaks, has been a leading voice in the cypherpunk movement since its inception in the 1980s. Now, in a wave-making new book, Assange brings together a small group of cutting-edge thinkers and activists from the front line of the battle for cyber-space to discuss whether electronic communications will emancipate or enslave us. Do Facebook and Google constitute "the greatest surveillance machine that ever existed"? Far from being victims of that surveillance, are most of us willing collaborators? Are there legitimate forms of surveillance, for instance in relation to the "Four Horsemen of the Infopocalypse" (money laundering, drugs, terrorism and pornography)? And do we have the ability, through conscious action and technological savvy, to resist this tide and secure a world where freedom is something which the Internet helps bring about?11912ocn697121235book20110.18Dreyfus, SueletteUndergroundSuelette Dreyfus, and co author, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, tell the compelling true story of the computer underground and the bizarre lives and crimes of an elite group of young Australian hackers who, in the 1980s and 1990s, took on the forces of the establishment+-+57570279263241169ocn037877053book19970.24Dreyfus, SueletteUnderground : tales of hacking, madness, and obsession on the electronic frontierBiographyThis book is the compelling true story of the rise of the computer underground and the crimes of an elite group of hackers who took on the forces of the establishment. Tracing an international ring of computer hackers which spanned three continents and nearly a decade of computer crime, author Suelette Dreyfus weaves a gripping tale against a backdrop of cutting edge technology. Underground uncovers the previously hidden story behind hackers from 8LGM, The Realm, the publishers of International Subversive and other linked Internet hacking groups. These elite hackers were the cream of the international computer underground and broke into tens of thousands of computers, belonging to some of the world's most prestigious institutions including Citibank, the Pentagon, NATO, the FT 100, NASA, Lockheed-Martin, Deutsche Telekom and Australian Telecom. After hacking the Defence Data Network's NIC, some had total control over the most important computers on the Internet - computers which would let them stop communications across the entire net. They devised methods of making free and untraceable telephone calls to hide their activities, invented worms, stalked, hacked and thumbed their noses at security experts such as Eugene Spafford & Cliff Stoll and reporters from the New York Times. They monitored the police -- while the police monitored them. The hackers came from all walks of life, gathering on-line in Germany from Australia, Europe, the UK, the US and Canada, to pursue their targets with an obsessive fervor895ocn764448514visu20100.47Pilger, JohnThe war you don't seeHistoryInterviews"The War You Don't See traces the history of 'embedded' and independent reporting from the carnage of World War I to the destruction of Hiroshima, and from the invasion of Vietnam to the current war in Afghanistan. As weapons and propaganda are ever more sophisticated, the very nature of war has developed into an 'electronic battlefield'"--Videodisc container label892ocn696229399visu20110.18Julian Assange a modern day hero? : inside the world of WikileaksJulian Paul Assange, is an Australian journalist, publisher and Internet activist, who is best known as the spokesperson and editor in chief for WikiLeaks, a whistleblower website. He has lived in several countries and is constantly on the move as he makes irregular public appearances to speak about freedom of the press and censorship. Assange has won three journalism awards for his work with WikiLeaks841ocn759066871book20110.15Assange, JulianJulian Assange : de ongeautoriseerde autobiografieLevensbeschrijving van de Australische hacker (1971), die uit idealisme illegaal verkregen en niet voor publicatie bestemde overheidsdocumenten op internet openbaar maakte573ocn856172700visu20120.29Shadows of libertyShadows of Liberty reveals the extraordinary truth behind the news media: censorship, cover-ups, and corporate control. Filmmaker Jean-Philippe Tremblay takes a journey through the darker corridors of the US media, where global conglomerates call the shots. For decades, their overwhelming influence has distorted news journalism and compromised its values...Tracing the story of media manipulation through the years, Shadows of Liberty poses a crucial question: why have we let a handful of powerful corporations write the news? We're left in no doubt--media reform is urgent and freedom of the press is fundamental502ocn834574111file20110.53WikiLeaks secrets and liesInterviews"The definitive story of the most notorious data spillage in history, featuring an exclusive in-depth interview with Julian Assange. Using first hand, exclusive interviews with those involved, this film documents the story of the biggest data spillage in history ? beginning with the email of a young soldier and the scribbling of a password on a restaurant napkin by the enigmatic Julian Assange, and ending as the rippling tide of revelations continues to echo around the world. It's the story of how the UK's Guardian newspaper worked with The New York Times and Der Spiegel to turn the original Wiki material from a morass of unreadable documents into the dramatic succession of calibrated and researched scoops it became. It's a powerful story of sex, lies, betrayal, and possibly death as the alleged source, Bradley Manning, stands trial for 'aiding the enemy'. And it's the story of how, whether we like it or not, the age of the secret may be over, because technology has changed, and human nature hasn't. From the investigative reporters who marshalled the story and the editors who backed them to those in the firing line of the leaking secrets - the US State Department, the unofficial U.S. hit squads and corrupt governments worldwide - this is a story on an epic scale. And behind them all ? in an in-depth interview ? is the enigmatic figure of Julian Assange, the man guarding the biggest haul of secrets in history, whose own behaviour threatened to undermine the scoop of the century."--Container373ocn835290102book20130.33Assange, JulianCypherpunks : unsere Freiheit und die Zukunft des InternetsHauptbeschreibung Dieses Buch ist eine Kampfansage. Sie stammt von einem der Freiheitskämpfer des Internetzeitalters: Julian Assange - US-Staatsfeind Nr. 1 und weltweit gesuchter Netzaktivist. Das Internet ist eine riesige Spionagemaschine, sagt Assange. Alles, was wir hier übertragen, wird gespeichert und ausgewertet. Regierungen weltweit greifen nach der Netzkontrolle. Ihre Komplizen, Unternehmen wie Google, Facebook, Paypal und Co, sind längst in das Geschäft mit den Daten eingestiegen und verkaufen sie meistbietend. User aller Länder vereinigt Euch und schlagt zurück fordert der321ocn836709356book20130.56Assange, JulianMenace sur nos libertés : comment Internet nous surveille comment résister254ocn712549336book20110.28Assange, JulianUnderground : die Geschichte der frühen Hacker-Elite; Tatsachenroman212ocn852222757book20130.13Assange, JulianCypherpunks : la libertad y el futuro de internet213ocn773539921book20110.27Assange, JulianJulian Assange : the unauthorised autobiographyBiographyOm grundlæggeren af Wikileaks Julian Assange (f. 1971)151ocn743990680book20110.47Leigh, DavidJulian Assange et la face cachée de WikiLeaks : la fin du secret132ocn797923483book20120.27Assange, JulianWo shi ya sang jie : wei ji jie mi chuang ban ren de zhen shi gao baiBiography61ocn752141461file20110.63WikisecretsInterviewsIt's the biggest intelligence breach in U.S. history: the leaking of more than half-a-million classified documents on the Wikileaks website in the spring of 2010. Behind it all stand two very different men: Julian Assange, the Internet activist and hacker who published the documents and an Army intelligence analyst named Bradley E. Manning, who's currently charged with handing them over. Assange's mission is to force the US and other governments into transparency with his whistle-blowing website53ocn704554047visu20100.47WikiRebelsInterviewsThe first in-depth documentary on Wikileaks and the people behind it51ocn750395693visu20110.63The forgotten man Private Bradley Manning and the Wikileaks controversyWhile WikiLeaks boss Julian Assange has been cast as a heroic champion of free speech, his ongoing expose of US foreign policy would not have been possible without the work of Private Bradley Manning. It was Manning who allegedly stole the classified documents published by WikiLeaks. It is Manning who now languishes in a US military prison. Now reporter Quentin McDermott tells the inside story of Bradley Manning and his daring intelligence heist. David House is one of the few civilians allowed to visit Bradley Manning in jail. He describes the young soldier's mental deterioration and his struggle to deal with long hours of confinement. He tells the program: "...the US Government is just trying to put immense pressure on him in order to get him to crack open." In Monday's Four Corners we hear the only recording of Bradley Manning's voice and we listen to the logs of alleged conversations with the man who ultimately betrayed him. That man is Adrian Lamo. In an extraordinary interview he reveals how he came to know Bradley Manning, claiming the young soldier openly confessed to him his role in the WikiLeaks scandal. Four Corners also explores the disputes that have erupted inside WikiLeaks. A former insider has told the program how he held deep reservations about Julian Assange's determination to keep releasing material that might compromise his source. The program puts these accusations to the WikiLeaks boss. There is little doubt America wants to punish Julian Assange. But to bring a case against him vital questions must be answered: How did Private Bradley Manning steal the classified material? How did he relay it to WikiLeaks? Did he do this of his own accord or did Julian Assange conspire with him to take the information?10859ocn697261223book20110.25Leigh, DavidWikileaks : inside Julian Assange's war on secrecyTraces the history of the online organization WikiLeaks, which released thousands of previously secret or classified documents from numerous government agencies, and examines its impact on world politics and freedom of information+-+K615485616103613ocn701412231book20110.20Domscheit-Berg, DanielInside Wikileaks : my time with Julian Assange at the world's most dangerous websiteOverview: Former WikiLeaks Insider and Spokesman Daniel Domscheit-Berg Authors an Expose of the "World's Most Dangerous Website". In an eye-opening account, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, the former spokesman of WikiLeaks, reveals never-disclosed details about the inner workings of the increasingly controversial organization that has struck fear into governments and business organizations worldwide and prompted the Pentagon to convene a 120-man task force. In addition to Germany and the U.S., Inside WikiLeaks will be published simultaneously in 12 other countries. Under the pseudonym Daniel Schmitt, Domscheit-Berg was the effective No. 2 at WikiLeaks and the organization's most public face, after Julian Assange. In this book, he reveals the evolution, finances, and inner tensions of the whistleblower organization, beginning with his first meeting with Assange in December 2007. He also describes what led to his September 2010 withdrawal from WikiLeaks, including his disenchantment with the organization's lack of transparency, its abandonment of political neutrality, and Assange's increasing concentration of power. What has been made public so far about WikiLeaks is only a small fraction of the truth. With Domscheit-Berg's insider knowledge, he is uniquely able to tell the full story. A computer scientist who worked in IT security prior to devoting himself full-time to WikiLeaks, he remains committed to freedom of information on the Internet. Today he is working on a more transparent secret-sharing website called OpenLeaks, developed by former WikiLeaks people, to be launched in early 2011+-+48460425853246763ocn865479451visu20140.14Condon, BillThe fifth estateDramaWikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his colleague Daniel Domscheit-Berg team up to become underground watchdogs of the very powerful. They create a platform that allows whistleblowers to anonymously leak covert data. But when Assange and Berg gain access to the biggest trove of confidential intelligence documents in U.S. history, they battle each other and a defining question of our time: what are the costs of keeping secrets in a free society, and what are the costs of exposing them?6184ocn706021712book20110.18Fowler, AndrewThe most dangerous man in the world : how one hacker ended corporate and government secrecy forever"Hours of top-secret videos and hundreds of thousands of highly classified documents poured from the vaults of high-level governments and corporations. They exposed lies, hypocrisy, cover-ups, and high level diplomatic gossip, making headlines around the world. Julian Assange, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and the editor-in-chief of the Internet-based whistleblower site, WikiLeaks, has left the White House stunned, and the U.S. military, banks, and major corporations severely embarrassed..."--Dust jacket+-+34393516162584ocn759838768com20110.15Guichaoua, ValérieJulian Assange-- Wikileaks warrior for truthBiographyThe authors present a complete portrait of Assange and WikiLeaks: how it works, the controversy surround it, and his trouble with the law+-+26184317463242534ocn854579008visu20120.14Underground : the Julian Assange storyDramaThe story of a group of school boys who were hacking into the US military at the dawn of the Internet. Set in suburban Melbourne in the late 1980s, it follows a teenage Julian Assange and his gang of friends, the International Subversives, as they try to break into the computer systems of the world's most powerful organizations. Hoping to uncover the inner workings of these groups, the boys wage battle from their bedrooms2218ocn755073172book20110.27Assange, JulianJulian Assange : the unauthorised autobiographyBiographyIn the midst of allegations about his personal life, and angry denunciations of American politicians after US Embassy Cable releases, Julian Assange began writing the story of his life. This book describes not only the work of WikiLeaks, but the moral and political development of its founder, from his childhood in Australia to the present day+-+80030267463242123ocn701810685book20110.28Open secrets : WikiLeaks, war and American diplomacyPresents The New York Times analysis and reporting of the WikiLeaks scandal, provides a profile of Julian Assange, offers insight into the main players, and collects the news stories to provide a broad overview of the challenges facing American power+-+51209675351758ocn708578290com20110.13Leigh, DavidWikileaks [inside Julian Assange's war on secrecy]Traces the history of the online organization WikiLeaks, which released thousands of previously secret or classified documents from numerous government agencies, and examines its impact on world politics and freedom of information+-+38584269961584ocn710847320com20110.12Domscheit-Berg, DanielInside Wikileaks my time with Julian Assange at the world's most dangerous websiteDetails the inner workings of the organization the author was a former spokesman for, revealing the evolution, finances, and inner tensions from the first meeting with Julian Assange to his withdrawal from Wikileaks+-+85069425853241419ocn704344362book20110.20Fowler, AndrewThe most dangerous man in the worldBiographyHours of top-secret videos and hundreds of thousands of highly classified documents pour from the vaults of the most powerful nation on earth. They expose lies, hypocrisy, cover-ups and high level diplomatic gossip, making headlines around the world. Julian Assange, the Australian editor-in-chief of internet-based whistleblower site Wikileaks, has left the Whitehouse stunned, and severely embarrassed the US military, banks and major corporations. As US intelligence agencies launch a massive investigation into Assange, and the drama of the bizarre Swedish rape allegations unfold, Four Corners journalist Andrew Fowler charts this 39-year old Australian's fateful rise into the most dangerous man in the world. Beginning with the happy days spent with his parents travelling around Australia in a touring theatre company living a Tom Sawyer life, to the months on the run with his mother, escaping a quasi-religious sect, headed up by the notorious Anne Hamilton-Byrne and his days as a Melbourne-based hacker. It was these experiences that shaped his opposition to secrecy and developed him as a humanist and truth seeker. This book travels inside the Wikileaks bunker and explains what makes covert sources risk all to get their information out to the public. It tracks a Wikileaks leak, stage by stage, from the moment a military insider decides to dump highly sensitive classified documents onto the Wikileak server through to its release into the public arena+-+71130377053241322ocn707240719book20120.06Higgins, MelissaJulian Assange : WikiLeaks founderJuvenile worksBiographyDiscusses the life of Julian Assange, from his days as a young hacker in Australia to the creation of and controversy surrounding WikiLeaks+-+66558326161173ocn811505095file20120.17Estulin, DanielDeconstructing WikileaksDepending on the source, Julian Assange, the editor in chief of WikiLeaks, is regarded as either a genius or terrorist, and this exploration of the man and the organization seeks to find the truth. Delving into the heart of the business of keeping and leaking secrets, this work shows how the enterprise of WikiLeaks and Assange is shrouded in mystery, but nonetheless, seeks to expose Assange as an intelligence asset tasked with sustaining the global status quo. Through careful analysis, interviews, and scrutiny of the organization as a whole, this inquiry gets to the bottom of the intriguing an1023ocn699340082book20110.17Assange, JulianWikileaks versus the world : my story+-+8003026746324982ocn757838279book20130.06Porterfield, JasonJulian Assange and WikileaksJuvenile worksIn 2006, an Australian computer programmer and former hacker named Julian Assange launched a website called WikiLeaks that he claimed would change the way governments worked. Assange envisioned the website as a place where people could post secret and confidential documents that would reveal the abuses by governments and corporations perpetrated against ordinary citizens. In less than five years, Assange took WikiLeaks from an obscure site known only to political activists and hackers to an international phenomenon. Documents made public by the website revealed a wide range of illegal and questionable behaviors by companies and governments around the world, from cover-ups of shady banking practices to assassination plots. Human rights groups and journalists have praised WikiLeaks for its work. Assange and WikiLeaks have received awards and recognition for promoting open governments. Yet they also have been criticized numerous times for releasing sensitive documents. Politicians in many countries have accused the site of attempting to undermine governments. In the United States, Assange has been vilified by some for releasing information about U.S. military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the website has been criticized for endangering these and other military and intelligence operations. WikiLeaks has faced efforts to cut off its funding and has survived several attempts to close it down through political pressure and court actions. Several major crises have threatened to derail WikiLeaks, including a criminal case against Assange in Sweden for which he is facing extradition. Key members left the group due to disagreements over the website's mission and goals, and the methods used to achieve them. In addition, technical problems have periodically hampered the website's ability to accept leaked documents and undermined its security. Even if WikiLeaks itself fades or collapses under the weight of its own controversies and challenges, the organization has still acted as a trailblazer in the fight for freedom of electronic information and provided an example for future activists to follow-and for those in positions of authority to fear. This book penetrates the highly secretive world of Wikileaks, profiling its highest-ranking decision-makers, and examining the philosophy and motivation of its founder. Combining cloak-and-dagger, high-stakes international intrigue with impassioned public debate over the ethics of leaking and a straight-forward biography of a man and the company he founded, this book is a fascinating, compelling, thought-provoking read. The volume provides a privileged glimpse into the corridors of power and the top-secret decision-making we would otherwise remain unaware of; also included are fact sheets on Assange and Wikileaks, and an informative timeline951ocn704388114book20110.13Domscheit-Berg, DanielDentro de Wikileaks : mi etapa en la web más peligrosa del mundoDetails the inner workings of the organization the author was a former spokesman for, revealing the evolution, finances, and inner tensions from the first meeting with Julian Assange to his withdrawal from Wikileaks+-+3017364493742ocn706911627book20110.37Rosenbach, MarcelStaatsfeind WikiLeaks : wie eine Gruppe von Netzaktivisten die mächtigsten Nationen der Welt herausfordertCase studiesWikiLeaks hat sich viele Feinde gemacht. Seit den spektakulären Enthüllungen geheimer Dokumente aus US-Botschaften sowie über die Kriege in Afghanistan und Irak werden die Organisation und ihr Gründer Julian Assange von den USA als Staatsfeind bezeichnet, als Bedrohung betrachtet und mit aller Macht verfolgt. Holger Stark und Marcel Rosenbach stehen seit Jahren in Kontakt mit WikiLeaks und kennen die Organisation wie kaum ein anderer. In ihrem Buch geben sie exklusive Einblicke in die Arbeit von WikiLeaks und schildern den Aufstieg der Organisation bis zur Jagd auf Assange Ende 2010. Dabei diskutieren sie Fragen, die auch viele Geheimdienstler und Politiker bewegen: Wie weit darf radikale Transparenz gehen? Gibt es nicht auch legitime Staatsgeheimnisse? Ist WikiLeaks eine Art" Geheimdienst des Volkes"und die Zukunft des investigativen Journalismus - oder schlicht die gefährlichste Seite im Internet?491ocn720542422book20110.13The end of secrecy : the rise and fall of WikiLeaks+-+4487017035414ocn720634490rcrd20110.12Leigh, DavidWikileaks inside Julian Assange's war on secrecyTraces the history of the online organization WikiLeaks, which released thousands of previously secret or classified documents from numerous government agencies, and examines its impact on world politics and freedom of information+-+1958426996371ocn701702069book20110.50Qin, YueWeiji jie mi dang an : chong xin ren shi Zhongguo jue ce zhe+-+5757027926324+-+5757027926324Fri Mar 21 15:29:12 EDT 2014batch39404